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  1. Dave they committed to Athletics, we committed to student athletes
  2. We steal this game and put people on watch. We have upgraded on offense. We will look competent. I just hope our coach knows we better be good on defense. We get good special teams play and I really like our chances. Like, put it through the endzone on all kick offs, make long field goals, punter puts them way back and make them play the whole field. Let them underestimate us.
  3. Yeah I know we follow past USF coaches but I don’t give a **** about this assclown or why we would care. GO BULLS
  4. Lol! Well from my surmise we have a much better free throw shooting team. Hope that’s adds some value.
  5. Or imagine how Q, Marlon, JD, Valdez etc could have benefited.
  6. Sileo. I spelled it wrong. A quick search says he’s still kicking.
  7. I used to call into Scillo and bust his chops that this was BULLS COUNTRY screw his Miami crap.
  8. Don’t want to sway off topic but I remember a billboard welcoming people to BULLS COUNTRY. I think it was on 41? Or 275? Need one of these going up too.
  9. We’ve been labeled a sleeping giant for well 21 years. Someone wake this giant up please.
  10. Judy and her academic visions were also a key in picking good students that wanted to be on the team. Gotta find the right combination or just pack this **** show up. There’s got to be commitment from the top brass.
  11. Good for the kid. Maybe some mentions to the Bulls too.
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