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  1. WoolyBully

    Do you agree?

    I agree completely with the article. You know, there's this word that gets under my skin: 'deserve'. How, exactly, is the 'deserve' factor defined? Having played a mediocre schedule and mopping up doesn't mean you necessarily "deserve" to be included with teams that play - in essence - UCF bowl opponent games on a weekly basis. Once upon a time Tulane - captained by Shaun King - went undefeated, and for entertainment purposes (as we often have nothing to do) the discussion was "Hey? Undefeated? So why ain't the Green Wave champions? Why ain't they playin' in this new BEE-CEE-ESS thing?". That's where we part ways. Yeah, you practiced (just like everyone else did) and you played hard (just like everyone else did), but you just didn't play the hard games (which everyone (P5) else did). That simple. You don't "deserve" having P5 schools do anything but 2:1. If you honest-to-god wanna be in with the in-crowd, you play by the dictates of the in-crowd. Not 1:1 at this time. After you've earned your patch, then we can talk 1:1. Until then, it's either 2:1 or Charleston Southern. You don't have to like it. You don't have to think it's "fair" (another word that grates on me). You just gotta do it.
  2. I dunno, I was thinking something more like the emesis of the board.
  3. WoolyBully


    I was working at an architectural firm, Rosser-Fabrap (the Georgia Dome), when the Giants were "a done deal". Apparently not as done as some of the boys wanted to think.
  4. WoolyBully


    Where does this come from? How many times are we going to see Me Too Football rear its ugly head? If the NFL & NCAA are concerned about attendance declining, what would possess you to undertake a similar venture? Is there the belief that "well, you know, those previous machinations had it wrong. But me...I have the secret sauce. I'm gonna be different. I'm gonna be successful!"? What can a new product do? Tweak a few rules? I think when people say "there's no such thing as too much football", what they really mean is "there's no such thing as too much football when it comes to [insert favorite teams here]". I doubt there are sufficient addicts out there who go into withdrawal after the post season - be it college or pro - that are salivating at the opportunity for second an third tier faux football. How-ev-ah....there are sufficient degenerate gamblers out there who would welcome yet another opportunity to continue gaming. That's the only benefit I see from any startup pseudo NFL product. I think these ventures will be short lived, 'cause you know how we are 'bout those shiny objects. Once it becomes "Oh yeah" , time to clean out the lockers, fellas.
  5. WoolyBully


    No. There is no XFL USF relationship. Just another shiny object. More of a sports wagering / fantasy football opportunity than anything else. https://www.legalsportsreport.com/18032/xfl-betting-fantasy/
  6. WoolyBully

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Just taken aback by not just admission, but the other freebies applicable.
  7. WoolyBully

    Gasparilla Bowl

    And let us not forget, boys and girls...Mister "WoolyBully" Robinson has an Appalachian State T-shirt rolled up in this dresser that he sports ever so often. So we can't rule out... Also, this just landed in my inbox: "Good Morning, We have an amazing opportunity for all HCPS employees and their families to attend the Gasparilla Bowl at Raymond James Stadium on Thursday, December 20th for FREE! There is also FREE transportation from central locations throughout the county and FREE pre-game food and activities, hosted by Thaddeus Bullard, AKA WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil. To reserve tickets, please respond no later than Thursday, December 6th Multiple/family tickets may be reserved as a group under one email or individually reserved. Tickets must be printed on paper to access the game. All minors must be accompanied by an adult caregiver/family member and must have the attached ESPN waiver signed by a parent/guardian. Please send this email to all HCPS employees within your department. Thank you" BONUS FUN FACT: HCPS employees right at 40K. So if this is open - and accepted by each and every employee (not counting family members) this would look incredible on the tee-vee, huh? Or it could be an admission of just how interest for this venture is panning out. I wouldn't be surprised if the same offer were not extended to HCSD, TPD, TFD, HCFD as well as all them enlisted and officer ranks on South Dale Mabry. Gotta get bodies somewhere.
  8. WoolyBully

