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  1. Texas only has steers and non gender conforming hipsters, and AAC doesn’t have any horns
  2. so is this what football is going to look next season? Covid proof the game
  3. So do they play Canadian rules in Montana? It’s practically Canada right?
  4. The Essential Worker bowl, brought to you by Covid-19
  5. 6.7% overall death rate https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-death-rates-high-deadlier-than-flu-2020-5
  6. Were xfl players paid more than wrestlers? Because if they weren’t there is no way he’s retiring. I haven’t watch wrestling in 20 years, but I still see the same names up there. Are most of those guys wrestling from assisted living facilities or something?
  7. So if he’s trying his hand at coaching, does thing mean he’ll be trying to coach in Canada too?
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