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  1. I believe CKB can and will recruit the right QB for his system. I just hope he has the time and the latitude to make the appropriate changes on offense.
  2. If USF can not successfully throw the forward pass as well as screens. Navy will more than cover the 13 points.
  3. I am not sure why it has been so hard for USF to recruit a QB who can throw the ball accurately. If McCloud was injured yesterday then I understand but if he was not those passes were woefully off. He missed McDoom 3 times over the last 2 games and those would have been TDs. Not sure what it takes to get better but there is not much time if this team wants to go to a bowl game.
  4. I am amazed at the issues USF is having at the QB position. If McCloud is injured bring in the backup. It's not worth over exposing the defense due to a troubled arm. Bring in the backup it can't be much worse.
  5. I think USF has the right to play these teams to truly find out who should be at the bottom. These rankings are too subjective. The only proof is head to head competition
  6. Rutgers games use to look like this all the time. I believe if you wanted to you could hop the fence put on the headset and call a few plays.
  7. I am well aware of the EEE Mosquito issue happening in the Northeast. But... Does anyone believe this game was really moved due to the EEE issue or if it was moved because on a national stage neither one of these teams are moving the needle? Just curious.
  8. https://footballscoop.com/news/charlie-strongs-contract-situation-south-florida/
  9. I'va accepted our fate and waiting to hit rock bottom. Then it will be time to ask for help.
  10. I conservatively would have went for the tie. But I see the logic.
  11. the site is live but the hope is dead on arrival. USF does not have the money to fire and replace a head coach.
  12. CWT was not a ladder climber. Everyone understand that the AAC is a stepping stone conference for coaches. CWT going from Oregon to FSU makes logical sense.
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