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  1. Rizman


    Looking forward to it. Thanks Mutt
  2. They better also bring in a rain machine.
  3. 5. Because injuries happen and he wanted to hedge his bets
  4. Rizman

    Think about it.

    So funny.
  5. Rizman

    Think about it.

    Sweet, now go get points everyone.
  6. Rizman

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    That is a bummer. Thank you for the information.
  7. Rizman

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Ok, then it matters for now.
  8. Rizman

    Goodbye, Selmon's on Boy Scout

    Very nice farewell event. What a first class family. Are they closing all of them?
  9. Rizman

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Coaching rankings ultimately mean nothing.
  10. Rizman

    2018 Football Game Times

    Love that shirt.
  11. Rizman

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    She has mastered that skill. Came up to me on the sidelines asking me where the recruits were about 2 years ago. I pointed her to someone that could help and she then was all over the recruits.
  12. I guess this was a parting gift form Under Armour. 😀
  13. Hey NAS Gone to Paradise - 3 big comments on why. The Mic has been dropped
  14. Winning Vanderbilt 3 winning seasons since 1980 Ouch http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/teams/van.shtml Syracuse 4 winning seasons since 2000 http://mcubed.net/ncaaf/teams/syr.shtml
  15. Rizman

    New AD Search

    Because ACC was a B-Ball conference as well. Not a big downside on that move.