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  1. He may have been the slowest wide receiver of all time, he bulked up, had a nice mullet but got absolutely no separation ever, should have stuck with hockey.
  2. That is actually a very accurate observation, show me a players coach and I will show you a loser nine times out of 10, the one out of 10 that does experience success is unable to sustain it.
  3. Bobby was a statue and fumbled every third play due to our line and no pocket presence and getting sacked. Both of them played baseball but I will always remember bobby in ot beating Miami, even though I will always give that victory to our d line and the biggest ass and head to ever play for us McClain was a submarine monster that stopped a couple first and goals from the one.
  4. Almost stayed in game for a half, progress I guess either way second half not worth watching.
  5. He already has one bum leg, playing on two bum legs would mean he would be of no value anyways.
  6. 6 pts in the first 5 minutes, down 1 playing ball like we have grown to love, grind it out, long dry spells and eventually getting spanked.
  7. I will watch the first 10 minutes, see that we are bent over and leave before they perform the deed on us. I will then go to Loews to start on my honeydo list, at least I have a full fridge of coldies to get me through the day. This kind of reminds me of football season, we have lost the game before it starts. Go Bulls!
  8. That all may be true but at least he didn’t get banned like Brybull for being a negative troll, that guy must have been a real loser, don’t you think?
  9. If you can still find a pinto that has not blown up than it is a classic and maybe worth something. Mopeds are like fat women, fun to ride until your friends see you on one so this may have value as well as long as you wear a helmet and a mask so nobody recognizes you, The bus sucks but when stoned or drunk it is a viable alternative to driving so I hope this is enough. We may not be able to land Eric Dickerson but maybe getting one of the Fords back on campus is a possibility.
  10. I am not ready to say he was a bad hire yet, but the rest of your take is spot on. I am only hoping he can bring in enough talent and learn on the job and not be like his dad who was garbage, we shall see.
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