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  1. Roaming Bull

    New DB Coach

    Run the ball? Pfft ok coach Gilbert. Only sissies run the ball. We’re playing 21st century air it out football, not rugby.
  2. Roaming Bull

    New DB Coach

  3. Roaming Bull

    New DB Coach

    They had 3 more picks than us last season. I hope with the a better talent level he can help us get more production out of our guys. Also he was a recruiting coordinator, so hopefully he can help us step up our recruiting game too.
  4. He can play as long as he keeps his claws tucked away. We’re not the patriots, we don’t play with deflated balls
  5. Roaming Bull

    The USF Gators????

    King is a gem. We need to hope that we can hold onto him for another two years. I’m surprised that he hasn’t been scooped up yet.
  6. Roaming Bull

    The USF Gators????

    One day we will get to the promised land. It might be after our coach in waiting takes over though. Let’s see how his offense does next season
  7. Roaming Bull

    The USF Gators????

    Man CCS really did hurt you didn’t he
  8. Roaming Bull

    The USF Gators????

    To credit someone for any success we may have next year. If we fail, we’re just doing USF things. But if we succeed it will be because those UF transfers made all of our scrub players better, according to the TBT.
  9. Roaming Bull

    Brett Kean found a new home

    Hopefully he can lead them out of the bottom ten where they seem to be a fixture. Good luck to him in his future endeavors
  10. Spring game? Winter isn’t over yet. Let’s get to signing day before we talk about the spring game. Global warming has killed winter smh. People think it’s spring in January
  11. Roaming Bull

    Larry Scott for OC

    CCS doesn’t care about execution. Just stand there with a clipboard & headset and call as many hb dives as you can. That’s all he asks of his OC