    USF Alumni and Fan discussion

    We talk a lot about what alumni should do. We talk about the tens of thousands of alumni who reside within a stone’s throw of RayJ, yet are nowhere to be found. If these alumni did – what some think we are s’posed to do – the stadium would fill week after week. Nevertheless, we do not. Why is that? Ties to the university. But what does that really translate to? Anyone attending prior to the advent of football attached, most likely, to the Tres Grande. I had a lot of FSU (and NCSU) gear prior to ’97. I was also, one of the ‘non-traditional’ students that USF had plenty of back in the way back when: those outside the 18-21 demographic, for whom attendance was not so much ‘an experience’ as much as it was check-a-box, get-thru-this, now gimme my diploma. I think college can only be ‘family’ if you go there looking for family. I went there to get the necessary education for employment. So anything past our business agreement is icing on the cake. Moreover, I think, for many alumni, that is indeed the case. There is only so much juice in the ‘it’s your school! You’re a part of it!” grape. You cannot realistically expect tens of thousands of people to altruistically support something, which, to them, is of marginal value. Not everyone has the same emotional attachment to the alma mater, as do others. A disconnect? I would say so. But there's little that can be done about that over the course of two decades. Remember, sports fans, love is a spectrum. Where you are today might not be where you are ten years down the road. In addition, the ‘college experience’ might not be the same for everyone. Sometimes it is the high-water mark…sometimes it is just something to complete. USF might be just that. Even with students. At this point, it's easy to see why the Big Three might garner more interest, even on Fowler Av-uh-noo. Right, Dave?
  9. WoolyBully

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I'm sitting here at my desk, fishing through the in-box, trying to find that long exhaustive list of teams we want to face. How 'bout the Cure Bowl against Loozy-anna La-fie-ette. Sound mui bueno?
  10. WoolyBully

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I think that's what makes it tough on the AAC. Not only are our opponents CUSA 2.0, but our bowl affiliation is marginally interesting. On one hand we - as fans - are expected to paint a smiley face on "Hey, it could have been worse" and "at least we're going to a bowl game. You know, there's a lot of other schools that ..." . One loss per season and your conference championship odds plummet. Two? Un uh. As good as UCF has been, the big prize is a NYD bowl. Not playoff bowl, just NYD. And for us, we have yet to win our division, conference or escape the clutches of the Oh Yeah Bowl. We complain about season ticket sales and attendance, and we all get the vicious-circle revenue joke. Tampa's a tough market. And a 7-5 season and yet another also-ran bowl doesn't make it any easier on the spreadsheet side of enterprise. This is the world in which we live. Yeah, there is the bowl game. And what if we lose said game? Well, we can all take solace in the fact that "hey...we got more practice! Just wait till next year!". Mainly, 'cause there ain't no alternative.
  11. WoolyBully

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Yep, that puts us so far up on the other 50% of IA teams that will be practicing as well. I think it's more of a penalty if you don't go to a bowl game as your practice is curtailed. But mercifully, you are in fact done for the year.
  12. And what would that be....some sort of micro-victory? I agree with @NewEnglandBull - cheap. Don't do it again.
  13. It's a polite way of saying that given the AAC desire to place its better teams against P5 schools, the first choice would be Cinci x FSU (AAC vs. P5 ACC). However, they (AAC) are image conscious and see the benefits of a FSU (P5 ACC) x USF (AAC) for 'tickets sold' / attendance optics. I don't see "wrong" information here, unless it's an argument that USF is somehow "better" / more attractive of a matchup against 'Noles, which, of course would be opinion.
  14. WoolyBully

    USF Will Win on Friday

    Well, no $#%!. What have we got here? A &$%#(@! comedian, Petty Officer Sheriff. I admire your honesty. Hell, I like you. You can come over to my section and %&*# a cheerleader. Ya, hear me Moses?
  15. Indeed. Not much traffic from the kitchen to the TV room during that time of day so I should get great parking - either in the recliner or on the couch.