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  1. There are just people out there so disconnected from reality that the expectation is just to blindly win. Left a bare cupboard? Toxic culture? Doesn't matter, you should win every game. And if you don't we fire you in 2 years, and then we do the same to the next guy. I just don't get it.
  2. Beef studs Wizard War flamingo Hit hootie Fire twirler Fight song, chants, horns It's not that we don't have traditions it's that we have too many crusty old guys that like to complain about them
  3. Coach already said or strongly hinted that a few qbs will play. Very important game from that standpoint. Last chance to see who is your guy this year.
  4. I am buying naming rights to the football center and naming it "puc's positivity palace"
  5. Yes! We could also try for the humpback bull. But yes yes and yes we need to embrace whatever tradition and culture we have.
  6. O line is better WR may still be a weak link, with injuries Dropped passes hurt TM's numbers but he played well and if we stick with him we can end the revolving door
  7. Utah just lost to SDSU so that hurts BYU sos. But BYU is certainly top 25 team it looks like this year and this will be an unnecessary difficult game. Traveling plus a 1015pm local start. I just want to get out of there with no (more) injuries and no catastrophic mistakes. And maybe some life on D.
  8. That's why I sometimes just put on Louk and Barrington. They know the team, they know the program. Highly recommend doing this.
  9. 21 points in the 4th quarter for ECU to get the w over Marshall nice
  10. Also get to see guys like Marsh and the 2 and 3s on our roster get some time. Also get to watch what might be the worst run D in USF history.
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