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  1. Throws his player under the bus on the fumble...who would want to play for this guy
  2. bcgruber

    New logo

  3. bcgruber

    New logo

    We have a winner... hope you get paid more then the consulting firm
  4. bcgruber

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    Yeah I couldn't wait for this day to happen one of the biggest A**holes I ever met
  5. bcgruber

    Let's talk about men's bball

    MDBull has it pretty close... Still think rebounding will be an issue unless yeatna is really a rebounding machine. Year 3-4 is where we should start having expectations again. BG has done a good job with what he inherited
  6. We always do well when Collins has been our leader
  7. bcgruber

    Troy Holston Transferring

    The dude is a hack....but back on target We have another player transfering I think he was actually a walk on though so I don't think it opens a scholly
  8. bcgruber

    Troy Holston Transferring

    Hope this opens up a spot for Rashawn Langston to rethink his decision since a space just opened up.
  9. bcgruber

    The REAL Florida T-Shirt

    Need a Rays sunburst as the Dot marker for Tampa on the florida map
  10. Crap didn't see that.....hope he decides to stay but not looking good
  11. We have an actual point guard coming in (Rideau), another 3 point threat (Langston), the addition of Holston. A solid wing player (Lang), Solid rebounder in (Yeatna). The weakness will be the interior (Dura & Scekic). Would expect close to .500 next year. ITs nice to see a progression with the team as compared to the regression we have seen the last 5 years
  12. any game prediction contest for todays game
  13. 1) SMU2) 93) Collins - 164) Martin - 75) 83% The return of JM (Boo or not to BOO)?