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  1. Unless I am reading this wrong, that's only for one ticket -- I need three, correct? I need three tickets for my family...
  2. Good morning! My family will be coming into town for the FAMU game this weekend and would like to get tickets for the game. I don't know what "club access" actually is, but sounds like fun. Is there any way to purchase Club Level access? I read the thread on them allowing anyone in there (which is not fair at all), but we would like to access it legitimately. I need three (3), but don't have enough points to enter Brad's contest (which is very cool, BTW!). My 13-year-old now wants to go to USF and the last game we were able to attend was FSU/USF in 2016. What exactly is Club Level? Is there food / beverages? Bathrooms (my wife's biggest concern other than the humidity)?
  3. How am I feeling today? Inspired and hopeful. We knew this wasn't going to be a winning season, but without some sort of hope, it's doom and gloom. I don't post as much as I'd like, but always read everyone's opinions because they're important. Do I want to exchange places with Jacksonville State? Hell no. We've beaten FSU before -- been there, done that and (literally) bought the t-shirt. HOWEVER, none of these first four games count for our conference. Let's win our own conference (or even a few games in our own conference) before we talk about the likes of competing with NC State, UF (bleh) and BYU. We still have a whole slate of conference games to play with an offense that shows flashes of brilliance. A defense that doesn't quit. A special teams field goal unit that doesn't scare the hell out of us with a chip shot, a punter that can place it inside the 20 and a kickoff that actually goes into the end zone. Our penalties are WAY down and we give up very few sacks. Hopeful? Yes. We've seen plenty of ineptitude these past few years, but football seasons go in cycles. I believe we are on an upswing. I saw more fight in them yesterday than the past few seasons. These kids (most of them anyway) want to be here. Alumni football players that clamor to be a part of the action again -- for them to want to be on the sideline attests to the fact that they believe in the university and ditch us when they succeed. Hopeful? You **** right. Anything other than hope is just ******** and moaning. Noise. Some love to wallow in it and others search for any blemish or wrongdoing. Some enjoy blaming others and believe "the sky is falling." I refuse to fault anyone. Am I frustrated? Yes. Do I want the UNIVERSITY to succeed? Absolutely. Am I proud of my alma mater and rep them every chance I get? I blatantly and boldly wear my USF gear everywhere (especially here in Orlando). I motivate my students to go to USF and they have come back and thanked me for suggesting and motivating them to attend OUR university. They didn't just grab a shirt off a Walmart rack and start rooting for other teams (looking at you OVIEDO). They wanted to go there and loved going to the games. Hopeful? Hell yes. Better days are ahead of us, boys...
  4. I do think we can win this game. No evidence of this sentiment -- I think my green and gold glasses are permanently attached... I'm looking forward to the new season!
  5. McCord is awful this game. Two fumbles, constant under throws. Time to bring in Cade.
  6. Anyone know any way to see the game without subscribing to WSPN+ or FUBOtv?
  7. As an Alumni of our Theatre program, I whole-heartedly agree...
  8. How sweet would that be if we took their place...
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