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  1. Hey Maybe if he get the ACC job he will bring USF along to the ACC. One can hope
  2. Just hang their numbers in the USF Football Facility. Do not retire numbers.
  3. The Egg Bowl is going to be a must watch event
  4. The Lane Muffin train is headed to Ole Miss That would be Kiffin
  5. From the rumor mill. Lane Muffin to Ole Miss and Norvell to FSU. Do you feel a Taggart reunion is on the horizo
  6. I am not sold on the Clemson twins. Reason: 1) Recruiting for Clemson is not the same as recruiting for USF. My example is Orlando Antigua. Head recruiter at Kentucky. Much easier to recruit to a national brand University. 2) Clemson's twin OCs. See Chad Morris at SMU & Arkansas. Did not excel at SMU and was a train wreck at Arkansas. 3) CWT can recruit Florida like crazy and runs the GCO that fits our talent skill sets. He can win at USF. Would possibly stay longer as he has left before and failed chasing his dream job. 4) Czick (sp) Heck No. Horrible at Iowa St. Can you say Cam Newton? Fired 2 years after Cam left. Did not do well as UNC as DC. Quit I have a brother-in-law who was married, divorced his wife and 3 years later rarried her and they are now living happily after (so far). So i guess my choice is CWT. Lets get on the bus.
  7. It is time to start discussing CCS replacements. 1) young up & coming coordinators 2) retreads (Taggart, Spurrier, Leavitt, Randy Shannon) 3) rehabs (Art Briles, Hugh Freeze) 4) Already on Staff 5) Hot Coach from a lower level G-5 Team. and what is of most importance? Offensive or Defensive minded or a Florida recruiting specialist So many questions, so few answers. Let the healing begin. Ty
  8. Temple gave up over 200 yards rushing to UCIFs Otis Anderson. So if we establish the run against them I think we win. Ty
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