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  1. I think most of us just want to win big games again and regain some excitement about the future of the team. Not really concerned about the crowd or lack thereof, they really don’t deserve a decent crowd with the way they quit on the season last year. I am excited about the off season moves and only care what happens on the field, if they beat UW in front of 30k or less i would be absolutely thrilled and winning big games will solve the the attendance thing going forward or at least help it tremendously.
  2. Yeah I can’t wait to see mine, I don’t even have season tix, I will probably be sitting behind a pole in the upper deck corner.
  3. Definitely not, you will sweat through your new shirt before you get to your seat, guaranteed. It will be mid 80’s and 90 percent humidity unless it is pouring rain
  4. We are used to the heat and still sweat like crazy, I just go dry weave one shirt and say eff it.
  5. Shirt maybe, but as soon as you change you go right back to sweating through your clothes. I could change every hour and still suffer from a severe case of swamp A$$.
  6. Canopy and water make perfect sense, 2 sets of clothes is a tad bit effeminate, is this in case you spill a cosmopolitan on your sun dress?
  7. Yes, we normally UBER however the walk should take approximately 3-4 beers or one large mixed traveler of Tito’s and pellegrino, this is a nice pregame prior to the alumni tailgate.
  8. On the UW site it may look a tad different, Like 38 out of 38 for the cheese boys with an average winning margin of 14, I appreciate the breakdown as well.
  9. I can’t argue that with Sanders and like his potential however Roberts is listed as a SS in the depth chart. I never said the guy can’t cover which is part of it however he is going to have to do a better job of helping with the run if we are to have any shot of beating a winning team this year. Nobody knows what to expect however one highlight of breaking up a pass on our slowest receiver has not sold me, hope he has a big year however we shall see.
  10. I was front row at Tulsa last year about 10-15 feet from him a couple times, he looked about 180. He may not have been the weakest link but he was weak. He was young and inexperienced so hope I am wrong about him but I doubt it.
  11. Not much bigger however Roberts struggled at the end of last year, the whole D obviously did but his lack of physicality was on display. 193 is generous and he played soft. Maybe he mailed it in like the rest of the guys on D, I just don’t feel comfortable with him playing SS, doesn’t possess the mentality IMO.
  12. I would agree that Roberts is the most likely to move back in the depth chart, he was exposed at the end of last year and is a liability against the run. I still think Sawtelle will struggle staying healthy and is already having similar issues. However I do think Sanders will continue to progress and find a way to get on the field, he displayed a burst and elusiveness on kick offs last year.
  13. IPF in the next year, not sure an OCS is in our future, at least anytime soon. I hope I am wrong but don’t see it anytime soon.
  14. Of all the players over the past 22 years, he is the guy I root for the most to make it, great player that was not the most talented but can do everything and I hope he can make a living at this level, the Alliance was a blessing for him.
  15. So the last quality win was Clemson even though ND was after and bigger, yeah right. <edited>
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