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  1. Nope. I think we knew the game was going to be canceled because his name was on the 2 deep. We played the other games, but his name pops up and all of a sudden we have to cancel a game. Coincidence? I think not. Cade will now be known as Covid Cade and his name will mark the canceling of our games.
  2. Well the virus seems to be mutating pretty quickly. so trying to get to “herd” immunity will be fun as it keeps trying to become deadlier and more communicable. This study mirror what a larger UK study showed as well Coronavirus mutation seen in massive new study of genetic sequences from Houston - The Washington Post The largest U.S. genetic study of the virus, conducted in Houston...
  3. Kelly hates USF so much he sent Covid positive players out against. Our defeat on the field wasn’t enough to satisfy his rage. What a twisted bastard
  4. Maybe the virus is on our side and will take them out too
  5. So at what point do we start questioning if a qb is really necessary? D. Johnson would probably have better passing stats than our current cohort. I wonder if Ford can throw at all? He would at least be better than McCloud
  6. We respect history around here and therefore we debate the merits of our previous coaches endlessly.
  7. Did you see that ND game? Whatever that was on field was biggest disappointment so far. We looked like the freshman squad playing a state champ varsity team.
  8. Covid, injuries, maybe coach is upset that he picked nc over Clemson and this is his pay back? Maybe he mysteriously broke his foot or ankle. It’s like getting to the center of a tootsie pop. The world may never know
  9. It was more of a car reference. I get he had a good game. I think his tackle was our best shot at points
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