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  1. TromBull12

    Calling it

    Man I'm still mad at Memphis for blowing their opportunity to shut UCF up.
  2. TromBull12

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    I wonder if UCF is going to ask to be dropped in rankings because they would've lost had Memphis not messed it up...
  3. TromBull12

    Gilbert has to go

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't FSU win a National Championship with come from behind victories all season? I hate it but winning solves all problems.
  4. TromBull12

    Defense Isn’t Improving

    I don't mind going out there like business as usual. If they start losing and they're walking around like they are watching paint dry, that's different. But right now they have a job to do and they're doing it. That's all we can ask. Last year we were aggravated because we went from flashy to efficient. Now this year we didn't have a quarterback until one transferred in, and we're upset about this version of 5-0. I'll take any version of being one game away from bowling when I was emotionally prepping myself for a dumpster, fire post Quinton Flowers/ mobile quarterback.
  5. TromBull12

    Defense Isn’t Improving

    Levitt years???
  6. TromBull12

    USF Rush Defense: #126 of 129

    All of that doesn't matter if they aren't scoring points. Our defense is getting better each week. Our D-line is quick, strong, but small. So teams get push BUT we tackle quickly.
  7. In all honesty I didn't expect last year's nail biter against the knights. We didn't really have an impressive game until then. We gave them the fight of their life, and if it weren't for that fumble, the results would most likely have been different. I say that to remind everyone that this team plays lights out when they're focused, just like last year's team. The only reason ECU was ever in the game was because of one sided officiating. The knights looked very beatable when they first squared up against FAU. FAU doesn't have our passing threat or defense or unbreakable will to win. Shoot think back to FSU during Winston's last year... they always played down to competition and willed themselves to victory in the 4th. Houston is obviously beatable and UCF hasn't had a challenge all year. Before this game didn't Milton throw quite a few interceptions? Imagine him going up against our defense doing that ish, we'll eat him/ them alive. Long story longer, we've got hope. Hope we didn't have after Q took his last snap originally. This team isn't flashy, their wins aren't pretty, but they're hungry. They have the mindset of winners mixed with zero quit. That mixed with the skill they possess and the fact that teams will come in doubting us... We may haphazardly win our first conference championship.
  8. TromBull12

    McCants Thread

    McCants has +20 strength boost anytime he's inside the opponent's 20 yard line.
  9. I wonder how many coaches would be left if this was the case? Lmbo smh poor white men in American society, no one has it worse in the history of this nation's existence. Especially Urban...
  10. I think we should schedule the teams above during the week for extra practice/ scrimmages
  11. I honestly wasn't fishing. Wasn't that a legitimate gripe with Levitt? We would falter down the stretch due to lack of depth. 1's would play with their hair on fire but the injury bug would bite and boom or we would get gassed and the 2's and 3's couldn't tow the line.
  12. CJL didn't have as much depth and skill in every position either. Aka if the 1's went down we were screwed.
  13. TromBull12

    Best game this year

    That's winning by the skin of our teeth. I'll take the W but that was a terrible outing.
  14. TromBull12

    First Half Thoughts

    We're going to see if Blake Barnett and company are the real deal. Greatness comes from adversity. We're only down 9, we get the ball, and we have the athletes. They need to catch the ball and we need to take some shots down the field towards the sideline. Throwing in the middle of the field is a blessing and a curse for this very reason. Not happy currently but still not worried. Our defense has kept them out of the endzone so that's something...
  15. TromBull12

    Barnett: Real Deal

    This is what I meant. I need to see it a few more times. Doesn't hurt that the skill positions keep getting better each year. You look like a God when receivers actually catch the balls you throw and players execute the plays that are called. We're slowly but surely becoming a well rounded mature program.