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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Exactly. Would any of those guys have made a diff? Stuart pitched 47.2 innings @ 5.78, Koff, 21 innings @ 4.05, Yeager was decent, 30.2 @ 3.82 Maybe combined they would have gotten us one extra win in conference which would have made the difference. But thats a big maybe. Were they better than their replacements? i dunno.
  2. I keep hearing about these injuries to pitchers? Can someone refresh my memory, all I knew about was Ragsdale.
  3. Ive been saying that all year long. J Sullivan can hit and maybe Cortez although small sample size for him. But after that what? Santos going to raise his BA by 50 points? Bello and Bodrata going to each raise their OB% 75pts? In one year? I doubt it highly. And thats not even starting to get into pitching? What Ragsdale is gonna come back and do so great in long relief that no starter will have to pitch more than 4 innings? Or maybe we deploy the opener like the Rays? That'll be great. Well at least the bar will be low enough that ill be happy if we just make it to the tourney next year. LOL.....
  4. Look, I get not making the NCAAs every year, i know who we are, but to not make the conf tourney where you are the host? I can't think of a worse outcome. I can't think of a more fire-able reason (outside of something adminsitrative) We've seen this coming now for weeks but its still a bit of a shock when I realize I wont be heading over to Clearwater next week.
  5. I am the last guy to say a change is needed. I think stability on the top of a organization is the greatest predictor of success. With that being said, you either have to try to be a Florida team that fails to make their conference tournament or you have to be so completely inept that your ineptitude undermines the quality of the players on your team (see Skippy) I get a rebuild. I get it. But the Bulls failed to make an 8 team tournament with only 9 teams to choose from. I could understand it if we lived in Connecticut or even Ohio, but holy smoke. This is a state where kids play baseball year round and have more exposure to the game in 3 years of playing then the northern teams do in 5. Again you would have to try to find the lowest talented players to create a college team in Florida to not make a tournament. Or you simply suck and you undermine the talent that is there. Either way there is a problem with the recruiting or the coaching, either way it Mohl's fault. Bottom line. This is tantamount to losing to McNeese St. IMO, and i never say this, but if there was interest in creating a bigtime baseball team that could compete with our own softball team in putting people in the stands, Mohl has got to go.
  6. Those of you old enough (jk, everyone who follows baseball is old enough) to remember Austin Adams (2012) , he has clawed his way back up to the majors. On May 4th the Nats traded him to Seattle for a pitcher and cash and on the 13th he was called up. Had an appearance yesterday ( gave up a run in a single inning) but he is there. How long? Probably not, but who knows. Now we have 2 ex-Bulls in the pros, the other Dan Otero for the Indians is actually doing quite well, with a 2.70 ERA over 16.2 innings and 15 appearance. Go Bulls!
  7. So I've really only been super paying attention to baseball for the last 5-6 year or so but I do remember that great teams from the early to mid 90s, so with trepidation I am laying claim that this could possibly be the best class we have ever had in baseball....there are others bit players that had small roles during the 4 years but holy cow, if we could load up like that every year rather than every 20, we would def be a baseball school . I debated to put Zech in there since he was actually last years class but he came over as a juco the same year all these guys were freshman so, whatever. Zech, Garrett Montes, Coco Villar, David Chattfield, Chris Genord, Joe Dietrich, Tyler Perez, Andrew McClanahan, Shane Eason, Conner Burns, Dylan
  8. Whatever, it felt good to get that off my chest.
  9. Please, thats what they are doing now. Under Kingston it was pitching first, hitting second. The pitchers we had last few years were nothing short than the best pitchers USF has seen in a 4-5 year span. Now, pitching is flailing and we are just trying to score more runs. Its too bad that guys like Geno and Philly, Chats , Zech and Deets all have to go out like this. Yeah it hurt when Rags was out for the season but we should have at least one starter who can control a game. There is no one pitcher that has started more than a single game for USF this season with an ERA under 4 and out of the group only Koff has an ERA under 5. Its awful.. Last year pitching was a combined 3.87, this year, thus far, 4.82. But the problem is hitting isn't helping us any either, last year BA .296, this year .259. We had a great team last year and couldn't even win the conf tourney or get out of the regionals. I'm not advocating the fire Mohl rabble rousers to come out of their caves, but Christ, Kingston left the cupboard loaded, and after one year of him being gone this is where we are? This team isn't going to be any better next year, you've got your best hitters graduating, the only guy who may help us next year in hitting in Jake Sullivan. Do we see Collin Sullivan all of the sudden developing into a top tier pitcher, i dont. So who then is going to be our shutdown friday guy? Some juco transfer? A fresh phenom? I pray i'm wrong but this looks a lot like a baseball's version of a Skippy situation
  10. Mind our own business, do our own thing, don't worry about what everyone else is getting or doing, just work. The championships will come. Yes, if you pay attention to what you are doing and work, they will come.
  11. $23 per ticket towards anything but football (ie XCountry, Track and Field, Baseball) it would be a huge boost! $23 for our 23rd Season of Football. Let's do it in August! STAMPEDE !!!
  12. "When they say you have a chance to keep competing with a group you love and admire, you do it. Questions like who and where are irrelevant." You can throw a negative spin on this if you like it's your choice. I'll look at it his way, a Yugo is a **** fine automobile if you haven't had a car for 5 years.
  13. Honestly I can't believe this! This is awesome! Not sure we deserve it but at minimum will take the extra practice!
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