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  1. On the tweet feed they take all of them down, Joey too. I don’t think all is well between our media outlets. I would post the tweets, but they might offend Brad’s virgin eyes
  2. Lol yeah that’s bogus. But the other posts have potty language and are spitting fire like they were related to Mario
  3. these guys are going off. Please check their feed. Brad would not appreciate the tweet they put out, but it really puts a lot out there, and calls folks out for their lazy journalism Maybe Beastie is writing for them?
  4. Man I wonder what Kiffin’s agent gets paid per mention? Because I’m sure that’s the way he’s making his money
  5. PSU just locked up Franklin. So does FSU take Norvell or do they make a run at Kiffin?
  6. So if all the coaching threads from this round were merge would that thread be able to give the conference realignment thread a run for it money?
  7. Which FSU is the better job? FSUe or FSUw?
  8. Disney only wants nice things now. All of that unpleasant nonsense that made famous had to go away. on a side note, Disney owning Star Wars makes me laugh. It’s the empire owning the empire.
  9. It’s orientation day. Everyone is handed a fob and told they have to workout at a random gym. Seems pretty hilarious
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