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  1. would be nice to have some competition against power schools to help the NET and see where we stack up, expecting a solid year this year so need to be tested out of conference
  2. I guess the previous statements were a little bit off, Yetna seems fine and Zack is still on the team
  3. can't blame any decisions regarding playing or not playing. Everyone has different circumstances that can justify any choice. Glad he is still on the team
  4. Not fair, I built a record that wasn't going to be touched!!!
  5. heard he will be fine by the time the season starts
  6. Why did Cade Fortin not play I missed what they said?
  7. 8/27/2020 - 2022 PG Khalil Wright (6-1, -, 2★) has received an offer from South Florida.
  8. 8/15/2020 - 2021 SG Brandon Murray (6-5, 225, 3★) committed to LSU.
  9. Ranking the Contenders: Michael James Four-star Michael James ranks No. 70 in the 2021 Rivals150.
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