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  1. don't know how an OCS changes the narrative that much
  2. Did anyone get an actual count looked like 5000 at best.
  3. I might be one of the few who get this joke....ha ha
  4. Fortin shouldn't see the field again this season
  5. We can't outbid Alabama but we can sure outbid a good number of schools ahead of us right now
  6. What I'm saying is pay the players a high amount to come and play here. we have a talent problem and winning is the only way to get invited to a better conference
  7. The only way for USF to get out of the hole the have dug themselves into, is to spend spend spend on NIL for players in both major sports. We need to WIN and Win alot. Maybe not today but soon to get into one of the 4 major conferences that everyone knows where this game is headed. IS it 2 years, 5 years who knows. But its obvious that a stadium isn't going to win games. Players and coaches win games and that is the name of the game not stadiums, not IPF, not academics, not fancy uniforms. Just WINS. if you win the rest will come . Its time to spend and win or just forget about trying. This is why professional sports has Salary Caps to try and make it an even playing field.
  8. Bad choice unless its to protect the freshman til next week
  9. IT will shrink and be gone if you don't invest. You always need to invest for the future, OR all you will have is the PAST
  10. Marquette won a National Title (when I was young) and has been to like 4 or 5 final fours
  11. USF just sits with their big endowment, and loves to look at it never spending a penny. They never had a vision. We fired good coaches in both power sports, because the administration didn't like that they were getting more powerful then them. I don't know if there is time to catch up now....I sure hope so but its looking awfully dark these days for the future. Research shows that elite athletics success has a significant increase in private contributions to the entire university, not just athletics. This research suggests that successful athletics may help grow private donations and thereby the total university endowment (Walker, 2015). As for research grants in relation to athletics, controlling for university background characteristics such as years of existence, public/private, and endowment past studies found that athletic success has a positive relationship with enhanced academic research following such success, meaning as the institutions were more successful athletically their academic research increased as well (Keyton, Reifman, & Warnick, 2012). Interestingly, also found to exist was a positive relationship between endowment size and research funding in relation to athletics success (positive relationship) Athletic Subsidies & University Endowments: P5 vs G5 Independent of conferences, institutions with larger athletic budgets are those institutions that have more financial means in terms of academic research and private...
  12. Basketball has been using electronic tickets for two years.....think fans should be given a choice
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