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  1. Don’t worry Kansas is trying to get the DOJ involved, because realignment is more important than the feds chasing actual criminals…… I know someone will say what espn did is a crime
  2. Yup, but these midgets will still likely be incorporated by us. They will either come over and add value, if they’re proactive. Or be forced over and we will have to split our pennies further with these folks. I hope they slide over willingly and try to bring as much value as possible with them
  3. If the Big12 wants to sub belt 2.0 let them. Then we should have officially past them and have earned spot as the top G6 team. Big 10 only wants AAU schools, so Kansas is all they are going to take from the little 12. If they won’t make an exception for ND, I doubt they take any of the leftovers. clemson and fsu won’t go to the SEC. But the ACC might poach penn state or Cincy to compliment WV. Penn state would add more value I think. I think we can add schools, but we better get paid for adding these “traditional” schools. Maybe they will “legitimized” our conference?
  4. It’s hard to follow this stuff closely because most of it is made up. But it would make sense to try to drive demand, although nothing in the college sports world makes sense. For now crack out a cold one and keep the popcorn coming because we are in for a crazy close to summer leading into football season
  5. They don’t think the Big10 is being aggressive enough, from what I read. They want to go where value is being added, and not where things are standing pat
  6. If the ACC pulls Penn State away from the B10 and takes WV I wonder what that would trigger? The ACC is also possibly interested in WV and Cincy. I think Penn State would be their best option. Thrasher of FSU made a statement that the ACC needs to make sure they don’t get left behind, so I’m sure they will need to be aggressive too
  7. Remaining Big 12 programs lacking options? Pac-12 reportedly not eager to poach what’s left of the league The Big 12 may not have as many options as some fans think. The Pac12 doesn’t want the B12 leftovers, according to a couple reports out of their media day. Cuse and possibly the Hokies are lobbying for WV to the ACC, per the rumor mill. I though Pitt might want WV in the ACC too, but haven’t seen them mentioned. The B10 has been checking options too. I’ve seen they could try to pick off Colorado as part of their move to pick “select” B12 castaways as they expand their footprint. If they make that move it could spur some real crazy movement. Colorado State to the AAC came up in a couple scenarios. It seems like unless the B10 moves hard into the southern Midwest the Texas schools to the AAC seems like a good bet. Conversely, I have seen a couple articles advocating for the reconstitution of the B12 following the Sun Belt model. Their footprint would change and who they add is amorphous at this time. Seems like UH, Memphis and ucf are are at the top of that list. Nothing about them looking west to BYU or CSU or any of those others schools. interesting times. The NCAA meeting will be interesting. It seems like either Fox or CBS might be trying to undermine the playoff, but I think it’s ESPN trying fake everyone out. Lots going on to warm us up for the season
  8. I’m hoping no one wants to be in a lame duck conference and we can grab the schools we want. With them in hand hopefully we can get more money. If the powers that be aren’t paying the B12 they can pay us
  9. just a little push to keep this going. I wonder how long it will take theB12 members to come over to dark side?
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