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  1. hm101

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    ECU is fired up to prove something after the hurricane. We were sloppy last week. I agree. Trap game right here.
  2. Payday game it is, against a west coast pee5 school (so they are more confident the travel will throw players and fans off. Spoiler alert: it wont!)
  3. I am in the minority clearly in wanting a winnable g5 game at home to treat the fanbase to an extra home game and add revenue
  4. hm101

    Amazing weekend

    I had some drunk guy call me "primo", Collin tweeted about me, and a dude said he got a half chub seeing the florida flag raised after we won. Met faza, cousinricky again, and MBB B Gregory for the first time. Got to hang with the legendary &drew and more. What a great weekend. Love this community. Ohhhh and I snuck onto Soldier Field at halftime. Hahahah. Pics upon request.
  5. Soooo whats the verdict on bringing the flag to future games? Temple might be next
  6. He can put Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan on the roster in every slot. Long as we win.
  7. God, the bogan mitchell years... We've got some potential w salomon, st felix and i know not a wr but look out for wilcox. The stud.
  8. hm101


    Im a Ford fan long term but hope Cronk can destroy this yr.
  9. We are clearly adjusting to new talent on both sides of the ball. We have seen some ugly football full of penalties, overthrown balls, and crappy tackling. Weve also seen miraculous throws, comebacks, crazy speed. Me confused
  10. I dont ever want to see how the sausage is made lol. Just keep winning.
  11. hm101

    True BULLS FAN!

    One of the new yorkers up here I *believe* makes 8-10 a year. Those Friday night Tulsa games are hard...
  12. hm101

    Blake Barnett

    Absolutely gorgeous throw to solomon
  13. What an absolute clown show