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  1. Congrats on the repeat. I knew it was over after Kamara. With the way our keepers are setup in this leagye, can't you technically keep them with your highest available draft picks? Not that I'm complaining if you choose to not keep them.
  2. Andrew Mims already looks like the new successor.
  3. The blocking can be beyond the line of scrimmage, it is all about where the ball is caught.
  4. Nick Roberts I agree constantly takes bad angles and does not have the speed to make up for them in either pass coverage or run support. I don't think he would be starting if not for lack of depth. Expect Lapointe, Townsell, or Curry to play in his place as they get more experience. Evans has gotten beat a few times but also a few nice interceptions. Up and down play which is what I expect out of a younger player (true sophomore). Someone who can be coached up and developed.
  5. What have you seen from Sails that makes you think he isn't NFL caliber? By far our best defensive player, while I agree the rest of our DBs are lacking. KJ is aggressive in run support and don't remember him giving up any big passing plays. Maybe 1 td against ND? I will happily put a friendly wager on him getting drafted and/or making an NFL roster if you would like. Mike Hampton is the one who has really regressed this year after having a few good seasons. He is giving up 2-3 blown coverages a game. Maybe you are getting confused because 0 (Evans) and 8 (Townsell) both play DB as well
  6. Does getting a refund on 2020 season, mean you have no opportunity to purchase single game tickets?
  7. I think that would really depend on how USF chooses to set it up. Buccaneers have their own App, but it essentially runs on an underlying ticketmaster App. So all you need is a ticketmaster account. I would guess USF would be the same but more uncertain there. I have seen other mobile ticket options where no App is required at all for transfer/scan. There is just a link in text or email that pulls up a ticket in your web browser.
  8. This is not some hypothetical, the Buccaneers/Tampa Sports Authority already have a similar (if not the same app). Someone else mentioned they did have legacy cards for season ticket member holdouts, but for the overwhelming majority of fans, ticketless mobile entry was required. Love it or hate it, the #1 reason for this is it allows the team to control the secondary market. No more buying from a scalper on the street corner. I attended nearly all Bucs home games last year, but was gifted or purchased single game tickets. For every ticket I was required to use the mobile app. I can only
  9. This is already what happens. I would suggest some sort of wristband for club members that you attain once upon SCANNING your ticket to prevent duplicates, but I think someone might have replied in a previous year they did not have the ability to do this.
  10. They are already this way for Buccaneers games, so pretty sure the stadium can handle it.
  11. Got a link? When I try to pull up last season's page I get an error.
  12. Does Yahoo have the round picked for potential keepers or do we have a spreadsheet?
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