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  1. I disagree with this.... Marist was the first game of the season with a young team and losing in 12 innings, thats baseball, that's going to happen, they won the other 2 so I say give them a pass there. The NorthEastern series should have garnered at least a single win but NE was going to be a NCAA team. The Huskies were 10-5 before the season shut down with loses against 10-6 FAU, 9-6 W. Michigan (which itself was bizzare 17-16 game) and 3 losses against Alabama. Alabama was 16-1 before the season was cancelled. So the Huskies 5 losses were against teams that were a combined 35-13. T
  2. Not sure I buy us being last. I will say this, we have been to the Regionals 3 of the last 5 years (2020 excluded) and thats without getting an auto-bid. In the previous 12 years before that we had gone to the tourney exactly 0 times. CMK could have made us something special if he would have stuck around, Now CBM is still trying to get his team together. I though we had a shot to be halfway decent last year. Our record didnt indicate that once everything was cancelled but we had played some tough teams up to that point. I figured the record would improve as the season went on. Im not sure how
  3. I guess when you shoot 33% from the field and 14% from 3pt land you are bound to lose. Its not like Tulsa was lights out, 43% from the field but 38% from 3pt land. (6*2) + 4 = 16 We made 6 more fts hence the 10pt difference. Bump that up to 40% from the field and 3 more made 3s and we win
  4. Knight Commission endorses FBS split from NCAA The Knight Commission believes the best way to repair the NCAA's "broken governance model" is to remove the football teams of the bowl subdivision from the association...
  5. Maybe I missed something but how can we start a season when there are only 3 games scheduled?
  6. Sad. Big loss for our community. Did not know him personally only through theBullsPen. An intelligent person with thoughtful posts. Peace.
  7. I didn't realize this was an option at this time either. This makes the argument against keeping an entire roster moot. If there are no requirements to keeping anyone than one should be able to keep the entire roster if desired. Perhaps one manager is smart enough and savvy enough to create a dynasty that keeps the rest of the league scrambling to make up the difference, is that bad? I say no, it forces everyone to work harder and smarter, in fact its is even more NFL like.
  8. ND had 10 players not playing last week because of COVID, 7 of them werent even infected. Not sure what FAU did but IMO USF is being overly cautious.
  9. Not sure if you were being facetious and I dont want to get into an argument but we werent favored to win that game....Vegas had is at a 3pt underdog, the computers had us at 12 pt underdogs...so a win would have been great.
  10. South Florida pauses football activities after Notre Dame COVID-19 outbreak The Bulls played at Notre Dame on Saturday.
  11. How come there are only 56 keepers? Should there be 60? I see Bull Chips only kept 2 and chapel bulls only kept 4? Just to be clear draft order is set as well?
  12. Ah, I'm old, fat and slow so I like the quiet. Also, my family lives here and I just went through some personal stuff and needed a place to regroup so.....
  13. The team formerly known as Tampa Thunder, now named Spokane Thunder, is in.
  14. No, i love conference tournaments, watch as much as i can each year. My fav time of the yr, now its lost forever.
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