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  1. TyBull

    Houston favored by TD+

    Excellent Advice. Note: The "Strip" in Las Vegas great because the majority of folks and not winning. That is why it is called gambling.
  2. Unless GT takes a really bad turn he will get another year. His players graduate.
  3. No worries we will be playing them on the field. It will all work itself out
  4. TyBull

    Charlie's tenure here....

    Did I miss something? I think Texas Tech has a winning record...... Just sayin
  5. TyBull

    CCS Top Button

    Top Button; NEVER!
  6. FSU. Let's beat Willie T. Then go after Skippy
  7. It is not like a Full season Committment. Hope that BB Works out. If not Kean or O works for me...... Just win baby......
  8. Funny Thing. My Diploma says "University of South Florida".........
  9. TyBull

    New AD Search

    just hire Jurich already. The only line that matters is; He was successful at getting L'ville into a P-5 Conference. That is all, Ty
  10. TyBull

    New AD Search

    Tom Jurich Sign me Up!!!
  11. Ding, Ding, Ding Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner! Publix wings
  12. TyBull

    Football: better year?

    Without QF it cannot be better. JMHO