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  1. I have to agree with your disagreement. Thank you for the apology, but actions speak louder than words. Is he in the weight room today? Is anyone analyzing film from yesterday? If seen my share of apologies from past and current players over the past years, but I want results. I give him an A for responsibility, an F for grammar and a C for on-field play. Was he set up to fail? Yes. Did he make progress throughout the year? Maybe a little. I'll give him credit for stepping up publicly, but honestly, I'm not sure he's the quarterback of the future.
  2. 1) South Florida 2) 22 3) Collins - 21 4) Durr - 11 5) 69%
  3. Navy's rushing offense has consistently been in the top 10 (it seems)...
  4. The difference is that the defense has been staying in their lanes and being more disciplined as of late. We have played more as a team with less individual accolades or interest from the front seven. Aren't the Tackles for Loss stats showing that?
  5. Another positive -- we can still win our division...
  6. From USA Today's Misery Index: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/columnist/dan-wolken/2019/09/29/college-football-virginia-tech-justin-fuente-humbled-duke-loss/3812111002/ South Florida: The Bulls have played three FBS teams this season. They have lost to all three. The combined score of those games? 111-31. Not much more than that needs to be said about the sorry state of South Florida football, although they’re fortunate to be playing a team that appears just as inept next Saturday in Connecticut. But in the bigger picture, it’s hard to see how this is acceptable in any way for South Florida, which may reach the point where there’s no choice but to buy out Charlie Strong. How much that would cost is a bit of a mystery. Most of Strong’s compensation is tied to a private foundation that doesn’t have to disclose the contract terms, but the cost seems likely to be around $5 million. That’s a lot to cough up for a cash-crunched program like South Florida, which is trying to spend the money it has on facilities rather than fired coaches. But the Bulls have gone from bad at the end of last season (they lost six straight after starting 7-0) to non-competitive this year, which is the opposite of what was supposed to happen by Strong’s third year. It’s time to do something different or risk digging the hole even deeper.
  7. From CF News... Among current American Athletic Conference programs, USF beat Georgia Tech and Illinois in back-to-back weeks early last season, and as part of the Big East, famously made the cover of Sports Illustrated – pour one out; sky point to SI – back in 2007 after beating Auburn and North Carolina and West Virginia in back-to-back-to-back games. 2014 East Carolina took out Virginia Tech and North Carolina in a two-week span, and in 2016, Houston destroyed Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma to start the season, and rolled Lamar Jackson and Louisville later on. Since becoming an FBS program back in 1996, UCF has played Power Five programs in back-to-back weeks 14 times – if you include the old Big East as a major conference back in the day, and including one run of four straight games against P5ers as two. How many times has the program come up with two straight wins over the big boys? Zero. How many times has UCF beaten two Power Five schools in the same regular season? Never. With this loss to Pitt, what is UCF’s all-time regular season record vs. Power Five and Big East schools? 7-53. So, you’re trying to figure out your perception problem, UCF? Winning seven Power Five games in one regular season doesn’t even get you a College Football Playoff can cozy, and you haven’t won more than that in almost 23 seasons. And that’s why the loss to Pitt was so devastating. It didn’t matter that the Knights lost in a thriller – and it wouldn’t have mattered to the College Football Playoff committee if UCF won by 50 – but the loss is the entire point of why the program isn’t on the CFP philosophical or theoretical radar. Worse yet, it was against Pitt. You know, amazing uniforms, suspect defensive scheme that leaves its corners out to dry, probably won’t go bowling this year, bad food, worse weather … Pitt. It’s not like UCF lost late to Ohio State, or LSU, or Oregon. Yeah, UCF can absolutely hang with or beat anyone in a one game shot – the program really is that good now – but no one’s arguing that. Beat Stanford, and then beat Pitt on the road, and then beat more teams with Power Five talent over and over and over again. Don’t you see? This is a beauty contest, and to have any shot to make a reasonable case to be included in the judging, UCF couldn’t have stumbled in the swimsuit competition. THIS was the chance to do it. THIS was a shot to take down two mediocre teams with ease, like any normal and decent Power Five program could and would do in back-to-back weeks. Does this loss by 2019 UCF to Pitt mean the 2017 UCF team wouldn’t have obliterated these Cardinal and Panther teams? Of course not … again, that’s not the point. It’s not that the system is rigged against UCF or the Group of Five programs, it’s that they’re not even in the system at all because they don’t play the biggest and best programs with Power Five talents, facilities and resources week after week after week after week. It’s about the grind, and in this one chance to finally do something the program has never been able to do, it lost. Link: https://collegefootballnews.com/2019/09/cavalcade-of-whimsy-ucf-lost-clemson-schedule-top-remaining-games
  8. I did say the past few years and I stand by it. McCants was the last solid blocking receiver we had. I don't recall Adams blocking that much TBH and MVS was a decent blocker but I don't remember him being consistent. The receivers we've had were not good at route running. They depended too much on scheme and couldn't plant their feet and do a hitch route or fake right and run a cross route underneath.
  9. This has always been my point of contention. The receivers get NO separation on any routes and don't block anybody with any enthusiasm. They only hope to outrun the opponent. The receivers have been a major disappointment the past few years. Doesn't seem like a team effort by them -- you can see it on bubble screens and crossing routes.
  10. After looking on GT's message boards, I feel like clobbering them myself. They act like this is going to be a cakewalk -- I'd love for our team to run up the score... Go Bulls!
  11. Feels more like an Auburn game to me -- they were #17 at the time as well...
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