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  1. We have 3 more quarters. We blew a 2 score lead vs Tulsa. Can't let it happen again.
  2. Jesus we can't get red zone scores or first downs. It's like we get to the 15 yard line and decide to lay flat.
  3. Exhibit A on why the term Must Win is so overused. Really Temple? You MUST win this game? You are 3 and 3. You are away. You can lose and still be bowl eligible if you win a few more. You don't have to turn around your program in order to secure a spot in a bigger conference (never heard Temple as a candidate for anything). No. Could or should they win? Sure. Is it important and will it make their lives easier and make the fans happier and increase the chances of a bowl game? Sure. Is their program in dire straits like us, facing a team they are favored against, at home, with it being 2 years since their last FBS win, with a Big 12 (or other) invite in the balance a few years out? No.
  4. Yeah I'd rather get kicked in the nuts by a deranged clown at a kids birthday party 3 times than listen to that crap.
  5. To answer the original thread question... it looks like no, VPMK is sitting this one out.
  6. Interesting. It's like... you want 6 things. Pick 3. I submitted my feedback. Heavily focused on athletics.
  7. We can finish the season 3 and 3, and then go .500 next year. This weekend we could turn the corner. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We just need to play 4 complete quarters and we WIL win. Go Bulls.
  8. Honestly I just don't care about UCF anymore. That's what they've done to the rivalry. They got their way - you win UCF. Adios. Apathy. It's like when a friendly play fight turns nasty. It's like forget you.
  9. They add a lot to the academics of the conference. No offense to Charlotte or ECU but it's nice to have schools like Rice and Tulane carrying the academic banner. I'd put us and Temple up there too. But correct me if I'm wrong I think Rice is probably the top academic program in the conference now.
  10. I don't understand why we couldn't have added them ALSO. I get the markets and recruiting and Yada Yada but these (CUSA) teams blow at football overall. We are worse with them per SP+ overall. That's an objective fact. So I don't understand why we wouldn't diversify a bit and throw some show horses in with the work horses. Or vice versa, whatever analogy who cares it's late and I'm old.
  11. Technically we are ranked around 110 of 130. Wake me up when they do a bottom 20.
  12. So the 3 drives, of the last 4, that ended in punts had nothing to do with the outcome? Or the fact that Tulsa marched down the field twice in the 4th quarter? People are overly focused on this one play as if the rest of the drives were perfect and it's just this one play that's why we lost. As Dwight would say, False.
  13. He must be reading my comments. I like what he had to say. As a USF fan I have been hearing it for way too long, versus he is seeing this for the first time. But at the end of the day he doesn't want to wallow and tries - you can see it - to lead the reports past last week. He gets like the 6th question about Tulsa and he chuckles and patiently starts with, "Again...". His eyes are forward and has a big and bold vision for USF. We can literally do NOTHING about the last 25 years, that includes last weekend. I feel the anger and frustration too but given that again it cannot be changed, at least we have the right things in place today. Other than just ******** about it, which admittedly feels good, our choice is to follow Scott and VPMK.
  14. Last day to submit public comments for USFs president search Presidential SearchStakeholder Survey Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create... I just submitted mine saying the new president must be committed to aggressively investing in and improving our athletics programs.
  15. I think "must win" is as overused a term there is in sports. But if it ever applied to the Bulls, I think now is the time. We are favored We haven't won against an FBS team in 2 years Worse than getting beaten down helplessly every game we actually have shown flashes of good and last game even got close. But let it get away. The clock is ticking on realignment The fan base can't be asked to sit through being literally at the bottom of college football for ANY longer Did I mention we are favored So yeah. We NEED to win this game. Otherwise we can write off another year we cannot afford to write off. Even if we beat UCF there will be no one left to hear that falling tree.
  16. Mike Kelly was on the expansion committee so USF can't say oh it was out of our hands. He has probably spent more time in the past several weeks courting Charlotte than engaging a frustrated USF fan base. It's wild.
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