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  1. Nope, it also says that the pundits don't know jack and do no real research. It is a long season. Injuries happen as other bad luck and good luck. Stay Frosty Bull Fans
  2. I will be at G-Tech and Navy as well. Looking forward to it.
  3. For those that might know IncrediBull, we lost him this week. He passed from a long battle with ALS. He was a diehard USF fan and Football season ticket holder from the beginning and also shared Basketball tickets with me. Anyone who knew him or meet him at Capogna's Dugout probably would have seen his passion for all things USF. At one time IncrediBull served on the Alumni association board and managed the Pinellas county chapter. He leaves behind his wife and three daughters. IncrediBull was a devoted father and husband and they will miss him dearly. For those who knew him and want more information on the service next week please drop me a note through thebullspen message system.
  4. Best of luck to Bell, he has a huge hurdle in front of him.
  5. Yes, CSH out coached them. Probably the first time in his career and was the last at USF.
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