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  1. Wow, we should’ve kicked UConn out earlier. We could’ve been owning this conference for years! congrats to coach Fernandez and the ladies
  2. CJS likes this approach to things Players into the portal you go. Cast off coaches and keeps trucking forward. If you don’t fit you’re out
  3. So we don’t get to play the Bucs opening day?
  4. Seems like a downgrade from the Marshall center. Also where’s the promised outdoor seating?... Oh wait. You mean we are actually going to build The Thing? No more studies? No backsies now!
  5. Well look like we have one new safety and one less qb. I hope the high energy translates into good practices that lead to on the field improvements. We have a lot of “good energy” and “good practices” but that doesn’t always produce wins. This is the first step and we’ve matched our practice count for last spring. Hopefully things will climb from here
  6. We need to get an upset. Beat UF, then throw in A&M, the knats and another win or two and things will be ok.
  7. So we have guys that may be able to throw the ball, but we don’t know how far or how they will fair in live action. They favor the transfer from the U cause the other guys couldn’t separate themselves last season. Basically McClain is the guy and we have to find out if he’s ready to take over. Anyone else is only a temporary solution
  8. Block? No, he meant to add 5 guys to the roster to protect the person that wins the battle from ever touching the field.
  9. Seattle is actually dunk city. Washington state has been a producing decent high school basketball players and Gonzaga is reaping the benefits.
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