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  1. Agree. If you look at all offensive positions we look better on paper. On defense we return all those DL players that get an extra year but we were very weak on the line so unless they have a big jump on what they did last year we will struggle and will have to outscore opponents.
  2. LOL. whatever man, yes Taggart was able to recruit well and some he recruited were able to do well enough to help the team. In recruiting you need to be good at spotting talent and also lucky that that player will develop, not get injured etc. You want to believe recruiting is all skill and no luck. I’m telling you you need both.
  3. Yes and I stand by it. Did we expected Mack to be as good as he turned out to be? An NFL starting RB? If you say you expected that when he was recruited then you are full of BS. No one can guarantee that, so yes while we can expect better results from better recruits nothing is guaranteed nor can we know the magnitude. now can we put this BS argument to rest and wait and see what happens in the REAL world once we play real games?
  4. Where did I say recruiting was pure luck? Yes you can recruit players that you think are going to be great and develop but as we all know sometimes those players we thought would be great from the recruiting class turned out to be bust and vice versa. There are a lot of players Scott is bringing this year that on paper can turn out to be as special as Mack and Q, will they? We don’t know that until they show up and play. How do you know that the players Scott is bringing in are NOT better than those leaving? We won’t know that until they show up and play. Is not like those leaving have wo
  5. And in addition that 4 win in Taggart’s second season, we had a lot of luck. Marlon Mack a freshman break out first game and yer we barely beat Western Carolina by 5 We beat UConn by 3 We beat Tulsa by 8 and SMU by 1 Do we have a Mack or a Q? In our roster for Scott’s second season?
  6. A lot has to do with schedule. The four win season from Strong had as out of conference, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, BYU and SC State. I would say Florida like Wisconsin will be a top 10 opponent, NCST will be a tougher opponent than a very weak Tech team, and the BYU we will face this year away is much better than the team we faced at home and beat as a big surprise. Our other three wins were SC State an FCS, ECU and UConn. There is no UConn in our schedule next year and ECU has gotten better than when we beat them. You look at our schedule and even with the team we had with Strong you tel
  7. Yes but unfortunately as we saw our program was on the decline with Strong going 10 wins, then 7 and then 4. What makes you believe that at 4 we had reached the bottom? if you look at when Taggart took over from Skip similar pattern emerged. 8, 8, 5,3 then Taggart comes in and does worse at 2, then 4, 8,11 if Scott is going to get this program back to where Taggart left it, it will take 3-4 years. What we had under Strong just like we had with Skip wasn’t a one year blip it was a multiple year down slope. I would love to see a one year turnaround, but sadly watchi
  8. Once again. I would be looking at improvement, with our schedule I think 3-4 wins would be expectation. If we can win 6-7 games than Scott and staff did a hell of a job. Those expecting a quick turn around will most likely be disappointed.
  9. Interesting when I click on the 2021 Football roster it shows the 2021 signing roster.
  10. Not in the Medical Field but having heart issues myself, Thankfully nothing that needed intervention yet, I would highly recommend Emory. I live now an hour north of Atlanta and my cardiologist is based north of ATL, but he has told me that if I ever need to go for any procedure that’s where he will recommend. Good luck to you.
  11. I have no problems with it. If they think they can do better elsewhere, good luck to them. Scott will be judged by how his teams perform in next few years, he needs to bring his players and his rules. For those that keep harping on the numbers leaving let me remind you that these are same players that have led us to 3-22 vs FBS programs and 12 straight losses to FBS. Yes some of those are from this year with Scott as coach, but also with same players.
  12. Be careful what you wish for. CBG might not be doing as well as many on this board would like, but let’s take a look at what our school is at as a basketball program. Would we be attractive to anyone better? With our lack of support both in stands and in donations and with the basketball history and the area for recruits I think CBG is doing well and if he can keep recruiting and get us to be among top of AAC on a yearly basis I would be happy.
  13. Mississippi State at #4, our team still too low as #6 seed.
  14. Horrible display of guard ball handling skills. Sloppy passes, trying to dribble thru three people, getting trapped and then throwing ball away. Disgusting.
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