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  1. I am an old folk and hate them. Only one I disliked more was the one with the goat from early years.
  2. I’ll be there wearing Green. Go Bulls!!!!
  3. Bulls bounce back and win 28-24 Cronkite biggest rusher Ford biggest receiver 450 yds offense.
  4. The points that I was trying to point out in my post we’re. 1. No that this won’t destroy our program because all programs go thru up and down cycles. Our biggest downturn was when we were relegated as the BE disappeared and we were left out of the current P5 BS. 2. We have major issues with support both in fans coming to games and donations. That has been going on for a long time and certainly won’t be helped by the current situation. 3. Support for athletics and football has always been a crapshoot by our university leaders and community. Is like they want the program but really are not all in on doing what it takes to move forward. Things like the IPF should have broken ground already but our school as a whole has been too cautiously in making any athletic moves. We might hate UCF but their leadership has moved forward in doing what it takes to succeed even if sometimes it has been reckless we on the other hand are completely in the other spectrum. We need to move more to a middle ground. as I said it will be interesting to see how the new President @nd AD react to this.
  5. Once again as I stated earlier attendance is NOT a new problem here. So to act like losing is the only problem is just ignoring the facts. yes winning helps build attendance but this has been a problem even when winning.
  6. Well let’s see what Kelly and the new President react to this.
  7. Attendance was a problem even when we were winning with Q at qb. There are always excuses for our fan base
  8. 7 straight loses is bad. I was talking about his overall record. I noticed in the program they were hyping the fact that he had the best start of all USF coaches which of course is understandable on what he inherited but no mention of the aftermath.
  9. Oh no attendance is not going up. But it was a sad sign that after pumping up in the offseason and high hopes plus an ESPN game vs a ranked team half the stadium was Wisconsin fans. That’s a sad example of our support
  10. It was a horrible performance no doubt. But the title of this thread is overreacting. The facts are that programs will rise and fall and nothing remains constant. But of course fans act like is the end of the world. I have my doubts on whether String is the guy to win here, but I also think this school, community and alumni need to step up if we really want to win consistently.. 1. That IPF needs to start to be build now. As proof that we are willing to step up 2. Attendance is still an issue and Friday was another example of that. 3. Mediocrity should not be tolerated. After 7 losses in a row String should be in the hot seat.
  11. Biggest issue last night on offense was the OL. They opened zero holes for RBs and the DEs of Wisconsin we’re getting to the QB as fast as he dropped back. Now some of it was due to a good Defense from Wisconsin but if this is how our OL will provide protection to our QBs, then a mobile QB is a must because he is going to be running for his life. After that our QB needs to be quicker at releasing the ball and our WRs MUST hold on to the ball.They dropped early passes that just killed any chances at keeping us in the game. on Defense I thought we were better than last year but not really ready to match up vs a power running team and a runner like Taylor. We couldn’t stop that which made the QB throws easy. The GT game will tell us if this team has the heart and the coaching to at least make a bowl game. Finally this University needs to step up as well as alumni and community. If we really want to compete we need to start on that IPF NOW and expect more from our coaches.
  12. Exactly I will be in section right next to the USF fans section wearing my green. Better seats less money and none of the USF tickets sales goes to USF.
  13. Public shaming? The fact that they are there is more important. The public shaming is all that don’t support the team.
  14. It’s always good around this time of year.
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