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  1. Pick a spot USF and start digging. Poop or get off the toilet Remember how long they took to build the Fraternity houses. I remember the sign up by the baseball stadium announcing the future home. How many years did that horse crap last. Leads me to believe USF is filled with small minded thinkers who want to keep the school in a specific state.
  2. We got manhandled on the o-line and d-line. Size difference was noticeable. Our coaches in the past brought in 2 start 3 starts with chips on their shoulders and we won by grit. Now, CJS is trying to seem replicate Clemson and we are not them. Stop, find the formula that works here.
  3. Just like FSU game they are letting everyone in. BS
  4. They need to build one, they know it but the University leadership is scared. Pull up your big white panties and just do it.
  5. Is it me, or where they are now showing this being built is not this picture.
  6. How about this, the Endowment fund loan us money for a decent stadium and we pay it back over time.
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