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  1. "When they say you have a chance to keep competing with a group you love and admire, you do it. Questions like who and where are irrelevant." You can throw a negative spin on this if you like it's your choice. I'll look at it his way, a Yugo is a **** fine automobile if you haven't had a car for 5 years.
  2. Honestly I can't believe this! This is awesome! Not sure we deserve it but at minimum will take the extra practice!
  3. #15 USF v #2 Tenn in the NIT It'll be fun for them but one and done.
  4. Does anyone have a favorite? I remember the first time I had a Publix sub. I was an undergrad driving up to Atlanta to see the NASCAR race back in the 90's. Stopped at a publix and order two subs , stuffed them in my mini cooler and went to the race. At some point it started raining so of course the race was delayed. I moved up out of the rain and started eating....It was a moment I will never ever forget, my first sub will always be my favorite, Roast Beef and Chedder Cheese on White with mayo, horseradish, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Probably the single greatest day of my life.
  5. Excellent point except for the fact that USF exists because it is an academic institution not an athletic one. USF has not floundered under her leadership, USF has excelled and, just like when CJL, CSH and others got run out on a rail we will be worse off without her. Yes, USF struggles in football, sort of, and struggles in basketball, sort of, but this school excels in so many ways, which unfortunately for the rest of us, the loudest football first fans find unimportant. But the older I get the more I understand that it is impossible for an 20 year old to have an appropriate perspective. If we haven't won a championship for 5 years, that is 25% of a 20 year old's life, its difficult to get out of the mindset that USF has and will always be a terrible place for athletics. But if you're 50, that's 10% of your life and you are able to remember the times when we were worse (no football). So although I can see the point from the other side, it is a flawed perspective that can only be realized with time. And speaking of sports on TV, I've been watching women's basketball on TV all day, last I checked we were pretty good in that and take away UCONN who knows what was possible. The Notre Dames and South Carolinas of the world are thrilled that UConn is not in their conference.
  6. 1) South Florida2) 223) Collins - 214) Yetna - 115) 80%
  7. 1) South Florida2) 13) Collins - 164) Yetna - 115) 63%
  8. More on DJ https://aaf.com/apollos-rb-johnson-not-letting-opportunity-pass-him
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