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  1. 2020 was a freebie year, it actually worked out perfectly for coach JS. the mess that it was is a gift in disguise.
  2. if texas wins, mayor of Tampa owes mayor of Austin a box of cigaaahs If USF wins, they owe us BBQ
  3. That's a lot of real estate commission though to sell and re-buy...
  4. I am guessing it's a downsize thing. Property records are public. This house is massive and expensive. For 4 people, probably just looking for something more fitting for their situation.
  5. Cade is a great football name. Last time I checked we literally had 7 QB's on the roster. Absurd. Hopefully coach has a more reasonable number and more importantly a leader.
  6. Who cares Seriously. If we are running a winning program, RayJay is getting filled up, we are beating UCF to a pulp, Athletics is doing their job, RayJay continues to get updates... does anyone seriously care the street the freaking stadium is on. This debate is exhausting. Paying $250m to get a stadium that is not as good or high-capacity as what we have to change the address to closer is ridiculous. If we build it at University Mall, students still have to get bussed in - do you think the barriers to entry have changed? Maybe a marginal 5 or 10 minutes. This is low ban
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