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  1. Did you support CSH or CWT??? You're giving up on a coach that gave you a 10-2 record last year and is currently in mid season with a 7-1 team? Ok... Must be nice to have an extra 6k to travel in the first place. And now the first loss where we get out played by a solid team you're bolting? Shoot felt like we were playing against QF. Our team looked good and wasn't embarrassing to watch. We simply got beat with a young team. I rather it happen now than later in the season. I'm sorry this loss hurt but you should really count your blessings.
  2. You're only a manly man if you speak in grunts and wear animal skin pelts taken from the animals you killed with your bare hands...
  3. The same people spoke the same way before ucf last season... And if it weren't for a timely fumble we would've met most of our goals. I'm just saying our team underperforms from time to time but they ball out of control when necessary.
  4. Was I one of the few who felt completely at ease the whole game? I've come to expect us to play tight. We know this team has the weapons to compete with anyone. I'm legitimately not worried about anyone on our schedule as long as the bulls play hard. Could be blissful ignorance, living on a prayer, or the fact that we're 7-0 post Quinton Flowers. I'll take it any day of the week because I didn't know what to expect without Q carrying the team. This team has heart and they play beyond what's expected with the lack of experience.
  5. I'm glad they actually play the game on the field. Good God... lmbo yesterday was never in jeopardy. What's Houston ranked again with their Alabama-esque team? Has no one run successfully against God's gift to football Ed Oliver? Did our offense not put up 38 points yesterday? We clearly play to the level of our competition and focus more in crunch time. With that being said, take a look at the GT game. That's the closest we've been to being focused for 4 quarters. High stakes + tougher competition= Focused and Excited young football team. Take the 2 minute drill offense right before the half against uconn for example, when the team feels we need it, they do it. I'm almost certain we're going to open up a can on Houston. Bulls come out on fire and show them Texas boys what's up! Don't sleep on this team, they don't know what losing is and I suspect they won't find out anytime soon.
  6. Man I'm still mad at Memphis for blowing their opportunity to shut UCF up.
  7. I wonder if UCF is going to ask to be dropped in rankings because they would've lost had Memphis not messed it up...
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't FSU win a National Championship with come from behind victories all season? I hate it but winning solves all problems.
  9. I don't mind going out there like business as usual. If they start losing and they're walking around like they are watching paint dry, that's different. But right now they have a job to do and they're doing it. That's all we can ask. Last year we were aggravated because we went from flashy to efficient. Now this year we didn't have a quarterback until one transferred in, and we're upset about this version of 5-0. I'll take any version of being one game away from bowling when I was emotionally prepping myself for a dumpster, fire post Quinton Flowers/ mobile quarterback.
  10. All of that doesn't matter if they aren't scoring points. Our defense is getting better each week. Our D-line is quick, strong, but small. So teams get push BUT we tackle quickly.
  11. In all honesty I didn't expect last year's nail biter against the knights. We didn't really have an impressive game until then. We gave them the fight of their life, and if it weren't for that fumble, the results would most likely have been different. I say that to remind everyone that this team plays lights out when they're focused, just like last year's team. The only reason ECU was ever in the game was because of one sided officiating. The knights looked very beatable when they first squared up against FAU. FAU doesn't have our passing threat or defense or unbreakable will to win. Shoot think back to FSU during Winston's last year... they always played down to competition and willed themselves to victory in the 4th. Houston is obviously beatable and UCF hasn't had a challenge all year. Before this game didn't Milton throw quite a few interceptions? Imagine him going up against our defense doing that ish, we'll eat him/ them alive. Long story longer, we've got hope. Hope we didn't have after Q took his last snap originally. This team isn't flashy, their wins aren't pretty, but they're hungry. They have the mindset of winners mixed with zero quit. That mixed with the skill they possess and the fact that teams will come in doubting us... We may haphazardly win our first conference championship.
  12. McCants has +20 strength boost anytime he's inside the opponent's 20 yard line.
  13. I wonder how many coaches would be left if this was the case? Lmbo smh poor white men in American society, no one has it worse in the history of this nation's existence. Especially Urban...
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