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  1. JB

    Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 181 seconds  
  2. Wasn't cancelled. Was just rescheduled to 2019.
  3. JB


    The stadium looked awesome without all the Bucs crap. They nearly hid the pirate ship too. Wish we could cover the whole stadium with USF logos/colors the way they did last night.
  4. JB

    Was Strong at the MBB game today?

    They are good buddies from their South Carolina days under Lou.
  5. JB

    AAC Expansion

    Georgia State is getting Turner Field
  6. JB

    Tom Allen

    The way Auburn D shut down Memphis today maybe they keep the interim guy!
  7. JB

    DC Candidates

    Bring Wally Burnham out of retirement. He was great.
  8. JB

    Taggert gone today

    I can't figure it out either. We have a mobile QB and 3 good RBs and we never use any option. Even Fsu with their pro style mixes in some option.
  9. Hard to believe nobody in Florida got Lynch. We sure could've used him.
  10. JB

    Butch Davis

    Man I hope not. Don't want retreads like Butch or Schiano. Would rather have an up and coming P5 coordinator like Houston got.
  11. Let's hire their coach. He's from Baylor coaching tree. Baylor system with Florida athletes.
  12. I like Holliday too. Great recruiter and coach. Recruits Florida well.
  13. JB

    Basketball Is Coming!

    They lowered the baskets for them.
  14. JB

    ESPN Crew

    Herbstreet can suck it!!!!