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  1. BucsandBulls

    Spring Game April 14th

    **** game 2 is at 3pm Saturday. That will definitely hurt attendance...
  2. BucsandBulls

    When does the FB schedule typically get announced?

    Determined by the conference. According to twitter on January 16th, they said that they were hoping for "early February".
  3. BucsandBulls

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    For sure! Need to get that tax deduction somehow, since tax reform rules out the rest of my donation now.
  4. BucsandBulls

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    Yea, I would double check that if I were you. Mine looked similar where I could see the credit being applied to the first payment, but when you add up the total payments (including the credit) they were actually more than the statement amount, so I wasn't actually getting credited anything.
  5. BucsandBulls

    Free USF Game worn jersey for renewing tickets

    I also had the same thing.
  6. BucsandBulls

    Illinois game 2018

    If it is at Solider Field (which it appears more and more likely that this remains the case, since USF changed their website in the last 24 hours), then I am definitely in. Champaign... not so sure.
  7. BucsandBulls

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    I will be driving over to Birmingham from Atlanta Friday night and back Saturday Afternoon. If anyone is flying in/out Atlanta I should have room for a few more. Looks like there are still decent flights on Southwest, Delta, and Spirit. $200-250 roundtrip.
  8. BucsandBulls

    Transfer targets?

    With sanctions announced today, Ole Miss players are free to transfer without sitting out. I wonder if there are any there we could go after?
  9. BucsandBulls

    Looking towards 2018

    Do you have any source for the move then? The only thing I ever heard about it leaving Solider field was from TDS guys and I'm pretty sure Collin came out and said his source was at least premature if not wrong.
  10. BucsandBulls

    Looking towards 2018

    I thought the move back to Campus ended up being a false report? Still at Soldier field as far as I know.
  11. BucsandBulls


    Only in certain "club" sections.
  12. BucsandBulls

    UCF Tickets

    Seen a lot of discussion around this game being sold out and USF overselling their allotment and having to call and tell some that they don't have tickets even though they got a confirmation. A little nervous, but I am assuming they have already reached out to everyone who will not be receiving tickets. Has anyone received their tickets or does anyone know when we will actually receive tickets? Also fun side note, do you think we would have opened up the upper deck for this game if it were at home and would we have sold out 65k? JK seemed to think on twitter we would have only been able to sell 50k, which is only 5k more than what has sold already.
  13. BucsandBulls

    Bowl ticket reservations

    NewEnglandBull is exactly right. Who is higher in the polls only matter prior to the UCF game. The rankings that come out after the UCF game are NOT USED.
  14. BucsandBulls

    Week 11 Rankings

    If Memphis doesn't lose we will not host CCG. We would have to jump them after beating Tulsa. The rankings that determine CCG host come from before the UCF game not after. If Memphis loses to SMU or ECU then we will host because the rankings won't matter. We would host based on conference record at that point.
  15. BucsandBulls

    Bowl ticket reservations

    Or even just for SMU to beat Memphis (and not win out), because then we would have the tiebreaker with Memphis (conference record) and would host.