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  1. The NFL just expanded the playoffs to 14 teams- so there’s that.
  2. Anyway during this down time you can clean up the site, say, by burning up anything related to chuck strong. For example the most viewed videos mentioned said coach. Just purge... Thanks in advance.
  3. Stop the madness. We gonna have football. GO BULLS.
  4. My son in law is the sous chef at fire stix. Said it’s a 30 day suspension. Then wait and see.
  5. We have more qbs than two, right? edit: I read the article. We will have at least 4.
  6. If Jennings could get his footwork down he will be a great LT. can’t afford out an to get murdered.
  7. Hey Brad, kiss my ass. JK , JK couldn’t resist. Duly noted sir.
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