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  1. We are a preeminent University and cannot have our president flashing the hang loose, surf’s up, fire up a bowl sign, C’mon NEB.
  2. I skipped by it as well, I don’t think we were alone, that should have easily won the post for the day, very nice work Jtrue!
  3. That is the hang loose sign, we were going to have to copy something due to our late start, I am ok with copying UT, they have been rather irrelevant lately anyways and in a different region of the country.
  4. Troll on Nick Roberts for being light and then do us a favor and go away. Your coach was a dried up turd, please join the Bama thread and rejoice that the midget intellectually challenged found a job.
  5. Last thing I want to do is knock the guy, I envy his ability and being able to play at that level with this much success. He is a good kid( from what I can tell) and he has the world by the balls, even a good chance to play for pay just not in the NBA. Nobody will be rooting more for him than me, he is a Bull and will always be one.
  6. In all honesty he would have probably made a very good football player, he has the body, size and instincts, he would have been a force IMO however hoops have turned out well for him as well, I hope he is successful In whatever he decides to do, just can’t see him in the NBA.
  7. It appears you either don’t think much of him or you think very highly of me, I am confused by this statement.
  8. She can probably take them out though for a hummer, she is a a yank like you guys
  9. It would but if we were ever going to lose a season, this would be the one. Not much optimism and appear to be devoid of talent while installing a new system, an extra year to work on both would help.
  10. You peaked my interest and I just found out Debbie has never even been to Texas, I feel cheated.
  11. I doubt the Texas game happens, who would have thought we scheduled a 3 game series with them and went undefeated, sometimes it is the little things that give me hope for a better tomorrow. Go Bulls!
  12. When you put it like that, it is tough to argue with you Trips, once again you amaze me with your brevity and substance.
  13. If you are not going to sit with the fans and party then what is the point, stay home and watch it on TV.
  14. Actually she is probably around your age but normally porn stars don’t have a long shelf life so not sure she would still be around, not a terrible idea but I will likely pass.
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