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  1. Maybe it’s blind faith, but I don’t think you’ll find this to be too far off. If the Dive doesn’twork, I think we abandon it earlier than later. We’ll see the same amount of bubble screens and wide outs, but more Wilcox involved (assuming he’s healthy)...
  2. Bulls (yeah, I said it) 38-35 Ford Soloman 469
  3. If i were a WR recruit, I would look elsewhere...
  4. A 75% healthy B.B. is better than the 100% CO or BK?
  5. Respectfully disagree. That’s conservative. They know we are running.
  6. Strong always looks confused after the end of every offensive play....
  7. With the RBs cutting back around the end, they must be tired of the HB Dive as well...