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  1. Will be trying to watch from the northeast... not sure how yet. Ideas?
  2. Every dollar I give to athletics goes to the IPF fund. They told me (us all) what priority 1 was, and they made it easy to give. I thrown in random chunks from time to time.
  3. I have one. I'll try to post later. Fun era.
  4. I expect more changes even beyond this. I need to digest this but initially strikes me as a positive. I trust Kelly and what we cannot do is what we've done for the past decade and have coaches come in and disappoint every 3 years. A new coach would come in and change **** and be a big question mark too... no escaping this situation. Lets hope kelly surrounds strong with good resources and more importantly that strong delivers. His stock is dropping so he has every incentive to turn this around too.
  5. This is on the verge of being one of the most epic failures in humankind. HE FAILED. HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED. what a clown.
  6. Charlie doesnt care about wins or losses or anything other than making himself feel academically good about the plays he called. He failed. Simple as that. He is a failure.
  7. I have officially cut off USF athletics from my donations. I won't take it personally if they dont care but if they do they will make a change and we shall resume the donations. Up to them.
  8. 100%. Need to improve raw size and strength. I noticed we weren't as fast either.
  9. USF 100, Marshall 8 Judy rides a gator 4 wheeler onto the field at halftime and hits Hootie from it Rain delay lasts 4 hours
  10. Dude needs to go to the NFL. Big Wilcox, swinging it all over the field. Love that dude and rooting for him
  11. I like the existential question posed by thread title. Not enough attention has been paid to it. Do we have evidence that USF football exists? Do you see USF Football in the room, right now?
  12. That's a hell of a first post. Someone knows their USF football
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