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  1. McCloud has happy feet and throws questionable passes. I would like to see Fortin play a bit this game.
  2. Would love Leavitt as a Defensive Coordinator. He's done great at every stop. Even made Colorado relevant for a year.
  3. I would like to believe this is a possibility. Since the current USF president did come from SMU.
  4. Tony Alford is a candidate for the Colorado State HC job. Although he is a Colorado native USF could be a better opportunity than Colorado State.
  5. What is the fewest amount of people in the stands before USF begins to lose money on football games at RayJay? As long as that threshold is not crossed then I believe USF should keep Strong until his contract ends. Therefore money can be focused on the IPF
  6. Nebraska has an indoor practice facility.... https://sites.google.com/site/nebraskafootballtraditon/photo-gallery according to present logic they should be recruiting at a high level and winning.
  7. One of the major issues over the last two years has been the offensive line play. Just realized the line was been so bad that Blake Barnett never played against UCF. Both years he was injured going into the UCF game. In fact McCloud hobbled into the game and the top two running back did not play. It so time to do some "questionably creative recruiting" on the offensive line.
  8. There have been some really good offensive players but there has been no offensive development since the Taggart Era. That is the piece that is missing and that is where I believe Kerwin Bell can help Defensively things have gotten better with Strong. Special teams has been terrible
  9. He is not getting fired. He will finish out his contract. Kerwin Bell needs another year to get his offense together. oh wait... I just looked at USF's 2020 Football schedule. Getting to a bowl game will be very tough next year. If USF does not go to a bowl game next Charlie Strong will be fired once the team is no longer bowl eligible. With that said USF will need to do some "Questionably creative recruiting" to get the talent needed to be successful next year. This "Blue Chips"....
  10. Keep in mind that was an offensive line without Jennings and some people were moved around. Also it was a defense without Macon. They did a great job. I truly feel bad for the kicker. He has put himself on the line since game #1. He will eventually have his shining moment
  11. Shout-out to Kerwin Bell and the offensive coaches. They were down Jennings and made adjustments to the offensive line. McCloud had a clean pocket for most of the night and then run game was solid.
  12. 9.5 was the winning ticket 14.5 is too high. Cincinnati is not a high powered offense like Wisconsin and SMU.
  13. So is the thought that USF will lose by more than 9.5?
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