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  1. At this point Tags is a seasoned coach, as is CJL Last year's FAU team was stacked Motivation for a win on that sideline is HIGH I worry about this one. Although, it is their first game, so no practice yet at all. One advantage for us. The second is we basically have the former coaching staff on our side now.
  2. Well, OK, anytime USF loses, I'm upset. But we have a (1) underdeveloped team, with a (2) new staff, (3) playing a playoff caliber team. So I understand. BUT I saw some positives today. 1. Players walked off the field with heads held high. This small gesture in body language tells me something about their attitude and grit. 2. We had , I think 49 rushing years in the first half, 45 on that one Ford run. It was abysmal. But the first drive of the second half, we came out swinging and got multiple first downs on a 50+ yard drive. The coaches and players *adjusted* and didn't gi
  3. To un-depress myself I looked at the 2021 schedule. We get Florida, @NCState, and @BYU. Hope we can find some redemption in some of those.
  4. We should have a touchdown. Stupid holding, bad special teams, gimmicky plays. I don't care if we win but jeez this is sloppy.
  5. I will not survive this game. Mistakes and silly gimmicks.
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