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  1. Well now everyone is free to continue their criticism. That was a horrible coaching and play calling after a bye week. With that I’m done for season. For my peace of mind and health I’m leaving this board.
  2. Thanks for the Welcome. I’m an old timer been on this board way back. Took time off when it got unbearable and kind of see not much has changed.
  3. I would say you go with what you are better at. If you have a better defense, you kick, hold them and get better field position. With our defense, I say get the ball and try to score and make the opponents play from behind. We have not led in any games we lost at any time.
  4. My point is, why don’t we wait until the game ends tomorrow before we are already preparing what to do when the team loses tomorrow. The next three games will say a lot about Scott and his future here, still I think he would get at least one more season. Is not like USF has the money nor are there coaches running to come here if they will get fired after two years. I totally understand the frustration, I have been a USF supporter since the 1970s so I know full well frustration at how it has all gone that. With that I still think he will need more time and will get it unless you are willing to call Athletics and write a check for his buyout. I do expect to see the team win tomorrow and if they don’t then I could see the criticism ramp up, but let’s wait until it happens.
  5. I predicted 3-9 this year with 4 wins if we had luck. I expected us to be exactly where we are right now at 1-4. Im going to say we win tomorrow, but even if we do, there will be the same posts from the usual suspects. Well is Tulsa and you had two weeks to prepare. Is like some people on this board get a bigger hard on when we lose.
  6. This will be our best shot yet. Tulsa has played some good games but they also lost to an FCS school at home and even in their win at home this past week vs Memphis got outgained by over 200 yds as Memphis had over 600 yds in offense. If our coaching staff can’t come up with a plan to beat Tulsa at home with a week off, in my book it raises huge questions on whether it can turn things around. I feel like this is Scott’s Syracuse game from the Taggart time. He better win.
  7. I’m going to say No on the classrooms because the state no longer gives funding for classrooms as part of a stadium building. So that would just add to the cost without income for it. I think what they want to do is build around it a village of dorms with retail space that would bring extra income. Maybe even privately controlled dorms.
  8. I think the breaking ground on the IPF and the announcement of an OCS were a direct response to Big12 telling USF what needs to be done. Now let’s see if the movement on those front continues. Looks like right now we are in the fight for #15 or #16.
  9. Exactly and as much as I dislike them, that’s the truth and we need to do better.
  10. 23 to 18 in their favor and not counting football is ignoring the biggest one of them all All-Time American Athletic Conference Champions All-Time American Athletic Conference Champions
  11. Glad you are doing well. I’m on BP medications and have cut down on red meat and definitely salt which is everywhere in our foods. Have a BP machine at home. Haven’t had a stroke but it does run in family. See my cardio regularly.
  12. Glad you are an Iron Bull and I’m not asking for anyone to be fired what I am asking is for our leaders to have higher expectations and if someone doesn’t meet those expectations then find someone else. I’m not an Iron Bull but I have donated to Athletics since I graduated in 1982 and no I’m not satisfied seeing others have more success than we do. Now I will say Kelly is doing a better job, but going back to Bowers as AD I will say we had too many that were just happy being in sunny Tampa.
  13. Hmm when your conference rival is winning more of those trophies is time to look in mirror. It’s not just about the I4 trophy.
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