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  1. Well McMurphy and Mandel are now saying the leftovers might not add anyone and stay put because adding more won’t add to the tv per team payout. Also they can wait and see if PAC gets raided by BigTen allowing them to merge.
  2. Well there are now reports that some in the Big12 leftover group are pushing BYU, Army, Navy, Air Force package. I think that would help revenues but not strengthen the league.
  3. I doubt any B12 leftovers get an invite elsewhere. The SEC has separated itself with these two additions. The other three can’t waste their openings on schools that won’t match SEC. So now is about raiding each other. The ACC and PAC are vulnerable. The new B12 is no longer a Power conference is basically another AAC. We are down to 4 Power Conferences and the BigTen will eventually expand and take out either PAC or ACC
  4. Well one thing I know. No one should be upset if we end up with CUSA or SunBelt schools. After all as I was told on this board there isn’t any difference between the AAC and SunBelt. So relax and enjoy the ride.
  5. The ACC and PAC are in danger. Already Clemson is complaining about the ACC contract and it’s length and how they won’t be able to compete with SEC. USC also has noticed. It’s going to either you are in SEC or BigTen
  6. I think this only works if the Leftovers lose a few more members. Then the AAC could go to them with an ESPN deal and merge under the Big12 banner.
  7. Anyone that thinks that Texas/OU are leaving the Big12 because they were hampered in decisions by the little 8 really needs to understand the dynamics of that league. Its the Texas league, Texas got the Longhorn Network, uneven revenue agreement, drove out Nebraska, Texas AM, Colorado and Missouri. It was Texas who made and control that league and it is Texas that destroyed it.
  8. No to the Robo goat one or the Quasimodo bull. Both were bad and are still bad.
  9. What I’m saying is that whatever new thing pops up from the Big12 leftovers will make about as much as the AAC currently makes. You have 8 schools and none are a huge draw, you still don’t know how many will still be around. I’ll bet you right now that when all is set and done at least 2-4 more find other places to go. What you will have is four left overs that no one wanted that will probably add or merge with AAC teams. That league Will probably keep the Big12 name but just as the old BigEast won’t be worth the same. I’ll say at most they will make 10 million max. Is that better than current AAC, sure but not by much and far from being a power conference. And playing Kansas State, Iowa State or Texas Tech won’t draw much more in Tampa. I think USF will be fine and will end in some merge conference, that might be called Big12 but is basically the AAC with 3-4 leftovers no one wanted in the Power conferences
  10. The leftovers which we don’t know who or how many will be, will NOT get a tv contract dramatically more than what the AAC is getting. Remember the AAC tv contract when it first started?
  11. They can push all they want. Problem is that just like in last realignment the AAC is not interested in WV. They will be left behind, probably with Kansas State and one more.
  12. I think OK State and at least one of the Texas schools heads to the PAC. Kansas State and West Virginia looks like the biggest losers to me.
  13. Well if what Chip Brown from Longhorns board is reporting. Next week UT and OU will let B12 officially know that they will stay until end of 2024 season and exit then. This will complete their current tv contract so they won’t have to pay up big money as part of GOR. So the leftovers will have 2-3 years to try to find elsewhere to go. You figure by the end of 2023 season they will have to decide who is staying and who they will add for the new tv contract. It will be interesting to see who isn’t able to escape the sinking B12 ship. Either way whether USF joins whoever is left or stays in AAC we will still be outside the Power Conferences and the big money. But if true it gives USF a few years to improve its football position. That means winning and building the IPF now.
  14. We really do not know who they will add. Additions by league will not be the top teams but the schools that they feel will give them a bigger media contract. You are also forgetting that Boise and BYU will also be in picture. So the AAC might only lose 2. After losing Texas they more likely will look at Houston as a replacement and UC will help breach the gap to WV. So the AAC might not be as damaged as you might think and might still look at MWC additions to keep at #6. Lets wait and see what happens but one thing I can guarantee you is that a Big12 without OU and UT will drop dramatically in tv money and will not be much better than the current AAC so doubt they get more than 10 million per team. And getting more than one team in a 12 team playoff would be a stretch. That Big12 will be only slightly better than current AAC.
  15. The newB12 without OU or UT will get one slot in playoff. The champion of newAAC would probably still be the sixt best champion so also one slot. Doubt the B12 will ever get more than 1 spot in playoffs. But who knows what will happen. I just think the difference between that newB12 and newAAC will be lot less than it is now.
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