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  1. cophbulls

    WBB vs Ohio State

    Great Night for USF Basketball!!!! https://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/11/6/womens-basketball-usf-ohio-state-recap.aspx https://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/11/6/mens-basketball-usf-downs-alabama-am-in-season-opener.aspx
  2. cophbulls

    USF MBB Undefeated

    okok, i was just trying to stir the pot, i wear some pretty thick green and gold glasses, i was jacked for the win last night, even ponied up a subscription to watch it on Bullsvision, cause you know, its sooooo hard to drive to campus and get a ticket. Come on its a work night! I'm old!
  3. cophbulls

    USF MBB Undefeated

    I do want to point out that out of the 353 teams ranked by Sagarin, AlabamaA&M are ranked 351st.
  4. cophbulls

    The other football

    Absolutely not, thank you for pointing that out. I am the last person to call for a coaching change at any sport, I am suggesting we do keep an eye on this process and expect incremental gains. Notwithstanding the comment above concerning the change in player philosophy, it does seem we are taking a step backward in a sport where we have had some of the most succcess. I now wonder if there is a problem with players leaving early/coming in late with this team?
  5. USF Mens Soccer hasn't had a .500 or below season since 2002-03. Since Butehorn took over for Kiefer not only have we now had a .500 season (6-6-4 last year) we now have a losing season (7-8-2) after being knocked out of the conference tourney in the QUARTERFINALS.....there will be no NCAA tourney date just as there wasn't one last year even though the team had gone to the tourney 8 out of the last 9 years before CBB showed up. I'm not going to go as far as to say Butehorn is the Skippy version of soccer, but holy cow, if we are a soccer school as folks like to say on this board, how long does this go on? Imagine, if you will, CCS had gone 6-6 last year and had not gotten to a bowl like some other 6-6 teams last year and then went 5-7 this year? The board would be in complete meltdown mode.
  6. I had a ex-co-worker talk all sorts fo trash when Rutgers left and I told him then enjoy your bowls now, cause no soup for you in the future. Of course he was all, well, look at all the money we get, and I was like, jah, but I'm a happier fan cause I get to watch my team beat somebody in my conference! At any rate, I understand the money argument but from a fan perspective I'd rather be a big fish in a small pond than a microbe in a big pond. At least in the small pond the big fish gets noticed. I've been having a great time watching CCS go 17-4, sooooo much better than 4-17 I do need the Bulls to get to 9 wins though for, uhem, various reasons
  7. True, but IMO, Publix is starting its downward slide. I actually had a sandwich the other day and was like, meh. Now dont get me wrong, its still #1 but i'm guess there was a time when Winn Dixie was #1 as well.
  8. Agreed but FGCU doesnt have there sched out so i couldnt verify, im guessing we play FSU, Jacksonville and UNF as well
  9. oh and crap i forgot, we have a home and home against the Gators this year as well
  10. So a couple of schools put their baseball schedules out early and because I basically have no life and for some reason I obsess over USF baseball, those schedules combined with a little logic got me the AAC baseball schedule. Hey its BREAKING NEWS! Maybe it comes out about an hour before the official version but whatever.....USF gets CIN and ECU at home before a 'road' trip against UCF (which stands for 'UCF can football!" or something like that) a roadie against Tulane(might take that road trip), home against the Coogs (a weekend of the coachs wife screaming GO COOGS!! is something I always look forward to) @ Memphis, @ UConn and finally home against Wichita State, the first time the best mascot in the history of school sports will be travelling to USF. Also I know USF has their away series against UNC and a home series against Liberty (all atheists welcome) plus the couple of generics mid weeks against Stetson. But the rest of the OOC sched I don't know. I imagine someone can fill in the blanks wherever they are. HOU CON MEM ECU WSU CIN USF TUL UCF 3/22-24 vCON @HOU @WSU vUCF vMEM @USF vCIN BYE @ECU 3/29-31 @MEM @UCF vHOU @USF BYE vTUL vECU @CIN vCON 4/5-7 vECU vCIN BYE @HOU @TUL @CON @UCF vWSU vUSF 4/12-14 @WSU vMEM @CON BYE vHOU vUCF @TUL vUSF @CIN 4/18-20 vCINN @ECU vTUL vCON vUCF @HOU BYE @MEM @WSU 4/26-28 @USF BYE @UCF vTUL @CIN vWSU vHOU @ECU vMEM 5/3-5 BYE vWSU vUSF @CIN @CON vTUL @MEM vUCF @TUL 5/10-12 vTUL vUSF vCIN @WSU vECU @MEM @CON @HOU BYE 5/16-18 @UCF @TUL @ECU vMEM @USF BYE vWSU vCON vHOU
  11. On the plus side, if you took the over....
  12. Wow. Aren't just a little ball of fire? I felt my points were quite valid. And I will go an join them at whatever bowl game they go to. Perhaps when you are old enough to grow some pubes, you'll be able to have some historical perspective.
  13. You guys crack me up. I think every single fan base thinks their coaches suck. Its really unrealistic. Leavit sucks, Skippy Sucks, Taggart Sucks, Strong sucks. How can it be that every coach we have ever had sucks? Who should we have? I doubt there is a anyone out there who would do any better. And besides, how do you get on a COTY watchlist for the past two years if you suck? https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/USF-Head-Coach-Charlie-Strong-has-been-named-to-the-Bear-Bryant-Coach-of-the-Year-watch-list-123488120/
  14. Yeah, I'm not on that wagon. This team has a better record than was expected thus far, CCS is up for COTY, we are too young in too many spots...but i say patience is needed here as next year should be as good or better than last year. Although, i see, upon re-reading, many folks on the board thought last year was a failure. Meh, I understand that I don't see it that way either. I like having 17 wins in the last 1.5 seasons, just my two cents though
  15. I understand the unrealistic expectations are a part of any fan board, but christ, seriously? Did we think that this team was better than last years? I sure as hell didnt. Now next year (assuming no coaching changes or QB changes) I expect next year to be as good or better than last year.