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  1. If you all thought some words being spewed is bad and all the other soft takes did you see what happens to Kiffin at Tennessee? Water bottles, golf ball, mustard bottle… now that’s fanatical.
  2. I like misdirection. Works well on over pursuing defenses.
  3. I was one who told Chuck what I thought of him at halftime of the SMU game a couple of years back. BUUUUTTT I was not there yesterday so it wasn’t me.
  4. You know that’s the second time an AAC school has beaten Kelly and ND. BTW it has to be wonderful to be ranked ahead of the pot leafs in Ohio. They probably don’t know what to think.
  5. These are the best helmets hands down. I like them in green too
  6. I see this as a long term -like 4 or 5 years to get a consistent wing team. We will win before that but we will show consistency on the back half. Sick with it BULLS.
  7. Well it’s probably already been said somewhere in this thread but they ran up the score at the end. Sending good ol coach a punch in the stomach. This guy needs to say not a word about this game going forward only looking at the future.
  8. Thanks for posting this I was in flux today and wanted to post this but good job. My favorite helmet.
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