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  1. The mens team matched the womens in the first golf tournament of the year ending up in 2nd overall @ 28 under. Texas A&M finished in 1st @ 32 under. The Bulls out played Purdue, Kansas, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Iowa, Ohio State, Wisconsin, USC and Minnesota. Albin Bergstrom ended up 4th overall with a score of 11 under. Team - Marquette Intercollegiate
  2. No, not our super bowl, but an important game nonetheless. We need to start somewhere with the rebuilding of confidence, its important from that perspective only.
  3. I want to point out, it's going to suck this weekend. Don't think otherwise. We are going to get blown out by Tampa North filled with a stadium of Orange. The cheers will be 10x louder when the Gators score their points than when or even if we do. Prepare for the worst cause its most likely going to happen. Don't let yourself think we have a chance because what will happen is this board will melt down again on Sunday. However losing to the Gators is nowhere near as bad as losing to Rattlers. This weekend is not the line in the sand game, the real determination for where we are is next week. We've got to find rock bottom and next week is where we will really see if we are going to ever make any noise. Yes it sucks that we are in a must win against a FCS team but if we lose to them, we are so much worse off than even we imagined. Beating A&M at least puts us at the bottom of the FBS level with nowhere to go but up. For some reason, i drink the effin kool-aid every year, the O/U on wins was 3 for USF, so I, being the degenerate that I am, said, 3!, 3? pbbbt we will hit that easy, so there goes that cash.....
  4. An excellent observation, beautifully worded and one I am going to take to heart. I can remember where I was when we lost to the Citadel the week after Kentucky Weslyan. We lost to Drake at home in a heartbreaker and then got slaughtered by Western Kentucky. We ended up going 4-3 in those last 7 games. Took the momentum into 98 winning the first 5 games and returning the favor to the citadel. Wins is what its about. What we need right now is D1 wins. Doesnt matter if its P5 or G5, doesnt matter if its AAC or sun belt, we need wins. I dont think anyone here thinks honestly we have a shot against UF, so lets just have fun that there is football being played with fans in the stand and look forward to drawing our line in the sand against Florida A&M, get some confidence and maybe give BYU a run for their money. Who knows maybe we can make a early statement to the new Big 12 by beating BYU. What we need is positive momentum but its not going to happen this weekend.
  5. Aussie Andrew Stokes' Big Leg Draws Attention After His First Football Experience - USF Athletics The 27-year-old Australian hit a pair of 60-plus yard punts in impressive debut at NC State.
  6. Womens golf ends up 2nd in the USA Intercollegiate @ 12 under for the tourney. Melanie Green ended up 3rd overall @ 11 under. Seems Sam Houston has a pretty good team, they ended up 31 under par and 1st and 2nd overall in individual scores. Team - USA Intercollegiate The Mens team Is in the Marquette Intercollegiate and after two rounds lead the field @ 28 under par. There are plenty of P5 teams in this tournament including Texas A&M, Ohio St and Wisconsin. Would be a fantastic early season finish. Team - Marquette Intercollegiate
  7. True, all too true, life changes but i'm pretty sure you and I don't have 50 years left to wait for the turnaround 🙂
  8. I realize we are in meltdown mode and that's fine and I realize this will be of no importance to most of you and that is also fine. After day 1 of the USA Intercollegiate the Womens golf team is in 1st place 2 strokes ahead of Middle Tennessee. Melanie Green is in 1st overall at 7 strokes under par. A tournament devoid of any p5 teams is what some of you will want to attend to but i would like to this moment to congratulate our team on a fine day 1. If inclusion to a p5 was predicated on golf, tennis or soccer we'd be in. So once football is outlawed in the future politically correct dystopia, we have a chance. Team - USA Intercollegiate
  9. Yeah, I mean 5 years at USF without a national championship, fire him already.
  10. Not an offensive day for Tampa, Football + Womens Soccer + Rays = 0
  11. Yeah, now that he has been head coach for 5 years and we have yet to win a national championship? Fire Scott. Definitely.
  12. yes we had a first down, the first play was 16 yards, so there is that.
  13. this all started when we led the charge to renegotiate the big east contract with ESPN...whoops
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