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  1. We arent privy to the conversations at the very top. Its entirely possible usf leadership is content with focusing on academics and fiscal responsibility over hosting college gameday. And frankly I prob wouldnt disagree. Edit: not saying thats true (logo certainly has me wondering) but just saying... maybe he didnt want to throw VPMK and Judy under the bus over percieved commitment issues
  2. It has sunk in we're not that good this year but we still have the UCF game and a bowl game to play for, AND next year should be a huge leap.
  3. hm101

    Game Time Temple

    Lightning play at 1 there too so dealers choice
  4. We need some leadership. Some of these young ones on the team arent used to losing. When we did they imploded. Could use some senior insights.
  5. hm101

    Comment from a player...

    It's definitely a maturity thing. Hoping they don't give up and instead use this to learn. You lose games. Some years it happens often. Learning to deal with it is part of the game. Its a core not an elective.
  6. hm101

    How about those Corgis??

    Almost makes up for the game Seriously though good move by usf
  7. hm101

    Is the reason

    They barely cross my mind. I'm focused on us first and foremost, and aggravated that after 21 seasons we can't get over the hump. Boise State comes to mind more than UCF around what we could and should be.
  8. Agree w faza. I dont think ccs is horrible or needs to ve canned or whatever but i expect that at some point you stop doing hb dive for 3rd and 10 in the red zone.
  9. Strong is a good coach. Yall are crazy. I'm not HAPPY about this particular game, abd he isnt perfect, but I'm not convinced our head coach is some problem for the program. I have about 3 or 4 things I'd put ahead of that.
  10. hm101

    Lots of Emotions

    Going back to the original topic, I agree, and think we can still get to 10 wins. We control our destiny still... win out and we have a rematch set. Even if we don't, watch next year take shape.
  11. Amen. I lived through 2 and 10 and McDonalds State. We were never going 12 and 0 this season. Good offensive effort, or better at least. Disappointed in D but hey, we still control our destiny.
  12. All first half wr were dropping balls or barnett was missing em. If youre coach what else are you supposed to dox double down? Until they can nail the basics I don't blame the play calling.