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  1. I swore he would work out. I thought the BYU game was like Taggarts Syracuse game, 2nd half... THE moment it all turned around.
  2. Could be for any number of reasons but I know MK was on the road today. So if Leavitt is in Tampa its not to talk to MK.
  3. I feel like if they both wanted each other we would have a deal by now. Taking their time with due diligence perhaps.
  4. Odd name. Doesnt seem to fit the bill of getting a Tampa/Bulls loyalist.
  5. Thats one thing we all know, Jim beating UCF is personal and he'd want to kick their ass as much as anyone. Love that.
  6. Can we recap the facts here? Willie has been contacted. Do we know anything else concrete?
  7. Whew what a day. Can I just say that I really like where Kelly's head is with this one - get a Tampa guy who is bought into the University, the city, and wants to be here. Everyone will seem promising. Everyone will have baggage. But that's a good starting point. I can't relate to these guys saying here and on twitter "hire _______ and I am done with USF". Whether it's Tags, Lane, Scott, or a freaking upturned mop, I'm ready to swallow my personal opinions and get behind the guy and look into the future. I want to win sure, but we won't go 12-0 every year and I am OK with that if we have a guy who bleeds green and gold and runs a solid program. That is all for now.
  8. I love the idea of former players being in the mix. Other coaches may come and go but the folks that are native Bulls/Tampons will be passionate through and through. I like this lens to the coaching search. No more drama. Bleed green and gold or you're not a candidate.
  9. If a big-name school comes calling, and Taggart is in the seat, I think he will know the downsides of that versus some other guy, who may jump. I agree Taggart may not be a lifer, but if we can structure a deal that makes sense, I believe he will stay with us a long time and have some real passion for USF and the community.
  10. Many companies match too, so my monthly contrib will be doubled. Check if you work at a big company folks
  11. We all need to do our part. Kelly just took a 5m bite out of his world... time to support the program.
  12. Approved. What people dont understand every SINGLE coach will have an issue or two. Willie has some play call issues. Do people think these other coaches would be these perfect godsends? He WANTS to be here and if we can get a deal that puts his money where his mouth is I say lets do it.
  13. Trying to do my part. I can prob give more but I'm starting small. Always given sporadically, and qualified at the entry level, but making the commitment here AND will have my employer match each month. Anyone else? Edit: this is to the Bulls Club, 500020, the most flexible and what Athletics would tell you highest priority. It's my understanding they can take from this pool at their discretion for facilities.
  14. I'm of the opinion that we work him 100 hours a week to get our money's worth if we can't fire him. Anything and everything that needs to be done around the athletic center...
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