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  1. Not so sure, a bunch of new guys that have never played together (granted extremely effing talented) against an experienced back court and team chemistry. I am not giving up hope until I see the new fab 5 play a game.
  2. I will paint my body in green glitter, green wig and drinking green beer.
  3. 43,276 and I like all of them, don’t even care if they are tree hugging socialists, if they are wearing green I am good with them.
  4. We really didn’t, Shaw was already gone and Mack had about 30 yard rushing, as a freshman. Swanson had a couple big catches and RA had a jet sweep or two. For some reason I always tie Shaw to the McNeese disaster, he broke one on our first possession for 80 yards and then the floodgates opened and we realized how devoid of talent the team CWT inherited. Shaw was the only decent back and he was more of a scat back, they went to Michigan State the next week and played respectable than had UW the next year in CWT’s 2nd and final year of the powerless game. They were hard to watch, still wake up in cold sweats thinking of those years.
  5. I did not mean to insinuate that however the dude ain’t leaving with or close to getting a degree and not unheard of to think once he goes back to Miami that trouble may find him, I hope not.
  6. Would have loved to see him one last year, speed and physical talent. I don’t want to read about a Gunsby failure, however kids will be kids
  7. Who in the heck is commenting on this thread in mid June about a game over 2 months out is not considered a fan? I take no offense to not knowing *****, however I find it hard to believe we have many pretend fans on this board right now.
  8. Can’t argue that however still beats the smack talk about WBB, Jose and breaking down their OOC.
  9. The 2 early wins against P5 teams by a bad USF team last year were big wins, not slaying the dragon but still early big wins. A lot has changed in the off season to take this one as a gimme IMO, that is all I am saying.
  10. Drexel does not really excite, not Stetson or FAMU bit still a collective yawn. However, Unlike football, don’t really need much of an OOC anyways.
  11. Just sayin, you are betting with last years information and that is an amateur play. Any fool sees a domination on the line of scrimmage and TOP watching the last 6 games of last year. A lot has happened to both teams and historically we may suk against the run but do bode well in early big games. Coin flip bro, don’t like it.
  12. Never got to meet him but had a couple of beers at some festivities prior to the first B-bowl with a high school teacher of his that was still close to him. She talked about what a great guy RA was and it was nice to hear he is as good as advertised. He really was a slight guy with great athletic ability and was smart enough to realize he had the world by the stones and did not need the NFL to validate him while he took an absolute beating and possibly a shorter lifespan, a smart guy IMO.
  13. The correct verbiage is to take Wisconsin and lay the points wise guy. I doubt you have ever bet more than 20 bucks on any game so go back to your comic books and leave the handicapping to the pros.
  14. That bet made sense, mid year we were undefeated but knew we were not very good on either side of the ball therefore value for us in the know that we were a fraud. No idea what UW has besides a terrific RB. We got a couple players that likely will get drafted next year, Wilcox and Jordan. St. Felix, McDoom and Ford in a new spread offense that UW has no tape and different than their conference opponents. Road game, heat and motivation all in question. The bet is a toss up either way and only the ignorant think they have a beat on this one, the shrewd gambler will sit back and wait to see what we got and don’t got.
  15. The over under for posts of you trashing CCS prior to this game was 10 as well however Vegas had to take it off the board due to all the money coming in on the over. I do believe the spread will swell to 11.5 or even 12 prior to kickoff, still far from easy money IMO. Bettors will remember Wisconsin’s bowl thrashing of the U and will research our 6 game losing streak and believe much like you that it is easy money. If you are so confident, how much money will you get from your mom to put on this game?
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