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  1. Well maybe USF will strike it lucky with another JUCO transfer from Fort Scott CC. I think JPP and Jaquain Williams turned out okay. Especially from the perspective of a Giants Fans.
  2. During the regular season, USF is 3-0 on Thursday nights since 2014 and 5-4 on Friday nights. The last time USF lost a regular season game on Thursday night was in 2013 in Houston. Let's just say USF lost a lot of games that year (2-10). I believe Cincinnati is the best team in the east. UCF needs to travel to Cincy so that plays to Cincy's favor IMO. USF is lucky to get Cincy in Tampa. The issue with the USF game in Tampa is Coach Fickell will have his team ultra prepared after we beat them 33-3 during their last visit. (Did you know that UConn and Cincinnati are USF oldest rivals, USF has played each team 16 times) Temple is an interesting match up that I believe USF will win. Temple has gone through quite a bit of transition since the end of last season. Rod Carey will probably remember his last trip to Tampa when he brought NIU for a visit and lost 48-17.
  3. It would be a bad idea to try and replace UConn with another tram from the northeast. I recommend look at the sun belt or conference USA. Georgia Southern, Appalachian State or UAB. Having team play just football or just basketball does not benefit the conference
  4. Although I am not a season ticket holder I decided to donate to the cause. In sophomoric humor fashion, I donated $69.
  5. I was a sophmore in high school. Not sure I even knew USF existed as a school.
  6. Between Coach Strong and Brian Jean-Mary I feel confident that the defense will improve. Last year the team was just very young. In my opinion the biggest thing that Steve Ellis brings to the table is his recruiting area;s Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee. Also with the potential addition of Paul Spicer I think from a staff perspective they will be solid.
  7. He did not mention Julian Riley https://gousfbulls.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=2455
  8. Ean Randolph transferred from NAIA Webber International University and did pretty well for himself at USF. He also had an NFL tryout but never made the team.
  9. The offense is very similar to most spread offenses and should suit USF better than the previous offense. He probably won't be the best at recruiting Florida but he would be able to open doors to player from other states; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan.
  10. bring back Rod Smith https://fightingillini.com/coaches.aspx?rc=935 Between Rod and Shaun I believe they will be able to get the offense rolling
  11. This makes me think that USF should stay away from anyone associated with Lou Holtz and hire coaches from the bay area.
  12. I think Cronk can successful. He is an all around back but the offense makes him one dimensional. What makes Johnny good is he is hard to see and hard to tackle. Duran is just fast. If this offense requires the Alabama offensive line, track speed RBs, Randy Moss like WRs and Steve Young like QBs, then I am not sure this is the right offense for USF. I like USF and I am partly delusional about it but I feel fairly comfortable those types of players are not walking through the door. If Appalachian State can run an offense that can put points on the board against Penn State, i think USF can find enough athletes to so. There have been two Bay Made coaches that found success at USF when there wasn't much to speak of
  13. Charlie Strong during the preseason and maybe once during the season said that USF could play with most Power 5 schools. Tonight he said the football team does not size up when compared to UCF and that the coaches are going recruiting on Monday to get the size and speed needed. Odd thing is the smallest guy Johnny Ford did well tonight. I think it would have been a nice touch to mention the seniors during the press conference. I may have missed it but he gave more kudos to UCF and largely criticized his players during the conference. As the leader of the football team which is on a five game losing streak and just lost to it's rival with a backup QB; he rarely used the pronoun "I". I am struggling how to read that but it appears that he is distancing himself from the results. I know it goes both ways, winning and losing. But when you are the leader and things aren't going too well stating to say, "I will do xyz to make things better" and being empathetic would go a long way.
  14. Anything else is better than watching USF go down like this. It took years to build up a football team that won less than a handful of games a few years ago. This team is not playing inspired football. It seems as though they are playing with their arms and legs restrained.
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