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  1. Yeah living in Orlando pretty much sucks the sports life out of you...... Thank goodness my fiancee, brother, brother-in law aren't huge UCF football fans even though they went there. In my office I have an ex-player so we talk a little smack but nothing too aggressive. Pretty sure he could rip my arms off..😁
  2. AAC should go after App St Coastal Car La Tech
  3. Fortin is just thinking way to much he has no confidence. Give him one more drive and then shut this door.
  4. or a version of the imperial march in star wars
  5. I love Bulls on Parade as well. That should be entrance, and then play hells bells going into the 4th. I Agree zombie nation is hard no. I also like Journey "Don't stop Bullieven" as an entrance along with Survivor "Eye of the Tiger"
  6. Might as well start the discussion and the tradition now. 1. Hells Bells AcDc
  7. There are things that need immediate attention within our University. We can all agree that an OCS isn't the elixir or cure all, but it does present us with something to rally behind. It gives us the hope that we are turning the corner away from being that so called commuter college. It brings a fresh breath of life into the campus that has deprived some many students over the years of what a game day feels like. We need to create a deeper connection between our University and the entire Tampa Bay community (including the satellite campuses), and it is going to take more than an OCS to fix that. These articles that have surfaced over the last few days, take them with a grain of salt. It is not important who is right at this time, it just matters that we get it right.
  8. Very well said. We have accomplished a lot, and we should not worry about any other program that our own. Don't give the trolls a reason to mock us. We will end up exactly where we are supposed to be. There are going to be ups and downs, just enjoy the ride. Rock your GREEN & GOLD proud !!!
  9. Maybe CJS could run sprints before kickoff, and headbutt a few guys coming out of the tunnel. That always got everyone going. Just saying!
  10. At this point we just need to show that our offense has an "PLAN". How is it appears we can never make in game adjustments. We need coaches that are able and willing to adapt and take some chances, and actually think outside of the box. They said it during the UGA and CLEM game, has everyone figured out Clemson offense? Everyone is running some version of up tempo offense. The problem that you saw Georgia and Clemson is the defensive talent was greater than the offensive talent on the field. Clemson had no one that could shoulder that moment, not yet. We need to put in packages that play to their strengths, build the confidence, then take shots.
  11. Would Leavitt ever return to the sidelines at USF? In all seriousness, Rutgers just brought back Greg Schiano back. Imagine if Jim would have signed that contract to go to Alabama back in 2007? How different would everything be in college football today?
  12. I just finished reading through all three parts..... It seems that we were living in some dark days. The future was looking oh so bright. The world is not the same place it was 10,15, or 30 years ago. It moves so fast these days that you have to be adaptable and flexible with your mentality. People, now want to be as someone mentioned "empowered". They want to be heard and made to feel that they matter on some level to the greater cause of the success of the organization. It is up to the leaders to get people to buy in. The systemic failures need to be addressed, people that are in leadership roles need to do more listening to those they are entrusted to lead. So many people truly care about the success of this University, but are the powers that be able to listen to these messages. We have discussion after discussion on this board, but this is a simple message board. I doubt there is anyone taking notice of anything we are discussing here with any real merit. We need to view our University as a whole and not make one group more important than the other. We are all in this together. The only thing that matters is that we get it right. Go Bulls!
  13. then we would be mopped up and dumped behind the woodshed. That should completely sum it up. However, maybe just maybe we truly did play our worst game of the season in the first game. We shall see.
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