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  1. It looks like we are getting a big. We are hitting Oak Hill again with a 6"9 kid. Only rated 2 stars but I trust Gregory.
  2. We need to bring in a quality big man. Durr will be a Junior next year and we don't have a true back up to him at this point.
  3. Not sure if it is going to happen but I am positive they have been talking, also hear that ND may be after him, but that may be a stretch as Kelly has been successful just not successful enough
  4. Last week in the other thread about Willie being available I posted a cryptic note about BS in regards to FSU. They have been in talks with Bob Stoops for a couple of weeks now.
  5. I guess the cat is now out of the bag. FSU has been negotiating with Bob Stoops for a couple of weeks now
  6. I'm in the Life Insurance biz and you can get preferred rates with occasional Mary Jane usage with some companies
  7. Looking at that crowd I wan to puke at how we squandered the opportunity
  8. If what I am hearing is true ,it would make sense for Jim to have an upgrade from analyst. (No not HC)
  9. This is very cryptic but remember these two letters B.S and it's not for Bull ****, in regard to FSU. I wish I could say more but I am sworn to secrecy.
  10. What are peoples thoughts on Williams? He showed some flashes of being a stud but then other times looked very average. I think if he was 6"8 or more he would be a dominant Power Forward
  11. I also saw him riding the bike on the sidelines so I believe he did have some issue
  12. I was very impressed with Chaplin, he's gonna be a good one. Dawson had a couple of nice drives but wasn't that impressed with him.
  13. Evans asked to be moved to WR, he couldn't pick up the offense. With that said that kid needs to see the field he is dynamic.
  14. All they have is shiny stadiums, nothing else. They don't have their own building, they don't have indoor cages (not just a roof). Hell ,I've seen many lesser programs with huge indoor tennis courts
  15. But I was thinking about when I spent a night at the Aloft in Downtown Tallahassee a couple of years ago. The LSU Softball team was staying there for regionals. I got to talking to the staff. The head coach of LSU is best friends with Ken. I asked him point blank, why can't the US National coach have a powerhouse program at USF. Without hesitation he said facilities. Charlie doesn't have the facilities at USF. Actually all of our facilities except hoops suck at USF.
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