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  1. I feel these types of self imposed limitations will stifle my creative imagery however WTF I will try my damndest to not let this hamper my literary talents. I can’t help but think this is a type of persecution of the riffraff who make up the majority of the pen and could rise up in defiance.
  2. A photo of CWT smiling driving a brinks truck out of Tally is above the plea for more cash.
  3. Starting QB was awful before he got hurt by a terrible scheme and O line play. He was trying to fit the old square peg into a round hole. He tried to run an offense without the personnel and never adapted, team never progressed. This was deja vu with the old power offense of CWT. Make whatever excuse you choose but the guy was a bust no matter how you spin it.
  4. Agreed, He would be a terrible rehire, he would never be able to rekindle the energy and excitement, therefore never landing a magical class that hid all of his coaching and player development deficiencies. I am forever thankful for him bringing us out of the doldrums but he would not be able to pull a second rabbit out of the same hat. As stated many times you can’t go home again.
  5. Ouch but fair, I am soured but never completely out, love both programs too much to leave for good. You are stuck with me you ornery old bastard.
  6. The entire pen is on the edge of their seat, does Frisco win his third prediction contest already this season? is it an all time Bullspen record of scoring 92 points total in 2 consecutive games? is anyone going to top his 51 high points score against Nebraska? Does he have insider information much like a former Bullspen great Calibull? Did Corey Lea pluck him out of the portal to join the Bullspen in one of the greatest all time finds in history? Is Frisco a conceited blowhard with significant ******* tendencies? Lots of questions, B rad, what say you?
  7. Losing you and your boy Charlie within 24 hrs, It is a great day to be a Bull!
  8. Yes however you cannot go home again. Ship has sailed, we will always be a stepping stone, just hope the next guy buys us out and not the reverse.
  9. if we focused on the product he put on the field he was an utter disgrace and a gigantic loser of historic proportions. I don’t care if he was a good guy or not just that he is gone. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Charlie. You will always be a bum and a thief in my book, thanks for all the memories.
  10. I think he tried I guess somewhat however was simply incompetent and in over his head. His confused stares were priceless, not sure how that guy even remembered the way home after a game.
  11. No idea and that bandaid approach was doomed so glad we were not forced to go down that road. I still believe there are people that still believe in KB and think he was capable of putting our team back on the map.
  12. More like burn the house down, I will give Puc props, he did call CKB a terrible hire right out of the gate. Pro style and USF should never ever be mentioned in the same sentence again.
  13. The one thing that really baffles me is why so many wanted CKB as the head man, his audition was abysmal at best, he was a complete and utter failure and watching this offense was unbearable. I realize he had only had one year but the thought of that **** returning was scary. I will fall on the sword and admit I thought he was a good hire along with Strong but I was dead ass wrong. There is not one rational argument to keep CKB around let alone promote him SMH.
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