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  1. If I got pleasure from them losing why would I be upset about them blowing the first game in the 9th? I just knew it was highly unlikely we’d be able to advance against a team like Texas if we dropped the first game. I still hoped they pulled it out but I wasn’t going to act like it was probable.
  2. Is Scott promising recruits that we will get an on-campus stadium if they sign with us?
  3. Can’t believe everyone’s giving up already. I was told we didn’t have to win last night.
  4. You think we can beat the #2 team in the country twice in a row at their place? We had to win this game to have a shot.
  5. Should have been out of the inning and then the center fielder shouldn’t have been playing so shallow. Two chances to get the third out and we **** the bed.
  6. Typical USF sports team ******** the bed when they have a chance to do something special.
  7. So the men's basketball team reaching the NCAA Final Four would be less impressive to you than a swimming national championship?
  8. wow, can't believe they were able to get out of that with the lead.
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