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  1. Need some help validating the players who will not be returning next year because their eligibility is done. Chris Barr DB Khalid McGee LB Ryeshene Bronson WR Tyre McCants WR Vincent Jackson DE Jaymon Thomas S Mazzi Wilkins CB Ladarion McBride WR Jeffery Farrar DB Davion Sutton RB Jake Vivonetto K Josh Black LB Juwuan Brown DE Marquies Price DE Kevin Bronson DE
  2. Rizman

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Then he needs to recruit better linemen for both the offense and defense. It starts there and that is where we were weak.
  3. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    John Lewis, Your website has an email that does not work. The 800-Go-Bulls voice mailbox is full. Want to renew my 2019 tickets. When you click on busstickets@usf.edu you get an incorrect email address. ath-bullstickets@usf.edu.
  4. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Well, then that makes the difference. Thank you.
  5. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    $85 dollars per seat. Really...
  6. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Confusion, I am shocked (not).
  7. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I agree
  8. Rizman

    Let's Just Take a Breath

    Now that will help.
  9. Rizman

    Gilbert’s Playbook

    Looks like it was removed off Twitter. So funny.
  10. Rizman

    Sooo next season...

    He needs a Bridgewater or a Flowers to be successful. I am starting to think that is why he won that seasons. If that is the case, those QB's do not come along that often especially for our program.
  11. Rizman

    Gilbert to Texas State...I hope

    Good luck to him.
  12. Please move off this board. This is a "Who Gives a Poop" topic
  13. Build a small on campus stadium to start to create a sense of alumni pride which we do not get from Raymond James
  14. Rizman

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Ugh, what a crap fest