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  1. No shot at seeing the team outside of tpa I guess.
  2. hm101

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Not as bad as TDS.
  3. 7. Current QBs are enrolling in the Space Force, no viable alternatives will remain once Kean and Oladokun enroll and start blasting terrorists with space rays. Favre and Mavre were unavailable.
  4. So nothing is final. Again why on earth did Nathan write a "breaking news" story that Kean IS suspended for 4 games?
  5. TDS and associated writers' tweets - even when football related - are soaked in arrogance, snark, and sarcasm. Used to be about the university and the teams, not pumping up yourself with iffy stories and constant bad jokes.
  6. hm101

    Think about it.

    Its like a Schrute buck
  7. hm101

    Shane McClanahan Update

  8. hm101

    Article from USA Today

    We lose like 9 all conference players. I am biased as hell and think we win the conference every year but this article should know better. I wish they said we were gonna suck so I could be mad at them - now I don't know what to do.
  9. hm101

    We Made It!!

    Soooo what does it mean?
  10. I got VP at Merrill at 29 so its all true. Back to actual analysis... I like that he knows how CFB works at the highest levels. I don't think he can "get us into the playoffs" but he will have more insight into the process than anyone else. AND into how the P5/committees/ranking orgs think. That matters - if you want to sit at the adult table you cant act like youre at the kids table. I wonder why his name did not come up before. Why the sudden excitement? Was he a subpar candidate before and now he is magically an awesome hire because hes the one? We went from wanting Brooks/Jurich to this guy being perfect... really?
  11. Must be a really good hire if all we can find to dislike is the title.
  12. hm101

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Better than a silly credit union or telecom. Theres a fun ring to the Yuengling Center. I approve.
  13. hm101

    New AD Search

    Guys dont worry, I'm planning to apply this morning. Me direct athletic good.
  14. What is there to do in Dallas besides eat steak?
  15. hm101


    What is the point of the article? A public bashing seems petulant. I'm increasingly over Collin and TDS. Every day they come across as arrogant, above the fan base, and negative (under the guise of tough love). Something has gotten to their heads.