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  1. I needed this win just so we could get the board off of suicide watch.
  2. Yes, unlike some, I don't want my team to continue to be a dumpster fire. Two weeks ago it didn't seem like we could beat and score on ANYONE. So a score as soon as the o.p. starts this thread, is this thread aging poorly.
  3. Really hope this thread continues to age terribly
  4. Some people pay good money for this type of masochism!
  5. Flowers was still here and didn't need replacing but I think Chris Oladokun is doing ok for himself.
  6. I guess I can go with your analogy. Our football program was a domestically abused spouse. She's a good woman, loyal, but damaged physically, emotionally, and mentally. Xcwt was the good guy who didn't take things too fast and help build up our confidence and helped us to love again. After we were back on our feet and doing well, he realized that he wasn't the right one for us. We had a peaceful break up and both moved on. We liked our new mate but we are still hoping our old flame will realize the mistake he made in leaving us and ultimately pay for it a little. Oregon was in rough shape and he went 7-5... not a bad outing. Florida State is in rougher shape and he's 1-1. If he stops having 2nd half meltdowns, they'll be pretty good this year. I don't know if you are intentionally forgetting how bad Holtz did us or not. We were absolutely horrible. Matt Floyd was our starting quarterback... If you build a career on putting out dumpster fires, your overall record won't be good. He showed steady improvement each year, which is better than where we are currently. Bowl games don't matter, they're nice, but they don't matter unless we're going to a premier bowl. And Xcwt didn't make the schedule... you don't get brownie points because you played in the Big East and had more opportunities to play storied programs. And you can't have sustained success if you're chasing bigger goals/dreams. He's in his 10th year of coaching and he's rebuilt 2 programs and working on his 3rd out of 4 schools. Not a bad track record at all in my opinion. He's worked his butt off for everything he has, living the American dream at a young age.
  7. What overall tone do you pick up from puc86 if not hate lol? And I don't disagree with your stance that XCWT cashed out, but I say it's better than being fired. We got paid for him to leave the program better than he found it. His last two seasons were 8-5 and 10-2. I'd love to have either again to be honest. I'd especially enjoy having the hope and optimism that came with him being here.
  8. I'd take XCWT back in a heartbeat. His energy, his recruiting, and the end results. He left the shelves stocked with talent. Y'all seem to forget that he took over for Holtz, who left us with a losing culture and mindset. And the players on the team weren't anywhere near what we needed. His team's were exciting to watch, especially when he righted the ship. Can you imagine what he could do with Mcloud??? I even credit him for Strong's first year's success. That was his team continuing to do what he coached them to do, and that's win. I believe some of you hate XCWT because his team earned the right to be compared to XCJL's team of legend. You also feel slighted because he left us for greener pastures. XCWT did everything he was supposed to do. Got us back in the national rankings, changed the culture, and got us talent. You can't ask more of him than you did XCJL, who was fired and didn't leave on his own terms. He got us national rankings without being in a power conference. Xcwt got us talent without the allure of playing against the storied programs. He also has quite a bit of offensive talent that made it to the nfl. He did everything Levitt did without the added bonus of being the first coach. Some of you are way too bitter...
  9. I mean Blake Barnett reminds me of the Mike White (hopefully that's the right pre QF quarterback) situation. Not mobile, needed a solid o-line. Lost the starting job but beasted at another school with an offense built for his strengths.
  10. "When you are relying the refs to save you from ******** the bed again you have already lost." Refs and calls were responsible for tech's first touchdown drive, taking our lead away, and icing the game.
  11. It seemed to work for Georgia Tech lol
  12. I had to upgrade my sling tv package to get the sports package that had the game. But physical month means I paid less than 4 dollars to watch which isn't bad at all.
  13. How the hell did GT QB strategy turn into a Jim Levitt convo??? I was hoping to gain some insight by reading this thread.
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