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  1. It has been a crazy year for this team with injuries. Hopefully they all can heal and return for next year the rest of this year will be very tough
  2. LBs are the biggest need. There is talent at WR even with the losses and DLine will be better with a year of getting bigger and stronger.
  3. I agree. If we turn it around and win 9+ games many on this board will be worrying about Strong leaving and if we win 3-5 same will be asking for Strong to go. Remember this board before the Cuse game with Taggart? And the same board when he was going to Oregon
  4. Best of luck to him. Now please hire a good OC and OL coach.
  5. Gregory has done an outstanding job bringing our program back from the dead. This team is young and if it can make the NIT this year it would be a huge move
  6. So my question still remains, why would Strong want to destroy his coaching career by kicking out players that would help him win?
  7. So you are telling us that Strong is on a witch hunt wherever he goes to end his career as a head coach by drug testing and driving out good players. Because we all know how squeaky clean his Lousivilke teams were, right?
  8. We will see this year if he gets it straighten out or not. Us arguing here on who is too blame solves nothing. but as I said there is plenty of blame to go around from the coaches to the players.
  9. Ok and WHY was he suspended? Do you think Strong said oh we are short on the line so let’s suspend a kid that is producing? how did you know he did nothing to address it? Do you know who he offered and turned us down? Boyles the freshmen LB will be fine in long run just not ready as a freshmen to play. what place were we at stopping the Run? you act like these players were not at fault and that all fault lies with Strong, I’m not giving Strong a free pass, coaching sucked but I’m not going to also give a free pass on those players that weren’t doing what they were supposed to do. Go back and watch those games and look at the effort some of those you mentioned were given
  10. We lost most of that DLine and then had no LBs once Sawtelle went down. No surprise we couldn’t stop the run with young and undersized DL and LBs.
  11. Exactly we lost Flowers HUGE reason for those 11 win seasons, MVS at WR and many others which we weren’t able to replace. We were skating to a 7-0 record vs weak opposition and many thought another 11 plus win season was on the books, then better opponents, bad play calling, injuries added up to losses. Once that starts to happen trouble in locker room can and did start as it was obvious on the field. i don’t want to lose any players but sometimes it’s better for team and player to be cut loose and start a fresh. most of us thought this would be a rebuilding year with 6-8 wins, we never thought we would be 7-0 or 0-6 down the end. weplayed a lot of freshmen, we get Sawtelle back at middle which was a huge loss and now you have Reaves there also who did as good as could be expected. We need some of those freshmen that didn’t play and those that play to get stronger and better. We need another QB other than Barnett to step up and we need better coaching. none of the above are impossible to happen next year.
  12. As I stated Salomon was the biggest loss playing wise. And yes I watched every single game we played. Did you forget the Tulane game? Did you forget his play during that game? It was one of the worst WR performances that I have ever seen. I was a big supporter for this kid to succeed but it was obvious things were not going well for him and he needs a new start somewhere else. I wish all those kids well wherever they go but the truth is that is not all Strong’s fault or the kids faults it lays somewhere in between. as I said if you have ever coached sometimes you need to make tough decisions and cut very good players those decisions are never good from the fans views but most times are best for teams.
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