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  1. So I saw Derrick Brooks at the first call in show for Chuck Mush. I asked him how strongly he considered the AD at USF. He said, “ very strongly .” He then added “ let’s give Mike a chance first.“ Derrick Brooks will be our next AD if he bolts.
  2. Don’t let anyone run you off. Just give it a break. Need you man, those shots of fireball .... I’m not the same.
  3. Are you being sarcastic? I thought he was a decent player. Can’t read you .
  4. Bless you son. I’ve never seen in modern dayNCAA football a more wimpier fold than Chuck Mush.
  5. My thought is that money sitting there was moved a bit to help keep the doors open. Just my opinion.
  6. Welcome, let’s have some insight now , shall we.
  7. I posted this in light of everything fracturing, but this place is constant. Nothing more to say but gratitude.
  8. That’s all. GO BULLS. ps thank you Brad.
  9. We have a competent coach, one who wants to be here. That in itself is a dub.
  10. What? It was the senator from Lakeland retirement, gold watch.
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