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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. 9/12/19 - Eagle Rare 9/13/19 - Woodford Reserve Batch Proof (personal fav, last dram ) 9/14/19 - New Riff Single Barrel Select (Seelbachs) 9/15/19 - Willet Pot Still (not my fav but when im drunk its great!)
  2. not a fan of his hair......but im old and drink alot of bourbon soooooo there's that
  3. Yes, i so hope we are on to something here. I feel bad for Blake, he's a good kid, has a good family, but we needed a spark, something to rally around.
  4. WE DO NOT NEED A TURN OVER CHAIN OR PENCIL OR ANYTHING ELSE. Leave that crap with the high schoolers Unless its a turnover War Flamingo, then I'm in.
  5. Ok, starting over again 9/12/19 - Eagle Rare 9/13/19 - Woodford Reserve Batch Proof (personal fav, last dram ) 9/14/19 - New Riff Single Barrel Select (Seelbachs)
  6. And he has, I've been hearing that stupid hot quote for decades. Its the same as the gimme a U (crickets) gimme a S (crickets) gimme a F (crickets), what's that spell? (crickets)
  7. When we are there I will, until then I gotta go with the most reasonable rival. For the record I do obsess over those other schools in that I hope they always lose. Well, except FSU, I like that campus.
  8. Would you rather see USF lose to SCSt if it meant that CCS and Co. were removed or win and end up 6-6 and go to a bowl game?
  9. It seems this board is about 50% less insane then I imagined! Thats hope!
  10. Alright smarty, insert any 2-0 schedule against G5 or lower and then make your decision. It doesn't have to be UCF it was just an example. And my guess is that we obsess with each other because we are paired together in everything. It would be easier to ignore them if they weren't so close in distance and ability or if we beat them in everything but they are and we don't.
  11. I get what you are saying, but im just asking the question straight up, would you rather schedule p5 teams and lose or g5 teams and win....kinda the big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond scenario
  12. Since everyone always talks about how we need more p5 teams and less g5 teams, I thought I'd see just how insane this board really was
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