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  1. So the last 2 drives Clemson scores in under 2 minutes. Against a nasty OSU defense. God is real. Edit: last 2 scoring drives. Oh and both 90+ yards
  2. So even if clemson loses the natty, still get a fat Fiesta Bowl ring/trophy right?
  3. Thank god. A good football thing happened. Feels good. Hate the Buckeyes
  4. No matter what happens CJS and the O showed up
  5. Yep buckeyes marching unstoppable
  6. Too quick. Now OSU has another shot. Could mean trouble
  7. Here we go buckle up. THE drive
  8. Tough break on that pick. Good adjustments overall... osu is tough OSU marching... again. Come on Venables
  9. It's a huge problem in cfb. You have maybe 5-10 programs every year that absolutely dominate and then everyone else. Memphis played a respectable game against one of those programs. P5 needs to be careful what they wish for. They need a healthy cfb landscape or it implodes.
  10. I have permanent green and gold goggles on. I expect hardware every year.
  11. Not everyone understands this but some people with ambition make the conscious effort to go lead and create, even when its difficult and you have to leave certain comforts. Can't wait to see how Dabo, Scott, and Venables come out in 2nd half. Go Tigers.
  12. Text to recruit: "hey sorry I can't be there in person today, busy trying to win a national championship, but I'd love to have you play for me next year" I mean come on... In all seriousness, I sincerely hope he is 100% focused on winning a natty. He will be at USF for years to come, and will have a window to recruit after. But this opportunity is unique and special and may not come again for him for a while. Winning at Clemson again is worth more to USF than the tiny tactical issues he could address right now.
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