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  1. I never really got excited or disappointed, if you are not competitive than it is hard to get too high or too low.
  2. 40-7 in the third Quarter, we have done the rebuild and can do this again.
  3. End of the day no one cares, we got smoked, hope we get some cancellations so this year has an aberration
  4. The better team will win, the only question is a sweep or Stars in 5. God bless Texas.
  5. I really don’t care about c, we are completely irrelevant regardless if they win or they lose.
  6. Very well said, the past is the past, AD’s and Genshaft are gone, we are in a rebuild and need to recruit bigger guys on D. We are a bad G5 team in a lame conference, CJL is not coming back no matter how much we wish.
  7. I am hoping for a snow day, nothing good will happen if we play, unless we win which is slim.
  8. I think we all did the same, we liked the younger CCS, however we got the older CCS. He was garbage
  9. Who cares what they do, we are so irrelevant that in the end it does not matter. If we don’t improve then I give zero violation about this garbage school.
  10. I thought Amherst Village was UMASS, you are UNH, let’s burn them both down? You with me?
  11. Thanks, I have had this couch for years, best couch I have ever had but always wanted to burn a couch so I will take you up on this.
  12. We have faith in what we don’t know, what we know is depressing.
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