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  1. The only speed bumps I see are Houston and our good friends down the street. 10-2. My original assessment was 9-3, but GT was a win, so ...
  2. We went over this the second day in Marketing 101. It's gonna be on your final. If you were out that day, get the notes from your neighbor. The NC/SC rivalry is second only to the infamous North and South Dakota rivalry which pales in comparison to the North and South Korean rivalries. Waiting for the "One Korea" logos to be painted on the side of helmets and tanks. Sincerely, Sergeant Robinson, 2nd Infantry Division Veteran of both Korea & Carolina (and Carolina bbq is better).
  3. I don't know...I don't think so...this was early in our IA foray. Beef's was pretty full...players...fans. Very disappointed at ECU failing to do us a solid. Haven't sent them a Christmas Card since.
  4. WoolyBully

    Where is the game?

    BTN Extra Spectrum Channel # 1192 (Tampa)
  5. Yes, Wooly is still here. I'm generally working covert intercept operations, so I do more gathering than publishing. I remember the Beef O'Brady's evening. Wanting ECU to win, sending us to our first bowl game. But Noooooooooooo...one simple task, Pirates, and you can't even do that. Aaarrggh!
  6. Because it is the simplest way to do this. I'm in. NCAA & AAC. What'd I tell you? What have I been saying for years? Huh? Entrance Exam!
  7. Losses to Georgia Tech & Houston.
  8. WoolyBully


    Surprised not a lot of votes for Council Oaks at the Seminole Hard Rock. Great cuisine & gaming. A pretty good evening out for the over-21 crowd. If you're taking kids along for the evening...just bypass this one.
  9. WoolyBully

    Taggart SBNation Comment on USF

    I think y'all are being a bit harsh on xCWT. After all, he came to South Florida to win a national championship. Said so himself. Remember that? ""I always said I wouldn't leave WKU unless I had a chance to go and win a national championship, and I truly believe that can be done here," Taggart said Saturday after signing a five-year, $5.75 million contract to replace Skip Holtz, who was fired after the worst season in USF's 16-year history." Taggart & USF nat'l championship So I wouldn't be too harsh on him. . . it's coachspeak. Not to be taken literally. Right?
  10. Here's the thing. It's more tradition / experience than anything else. Hot dogs and hamburgers are hotdogs and hamburgers. Flavor and all things considered, it's three stars. If you're gonna go to a GT game, swinging by The Varsity is the thing to do. Check that box.
  11. WoolyBully

    The thrill is gone....

    And we'd be hard pressed to say that that does not matter. You can't celebrate getting into the Big East - and all that that entails - and then just OWSH when we're no longer there. If it didn't matter - really and truly - our good friend Mr. Aresco, who lives at the top of the AAC totem pole - would not be pushing the P6 theory. Do we honestly believe that attendance would NOT increase, if we were playing value games, as we did with the Big East? Do we think it's easier to market, and I hate using this term, "games that matter" as opposed to Tulsa and Connecticut? This is not news to USF. The university is fully aware of this and, should the opportunity arise, would jump the AAC ship for membership into any P5 conference. Why? 'Cause that's how the whip has come down. The hard line between have and have-not has been drawn. And you wanna be standing on the 'have' side of the velvet rope. Every time. If you ask someone why they've disengaged (tix), and they give you an answer..that answer might not be something you'd embrace...but for them, it's perfectly legitimate. Entirely subjective, totally legitimate. Indeed. Being brutally honest, I can't envision a scenario that would pry me away from the home theater and that extra week in Vegas (transferring the cost of season tickets for one year to an additional week in the desert). I truly believe that once you drop out, it's exceptionally hard to drop back in. You're only gonna squeeze so much altruistic juice from the alma mater grape. USF marketing knows this. You're right - they need to focus elsewhere. It's not a "problem" for us. IF we want back in, we know where the key is.
  12. WoolyBully

    The thrill is gone....

    Thank you, Mission9, for the consideration. I think another factor is the natural 'churn' of fandom. When I was younger, I spent lots of money on fishing gear. Haven't really been in decades, now I spend my time on the gun range. Over time, the shiny object that catches our eye can fade. Sure, there are those fans who live, eat, sleep, breathe fandom until they lay the sod o'er them. I'm just not that guy. I remember talking to Cindy about dropping season tickets and she pointed out that it's not a total wash. It actually buys us one more Vegas vacation per year. So we get more subjective ROI from Vegas than we do at RayJ. That's just how things develop over the years. There's not one single, solitary overarching reason for our resignation. . .more of an accumulation of various factors.
  13. WoolyBully

    The thrill is gone....

    Jim, I cashed in my season tickets after eighteen years. Eighteen years is a long haul ... relentlessly ... having missed but the Southern Miss game we won ('cause I was in the hospital). USF football - for the longest time - was always on the upward trajectory. There was always "that next thing". Then, I think the rug got yanked out from under us (Robinsons) when the Big East imploded and we were no longer "in with the in crowd". Once we landed in CUSA 2.0, it got extremely hard to get amped up about spending hours - HOURS - tailgating & RayJ. Near the end, it got to where I'd slide the car into a parking spot and get to my seat just seconds before kickoff. Another thing that pretty much nailed the coffin shut was the home theater and a leather recliner located but 6'3" from the edge of my pool. Don't even try to sell me on the 'game day experience', cause HDTV, air conditioning, SONY surround sound and all the amenities you can imagine makes sitting in the stadium pale by comparison. Year before last we went to the Navy game. Last year . . . none. What we've come down to is treating USF Football just like USF Basketball. Am I interested in seeing the opponent? I'm sure Birmingham, Alabama is a nice place. . .but not nice enough to gin up bowl excitement year after year after year. Until such time as USF (or AAC) finds a seat at 'the big people's table', that's gonna be it for us. And even then, I can't honestly say that buying season tickets will ever happen again - even with a new OCS. While a lot of what's happened with USF football is out of USF's hands, that's not an excuse to continue to feel an obligation to spend discretionary income for something that, has for us, very little ROI. The screw has turned.
  14. See...that's what I love about you kids. Always in the game.
  15. OK, so you found me. I've been spending considerable time testifying before congress, so I haven't spent much time on the board.