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  1. 2 more games and if Cade hasn't played yet we need to go young a start Marsh and get ready for next year.
  2. No QB and lack of size on defense is a recipe for a crappy team.
  3. It does matter. How else can we analyze why USF athletics has been a complete failure on the national level. Even with the upgrades we did 10 years ago, the only facility we have that is comparable or better then our peers and lessers is Muma. Baseball,softball and soccer stadiums look pretty, but they virtually have no facilities tied to them. I was on Old Dominions campus a couple of months ago. They have beautiful indoor batting facilities and locker rooms for baseball (there stadium is weak though) Beautiful tennis facilities (indoor and outdoor), soccer offices and locker rooms, be
  4. Take a look at there facilities. They are on par or above USF in some of cases. They have a recent Natty in baseball. Hoops has been comparable, A nice OCFS ect
  5. and UCiF is going to destroy them next week. Why does God punish me so?
  6. The primary purpose of the movement is to call all police officers and white people in general racist.
  7. I'll take 2 of the one in the white top
  8. Blue Mountain State Funniest TV show ever with lots of boobies. The model for the future USF Goat House I'm going to build after we build the stadium.
  9. Isn't the college of business being moved to the new football facility
  10. Sadly we couldn't sell out an excellent high school stadium
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