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  1. Don't think they should extend him now unless its a good price. If he does 2 yr rolling extension would be my vote
  2. Just so we get our Money from Texas, we should be good for the year
  3. could be the players couldn't execute, plus its hard to do when everyone knew who was getting the ball at the end of game. We didn't have a lot of options last year
  4. seems to be changing his stance but will go back to the offensive efficiancy argument again
  5. i sure hope not I still think it was a huge mistake to fire CSH dont want the same mistake again
  6. so that would probably mean an NIT Bid where who knows what would happen, but in this scenario you would want him fired?
  7. So what if we have a .500 record but lose in the final of the conf championship. Is that a success? It keeps showing progress which would be deserving of an extension
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