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  1. I really am not angered anymore, disappointed but not that much, apathy sunk in and was drunk in the second half so we didn’t look that bad, I had my goggles on and we won, all is good and happy to see you have turned over a new leaf, just don’t go Smazza on us.
  2. I will argue that, 2-5 miles in NC vastly different then the 11 mike trek down Fowler, 275. Either way like Many have stated, we feel like visitors at home, need an OCS but more than anything we need an FBS team, we really don’t have that now from what I can tell.
  3. I don’t really get the point of your post, most of us are keenly aware of how little talent we have. We focused on Jordan because the QB is the most important position and if you don’t have a functional QB then you have no chance, we have a good young QB but still suck, at least we have little chance most weeks now versus no chance. If it makes you feel better, Our D line was maybe the worst line in FBS last year, d backs were poor, our Lb’s are mediocre, our O line was atrocious and rb’s were smallish and below average, WR’s were unable to get any separation too. We at least had substandard special teams which we used far too much putting us in poor field position more often then not. After this I should have just went with a Silverbull GIF, nobody on this board thought Jordan was the sole reason we sucked last year.
  4. Not sure there is a NJ Texas, but NJ has a smell but not as bad as your old lady. 😀
  5. I am lower brow then you and the high rollers, hope you are doing well.
  6. It is not on TV, I have a box of wine and yuengling, why would I leave the room
  7. And your point, I have nothing else going on so it was decent entertainment. I am in NJ for work so watching this game on my phone, it could be worse😀
  8. Thanks Nostradamus, your NC State pick saying they didn’t know what they were getting into was brilliant, you never cease to amaze me with all of your ignorant observations, he may be here for a while or he may be gone following next season either way the only certainty is you have no clue about this or pretty much anything else for that matter. I would enjoy the progress more we could once in a while win a game.
  9. Good point however we normally lose the current and prior week as well so not sure it will affect our consistency.
  10. Not local and out of town as well but I do love seeing these posts and love the way you guys will simply give them away just for being a fan versus selling them for peanuts, Thank you brother.
  11. When we are winning you are provocative and intriguing and when we are not you are annoying. If we had a better team these numbers would improve however until then be patient.
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