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  1. I agree with your projections but I think Temple has an outside shot at NCAA and UC to NIT depending on how they do in conference both have teams that can win games if they get their acts together
  2. I think it’s a nice notion but he will realize soon enough that recruiting at USF in the AAC is not the same as recruiting at Clemson.
  3. Well after the way the FAU handled SMU that blew us out by half time. I would say it’s an upgrade.
  4. I don't dislike Leavitt and I'm very thankful for all he did for the program. My point is that all wasn't as wonderful under his control as many make it out to be. I think we need to move in a different direction and a young coach with an offensive mind fits more where we are now. Whether we like it or not to win the AAC or any Bowl games now we need to score 30-40+ points a game. That was not Strong nor Leavitt 's style of play. Leavitt teams were big on the D side but not as much on the O
  5. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if the new coach would demand/expect a specific date to move on IPF. It would be a big sign for them that the administration is behind them.
  6. LOL The CJL supporters are like the USF football version of the Sanders supporters in politics.
  7. I am an old folk and hate them. Only one I disliked more was the one with the goat from early years.
  8. Bulls bounce back and win 28-24 Cronkite biggest rusher Ford biggest receiver 450 yds offense.
  9. The points that I was trying to point out in my post we’re. 1. No that this won’t destroy our program because all programs go thru up and down cycles. Our biggest downturn was when we were relegated as the BE disappeared and we were left out of the current P5 BS. 2. We have major issues with support both in fans coming to games and donations. That has been going on for a long time and certainly won’t be helped by the current situation. 3. Support for athletics and football has always been a crapshoot by our university leaders and community. Is like they want the program but really are not all in on doing what it takes to move forward. Things like the IPF should have broken ground already but our school as a whole has been too cautiously in making any athletic moves. We might hate UCF but their leadership has moved forward in doing what it takes to succeed even if sometimes it has been reckless we on the other hand are completely in the other spectrum. We need to move more to a middle ground. as I said it will be interesting to see how the new President @nd AD react to this.
  10. Once again as I stated earlier attendance is NOT a new problem here. So to act like losing is the only problem is just ignoring the facts. yes winning helps build attendance but this has been a problem even when winning.
  11. Well let’s see what Kelly and the new President react to this.
  12. Attendance was a problem even when we were winning with Q at qb. There are always excuses for our fan base
  13. 7 straight loses is bad. I was talking about his overall record. I noticed in the program they were hyping the fact that he had the best start of all USF coaches which of course is understandable on what he inherited but no mention of the aftermath.
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