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  1. jchem1995

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    **** I think he ate himself. Good luck Coach Bell. GO BULLS, full throttle ahead. Full gas.
  2. jchem1995


    Well, if anything it shows he has wisdom to seek advice from someone with knowledge of the process. I think he should stay. Don’t know why he ended up with only 1095 yards for the season after racking up 800 in the first 7 games. Thought he might be a 2,000 yard runningback for us. Injury? Dog house?
  3. jchem1995

    Welcome Swede

    Swede was the name of a beloved high school referee . He chewed plug tobacco and smoked a Pall Mall at the same time. Welcome.
  4. jchem1995

    2018 7-6 Teams

    I think we alumni and fans alike should voice our concerns and views directly to the coach during fan fest. I might be the first fan that gets booted from the event because I plan on letting my voice be heard. Done with the fact of losing 6 trucking games straight.
  5. , I just don't think he needs a ten win season to save his job.  Bowl game minimum.
  6. jchem1995

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    His style of poker face shitt is getting really old. Doers do, dreamers don’t.
  7. You know , looking back at Harlan’s hire , he wasn’t committed here. Things could be trending in the right direction, especially a new President with an athletic vision.
  8. Not trying . Ready to crush some beers wit ya in the future. Good times for USF Football. GonnaRock in 2019. Kick arse in 2019.