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  1. Graduate Exception The graduate exception is a version of the one-time transfer exception. It is for student-athletes who cannot use the normal one-time transfer exception because they play one of the sports that are not permitted to use the exception. The student-athlete must have graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree; The student-athlete meets the other requirements of the one-time transfer exception; The student-athlete must have at least one season of competition left; and The student-athlete’s previous school did not renew his or her athletic scholarship or offer an athletic scholarship for the following academic year. The requirement that the scholarship be cancelled or not renewed is generally not an issue. The scholarship does not need to be cancelled before the transfer or be the reason for the transfer. Because the one-time transfer exception requires you to get a release, what will happen with your scholarship is generally just an administrative detail.
  2. Sorry, just jumped on when I saw the AP Poll.
  3. AP poll has USF tied with PITT for 24th! Still don't understand why Navy is ahead of us at 20.
  4. Why not just cut off the "SH" label and where some cool Bulls gear?
  5. Can't wait for Chip Kelly to bolt for the NFL, then Chris Peterson takes his dream job at Oregon AND Boise becomes Fresno State (or worse) again.
  6. Despite the fact that it was an exciting game to watch, ULL (THIRD in the f'ing Sun Belt!) beating SDSU was discouraging, to say the least.
  7. Since Bianchi is a Gaturd grad, how about Mikee supporting USF to the SEC for "the good of the State". I used to hear him on the radio in Jax- he's a whiner, agitator who craves his local community's attention and affection. I guarantee you that before he moved to Mouseville, he NEVER uttered the letters U,C or F.
  8. Joined in 2002 when my son Pete in freshman year at USF- Go Bulls!
  9. Disappointed to read where Brian Kelly said CMU LOST $75K when they went to Int'l Bowl in '03. And think how much closer Michigan is to Toronto. This invite could be adding an "insult to injury" type of thing.
  10. If you are looking for deep Michigan ties and a guy who has won immediately at all his stops, won conference (MAC) C.Mich and Nat'l (Div II) Grand Valley State titles - how about Brian Kelly??
  11. Fox,ESPN, others reorting that if both USF and WVU win out, WVU could go to championship and we go to Orange Bowl???? We would be Big East champs AND as of today- USF STR of Sch=19, WVU=98!!!!!!!
  12. Joe- I disaree with your first post that Phillip Simms is an a-hole and that everbody knows it! Phil was one of the guttiest Qb's ever and a proven winner. There is NOONE who prepared more for a game or for his current gig as the best commentator in the NFL. I've met Phil 2 times and he was cordial and down to earth. Where do you come up with this stuff? Also ran into Chris at a Rays game in May. Reminded me of his Dad- no entourage, chatting it up with the folks. My daughter fell in love with him because of his "regular guy' attitude.
  13. Just read on ESPN that UCF will sign fat boy to 10 yr contract. He was asking for a million/yr. CJL will need a hefty boost or will be pissed.
  14. This topic has been moved to [link=http://www.thebullspen.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=04022005;action=display;num=1148507313;start=0]State of Florida College Athletics Board[/link] by Bulliever.
  15. ET- I've only been an occasional poster, yet I immediately recognized "ET" as a frequent and superb contributor to this site and as a first rate Bull. I was moved by your announcement andappreciate the courage it must have taken to share this tragic news with the Bull Family. My deepest sympathy to you, your wife and family. In my regious tradition, we sincerely believe that when the littlest among us pass on to the Lord, they go with Him to be His Angels for eternity. God bless the Angel Bruna Leigh Silva Thomas.
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