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  1. I hear you, but without making a judgement call as to whether its right or wrong, we all have already collectively decided it is. Through all the injuries, and their consequences, to say nothing of the number of people who have passed away drunk driving from a football game, or just simply driving to one, to the number of people who use it as an opportunity to overeat/drink/whatever unhealthy action contributing to mortality, we still accept the game. And we, again collectively, will make a similar calculation with this virus about whether the collective social benefits, diversion, camaraderie, livelihood of players and stadium workers, local economics, etc are worth the risks, whatever they may be however they might be measured. And I mean for all sports, not just college football.
  2. I'm also planning to try out. I plan to email Coach Weiss a video of me jogging this weekend and also of my pregame dance routine.
  3. A few weeks ago, VPMK, Coach Scott, and Lelo Prado hopped on a call with NYC-area Bulls as a little treat for us up here who have been having well, an interesting time lately to say the least. I know I personally got a major boost from it and was buzzing for a few days with that "that was really cool" feeling. Definitely a really cool thing from Athletics and if this thing lasts much longer, hope they do continued series with various coaches.
  4. Not done raising money though, don't be fooled. Keep signing up for the Bulls Club. $8.35 a month gets you to the $100/yr... get on it peeps!
  5. Man it really is the offseason. A thread about coach's housing services is 6 pages long.
  6. Awesome. Austin is still a proud Bull as far as I can tell from his twitter... well done sir!
  7. We should all be rooting for him to land a coaching gig to help us with buyout.
  8. I don't think they've ruled out phases, we may see IPF come first.
  9. Our biggest areas of need are competence and engagement. We are filling both IMO
  10. I'll be at the facilities this week, I'll try to see whats up
  11. So the last 2 drives Clemson scores in under 2 minutes. Against a nasty OSU defense. God is real. Edit: last 2 scoring drives. Oh and both 90+ yards
  12. So even if clemson loses the natty, still get a fat Fiesta Bowl ring/trophy right?
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