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  1. Now you just ruined your argument by bringing in Trump.
  2. Funny, I was thinking it's the ten year anniversary when USF made its dumbest move, firing the face of the university simply because he was trying to instill discipline in a bratty post GenY Pre-Millennial snowflake who instead of taking the opportunity to learn and grow up went crying to his fellow bratty post GenY Pre-Millennial snowflake buddies who then all went and cried alligator tears to some d i p s h i t news reporter who thought it'd be fun to try to ruin a man's career. The facts seemed cemented to me when the university gave CJL some multi-million dollar settlement to keep his mouth shut.
  3. Most fighters only fight once or twice a year except in the minimum wight divisions. And in response to folks questions why a guy with a 3-31 record would continue to fight, they are considered gatekeepers. Teams have their guy fight these guys as they are coming up to try to determine if they can continue to move up. It really is like that old game Knockout. If you cant get past the gatekeepers you cant move up. If you do then your chance of being injured skyrockets. Getting past a guy who has 30+ fights under his belt is not easy, Some gatekeepers test a guys offense, some test a defense.And they get paid. These fights go 4-6 rounds and have little chance of someone getting a brain injury. Its when you are going 10 rounds trying to get that title shot that you have the biggest chance of being injured badly. And especially in the heavyweight division. His next fight on the 17th is going to be interesting. Yeah the guy is undefeated but his 5 wins have come against guys that have a total of 2 wins amongst them. Mike will be the favorite in that fight. I might just head down there and watch it. MIght be fun.
  4. Ah, yes, agreed, but success is different than what the OP was asking about, if we had any above average teams
  5. 1) South Florida2) 93) Collins - 154) Durr - 75) 61%
  6. Another question is how are we determining if a program is above average or not. Solely by conference championships? I mean look at the girls basketball team, several years they were conf champs, if not for the football school in Conn. (jk) So if you are the 2nd place team in your conference every year for a decade, arent you above average? What about the top 3 every year or the top 4, 75% of the time Where's the line? IMO I am thinking top 50%, more than 50% of the time. And I'm fairly certain that baseball would fall in that category, however, maybe i'm being to liberal with my definition
  7. I think i get your point but Stetson, FAMU and BCC are also above average baseball schools. Stetson has been good for a long time, as far back as i can remember. Which would be about the 90's before that is a cloudy haze.
  8. So we finally get a #1 prospect ! "He was ranked the No. 1 overall prospect by ESPN.com in 2008, and became the first Clemson recruit in history to be ranked as the No. 1 prospect in the nation by any recruiting service. Rivals.com dubbed Bowers the top defensive end prospect of the high school classes of 2005–2009."
  9. Soccer, Men and Womens, Womens Basketball, Baseball and Softball, both men and womens Golf and Tennis.
  10. This is correct. but 7th is realistic. The cupboard was empty last year with a multitude of no-name freshmen with lots of playing time. Now with that being said, this year should be better than last year but we still dont have that offensive output like we had in the past 4-5 years quite yet. Remember a biggest jump in ability happens between freshman and sophmore years and we should see the results of that. Will I be surprised if we end up in the top 4, no way, but I wont be surprised if we end up 7th either. What isnt acceptable is to have last year happen again. That would be the only scenario I can see resulting in a Mohl firing.
  11. Booo, I think I should win because I had more faith in the Bulls than DelDaBull (jk)
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