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  1. Two relievers from the 2018 draft class are also on their way up, Andrew Perez and Bennett Sousa. Perez is a lefty who has vastly improved this year. His K-rate and BB-rate are at personal best marks and that has led to a 2.01 FIP. Bennett Sousa has also seen a best mark for walk rate this season, though his strikeouts are slightly down. He is an older right-handed pitcher, but has done very well in every MiLB stint so far and currently has a 2.98 FIP. Both of these promotions were long overdue. https://www.southsidesox.com/2019/6/19/18681847/danny-mendick-lincoln-henzman-steele-walker-white-sox-minor-league-weekly-update-week-11
  2. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is likely to start opposite Davante Adams, according to a report from ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. (Rob Demovsky on Twitter) Fantasy Impact: According to the report, Valdes-Scantling has impressed in training camp and looks poised to be the Packers’ No. 2, opposite Davante Adams. The former has received praise from Adams, who said, “I think this offense is really catered for a guy like him.” Valdes-Scantling was impressive in limited action last season as a rookie, catching 38 balls for 581 yards and two scores, and notching a pair of 100-yard games. His role as the No. 2 comes at the expense of Geronimo Allison (who is likely to play primarily in the slot) and Jake Kumerow. With a healthy Aaron Rodgers and the support of coaches and teammates, Valdes-Scantling could be in for a big leap in production in his second year, making him a value pick at his current ADP of WR57. https://www.espn.com/blog/green-bay-packers/post/_/id/47306/packers-new-offense-catered-to-wr-like-marquez-valdes-scantling
  3. https://footballmaven.io/chiefs/news/confident-austin-reiter-assuming-the-reins-of-chiefs-offensive-line-vuS9eRtnQ06En0rmbqZYWw/
  4. Sorry if this is a repeat, just noticed. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/6/5/usf-announces-2019-mens-soccer-schedule.aspx?path=msoc https://gousfbulls.com/schedule.aspx?path=msoc
  5. we aren't so lets do a Bulls in the pros.... Believe it or not we have 13 pitchers in the pros. 2 are in the majors (Dan Otero '07 - Cleveland , Austin Adams '12 - Seattle) 3 are in AAA (Kevin Quackenbush '11, Jimmy Herget '12, Tommy Eveld '16) 3 are in AA (Brandon Lawson '16, Phoenix Sanders '17, Ryan Valdes '17 - just promoted 05/27) 5 are in A (Tommy Peterson '15 - IR, Joe Cavallaro '17, Andrew Perez '18, Peter Strzelecki '18, Shane McClanahan '18) Shane McClanahan leads the way with 4W and 48.0IP as well as 9GS, 68K and 30BB Phoenix Sanders has a teeny 1.40 ERA over 25.2IP with 4SV Austin Adams is looking sharp in Seattle albeit a small sample size, 2.35ERA over 7.1IP Overall the active pitchers have thrown 305.2IP pitched and have a 11-19 record with 11 saves and a 4.45ERA On the hitting side we have 3 exBulls in the pros Kevin Merrell '17 is in the A's farm system at the AA level and is having trouble making contact at this level hitting 0.228 and a meager OPB of 0.287 Last year's pioneer league MVP Coco Montes '18 is with the Rockies at advance A hitting .240 and an OBP of 0.300 Finally David Villar '18 who is also at the Advanced A level for the San Francisco Giants is hitting 0.262 with an OPB of 0.333 Overall the 3 are hitting 0.241 with 8 HR and an OBP of .297 and a SLG% of 0.358. Their collective OPS is 0.655 For those of you who care I'll try to update again in a month or so.
  6. dammit, i missed out, i didnt see this until near 1p....sorry, ill be in next year.
  7. Yeah, not sure what all this grade bashing at USF is about.....no we aren't Vanderbilt but we aren't Georgia or Alabama either. It getting pretty competitive to get into this school, not like it was when I got in and you could accidentally wander onto campus and be part of the incoming freshmen. Not at all commenting on whether Battle is leaving for grades or not, but even if he was, its nothing to be ashamed about, this school is getting tougher and more academically fit.
  8. My needs have certainly not been met nor even addressed. I expect this forum to leap into action once my need manifesto becomes available.
  9. So, I remember a certain fan base who at various points of the lifecycle insisting that their school and their program was one of the best and certainly belonged in a P5 conference (although it wasnt called that at the time, Div 1 or FBS, whatever, irrelevant) and should never be expected not to be in the national championship conversation. The other neighborhood schools were just the little brother, the runt cousin, the red headed step child and could never compare to how great this program was and blah blah blah bluster bluster bluster. Of course Icarus fell to earth and the little brother became the big brother and this fan base hunkered down to lick their wounds and try to find a way to recover. Now we look to the "national champions" and recognize that they are doing the exact same thing. We are sooooooooo great , we deserve this, we deserve that, and everything everyone else is doing that is different is just stupid. We belong! We are special! How could you not see that we should be among the elite? I say, watch out, your wax is melting. Bottom line, either this is part of the maturity or the cycle. If its a cycle, the weak will become the might and vice-versa. If it is program maturity the mighty will fall and need to rebuild just as USF has. I hope when we finally make it back to a spot where we are in the same conversation as the big boys we take a different tack and don't take it the position for granted and be grateful for what is rather than what could be. I hope we aren't worrying about how much a stadium costs (within reason) I hope we look at the establishment and try to mimic rather than break. Let the beatings begin!
  10. Exactly. Would any of those guys have made a diff? Stuart pitched 47.2 innings @ 5.78, Koff, 21 innings @ 4.05, Yeager was decent, 30.2 @ 3.82 Maybe combined they would have gotten us one extra win in conference which would have made the difference. But thats a big maybe. Were they better than their replacements? i dunno.
  11. I keep hearing about these injuries to pitchers? Can someone refresh my memory, all I knew about was Ragsdale.
  12. Ive been saying that all year long. J Sullivan can hit and maybe Cortez although small sample size for him. But after that what? Santos going to raise his BA by 50 points? Bello and Bodrata going to each raise their OB% 75pts? In one year? I doubt it highly. And thats not even starting to get into pitching? What Ragsdale is gonna come back and do so great in long relief that no starter will have to pitch more than 4 innings? Or maybe we deploy the opener like the Rays? That'll be great. Well at least the bar will be low enough that ill be happy if we just make it to the tourney next year. LOL.....
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