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  1. Y’all can go on with that discussion. I want no part in it. I don’t care what Bithlo Community College does. I hope their programs crater. Arguing about them here is just creating Bull on Bull animosity that we don’t need. We have plenty to talk about without injecting other schools into the picture.
  2. You guys keep talking about the tinmen in this thread but
  3. It will be one big sandbox, if any of this stuff comes to pass. I think Texas wants to be big time and the Pac12 wants to improve their football standings. Even if the B12 loses a couple at the top the bottom half is still better than the AAC
  4. TX, OU, OSU, and either TCU or Tex Tech to Pac12, Ku to B10, WVU, Baylor and the passed over schools go to the AAC
  5. https://www.realsimple.com/work-life/money/secrets-lottery-winner
  6. the second have of the season starts with this game
  7. Maybe he sets a new record in this game
  8. Roaming Bull

    Percentages Graph For Rest Of Year

  9. Deep down we all know he doesn’t have any good stuff. Every game is like trick or treating hoping to get full size candy bars and all you get is black licorice.