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  1. Thank you you for your service and good luck. I hope he at least finds a spot on a practice squad and makes some bank
  2. If he can perform against better competition like he did today, hell yeah he could be the starter. He still has some development to do and consistency to gain
  3. I guess joiner is going to join Wilcox in hall of those who blew it for us. I Joiner gets to redeem himself
  4. He is not a starter. He needs to be way more consistent, but an experience backup never hurt
  5. He also played smart with the ball today, which is a big step for him.
  6. Great effort, decent coaching (for the most part), it’s a building block and we look light years better than where we started
  7. Worst season, most points given up, new coaches, global pandemic, and we still mustered a win. So at least we got that going for us
  8. The staff stepped it up for the most part. Execution and turnovers hurt us most. The staff still has room to improve, but they put us in the ball park. Which is more than most of pundits and some of our fans expected
  9. Can we get a Mack style run? Or an Adam’s style completion? Please
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