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  1. Trips the gig is up and we are on to the next crisis, I know you are old but please keep up.
  2. Once again very astute, CTE is incredibly more dangerous and I am not sure If we are sheep or have a political angle but it does make most of us scratch our heads.
  3. A summer afternoon rainstorm in Tampa? Who wouldov think it, he said the right things, now let’s see if he can win some games.
  4. I know however couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I agree and he will have plenty of time to do whatever he wants after he hangs up the cleats.
  5. I have $100 to your $10 that says he wants to play in the NFL.
  6. Not sure what one has to do with the other, teaching was an odd career choice if you feel that way.
  7. Tom Brady, you must be one important dude, I guess you don’t care about the rest, good for you.
  8. I know you are scared bro, but your A$$ will be in a classroom in the fall or you will be collecting unemployment, need to mad cow this thread.
  9. After last year I can’t imagine we can witness anything worse. USF football is like sex, even bad sex is still better than no sex.
  10. I would think they would just quarantine the person or people that actually have the virus.
  11. I know the horse is dead but your response is unclear. You agree that you were wrong and that CBG should not be fired if he fails to meet your targets of a final 4 NIT or The Dance as you clearly stated earlier in the thread? It is a yes or no answer, I have no problem with you changing your mind, I just want you to admit your target for removing him from his job was wrong.
  12. Sorry after looking at this you meant Stan Heath, I agree, I thought you meant skip holtz
  13. At a school like Florida, money is no object and he can respond much differently than a USF AD. I attended when we were not a preeminent University, it appears from your serious lack of reading comprehension that you did as well.
  14. You have seen it and read it however you failed to retain it, that is the big difference between you and I. I would be requesting some money back from your educational institution as well.
  15. Your entire argument is silly, you are saying we could easily fire Strong after year 2 because the economic environment was better. COVID or no COVID we are and were cash poor and it is odd that you don’t grasp that. Optics are important, do you think our ability to attract a quality replacement may be affected when we fire a coach after only 2 years with a 17-8 record at USF? Lastly, I am obviously a USF grad or I wouldn’t be wasting my time on this board, once again your failure to connect the dots is comical.
  16. Cuz was saying Kelly would have had to fire Strong 5 mos after he ( Mike Kelly) arrived on campus. This argument has been mentioned numerous times in this thread and others. Not sure if you are being deceptive or dense with your response however either one is not a good look.
  17. Laughable? He Lost 6 in a row not 7, was 17-8 after 2 years. We all knew that the trajectory of the team was not good however he fired his OC, claimed he had a small team and got in the portal and brought in some bigger bodies. It was not just Q that left but all the meat on the defensive line after his first year. He was starting a strong safety and a defensive end at linebacker because they were so thin. We needed to let him play the 3rd year out due to optics of firing the guy with this type of record and mainly DUE TO MONEY, the buy out was huge and we are poor and YOU used the same logic of keeping Gregory an extra year even if he does not meet your goals and shown that he is not the guy. You are a freakin hypocrite, keep track of your arguments because you contradict yourself constantly.
  18. I am not saying that, he fired CCS at the exact right time. CBG will have a big year anyways so this point is moot.
  19. Or you could say 4 times in the last 30 seasons, stop with the depressing stats, we suck I get it. This is a defining year for CBG and the only way he gets sacked is if chokes a player, and he is a little dude so that ain’t gonna happen.
  20. Dammit, I actually agree with Trips again.
  21. He was not flashy, game was boring and the NBA was on its way out, Magic and Bird saved the demise of the NBA. He was kinda like Barkley without the attitude, the 70’s are forgettable in many ways.
  22. Agreed however maybe Cuz likes big guys in small shorts, I don’t judge. The guy could ball and the overhead two hand pass was classic, however at 5’ 10” it never really did much for me.
  23. Hiring a coach is always a risk even if you feel confident you can evaluate talent, sometimes coaches are not a good fit in one situation however find success in another one. I liked all 3 of our last football hires (CJS TBD) and only one panned out. CSH and CCS had success before and Skippy has had some since, I will take CBG as a known entity over an unknown all day, subject to change however like I said this year will be special, take that to the bank.
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