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  1. USF has 11 pitchers in the pros (MILB and MLB) right now. For 2018 they just broke 300 innings pitched (301) . Their combined record is 18-14, led by Joe Cavallaro (Mets A)with 7 wins. Joe also has 72ks in 65.2 IPs . As a group their K/9IP is 9.12 led by Austin Adams (Nats - AAA) with 14.45 (38K in 23.2IP). Also they have 21 saves lead by Kevin Quackenbush (Reds - AAA) with 8 Joe was also an All-Star Starter for the South Atlantic Southern Division where he pitched an inning and gave up 2 hits and an earned run. His team won but the guy who pitched the second inning garnered the win even though he gave up 3 hits and an earned run as well. Tommy Eveld (DBacks A+) was an All-Star for the California League North Division. Tommy pitched a clean sheet in the 6th with 1 K His team won 8-1. Overall Numbers W - 18 L - 14 ERA - 3.29 WHIP - 1.24 Ks - 305 IP - 301 K/(BB-IBB) - 3.31 Kevin Merrell was also named an All-Star for the California League North Division but did not play.
  2. In 236 ABs for the Bulls this year, Coco hit 4 HR...... In 18 ABs for his new pro team, the Grand Junction Rockies, he has 2 HRs including an inside the parker. I guess the air in Colorado really does help with the HR ration :-) He is on pace to hit 26 home runs over the same 236 ABs, lol, LETS GO COCO!!!
  3. cophbulls

    Quinton Flowers

    http://www.usforacle.com/news/view.php/1033987/Position-change-a-smooth-transition-for The Cincinnati Bengals wrapped up their minicamp on Thursday and for former-USF quarterback Quinton Flowers, it was part of his journey to an NFL roster in a brand-new position — running back.
  4. The last we heard from Ryan was an appearance for the Bristol Pirates on Aug 29 of last year. Yours truly thought he had retired by viola! on 6/14/18 he was assigned to short A West Virginia Black Bears and on the 16th he was on the mound pitching in relief. Unfortuantely his appearance was awful, 3 BB, 3 ER in 1.1 IP but the team was already down so he didn't get the loss. Anywhoo, welcome back Ryan wherever you were.
  5. Not much in the way of news a couple of blurbs here and there Andrew Perez - http://www.montanasports.com/2018/06/14/great-falls-voyagers-release-opening-day-roster/ Valdes-Scantling - https://www.paintsvilleherald.com/sports/national/tom-oates-packers-lack-of-depth-at-receiver-is-alarming/article_34b29b01-31e8-5f0a-b432-725ad7606d25.html Marlon Mack - http://www.heraldbulletin.com/sports/takeaways-as-colts-offseason-wraps/article_295d6fd2-727b-11e8-b13c-db2d74261635.html
  6. +1, I'm hoping for an improvement on overall record and more than 4 conference wins, maybe even a win in the AAC tourney
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    Pistol Pete

    Totally missed this somehow.....
  8. Here's a deep find, lol... Veronica, or Ronnie, played softball for USF for 2 years 2014-15. She was JUCO transfer who had a pretty good Jr. year batting .322 but regressed her senior year batting .231....at any rate, she is part of team USA for women's baseball, that's right baseball, not softball. She was part of the PAN-AM team and is currently in the team trials which ends 6/18 and, if she makes it, will be part of the team that goes to the World Cup of Women's baseball, in August, in Viera Florida. Go Bulls!
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    UCF in the (bad) News

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    Deadrin Senat sighting.....

    More Deadrin..... https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/05/watch-falcons-dt-deadrin-senat-works-on-swim-move-with-grady-jarrett/ https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/14/falcons-dt-grady-jarrett-teases-rookie-deadrin-senat/
  11. cophbulls

    2018 Women's Soccer Schedule

    Only have to wait until 8/8 for the first USF event of 2018-19 https://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/6/7/american-champion-bulls-announce-2018-womens-soccer-schedule.aspx?path=wsoc
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    BJ Daniels

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder.....
  13. cophbulls

    NCAA changes redshirt rule

    This is awesome, will they do the same for baseball as well? And basketball? Or is there not a need?
  14. cophbulls

    Little Help...

    Most of them will get commented out due to language, but Golden Gnats is another. But Im pretty sure there is as much hate for UCF on this board as for ECU. That fan base is a vile inbred disgusting group of uneducated rednecks. This stems back from our first ever bowl game we won in Brimingham I was with my daughter who at the time was like 10 or something and as we walked around with our USF stuff on people just made the most inappropriate comments, This has continued through the years to today when at baseball @ECU their fans were threatening to spit on the USF fans from above. UCF does the same. So its really a toss-up for me.
  15. cophbulls

    Little Help...

    And personally hated Cincinnati pre-football, but now I'm ok with them, they are brothers in the struggle, Cincy and UConn