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  1. Temple gave up over 200 yards rushing to UCIFs Otis Anderson. So if we establish the run against them I think we win. Ty
  2. Q to the Vipers. I will now hit up a game. Q at Ray Jay. Nice
  3. Bring in Steve Spurrier. He has won at every level. He would be a better Mack Brown than Mack Brown. Yes KB has elements of Steve Spurriers offense. But think of recruiting. He has coached in the pros and has won a National Championship. He has always recruited Florida well. At his age he is the team CEO. He brings the coordinators and then turns over the reigns to the best up and comer. I know, nice dream
  4. Bring in Steve Spurrier. He has won at every level. He would be a better Mack Brown than Mack Brown
  5. I would rather win every game that we play in. Get a new "Freshman" QB to build the next with over this year and the next 3 years. The future is always bright. If it turns dark, the Fire CCS. But right now the future looks bright
  6. Beat the U of Mickey Rat and I will be happy. Conference Championship or bust
  7. Lock him down. Pay Him Head Coach in Waiting. Whatever it takes. Also Bring on Varpale. We need a DB Coach
  8. Kendall Briles to FSU Seminoles. Willie Taggert is recruiting. Wow, that is an offensive coordinator!
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