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  1. goingbackbull


    They do but with the real one while there are tons on stupid drunk people the majority are fine and bring there kids. It's the Ybor night parade that is a **** show, but Ybor at night usually is.
  2. goingbackbull


    Tell that to the children that enjoy it and the small business owners that the extra business can make there year
  3. goingbackbull


    Ya Mardi Gras is just dirty. Gasparilla is so much nicer.
  4. goingbackbull


    I just finished it. My GF would just shake her head when she walked by when I was watching it, but then would always sit down and just laugh. The Thadland episode was the best. The threesome scene had to be one of the funniest scene I've ever watched
  5. goingbackbull


    Would anyone be interested in starting a USF based crew for Gasparilla? My GF and I have thought about joining one but started thinking it would be cool to have one. It would benefit both youth sports and USF athletics with our fund raising objectives. I know it would be a lot of work to get this thing started but it could be real fun. My thought on a float would be based of the show Blue Mountain State's Goat House. (if you haven't watched Blue Mountain State on Netflix it;s a must( We use the old USF emblem that looked like a Goat.
  6. goingbackbull

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Pam went to USF too. That's how they met W need Zimmerman to step up, He is our one and only Billionaire
  7. goingbackbull

    Willie in trouble

    Don't come on here and play the race card. That's an old tired excuse and you don't know anyone on this board personally. Many of us feel Willie was/is a great recruiter and evaluator of talent but not a good coach. He won at Western Kentucky because he had better talent then the teams he played. He eventually won at USF because he had better talent and one Quinten Flowers. If his job wasn't in jeopardy and didn't change his philosophy because of that he would have been fired. Going back to the race card, you find me one person on this board that was upset when we hired both Willie and Charlie. Everyone was very pleased at these hires. I don't think that "old southern" idea has been shown by this board. It's only people who have no proof on their beliefs like you that then gets nasty.
  8. goingbackbull

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    Just got home. I have not felt a vibe like that at the dome in sooooo long. We still have some things to work out like free throws and some freshman mistakes. That one official was the worst I have ever seen. So many fanthom calls and how hey didn't call a foul when Q was mugged but called traveling was the worst call I have ever seen. The best aspect of Gregory's coaching tonight was putting the ball in Collins hands late in the second half. He basically said you are the best player on the team, even though you have been struggling I believe in you. Collins stepped up and his confidence is back. Once these kids grow up a year this team can be the best basketball team USF has ever had.
  9. goingbackbull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    A little bit past the School is Idaho Springs CO. The High School sports teams are named the Gold Diggers. Best program name I ever heard.
  10. goingbackbull

    Out of shape players

    I just did. It got me to a site called Goldenshowers.com. I think it may be affiliated with UCF
  11. goingbackbull

    Out of shape players

    Dude I don’t care what you think if Imbtelling the truth but if you think Sawtelle has the build of a Junior MLB at at D 1 school you are on drugs
  12. After watching some of the videos from the players at the beach the other day, I’m convinced we didn’t play well because our strength and conditioning is horrible. I’m 51 years old lift weights 2 to 3 times aw week and I have better muscle definition than our starting middle linebacker
  13. goingbackbull


    Just read the Houston franchise will be playing at UH and using there practice facilities. They also said that the Tampa team won’t practice at the Bucs facility. I wonder how much rent USF can get from the using our facility.
  14. goingbackbull


    Where will they practice? I wouldn’t think at the Bucs facility. USF would be perfect especially if the football Center is up. USF could get some nice rent money
  15. Let’s just say Charlie let him go with dignity