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  1. I couldn’t figure it out either, if you guys were slugging it out then maybe I could kinda understand it possibly but it just came out of the blue. I hope you are kidding about the affects, I have had people say it to me and it is water off a ducks back. However a guy that lived across the hall from me in the Army said he was going to kill me once and meant it. I will never forget the circumstances and I grew up a lot that day, he later did kill someone in a crack house after he was discharged. It is always crucial to know you audience when we decide to wax lyrical.
  2. There is a better chance this holiday gets cancelled before we ever shake the AAC stank that we live in.
  3. I was really hoping to see what Langston was going to do against Jackson State, this cancellation has now ruined my holiday weekend.
  4. I still found this to one of the most classic albeit odd posts in my short history on this site, that was absolutely hilarious.
  5. We all have to do something to combat the boredom, do me a favor and don’t post a pic of either shorts
  6. They died before their time so of course they feel bad, I do too, bad things happen and I have lost loved ones early.
  7. I hope you use the padded spandex If not you could be dealing with some serious chaffing.
  8. I really hope they don’t play any sports, I love to watch and gamble but if they bring politics into my escape then it is no longer an escape and it loses it appeal. No vaccine anytime soon or ever, a virus mutates and we will move on to something else, I really liked our BB team this year, hope we can watch them, if not we will survive
  9. I agree and it is kind of odd that we all agree on something
  10. Do you think the family’s of the lone survivor felt the same way? No they did not, their story is told and they are memorialized. We all gots to go and when we can celebrate a hero and those that checked our early then that is a win for all of those involved, I like that they are remembered and their story is told.
  11. Go big or go home, some day we will have a beer or 15 together, bound to happen eventually.
  12. Screw that, I am stripping down to spandex and painting my body green and gold. I doubt we play it, but if we do then they will be dealing with an obnoxious, intoxicated loud USF fan, no prisoners, even at 25% capacity I will make noise and drink for 4 people and need everyone else in the stands to pick up the slack as well.
  13. I say eliminate the risk and end all sports, if we don’t play than nobody ever dies until of course we do. We have made this too divisive, let’s stop keeping score and celebrate our preeminence, Go Bulls!
  14. I think finally we all agree, shut it down, too much politics and sports mixed together would make this year a disaster. Let’s try again in 2021 or not, the athletes this year don’t seem to have the resolve and it would be less about sports and more about other stuff. We play in 2021 or not, either way all is good.
  15. Never happened so who knows but if I had to guess I would say they retain it if they did not play, seems only fair.
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