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  1. pleased overall with the low turnover on staff need some consistency for once. we turn over our whole offensive staff once a year it seems since Tags
  2. I wonder what kind of financial analysis goes into something like this though. I mean, if they can borrow for a low % to fund this, and we know it would boost program enthusiasm (+ $X), recruiting (+ wins -> + $X), tangential revenue/other program saves, then you'd want to do it, right? I wonder if added donations/ticket revenue/etc wouldn't offset the 5% interest or whatever.
  3. I wonder if its talent or cultural fit. Or both.
  4. Thats awesome. Speaks to the future culture of the team. Being all in together, knowing how to win together... exciting.
  5. Sad. Was hoping to stream and order some fattening food for a nice Saturday with the baby
  6. Granted this is a group of more vocal and hard-core cfb fans (not the casual masses), but reddit cfb is strongly on our side
  7. So how many QBs do we have now? McC Fortin These 2 new guys Jordan Smith Marsh Brendan Cyr 7 QBs... am I missing something? Why?
  8. I absolutely love cfb but I am simply not interested in the playoff matchups. BYU CCU had some crazy ratings, some kind of record... that's the kind of match-up I think people like. But I could be wrong. The mainstream public probably doesn't know any better than Clemson Bama notre dame osu
  9. I would love to see some dramatic action but what can be done? The G5 can't just boycott the sport... but some refusal to just be the punching bag is in order.
  10. I would say arguing against guaranteed contracts in a highly variable profession is ILlogical. Its a means of sharing risk across the 2 parties, lest one (employer) get 100% participation in potential upside while the employee gets 100% participation in the downside. A buyout means if something goes wrong, we are both on the hook. Its basic risk management, probably in any decent mid-level business courses, and absolutely in everyday business contracts - renters, read your leases. I bet you will pay a penalty to break early (a buyout! You "fired" your lessor). Also to criticize contracts
  11. I like that VPMK and CJS are interested in building a good program rather than just win some flashy games here and there and throw up billboards. We need to build a well oiled machine. (1) recruit local talent, (2) build a deeper base of support and donors, (3) invest strategically ie. IPF. I believe these things will better translate to consistent wins than flashy hires/portal transfers/getting hyped for ranked games.
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