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  1. Will the Orlando school now declare themselves AAC champions? Put up another national champions banner?
  2. Not a good sign for a league that is trying to attract viewers.
  3. Wasn’t Tampa supposed to be one of the “better” teams? They look god awful. Feels like I’m watching USF.
  4. On a side note, those are the best uniforms we have ever had, by far. They need to be the primary home jersey.
  5. WTF happened? I saw the score in the second half but didn’t want to turn the game on fearing I would jinx it...
  6. Better that we lost as it hurts the Orlando school’s shot at playing in the championship game
  7. This team is so frustrating to watch. Once again McCloud and the offense are clueless when it comes to 2-minute offense. What do they work on at practice?
  8. The goal of every coach/team is to win every game and eventually win a championship. The goal shouldn’t be just to win a big game or get to #2 in the rankings for a week. The Orlando school understands this and has built on their success in recent years while we have never gotten close to the success we had in getting to #2 that one time. Also, the odds of getting to #2 in a subjective ranking are far greater than any individual has at winning the lottery. Winning the lottery is random chance that you literally have no way of affecting the outcome. There’s no strategy or skill.
  9. You can blame the coaches for not preparing this team for situations like that, but what the hell was the QB doing? Does he have any football sense to understand the situation? There was absolutely no urgency while the clock was running.
  10. Is there a payout for winning this tourney? Regardless, have to say it was worth entering now. This might be the last trophy we see the basketball team win. You could see how happy the players were when they were handing out the t-shirts at the end.
  11. It’s a defensive class by DePaul because the refs aren’t calling anything against them.
  12. Where did this 3-point shooting come from?!? These last two games they have draining them.
  13. Hahahaha imagine how much we would be winning by if these refs called an even game.
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