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  1. I appreciate his vision. It isn't lost on me that when we were having winning seasons, we were only winning because our conference was so bad. Now that we are losing, everyone in our conference seems to be a league above us. I chock this all up to the ebb and flow of college football. If CJS means what he's saying and attracts like minded players, we're going to be something to deal with.
  2. Good for him standing up for something he believes in. This nation will be better for it for sure.
  3. You admittedly don't live in those neighborhoods. You visited the situation enough to be familiar with it. You should know a much as I do that those communities are tougher on themselves than anyone else. When crime is high, there isn't a politician or preacher who doesn't organize movements and community watches to combat it. 93% of protests are peaceful so I don't know why you're focusing on the 7%, especially when the blm movement is multi-racial and easily infiltrated by those wanting to change the narrative. The movement also doesn't have any leaders. So the YouTube video of one of the peele who started the # is nothing more than a tool used to scare people. That person has little to no influence on the movement as a whole. Plus capitalism can't be all good. Americans can't get a living wage, afford higher education, afford healthcare, afford housing, live in food deserts...etc. A challenge to the system as a whole shouldn't be offputting. America can and should do better. Depending on your perspective, this country is as close as its ever been to tyranny. The solutions that are needed come with fixing the broken system, not ignoring it, when it doesn't work for the majority of Americans. Plus the progressive movement of the democratic party is trying to do just what you suggested. So donating would do just that.
  4. In a better world these same athletes shouldn't have to depend on being physically exceptional to get an education. America since its inception has been racist and violent. What makes the BLM any more so? Black on black crime isn't a thing. Neither is white on white crime, latinx on latinx, Asian on Asian...etc. Crimes happen in proximity. Let's not talk about a bundle of cells when America, the richest nation in the world, wont take care of the people who are here and treat them right. You also can't talk about father-less homes without talking about the broken judicial system. The 'war on drugs' that preys upon communities of color and the social economically disadvantaged... You also should talk about father-less homes when you just got done complaining about abortion. "Whitey" has historically dirty hands. Read any history book that doesn't sugarcoat the story of our nation and stays away from "The southern apologist" strategy. May I recommend "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander. To think the 'blame' is solely based on percieved race and not actual immoral laws and government backed lynchings is astonishing. It's extremely sad that you aren't willing to listen to people who are showing you a perspective different from your own. It's entirely possible that the truth you know is only your truth because of where you focused your vision. I hope and pray you don't leave this earth on the wrong side of history with such anger and bitterness in your heart. America is finally opening its eyes and your guy reaction is to run away and hide, saying everyone outside of your community who doesn't think like you is wrong. And you'd rather give up something you spent 20+ years loving, than to change your perspective. That says a lot about you and those like you.
  5. Is this an awkward time to say I teach for a living???
  6. It has to be hard for Q or anyone in his position. "Shut up and play" is too loaded off a phrase nowadays. They're pimping his image and story. When he comes in the team is electrified. The announcers and internet sing his praises and questions the coache. They win 1 game where he doesn't play and now he just needs to play his role. I don't get it. He loves Tampa but doesn't like being used or not given a serious shot at the starting role. It isn't just about the paycheck for some people.
  7. Hyped up the AAC when there was confusion between us and ACC. Talked about how the practice had the most energy he'd ever seen. Also discussed how he knew Mccloud from way back abs how he's excited for the experience he got and for the qb depth and appropriate amount of competition.
  8. If you said STRONG had no personality I'd believe that. I Loved Taggart's energy and swag. The only difference is Harbaugh tree hype and Clemson championship winning/ behemoth program hype. Mix that with new AD that also has great energy and connections... boom goes the dynamite.
  9. Neither is denial. We don't corner the market on ingenuity, freedom, or greatness you know?
  10. Perfect use of the phrase. Just like with the original, the noun has never been great. But I can HOPE that this CHANGE is one I can BULL-ieve in.
  11. I don't think we were as bad as our record would indicate. Our offense was inconsistent/ borderline consistently bad. We have an offense-minded coach and a coordinator with a photographic memory. Offensive line was bad, but the coach brought in for that seems legit even if his history is tainted with that one school. The whole crew is brimming with energy, which our team needed big time. I honestly don't see why we can't win and win big coming out of the gate. We weren't missing THAT many peices and we seem to be on track to gaining more than we loss.
  12. Any team playing UCF. Any team playing Alabama. I'll be keeping an eye on FAU now and I'll forever bleed green and gold.
  13. Good lord this staff is exciting. I'm a huge fan of XCWT but I'll definitely give this go around my full support. Should be exciting if nothing else.
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