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  1. goingbackbull

    Amazing weekend

    Well ,She is very hot (almost got into a couple of fights with drunk Chicagoians, hitting on her )plus she was dancing on the chairs at The Weather Mark Tavern after the game.
  2. goingbackbull

    Amazing weekend

    Let me clarify, Macy's mannequins are cheap and fake looking, now Neiman Marcus those are mannequins. As for the people my girlfriend and I met, I don't know if they frequent this board, just hoping they did.
  3. To much alcohol in me this weekend to remember everyone's names that we hung out with in Chicago Friday and Saturday. But everyone of you are amazing people. If anyone of you are on this board we are Glenn and Natasha (Natasha a lot more memorable then me ) . You all have our number, we cant wait to tailgate Sat. with you.
  4. goingbackbull

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    Leaving in an hour to TIA
  5. goingbackbull

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    GF driving me crazy trying to figure out what to pack.
  6. goingbackbull


    If Charlie is happy here, I think we have him for a while. He will not get any high profile offers as he is getting too old and defensive minded coaches are not the "thing" anymore. Case in point Cristobal getting the HC job at Oregon over CJL. Charlie is not going to go to a middle of the pack Power 5 school. He knows it's a tough to win at those schools and while it may not be Texas pressure it's still a hell of a lot more then USF.
  7. goingbackbull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    My girl and I are gonna hit the happy hour, then hop on the train (short ride) to Wrigley and see if we can get some cheap scalped tickets after the game starts.
  8. goingbackbull

    Bulls Happy Hour Friday

    There is an alumni meetup in Chicago Friday from 5 to 7pm
  9. Who's going to the Happy Hours at Dicks Last Resort and Bar Louie?
  10. goingbackbull


    Does anyone else see a different Charlie Strong this year? He seems happy and motivated. I wasn't 100% on the bandwagon last year, but with what I see in him now I'm all aboard.
  11. Is Skingraft going to play bartender for all us Bulls?
  12. BULLSHIZIT LOL We are at the W City Center, one of the hotels. I better get a few free drinks out of this.