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  1. That is shocking. It shows how bad our football program has been handled. Have we spent more on coaches over that period?
  2. I don’t think you are a true fan if you aren’t envious of what they are doing in Orlando. How many seasons in the last ten years can you say it was genuinely exciting to watch USF? Outside of the couple seasons we had with Flowers, our brand of football has been dull to say the least. Even at our peak under Leavitt and the early days of Skip we were never that consistent. We had the talent but we always lacked something.
  3. It seems like only a few years ago when they had that winless season. Now they have one of the better programs in the country and arguably the best in FL (probably only behind UF). They lost their star coach and haven’t missed a beat. We look like a bunch of undersized high schoolers but they have proper sized looking players at every position. If you are a top player, why would you choose USF over them if those were your only two options?
  4. This coach is Skip Holtz 2.0. He’ll probably say he’s proud of the way we competed today.
  5. The only positive I can think of is that game is on USA and not NBC. Hopefully that means less people were watching.
  6. He shouldn’t have any regrets. Anyone who wouldn’t have taken the Oregon job from his position if offered would be a fool. Same with FSU. The only ones with regrets should be Oregon and FSU for hiring a guy that clearly had no business getting such high profile jobs. If it wasn’t for Flowers he would have been a failure at USF as well.
  7. Will the Orlando school now declare themselves AAC champions? Put up another national champions banner?
  8. Not a good sign for a league that is trying to attract viewers.
  9. Wasn’t Tampa supposed to be one of the “better” teams? They look god awful. Feels like I’m watching USF.
  10. On a side note, those are the best uniforms we have ever had, by far. They need to be the primary home jersey.
  11. WTF happened? I saw the score in the second half but didn’t want to turn the game on fearing I would jinx it...
  12. Better that we lost as it hurts the Orlando school’s shot at playing in the championship game
  13. This team is so frustrating to watch. Once again McCloud and the offense are clueless when it comes to 2-minute offense. What do they work on at practice?
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