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  1. Kids want to get paid just as bad and this has been every generation from the beginning of time. When you don’t have money, you want money that is the way it has always worked. Here is the order of want. 1. Money 2. play 97. Degree
  2. It was I thought however as the moderator I would like for you to go back through the 4k pages and provide us a synopsis of your findings, we obviously have not been very clear on our projections causing confusion amongst our members. We need to do better.
  3. To say we have showed up once or twice is disingenuous and factually inaccurate. Yes we have laid plenty of eggs over the years however we have played very well against some of the best and have plenty of victories to be proud of. Turn that frown upside down bud, hold that head high and be happy with what we got, not a lot but better than nothing.
  4. We live in a very litigious society, eventually it is not about being right or moral but simply mitigating exposure to retain a healthy profit.
  5. Thanks Ricky for the information, very sad.
  6. I pretty much nailed it regardless so no need to **** with perfection. Carry on my elder.
  7. FSU, Miami, Auburn, WVU, NC, NC State, GT, Illinois, South Carolina, Syracuse, Pitt, etc…. C’mon we have shown up
  8. nice message BM, I really am rooting for Brian, what a great talent and the whole situation is simply sad regardless of the circumstances.
  9. The Texas schools have always followed Title IX, they recently pushed back about special rights for the additional genders. Jeez what a bunch a spiteful sensitive sallies, nothing to see here so try not to be so hateful.
  10. It is not giving up Dave, accepting what you can’t change is a healthy approach, or at least that is my rationalization for giving up.
  11. I have been searching, more info about the circumstances but no updates on his status.
  12. That ship has sailed, we have 500 million guns in the country already, no amount of gun control will make us safer, the exact opposite. We have cultural issues that are beyond repair, expecting this government to fix this problem is foolish, protect yourself and don’t rely on them is my suggestion.
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