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  1. Watch out for Luke Anderson, we finally get a shooter who happens to be 6"8 Him and Yetna at forward with Durr that is getting better and better, will be the best front court in the conf. Back that up with Brown who is playing great. Mack has some potential if he can get a little quicker and in shape. Next year will be the most talented team USF has ever seen.
  2. I"m not but add to the fact that next game is Sunday at 7pm that place will be empty
  3. Just got home from the game. USF shirts and hats everywhere. Not only was it stupid coaching mistakes with bad calls and keeping Q on the bench but a horrible marketing move too. There had to be at least 3k people with USF gear on and everyone of us left unhappy. We need to let Trestman know he lost all of us
  4. Is anyone going to the game today? I'll be there in USF gear
  5. This is a legit concern, we typically don't have great ball movement, but at the end of games it is non exsistent. It does worry me about Gregory. While I know Q had 4 fouls , I'm sorry keep him in a defense and pull him out on offense. He get's to many charging calls and if he is fouled he will miss the free throw.
  6. This team is not that far off. OLine will be solid. Better coaching and a year older. Losing Norman and Attberry are not big losses. Receivers will see the biggest improvement. Running backs with the Oregon Transfer and Ford back will be top of the conf. The new QB is more then serviceable. On D the D Backs are solid. LB is serviceable and I’m sure will bring in a transfer or 2. The Tackles will be decent. The ends are a little concern but their is potential With a little luck on the injury front this team can play for the conf championship
  7. The only reason he wasn't on staff was because he didn't have his degree. He just graduated so now he can be a college coach
  8. Could be interesting. I hope that USF can go into partnership with a developer on the MOSI land That land can become a central USF city. Student housing, general public/USF staff housing . Retirement village medical., innovation labs, retail, hotel and office space
  9. I like some of the incoming recruits, but what has made this class is the two transfers. Both played in big stages as Freshman and produced . If there HS ranking knew that they would perform the way they did freshmen year in power 5, they would be rated 5 star recruits. To top it off, they came at the 2 positions we needed most and will be here for 3 years.
  10. He can show the video of BJ Daniels schooling him around the end in the Car Care Bowl
  11. Looks like he is sitting next to the Muma's. When he was announced being there, he was next to another couple. Obviously some major donors. Does anyone know who they were?
  12. Family owned a very successful meat packing plant. Plus she made over $1mm a year for herself at USF, not many expenses as housing , cars ect was paid for by the University. She is "not liked" by some as she didn't commit financially to athletics. In fact rumor has it that she would not allow some major donors to donate to athletics.
  13. I hope so then he is getting more interest off that then what he has already donated. Leaves a lot more to come. I have seen his net worth in the $400 mill range.
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