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  1. I am no longer going to rip Gilbert. Offense has been decent with below ave QB's tonight. All my energy is now devoted to being pissed at Strong BJM
  2. fire the strength and conditioning coach
  3. I would love to see a stat of how many yards after first hit our D gives up
  4. goingbackbull

    Potential QB Transfer

    Damm looking at his tape his HS receivers have better hands then current USF ones.
  5. goingbackbull

    Some Employee

    If I am a CEO of a company and took over a well functioning , profitable company 2 years ago and my top competitor's new CEO took over a profitable and and well functioning company but outperforms my company, yes I would expect my shareholders to have concern.
  6. goingbackbull


    Scott Frost took over a horrible UCF team and in year 2 he win's the "National Championship" The new guy will do the same in 1 year. So tell me again most coaches struggle in the first couple of years
  7. goingbackbull


    I'm not renewing because we lost it's that the team has digressed this year. We deserve better
  8. goingbackbull


    I emailed Kelly , if he doesn't fire Strong I am not renewing my season tickets. Sucks but that is the only statement I can make to make a change
  9. goingbackbull

    CCS After Game Press Conference

    That was his excuse at Texas. ***** excuse
  10. goingbackbull


    I f I contact Kelly that I will not renew my season tickets without Strong being fired am I a bad USF supporter?
  11. Between the Times overt bias politically and idiot's like Fennely and Tom Jones it makes it so hard to read that crappy paper
  12. goingbackbull

    Need some tailgating advice.

    Bring a hot,half naked chick and lots of alcohol you wish to share and park next to me.
  13. Just about everyone that has has significant playing time on the O Line, D Line and Secondary are coming back. What other youngsters do you see joining that group next season. I'm hoping someone like Waller on the D-Line shows up, we need that big body to have to be double teamed.
  14. I almost died laughing at the headline of the Times. Bernie Sanders draws over 700 for a rally at USF. The thing that made me proud was I would think half that amount would be non USF students, so out all the USF students only about only 350 showed up.