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  1. Lock him down. Pay Him Head Coach in Waiting. Whatever it takes. Also Bring on Varpale. We need a DB Coach
  2. Kendall Briles to FSU Seminoles. Willie Taggert is recruiting. Wow, that is an offensive coordinator!
  3. TyBull

    14,135 Announced Attendance

    Pathetic. After 22 years, I am done
  4. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    I was thinking, Constipated
  5. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    CCS looks disentristed
  6. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Have we ever called o slant and hit a running receiver?
  7. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Marshall players are playing. Ours look like they have taken on CCS personalty. Sad
  8. TyBull

    Good luck against Marshall

    Wow. That was ugly. I am old enough to remember that crash. Let us not lower ourselves to that level. JMHO
  9. TyBull

    2019 OC ?

    I like Larry Fedora. What ever is Rich Rod doing these days?
  10. When the Big East dissolved, WVU worked full time "24-7" to get into another P-5 Conference as did Louisville. They were both prepared & ready when the expansion opportunity presented itself. We need out of the AAC (For a P-5 Conference) not for independence. Maybe, just maybe USF needs to learn from history. IMHO, USF & UCF are the top 2 P-5 Expansion targets. Markets, TV, Location and up & coming programs.
  11. Do Not Sign. Free at Last from the AAC........... P.S. We on this board know nothing. But I hope Mike Kelly has his fingers on the "Expansion" pulse
  12. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Gasparella Bowl vs UM Here is hoping
  13. TyBull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    A UM V USF should go along way to put many butts in the seats in Ray-Jay. Isn't that what a Bowl game wants to do?
  14. Nope, after Bowl game in December 2018, then USF will cut Sterlin. Here is hopeing.... Sick & tierd of Half-Back dive Ty