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  1. Not done raising money though, don't be fooled. Keep signing up for the Bulls Club. $8.35 a month gets you to the $100/yr... get on it peeps!
  2. Man it really is the offseason. A thread about coach's housing services is 6 pages long.
  3. Awesome. Austin is still a proud Bull as far as I can tell from his twitter... well done sir!
  4. We should all be rooting for him to land a coaching gig to help us with buyout.
  5. I don't think they've ruled out phases, we may see IPF come first.
  6. Our biggest areas of need are competence and engagement. We are filling both IMO
  7. I'll be at the facilities this week, I'll try to see whats up
  8. So the last 2 drives Clemson scores in under 2 minutes. Against a nasty OSU defense. God is real. Edit: last 2 scoring drives. Oh and both 90+ yards
  9. So even if clemson loses the natty, still get a fat Fiesta Bowl ring/trophy right?
  10. Thank god. A good football thing happened. Feels good. Hate the Buckeyes
  11. No matter what happens CJS and the O showed up
  12. Yep buckeyes marching unstoppable
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