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  1. Year 3 will be on fire. At Florida I make you a bet we win.
  2. So did I in December. Would not have is CSS was still around.
  3. Congratulations USF, you decided to grow up and move on.
  4. Thanks Dave. Impressive accomplishment by USF.
  5. Thanks, wish I was a season ticket holder still. Enjoy the game and Go Bulls!
  6. Remember the days when UCONN would destroy us and they had a pretty good following of support in the Sun Dome. Looks like that program has fallen on hard times. Thoughts?
  7. Skip will get another chance to coach at the next level.
  8. Maybe not he spent 12 years at Clemson. I think we make it 4 and one conference championship with him.
  9. We get two coaches with this deal and a ton of experience.
  10. I agree one of the better players this year. Best of luck Mr. Macon
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