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  1. Roaming Bull

    Craig Watts

  2. Roaming Bull

    Auggie Retires as a Football Player

    He can’t wait too long if he wants to be a GA next year
  3. So if Barnett does play and plays well are we going to start making bank references? I think I’m just going to call him BB from now on.
  4. Roaming Bull

    Football: better year?

    But Barnett was supposed to be our Tee Martin, and QF our P. Manning. So things are supposed to get even better right?
  5. Roaming Bull

    Football: better year?

    I just hope they have time to gel and can give a pocket passer enough time to get the ball out. Also help get the running game going. It’s the key to being successful in offense. If the oline is dominant and the defense is as good as we believe it should be. We are in for a great season. Game day performance will dictate our ceiling this year
  6. Roaming Bull

    Football: better year?

    With the o-line being an unknown I think if they go pocket passer they may be forced to make a change sometime this season. They my try to thrust the transfer in, but may need to switch him for Chris or Kean after the few games.
  7. Down voting everything, you’re drunk on power
  8. Roaming Bull


    Can we stop being placed in the Gainesville bracket? Something about that place is bad juju for our teams. Maybe we just need to win more and host our own games.....
  9. Roaming Bull


    3-2 OSU leads, bottom of the 6th
  10. Roaming Bull

    JK breaking news

    I don’t think OK State is as strict as BYU with their rules
  11. Roaming Bull

    JK breaking news

    I thought this thread would involve a hammer or something. I didn’t know he was capable of actually getting a story out there before it was reported else where.
  12. Roaming Bull

    Reputation/Reaction Now Viewable to Member

    Like being at an awkward thanksgiving dinner
  13. Roaming Bull

    We're everywhere .............

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/nation-now/2018/01/25/n-out-mangers-make-160-000-per-year-reports-show/1065434001/ 160k to manage burger flippers. What a time to be alive