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  1. We are gonna embrace this dude. Lutz is gonna embrace this dude. I wanna see more USF Flags, license plates, decals, colors, and gear wearing while walking, running, biking, my Lutz streets. Bring it Lutz. We home. GO BULLS.
  2. Um , I don’t know what that means. I just want to know if the dude started recruiting,eeer talking Oh ok
  3. Ok getting back to topic, now that homeboy is done with his last job, now that he had a day here, what the heck got done? I really hope he didn’t get another mulligan. I heard coach O he was calling players today, the day after he won . Not lost the N.C.
  4. Remember, this was an LSU team that lost to Troy( a very good Troy) at home three years ago.
  5. We will feed them **** casserole one day. They got us once but not twice.
  6. I think this was the sticking point in the hold up of announcing of CJS as coach.
  7. I think we will run an RPO offense.agreed the true pocket passer is no good here.
  8. Yes. I watched him a at a coaches clinic when my son was being recruited. SK showed them all how to hold a football with two hands. He said This is what we teach at USF.
  9. Need to recruit. Tampa= Saladino tournament , offer them all .
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