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  1. It will be interesting to observe college football this fall. I don't think you're going to see the same product - anywhere - as you would normally expect. But if you're gonna blame COVID on teams not firing on all cylinders, that's a really huge blanket. So there's that PR safety net when the blowouts become more common.
  2. Man...sometimes that seems like a million years ago, other times it seems like just a few years.
  3. "Happen", in what sense of the word? Full slate of contiguous games? A few games before halting due to COVID? Some games now, some later? Dunno. I'd like to see as 'regular' of a season as possible, but we find ourselves in a sci-fi world where there is no such thing as guarantees. In the interest of playing along, I'll slide a handful of chips onto YES, football will happen (omitting any caveats).
  4. Now is that a comedy or a documentary? 'Cause, if you ponder it for a while...
  5. and Kristofer Hivju appears in the 'merican rendition Downhill. I wonder if I'll be watching more foreign films than football this fall?
  6. Yep, which is kinda good in a way (personally). Imagine how old I'd feel if he had graduated college, then started a family! Whew!
  7. Did the thought ever enter your noggin'..."you know, I'm glad this corona / dos equis stuff didn't hit during football season". It's one thing to have to forego the tournaments, but not sure how I'd behave should the August to December entertainment get cancelled.
  8. You must be new here. Is this your first day? I don't think we've met, I'm Wooly, and this is Mohammet... Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton.
  9. I haven't seen anything that says the conference winner from 8 of 11 conferences would be granted an auto berth (berth...not birth...berth ) , which makes me think, if it did expand, it would pretty much fall to the top 8 ranked teams. I will say this. I don't hang onto every word uttered in the bowl season, but I just happened to catch some game, commentary during the half time, where the question was asked "Should the G5 have their own playoff?". Both commentators said yes. Their own little G5 playoff and champion. I mention it in passing. From December of 2018 Arguing Against Ex
  10. Having successfully brought both children and drunken moms to tears, I have since hung up my USF Alumni Association spurs. I really enjoyed my time with the Alumni Association; we put some fun stuff together. We sort of drifted into more of a fundraising venture, and there were some turf wars that sort of soured the experience. But, it was a good time. Tears and all.
  11. San Jose State hasn't been good at football in ages. They were good when I attended, and the bonus was that the stadium was within walking distance of my apartment. That was the days of the Pacific Coast Athletic. Those were good days.
  12. ACC (NCSU, UNC, Wake, Duke, FSU) & San Jose State (first college after getting out of the Army in California).
  13. On the field? Fail? No. In convincing the University that he should be retained, yeah, I'd say he failed at that. We can use whatever term you feel comfortable with, vis-a-vis re-hiring a coach who was dismissed or left the job. Just lemme know what term you want to use, and I'll use that going forward: https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2019/12/02/greg-schiano-is-going-back-to-rutgers-how-do-retreads-fare-in-act-ii/ https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2019/12/06/usf-football-coaching-search-our-bracket-is-complete/ https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/do-retread-coac
  14. No. Retread is a repeat performance. Just like the Army. The polite phraseology for someone who got out and came back in is "prior service". But in the barracks, the term is 'retread'. But now that I think about it, does not getting fired, regardless of how palatable you may or may not find the case, constitute failure? I would say so. Congratulations on your winning record, but - see, we have this policy of not peeing in the punch bowl - and having done that, stop by the receptionists on the way out for a box for your personal effects. Oh, and sign this. And initial that part about not being
  15. Well, if we're using your criteria, the feel free to put me in the UCF Fan column. As hard as it is to not like a team that is recognized as national champions, it's even harder to embrace retreads.
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