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  1. I thought Sails and Hampton were very over rated. Quotes form CJS about our DB's being bigger and faster this year where interesting.
  2. Donkey thank sfor mentioning Thourani. He"s at Peidmont now in Atlanta. He minimally repaired my mitral valve on Tues. I can't believe how well I feel right now. More tired then anything. Anyone with a valve issue it is so worth going to Atlanta to see Thourani.
  3. I'm confused. Why are we spending $3m to renovate LRS with a new locker room when we have plans for a whole new football only facility? I always thought we should spend some money on making LRS football only and then build another less fancy facility for the rest of athletics
  4. there's a nice video on 247 looks like the whole facility is getting built, not just the IPF
  5. I think it was his bachelors. He left Northern Colorado before he graduated.
  6. Nice, put up decent numbers as a Freshman. We really needed a big running back.
  7. All we need is Yetna to say he feels like a woman and join the woman's team. I can feel a Natty
  8. and that kick would have been good all the way from Fowler Ave
  9. I was really hoping we would get one of the two Clemson DT's that were in the portal.
  10. Actually I have been referred to a Doctor at Advent Health in OTown from someone who sells medical equipment to cardiology surgeons throughout the southeast
  11. Thanks man. I'm really focusing on finding the surgeon that will do the repair instead of replacement, I'm finding out it's pretty specialized. My fear is choosing a surgeon to get it repaired then him saying at surgery time oooopppps you need a replacement. I'm 53 and don't want to be on blood thinners my whole life if I get the mechanical replacement, plus Life expectancy of the mechanical is 20-25 years. Tissue (pig or human) life span is a little over 10 years. I really don't want to go through this again when I'm older. I am extremely healthy right now (amazingly even
  12. I have mitral valve regurgitation. My Cardiologist (from USF Health) told me he thinks I can get it repaired instead of replaced, but told me I need to go to Mayo, Cleveland Clinic ect. He said all the in state facilities are not the best in repairing the valve, that there is a 30% chance I will be told they can't repair it, while the more prominent places will be a less then 10% chance. I'm researching facilities and leaning towards Emory since Atlanta is the easiest trip. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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