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  1. Notice that only 5 Sun Belt schools are in that comparison. What about the other 5? Even with that comparison there is a difference of 20 points, probably more if you include the other 5. Never have I said the AAC is comparable to the Power conferences. But making that NY6 bowl 5 out of 7 years including 4 in a row, plus the TV contacts where each AAC schools gets about 7 million a year, SunBelt contract is 100k per team yearly. Plus look at the home games, Alabama, Florida etc are not going to any SunBelt stadium. So no there is a difference, eventhough you and others don’t want to
  2. Really, tell me which recruiting rankings did you use? How excited you think USF players and fans would be if we announced we are leaving the AAC to join the SunBelt? Its beyond amazing, not to call it something else that anyone that knows anything about football would say that the AAC and the SunBekt are on equal footing.
  3. Not a defeatist attitude at all. I expect USF to compete and win, problem is that it is not an even competition and others have more support and resources. Yes a good coach can winnatcZuSF and leads us to success but hang ing on to that coach at USF is much more difficult than at Memphis. So it would become a tougher task at keep replacing them with same type of success. Can we build USF basketball to the point where we could pack 15k into an arena on a regular basis? We can’t even fill the SunDome at 10k.
  4. Let’s see how we look when we start seeing full team in Fall. But the QB situation is much improved and that’s important because if we aren’t scoring 35 points a game in the AAC we aren’t winning. Our defense hopefully is improved enough to make stops but the days of relying on defenses to stop opponents to 21 points or less on most games is over.
  5. LOL sure keep thinking that way. Until the SunBelt Champion gets into that NY6 Bowl as often as the AAC Champ that’s not true. But whatever believe what you want to believe. I’m done here.
  6. Really. Guess you haven’t been following recruiting rankings then
  7. Once again is NOT just about football records. Let me ask you a question ask that same HS player tell them to choose whether to go to Appalachian State the SunBelt champion or USF the AAC champion? Who you think is more attractive? Which of the two you think asChampion would have best shot at NY6 Bowl? Now same question who would you choose as a 2-10 team Appalachian State in SunBelt or USF in AAC? My point is that while a 10-2 App State will look better than a 2-10;USF team. If both win the same there is a difference. And no you can’t eliminate location from the debate. Lo
  8. My point was and is. That there isn’t a team in the SunBelt that would be considered a step up from USF overall. Yes there are teams that may have better records specially lately BUT no there aren’t better programs if they were they wouldn’t be in the SunBelt. You like to point to Boise, but until recently the MWC and the AAC were very close, Boise made NY bowls and has a special deal with MWC that brings their tv revenue close to the AAC in new deal. Boise is looking to bail MWC for AAC. They are the exception not the rule in this debate.
  9. I wouldn’t say the MWC is much lower than the AAC. Plus in Boise you have a program that has won consistently for years. You can’t say that for ANY SunBelt school. ULM went 0-10 last year, they have a losing record overall, they are not a lateral move.
  10. You can stand by it all you want. But going from an AAC team to a SunBelt team is NOT a lateral move for any coach nor player. I wish them success in their future but doesn’t change facts.
  11. This is NOT about Boise State. This is about saying that ULM in SunBelt is a better program overall than USF. There are NO teams in the AAC that would leave for Sun Belt. The SunBelt is a lower conference period. Can you have a team from there have a few good seasons where they would beat AAC teams, yes but they won’t sustain it.
  12. It is not about right now and is not about win/ loss records. It doesn’t matter if Florida is winless and Vanderbilt goes 10-2. Vanderbilt will never be a better overall football program. Same here ULM in the SunBelt will always be an inferior program than USF in the AAC
  13. Alabama has played 3 games s ULM, ALL three have been at their home. They have two more schedule , BOTH are in Bama. If you are going to try to argue, research what you say first. You know little about NCAA football if you truly believe that a school like Bama, LSU, Florida would even consider a 2-1 with ULM. as for the NY6 bowls, let me know how many times an AAC school has made it and how many times has a SunBelt team has? I’ll save you research time, it’s 5-0 for AAC. Now go and tell me what the TV payout is for the AAC vs SunBelt.
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