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  1. The bummer about being a leader (coach or AD) is that everyone gets to take shots at you while you are trying to do the right thing in the long run (hopefully). Of course they signed up for that criticism so by then they have thick skin. I was intrigued by shaking things up at the bye week so see if we can get an energy or mojo spike to take out a vulnerable UCF, but that is definitely short term thinking!
  2. I thought it was actually normal and tame. Why wouldn't you say those things? Lol
  3. Nah I am not even frustrated anymore actually! I think that ended around halftime of the Wisconsin game.
  4. That's the only game I care about at this point, but I'm not seeing it unless there is some kind of tent revival.
  5. I'm for whatever would have given us a shot in the arm vs. UCF, but I think the time would have been at the last bye week. Now we must mourn the corpse of USF football properly and slowly.
  6. The same was at Navy and GT until we made a QB change and was firing on all cylinders. 10 points is almost insurmountable. I think the defense is good enough to win games in this conference. I think they would play with even more fire if the other side of the ball did.
  7. I don't think the mentality is there. I knew when we fell behind by 2 scores it was practically done. They would find ways to stall each drive.
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