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  1. No, i love conference tournaments, watch as much as i can each year. My fav time of the yr, now its lost forever.
  2. Not sure how to interpret your comment but NorthEastern's RPI is 18th which makes them, right now, a tier 1 team. If you are pointing out that its early in the season and Northeastern could lose the rest of their games, totally agree but all we can do is look at current performance thus far, correct?
  3. Reason to hope.... Before the season no one would have thought the Bulls were a tier one team The Bulls are 0-8 against tier 1 opponents, yes NorthEastern was, is a tier one opponent The Bulls are 5-2 against tier 2, 3, and 4 opponents, Northwestern is tier 2 team that they swept Carson Ragsdale has looked strong so far, he is in the top 40 in the country in Ks w/ 37 and has a 2.84 ERA Collin Sullivan is in the top 100 in Ks w/ 30 The Bulls are averaging more than 12.2 ks per nine innings, higher than any team has ever had over a season Reason to dispair The Bulls are 0-8 against tier 1 opponents The Bulls ERA is 5.16, opponents 2.06 The Bulls OPS (SLG+OBP) = .524, opponents .684 And if you are old school and stuck with looking at BA, the Bulls are batting a crisp .180 - ugh Bottom line, we will know more about the quality of the team and what tier team we really are after the next 6 games, which should be games that they, at very minimum, must go 4-2. 5-1 would be what we should be and 6-0 is possible. It is possible that the Bulls are above .500 by the end of next week. Thats my logical opinion, somewhat tainted by my green colored glasses.
  4. Cant be much worse than last year, the only team not making the AAC tournament, that we host...uhem. So my bar is real low, just get in the tournament.
  5. Was up there tonight, Sullivan looked like deer in headlights that first inning but settled down after that. Rest of the staff kept them scoreless until the 7th when Marino went in. Marino is not a pitcher to take us anywhere, ive seen him pitch twice and hes looked horrible both times. what really is d1 vs d2 is the amenties of the two stadiums. UF knows how to do it right and their fans are fun and chant and cheer and make amusing comments throughout the game. There are multiple concession stands, tvs above the stands to watch the game while waiting and the fans i talked to knew the game. Even the between innings shenanigans were so much better than what we do. I left impressed. Someone from the baseball lords of USF should go up there and see what they do. We can certainty do worse than copying what UF does.
  6. So Im watching Missouri State and indiana State play in the conference tournament and this name pops up and I say to myself, huh, that sounds familiar. So i did a little digging and found out what most of you probably already remember, he was a member of the Bulls, Evidently he's not doing to badly for himself now. I wonder how he was able to leave USF without having to sit out a year? Anybody know? He played for Gregory in 2017 and then was at Missouri State in 2018 where he was named newcomer of the year, player of the year, etc https://missouristatebears.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/tulio-da-silva/5369
  7. We are not even there yet, so not sure if we'd even get an invite unless they have some previous champion clause
  8. Thats an ongoing thing with this school, i cant remember if we ever had a good FT%
  9. I though about making this some kind of Jack handy thing like, before you criticize the Bulls basketball team, walk a mile in their shoes, and then, when you criticize them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes....but then i thought that was dumb. What I do want to say is, has anyone noticed how the Bulls are 2-8 in games decided by less than 10 pts? Which means they are 9-7 in games decided by 10 pts or more. So I think its fair to say that Yetna's impact would have turned 3 of those 8 loses, by less than 10 points, into wins. Then the Bulls are 5-5 in games decided by < 10 points and 9-7 in games decided by 10 points or more. which gives them a record of 14-12. We would be, at minimum, fighting for a NIT spot. Which is exactly where we should be this year. So my point is next year, assuming health, the Bulls will go to the NCAAs, we will skip that NIT bid and move straight on to fighting for the real championship. Now of course we still have the chance at a post-season bid but i dont feel, in my heart, that its going to happen. most likely the only way is to win out and with @UConn, ECU, Cincy, @Temple and SMU running out the stretch, I think we'd be happy going 3-2. 5-0 seems a long stretch. Even if we go deep in the tourney, say the semis, i just dont think that will be enough to get in the NIT and I doubt that we'd be interested in returning to the CBI, So again, that ole Bulls mantra, JUST WAIT UNTILL NEXT YEAR! YOU'LL SEE!
  10. Kind of crazy we won this, it must have been an upset, we have no scorers in the top 10 in the conference, FGCU has 5 including the top 2, ah, but it looks like Samuel Coleman, our goalie is decent, has most wins and 2nd lowest GAA as well as second highest save %
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