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  1. I thought he was happy about being faster than the kid coming back from an injury.
  2. Can they stop using era for every coach? I think that word is tainted and needs to be removed from the USF lexicon as far as football coaches are concerned Is that a make up of our new OCS?
  3. The addition of any schools that does not include a Virginia, Missouri, or Dakota school is a nonstarter. -Virginia keeps the conference east coast heavy and makes travel easy -Missouri because it’s a bridge if you really want to go west why not -Dakota because we be adding people and **** so why not
  4. So Uconn will be replaced by a combo of either: James Madison and Old Dominion or James Madison and VCU VCU said they’ve dying for a reason to jump into football and that the American was too good an opportunity for them to pass up.
  5. Smurf turf and North Dakota State will join the conference in 2022
  6. Buttgers with SEC money Collect the check and do what you got to do. Seems like the only decent option in 2023 is to schedule an SEC team. I wouldn’t schedule MSU again, they’d probably cancel. Pitt could be an interesting opponent
  7. All these football leagues come and go. I’m just not sure this one will be any different
  8. I don’t think this league is intended to survive. It’s a gimmick to make some quick cash. Fold the league midway through the year and walk away with money made. Seems like we’ve seen this before, right?
  9. Anything related to wrestling has to be theatrical, right? In like a lamb and out like a lion
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