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  1. hm101

    100 days

    Girls of the offseason thread?
  2. I used to love hanging out at baseball games. Great stadium, great team, right by the dorms. Softball too. Not surprised its catching on.
  3. hm101

    100 days

    Rays are outperforming expectations
  4. hm101

    AAC Tournament

    Following on twitter like a schmuck. No live feed right?
  5. hm101

    Football: better year?

    Going all the way. And no, I will never learn my lesson.
  6. hm101

    Craig Watts

    Blow to the D. Right?
  7. I wonder who reached out to who
  8. hm101

    Welcome Moose Knuckle

    Give the people what they want!
  9. My wife is not a mother but USF is like my child and she has adopted it and this has become our marriage
  10. Is it just me or do their weights seem low? Feed these guys some fat and beef before September.
  11. Just voted and we are down 3 votes, 702 to 705 versus some Mississippi State
  12. I have a grad I'd recommend who has done great design work for me in the past, if you can PM me I'll pass her info along
  13. Switch conferences mid season, go Bahama Bowl
  14. hm101

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    I like the goal of brand renovation but none of those ideas are good. Changing the name to USFTB and making the motto "Let's Build Something" are unmitigated disasters, not well thought out solutions to a complex problem. Sounds like amateur hour, not world-class execution. I am officially raising my hand to be an unpaid consultant on this project because it's already off the rails.
  15. hm101

    Bulls Signing Day Central

    Good enough to win the conference