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  1. If he’s on the internet he will always be remembered. People are weird.
  2. Puc did someone hack your account? You usually speak straight. Let me be clear as far as I am concerned we will never ever ever fold my USF Bulls football program ever
  3. SMU has those deep pockets and he knows fundraising. Good attribute, plus he’s knows a thing or two about athletics. Great hire. GO BULLS. A toast to the future. GO BULLS.
  4. Was wanting to win the series but nothing to hang our heads about. We played a really good Liberty team that is going to go far this year. 1 outa 3 isn’t as bad as 0 n 3. We will do better than people think.
  5. **** that’s impressive wins. Hope we can win a couple.
  6. At fan fest I jokingly asked him if he’s doing like 225. He actually smiled. Sorry if I said this story before. I may have. But it was cool none the less.
  7. Okay this is a good thing. Your title NEB had me thinking something else. Cliffhanger.
  8. I don’t know ,it was a missing part of the offense and Bell likes the fun n gun .
  9. I think we win through the air against............. Whisky. GO BOLD . GO BULLS.
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