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  1. Leviathan

    UCF excuse

    That UCF team is nothing special. They looked average at best without Milton (and they weren’t that great with him in the first quarter). They haven’t played a good team all year. Don’t think they will beat Memphis.
  2. Running every play didn’t help after the interception. We need to try something different and I have no problem with taking some shots passing.
  3. Running up the middle has cost us twice on 4th down.
  4. Honestly, UCF hasn’t been that impressive. We should in this game.
  5. Couldn’t care less about another meaningless bowl game against another irrelevant team. The only game left that matters is on Friday.
  6. I’ll start: Sometimes the national media and public at large confuses us with the Orlando School.
  7. The DBs have been terrible today. So many big passes and missed tackles.
  8. Wow, I was about to turn the game off if Houston went up 21! Amazing how we are still in this.
  9. We can’t keep doing this EVERY week. Something needs to change.
  10. Anyone have faith in the kicking team if we get the ball back?
  11. Barnett is not good enough, but the play calling hasn’t helped.
  12. Same problem as last year - the team gets a big lead and the defense goes to sleep in the second half.