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  1. Why is this game being played in Chicago and not at their home stadium?
  2. I hope Matt is being compensated for the use of his name and likeness.
  3. Leviathan

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

  4. Leviathan

    The REAL Florida T-Shirt

    That shirt will look great with your MAGA hat.
  5. Miami sports fans only show their allegiance when their team is winning.
  6. Here’s an interesting take ranking fan bases in the MLB. Taking account of market size, ticket prices, and social media following, the Marlins have the worst fan base in baseball. https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/esma/2017/06/04/mlb-fan-base-and-brand-rankings-2017/
  7. I wonder how high the Orlando school will be ranked in the final poll? It’s amazing all that they have achieved since joining the AAC.
  8. Which USF recruits is he taking to Nebraska?
  9. They are just commits right now and they were two guys who were going to the Orlando school until the coach left. It's not uncommon for a coach to get his recruits to jump ship with him. Let me know when he starts bringing kids from FL that he didn't have a prior relationship with.
  10. Do some on here actually believe a Florida kid would go to Nebraska in 2018?
  11. Maybe it was Willie paying back the school for helping him get his dream job.
  12. Leviathan

    Willie to FSU is official

    Willie at least takes good jobs at places where he can recruit and win.
  13. Leviathan

    Willie to FSU is official

    In 4 seasons at USF, Willie played in 0 conference title games and didn’t win a bowl game. Yet he gets HC jobs at Oregon and now FSU. Frost goes undefeated in his second season in Orlando and wins the AAC title. He gets rewarded by becoming HC at Nebraska.
  14. Leviathan

    Adidas is official

    Still misleading to say that Adidas is a Portland based company, implying they are an American company. It’s like saying the US based company Toyota. PS Osama bin laden was also a gooner.