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  1. We will start playing in about 13:44
  2. I don't think they will be 6-6
  3. They will take it to keep their bowl streak alive.
  4. Oh my, what a terrible picture.
  5. Oh, that will bring in the out of towners for that game. I hear MTSU travels well.
  6. Tulane is going to bring it. If we spot them a lead we will have major problems. Matter of fact, anyone on from Houston, UCiF, Cincy, to Temple we will lose by not showing up till the 2nd half.
  7. Here is what I saw. Playing Duke at home would be fun. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/10/14/17974398/bowl-game-projections-2018-college-football-playoff-predictions
  8. Why don't we spot each team we play 14 points, fast forward to the 4th quarter. Or better yet, we bring in a team to play us for 30 minutes before we start a game. Thoughts?
  9. Rizman

    USF Golf Bags

    The pro at TPC Tampa And ordered one but it took him so long to sell it he didn’t think it was ever worth doing that again
  10. That is why I don't subscribe to the paper. I guess planning ahead and getting a cheap hotel and flight was not worth it.
  11. Rizman

    South Florida v. Tulsa

    On the UMass game, I heard a lot of USF fans yelling. It made me laugh. Plus, I think I heard some girl scouts selling cookies and a mom yelling at her son.
  12. 1. Tulsa 2. 35 - 28 Unable to come back in 4Q 3. Conkrite 4. St. Felix 5. 375