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  1. BucsandBulls

    Chicago Roll Call/Updates

    Leaving Atlanta at 1:20PM.
  2. BucsandBulls

    Georgia Tech Game

    This game falls into the same category of opponent as UNC, Kansas, NC State, Oregon. A good OOC game that we should be pumped up to win. These were not ordinary games, the team would view them as unique opportunities back then as well. It is not the world-beater games of Auburn or FSU, they only come around once every few years. We didn't play those games every year back in the day either. It is not our super bowl, but it is a nationally televised game against one of the top opponents on our schedule for the year.
  3. I do not have any examples off hand. And again this is way too early speculation since he has only played one good half of football for us. But he has the size/arm/potential that NFL teams look for, already has his degree, and also married with a kid.
  4. One thing i was thinking about after the Game was if AirBnB is as impressive as we all hope, then he may only be here for 1 season.
  5. Just got an email that Valley National Bank is giving every season ticket holder 2 extra tickets for Saturday. Very cool.
  6. It should be a decently attended game, but I'm guessing it will be 50/50 with Tech fans. It's a noon game which means it will be "too hot" to attend for most of our fan base.
  7. BucsandBulls

    QB battle narrowed to two??

    I haven't heard anything from practice reports or coaches that gives any real indication of who has been able to separate themselves. Pretty sure this is all just wild conjecture and speculation, but that's what message boards are for. I will be excited when coach makes an announcement and even more so when we see that guy take the field against Elon and hopefully cement the fact that he is the undisputed starter.
  8. BucsandBulls

    QB battle narrowed to two??

    I know it ruins the joke. But the Nerf balls are used in pass rush drills or scout team to simulate the snap without having to worry about the "QB" dropping the snap and stopping the rep so that no one steps on a real ball and hurts themselves.
  9. BucsandBulls

    2018 FanFest

    I have not been to a fanfest in several years due to living out of town so I'm not sure where its been held recently. But do you think the lackluster attendance is due to being at the Yuengling Center instead of Raymond James?
  10. BucsandBulls

    QB GAME...Want vs Think

    You never turn away talent from your football team and it's not like BB is watching practice film on CO and BK and therefor knows they aren't going to be the guy before he decides to come here. He came here because he got sold he would have a chance to start. I'm not saying that isn't true, but all of recruiting is a sales pitch with false promises. We still have open scholarships I believe and who's to say we weren't out there shopping for LB or OL behind the scenes as well and they decided to go elsewhere. Who knew we were recruiting the TE from Ole Miss? Does that mean Wilcox isn't going to play anymore if he gets eligible immediately? No it just means you always welcome talent and competition.
  11. BucsandBulls

    QB GAME...Want vs Think

    Oladokun for both. Think he is the least likely to turn the ball over and play within the system.
  12. Sorry my mistake I thought it was 15,001. Believe you are right.
  13. Our student section was once 15,000+. When we were winning and in a P5 conference. How many of those students now buy tickets? What makes you think they would buy tickets for an OCS? How full will the UCF stadium be if they start losing again? The only tangible reason to build an OCS is if it is a pre-req to getting into a P5. Otherwise it is a wasted investment, there is just not enough support.
  14. Take some personal responsibility and blame yourself. You never had a conversation with a single other student about attending a game and they never mentioned it was free? Not everything is on athletics to market 100%. Plenty of work has to be done by word of mouth and personal contribution.