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  1. Bb has to learn to hold onto the football! Or it’s a clip board for him. Way too many fumbles last season.
  2. Judy. She issued a statement prior to the ND game that we were to be known as South Florida.
  3. If we have a SOILD season and show commitment and go on an upward swing , yes.
  4. What is LOVED was the BULLS logo with the iconic U on the neck line of the jerseys and sleeves. Grothe era
  5. No, let me clarify, I have smoked water in my egg, filter through coffee filter and pour into ice mold, smokey good with bourbon.
  6. Do I see a smokey ice ball in that bourbon?
  7. Well , not to beat a dead horse, but I opend the newspaper this morning sports - in SEC country mind you only to see 4 star DE lists his top two schools Auburn or UCF. This is the second local Auburn kid with P 5 offers mentioning / considering UCF. They have built a reputation in SEC county. WTF? Guys / gals this is concerning. What are we not doing? I I know it’s winning but how the hell did they get here? Coach Scott better get this shitshow going up now, no more wait till next year crap.
  8. Battie was my fan favorite but buddy has to hold onto the gosh darn ball. Or no more chances.
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