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  1. Death rate in Europe is 4-5%. Also China grossly under reported deaths/sicknesses
  2. I’ve seen the way they vote, I think that should say it all
  3. Look at the Southern Hemisphere. This virus doesn’t subside in warmer months. We’re going to have to settle in and wait for a vaccine of some type.
  4. Puc is right. The country is getting lazy. People don’t even want to work.
  5. What if that’s not a thermometer in his hand
  6. Since we will be squaring off vs the coronavirus for the next couple of weeks here are the ladies in the struggle:
  7. I expect this level of panic from Floridians, especially since their state/local government won’t do **** for them. But in the Bay Area you have panicking Silicon Valley folks driving an hour+ to clean out targets and Costcos. I was at Nob Hill, a grocery store, and all the meats, baking good, onions, pasta sauces & pastas were completely gone. I spoke to a couple of the folks on staff and they said a lot folks from the Mountain View area, North County, came down and wiped out the store. It was also like that at Safeway and many other stores in the area. You know it’s crazy when you can find black beans dried or otherwise
  8. no that’s not a new water fountain in your bathroom, it’s a bidet
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