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  1. If their coach has one good season he is most likely gone.
  2. We should get the lobos or aggies to join the conference. Everyone knows New Mexico is where the runners are at.
  3. The Big 12 will be extinct after the next round of expansion. The top few teams will get poached and the rest will be relegated. The teams cascading down will shake up the G5 landscape. The P4 will rise and it will be up to us to try to keep pace.
  4. Well as long as you stay healthy and are up to posting. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Glad to have you back though. We need all the posters we can get
  5. Come on. We’ve evolved into a more cultured and sophisticated mob. We haven’t called for anyone’s firing in weeks. That shows that we’ve matured beyond knee jerk calls for firing coaches.
  6. Is that the son of fat bastard from Austin Powers leading their contingent of fans?
  7. I think it puts more pressure on the kids produce as early as possible. If you are graded highly in HS and sign with a big program you will likely need to begin making your mark ASAP. Big companies will likely shy away from throwing money at freshmen, and you will need to be proven by the time you are junior. This could create a lot of chaos with the new transfer rules. High level recruits going down a level and productive G5 players moving up to the big leagues. They may need to get rid of the JUCO schools with how things are lining up.
  8. So the board was causing him to stress eat and drink? Man, I guess he really needed a break
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