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  1. Well, what would prompt a D1 upper tier (or mid tier) QB to attend U of SF? It's a lot like fishing. Lots o'fish in the pond, but you see, that bait you're using...they just ain't bitin'. Yeah, I know it's circular...gotta win to attract talent but you gotta have talent to win. I just have this feeling that South Florida football is on track to parallel the success of our basketball team.
  2. I think the only win, if any of the last four games , would be Temple.
  3. Just another day at the office. Eventually we're gonna have to confess that men's basketball & football are actual businesses, and have been for some time. This is a step in the right direction.
  4. Let us not forget. Our good friends at ESPN have countless hours to fill, and the loss of revenue and advertising from a televised championship game or bowl game takes food from the mouths of James Pitaro's kids.
  5. Or, just have buckets full and cheerleaders / band members decked out in full bull regalia, distribute them to anyone stopped at a red light on Dale Mabry or Fowler Avenue. Gotta maximize distribution and I feel that the list of recipients above is entirely too restrictive. Let's be honest, there's no pent up demand for tickets, and the secondary market has some low price opportunities. Get 'em while they're hot...or at least room temperature.
  6. I'd like to think that Holtz will hold the record for worst coaching career @ US of F. That being said, assuming an ECU win, and remaining losses would bring this year's tally to eight. Holtz had 21 losses over three years, Strong would finish out with 16. Yeah, five fewer losses is better, objectively. But we're still comparing two slow horses.
  7. Well, at least there wasn't a matching white flag. Or was there? Can't seem to remember.
  8. If I were a gamblin' man, and fortunately Vegas is quite a haul from here, I'd slide all my chips onto ECU being the last game we win this season (assuming, of course, that we do win). On the plus side, just think about what that's going to do to our fourth quarter bowl travel expense budget. Whew!
  9. South Florida portal opportunities, October, 2019.
  10. Pulling for you, Mike. Hoping for a speedy, and complete, recovery.
  11. And until such time as you produce a palatable product, funding levels will remain as is. We went over this in the staff meeting.
  12. a) 2019 Record: 7-5 b) Wins: SC State, SMU, Uconn, Navy, ECU, Temple, UCF c) RUN: Cronkrite d) RCV: St. Felix e) USF: 24 UCF: 17
  13. What's this AAC thing ya'll keep talking about?
  14. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2019/05/01/a-usf-bowl-game-in-boston-dont-hold-your-breath/ "As we all know, bowl games (and the four-letter firm that owns many of them) are about creating matchups that will sell the most tickets and generate the most favorable TV ratings. And for its last bowl, in its home stadium, USF attracted an announced crowd of 14,135. Would Bulls fans travel en masse to Boston for a chance to see their team in a classic venue? Possibly. But nearby Connecticut (if it ever becomes bowl-eligible again) almost certainly would attract a better audience. And Temple’s in a larger TV market. So is Houston, for that matter. And even if the most attractive bowl matchup surfaced for the Bulls (say, USF vs. FSU), conference and bowl officials almost certainly would work in unison to stage that game in Florida (i.e. Gasparilla). None of which is to suggest the Bulls have no shot at the Green Monster. Just figuratively speaking, it’ll be a tough wall to scale"
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