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  1. IF we have to lose someone I hope its Madut A. The others show some promise. Kid looks like he can shoot which is what we need
  2. 1) South Florida2) 53) X - 154) Brown - 65) 65%
  3. 1) South Florida2) 93) Collins - 164) durr - 95) 72%
  4. I knew you meant dawson, just thought you were a little harsh in calling it a choke. Was it disheartening yes, but plenty of games go this way and we did hang with two pretty good teams these last two games.
  5. Dobras was the point guard 2 guard back in the day
  6. with all these FAU hires I guess we are headed back to Conference USA in next round of realignment
  7. Do we really need to bring this *****'s name (MH) up ever again. He is an A^^hole, that also set back basketball 5 years
  8. Who in the hell is Watson? We don't have a Watson on the team so how are we suppose to coach him up?
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