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  1. Not local and out of town as well but I do love seeing these posts and love the way you guys will simply give them away just for being a fan versus selling them for peanuts, Thank you brother.
  2. When we are winning you are provocative and intriguing and when we are not you are annoying. If we had a better team these numbers would improve however until then be patient.
  3. I actually like the passion and not sure we have much to rally behind but for gods sake let’s crush this ****** program, have fun scoring and go to Provo with some hope. I realize it is a tough first four but let’s get some positive energy going into the conference play.
  4. She was also the president when we were relegated to the AAC after hiring Skippy, I know you are a fan but from a sports perspective she is our Hugh Culverhouse, even a blind squirrel made it to the NFC championship but still ran the program into the ground in the end by being a cheap greedy scoundrel and laughing all the way to the bank. **** them both.
  5. None of us knows the future but the present sucks. I will go ahead and get another year of plus and watch on Saturday but the thrill is gone, just going through the motions.
  6. Nope, i don’t live in FL and fortunately my career took off and we don’t accept GED/c diplomas in my line of work 😀.
  7. It was the original Hail Mary and I figured we could use a couple prayers right now however sorry Brad I will stay on topic.
  8. Only thing good about that would be a reason for a clean break but we ain’t losing this weekend
  9. I am old but you guys are freakin ancient, however the Hail Mary at the met with Staubach and Pearson was epic.
  10. Houston does it, c does it, GA tech does it, Texas Tech and Baylor and Arkansas and Texas A&M at Jerry’s world and many others do it. If your team is worth watching and the Glazers have a stadium sitting empty for the weekend then you have some leverage as well to make it beneficial for both parties.
  11. I remember when one of my best friends daughter was going there and he had the school flag and was wearing the shirt when she got accepted. I was thinking what in the hell and they ended up winning a National championship in Baseball and the football team is killing it. She graduated and is back home but I would never have thought they would be better than us, I had never heard of the school, I guess end of the day anything can happen kinda like us being #2.
  12. Yep remember going to the college visit with my oldest and it was wide open, she loved it but liked Texas A&M more and went there for in state tuition which was more expensive then UF (Fl prepaid) even with 3 flights a year. Glad she is only 3 hrs away and love the vibe in college station but UF is a very good school and great atmosphere as well.
  13. Yep that Aaron Lynch recovered fumble for TD at UCONN after the Chz st and Mich state beat down in CWT’s first year was memorable, I still get chills down my leg for that big win 😀
  14. we will roll this pathetic FCS school and bang our chests so even though it won’t be an FBS win (first one in over 2 years) at least we get the first win in a little over a year against an IAA aka FCS ****** HBCU team, it will be satisfying for a short period of time, maybe
  15. It is, I went from looking forward to Saturday games to barely even bothering, I get Raider, we are all in different stages of grief and are just trying to figure out ways to deal with it. We are all still fans, just trying to digest the last few years and the least we can do is show some empathy because this has been a **** storm of epic proportions.
  16. Thank you, probably the third time I have heard this today and it is still morning. I am just trying to make the world a better place and it appears I am successful in this noble cause.
  17. He is not starting Fortin, this is Timmy’s team and anyone that watched any of these two games should see that, if CJS can’t then he needs to find another profession.
  18. Always a caveat, I like to hedge my bets, that way I can claim I am never wrong, hopefully this clears it up.
  19. I am very impressed with him, would like to see him start a game.
  20. I really don’t like our D line Lb’s or D backs however besides that I feel pretty good about our defense.
  21. Need Mack, junkyard, Adam’s and MvS too and you are correct
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