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  1. Mail it in and wait to retire? sound familiar?
  2. hoping we can pull it off, but who knows. Hopefully BJM will work some magic this year
  3. If we can put up points in bunches we will be in most games this season. If we can play decent defense we may win a bunch of games this year. I’m hoping we can get it together and surprise some folks, but that’s on Coach
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/cfn-2019-future-win-total-projections-for-all-130-teams-spring-version/ar-BBUqsnB?li=BBnb7Kz USF 2018 Record: 7-6 2019 Future Win Total Projection: 7.5 3 Key Games: 1) Memphis, Nov. 23, 2) Cincinnati, Nov. 16, 3) BYU, Oct. 12 USF vs UCF is mentioned right next to Bama vs Auburn at the beginning of the article. Pre-Spring prediction what do you guys think? Will the new OC breathe some new life into this team and turn it all around? Did the staff clean out the malcontents, and will that have any impact? Who care we were 7-0 and could’ve been contenders?
  5. that’s why we Bulls keeping moving forward no matter what lays ahead. Both these programs have shown a lot of heart. I hope both of them can finish strong and leave it all on the court
  6. One of the in state teams should scoop up DJ. We all know none of them are in any position to pass up good talent
  7. Run the ball? Pfft ok coach Gilbert. Only sissies run the ball. We’re playing 21st century air it out football, not rugby.
  8. They had 3 more picks than us last season. I hope with the a better talent level he can help us get more production out of our guys. Also he was a recruiting coordinator, so hopefully he can help us step up our recruiting game too.
  9. He can play as long as he keeps his claws tucked away. We’re not the patriots, we don’t play with deflated balls
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