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  1. What offense, I was so looking forward to this year, now we are garbage once again, poof we suck
  2. This is the reason we got him from Gardner Webb, fat and stupid, but he was a cheap
  3. Sit Rideau down, Free throws are embarrassing, I don’t mind losing, however this is pathetic
  4. We are garbage, I thought the dumpster fire was out however it was still simmering, maybe next year
  5. The triple lindy was a thing of beauty when executed correctly
  6. We have poor rotation and no shooters, only thing we can do is grind it out. Straight street ball when you are outmanned
  7. No, somebody commented on that when you took a joke literally, and at the time it was funny. My takes were not so much and for that I am sorry.
  8. a small morsel, a starting center, who Effin cares, happy for him but our teams are a train wreck and This means very little IMO
  9. Sometimes you don’t get up and wallow in anonymity, however we are turning the corner, we have to be, if not there will only be PUC, trips and NEB left on this board, this shat is depressing
  10. I started it so no apology necessary, you went after Gatorbull pretty aggressively though but I really don’t think anyone of us take it too seriously. Only Calibull would lose his mind and for that he was an easy mark, I miss him
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