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  1. I was just looking at the Rays spring training schedule and noticed they are bringing a split squad to USF on March 5th. Sucks I am out of town for a business meeting.
  2. Fun game to be at, weather was beautiful. That bomb by Maldenado was sick. Never seen a ball hit so high and go so far. It is so great to be a USF Alumn and live in Tampa to see our teams play.
  3. It's a time machine dummy. They go through the Portal then the schools decide how old they are. If they choose a young age it gives them more time in the strength and conditioning program
  4. I'm not sure if this is true. I brought up the portal with BJM. I said I think the portal will be great for a school like USF. This allows us to get kids that are as talented as the FSU and UF's of the world, but are 20 pounds lighter so they need time to develop. He agreed with me and that's when he brought up the size issue and playing guys to young.
  5. I actually thought my talk with BJM was more interesting
  6. I'm amazed that I wasn't that upset about this loss. I really thought we were the better team just made some young mistakes with some lazy passes (I know Q is a junior) Next year that won't happen. Next year will be special. We have 3 guys right now that have a chance to play in the league after there 4 years here in Yeatna, Collins and Durr
  7. I don't think so, believe me I'm not a big donor.
  8. It was at the just inside Gate B. It was really nice. Horsd'oeuvres and open bar. Kelly spoke too. Football season ticket holders should have all got the email invite. Kinda sad not many showed up.
  9. Had a great time at the football event before the hoops game tonight. Kerwin Bell has the IT factor. Spent some time with him. I said I have some advice for him and he answered it before I even said it. Don't run the half back dive on our first play against Wisky. LOL He loves the size and athleticism of the O-Line. Loves Jennings at OT. Said he is shocked how big he is and is very athletic. His big concern is depth at the OT position. Thinks they will get some help from the portal. Back handedly ripped Gilbert, saying that Baylor offense went fast just to go fast and defenses have adjusted it. I said ya I hope that **** blows up at FSU and he laughed I also spent some time with BJM. He said they think they have 3 guys coming from the portal that will bring immediate size and help. Said our D Line was simply overpowered and Reaves just didn't do as well at MLB as they thought he would. I told him my concern is depth at LB. He raved about Greir and Boyles. He loves Sawtelli. He said we were very nervous that he wasn't coming back, but the kid busted his butt. I asked him give me one player that is gonna suprise us and he didn't even hesitate and Lepointe.
  10. So who do you all think is the best player on this team? I go back and forth on DC-Q and Yetna. Also thinking about next year I think Durr is going into the conversation next year.
  11. Why are they showing this game? The previous game was Memphis vs Cinci
  12. To bad he's still not Speaker as you could have asked him to test a prototype of the wall at USF and convert it to an OCS
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