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  1. If he can give them confidence and they believe they can play carefree football, I'm all for it. Look at what Louisiana did last weekend. Played with house money.
  2. When I said to him "we are going to win " at his radio show he shook his bald head no. Loser.
  3. my friends think they are gonna Whisky us. We are not as talented as ND but we are not the same team that rolled out last year either. They may win but they ain't gonna Whisky us.
  4. Ye of little faith. We might have something up our sleeve. GO BULLS.
  5. I remember a chant... 228-228-228. I was a part of it.
  6. What specifically do you want to see improvements? We ran for 300. We will most definitely make this dicey/ interesting in South Bend-over.
  7. Darn it man. Let’s just take a long draw of the juice for a moment.
  8. I think we should donate to IPF. I’m ready as I’ve ever been . we won, we didn’t get Mc Neesed. I think we make ND nervous.
  9. Watching Nd right now. Gonna be an interesting game.
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