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  1. Identity is a personal decision and I respect whatever choice these satchels make.
  2. We need to win a conference championship for the first time ever before I can comprehend any of this. I am 100% sure that 15% better than our record indicates is one of the most ridiculous comments ever posted on TBP but god bless your optimism and I hope you are right.
  3. Not sure either count now but that is the world we live in and I accepted this double standard long ago and am ok with it. From what I know about Cuz, he would not have sexually harassed you, that I know. I had a Barnett bank account, turned into First Union, turned into Wachovia and eventually into Wells Fargo, banking is truly the survival of the fittest.
  4. I get it, kinda like when video killed the radio star. We didn’t have no internet but man I never will forget the way the moonlight shined upon her hair. A simpler time, when a smoke was a smoke. She bop, he bob, we bop, I bop……..yeah I guess things have changed. I only threw in the last lyric because Jonesy was a huge Cyndi Lauper fan back in the day. He actually organized her first fan club in Florida many years ago.
  5. When I was younger I liked sports more than I do now and didn’t need a reason to care.
  6. I don’t disagree but there are plenty of us on this site that never attended a USF football game as a student, in fact the majority of the TBP falls in this category.
  7. I had no memories of USF football when I attended because we did not have a team yet I support our football team, it does happen, just sayin.
  8. The one thing that we have seen over the years is grade inflation and would love to hear from you guys how much of this was influenced from helicopter parents and Teachers saying to hell with it. I can’t imagine teaching nowadays, god bless all you guys
  9. Understood and I wish you well, however walking on egg shells is a requirement in the corporate world as well. Watch everything you say, have a witness and for the love of god never shut the door to your office if you have company, NEB understood the changing of the game and provided some great advice. Good luck!
  10. His brother in law is a huge supporter and attended Oklahoma ironically, great guy and loved USF prior to Tom coaching here. I met him at an SMU basketball game when DC hit a a 3 to win it in Dallas. He brought his daughters down for the game and was a very enjoyable night, good guy, and I believe Tom was as well, just a little backwards.
  11. I remember talking to many Texas fans and they warned me, I thought they were simply elite and Charlie would serve our purpose, how wrong I was. I actually have never heard much about c in Texas, they are as relevant as we are I guess. I have been to many Texas and Texas A&M games and the fans are actually very cordial, win or lose it is enjoyable, thanks for the insight Dave and congrats on your rising senior, got one of those as well following your footsteps in Accounting, will be at PWC after the CPA exam this spring.
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