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  1. jchem1995

    USF Will Win on Friday

    Let’s say we do, and I’d be happy but what if that means Chuck and Co. stay as a result?
  2. Just making sure, but is this fact or opinion?
  3. jchem1995

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Add Atterbury, Norman , and Cecil to the mix. I saw Cecil block ghosts today while letting guys run right past him to sack BB. Our O- line is soft as p@ssies
  4. Me, anywhere between $100 to $1000.00 dollars.
  5. jchem1995

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    Mean while in Orlando...
  6. jchem1995

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    Thank you brybull for doing what I wanted to do but was way too mad to do. There is a big disconnect somewhere in the locker room.
  7. Omg . Slow as a sun set. Rack ‘em.
  8. jchem1995


  9. jchem1995

    UCF Game Time?

    If we beat Temple, we will be looking a bit sexier and should get that 330 spot.
  10. jchem1995

    Point spread vs Temple

    C’mon ya’all let’s stay positive we won seven straight . There are many teams wishing their fan base was worried about what bowl game they were going to. This was expected by most ( albeit not by me) on this board and beyond, but F@ Ck why do we root, root, root, root, ? Because we love our MIGHTY BULLS and I expect to win every time.
  11. jchem1995

    Post Game Pressers

    Oh gosh you hit the nail on the head. There was something missing about him but, that’s it.
  12. jchem1995

    What should AD MK do?

    Tom Jones on the CCS hire “ Meh.” So there’s that.
  13. jchem1995

    Point spread vs Temple

    Nope not this time. We **** well win this game.
  14. And I learned to pour a beer into my cup at an angle.