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  1. Rocky Style

    Linkedin Horrors (Academic Logo)

    Where is that? The fail is now spreading to my accounts.
  2. Rocky Style

    Charlie's tenure here....

    This is true.
  3. Rocky Style

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    We definitely have the talent to win, so maybe a good gameplan and execution can emerge. Otherwise, run up the middle until Cronk breaks one, if that doesn't work panic and let Barnett run around.
  4. Rocky Style

    Next Weeks Game is at 3:30pm

    You just jinxed us lol
  5. I think you are just seeing some free association happening. On one hand you have the FG kicker missing a short kick, and on the other hand you have the dumbest thing ever (war flamingo). Both cause equal amount of pain to rational humans. The pain sensations were firing at once, so it would naturally cause one to associate the two in an existential sort of way. Everything is connected.
  6. Rocky Style

    1 of 5

    According to this, they are edible: https://www.outdoorlife.com/answers/survival/food-water/my-question-can-people-eat-cougars-are-they-edible-deer-rabbits-and-turk Pretty much every animal is edible, just some are harder to swallow than others. I heard that cougar is pretty good and even heard from a friend that cougar burgers are very good! I've never eaten it myself. -PITTSBURGHDEERHUNTER26
  7. My Linkedin education section is now showing the new academic logo. Now I have a cartoon bull. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Rocky Style

    Charlie's tenure here....

    Yep play calling can be fixed. I have to believe we will shore up the defense also. Recruiting talent seems to be awesome. In the meantime, deciding to wait until the 2nd half to play is probably a bad idea and could cost the season here shortly.
  9. Rocky Style

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    Exactly. If we come out hot vs dead, we would win.
  10. Rocky Style

    Charlie's tenure here....

    I think it more has to do with defense giving up big plays and offense looking flat in the first half. A decent team could bury us quick.
  11. Rocky Style


    Attendance looked great on TV.
  12. Rocky Style

    Charlie's tenure here....

    Agreed. I support CCS and realize this stuff takes time. I am really surprised by the defense because that was supposed to be a strength. I am sure he will recruit up. The offense at least could be improved with some play calling because the players are electric.
  13. Oh no! 9 year olds aren't good enough to realize war flamingo is terrible yet. That's almost taking advantage to spread this junk.
  14. I think they are boring looking and Central Floridaish. I'm glad everyone else is having fun with it though. I am more in the all green with gold helmet forever camp.
  15. Rocky Style

    Johnny Ford

    That spin move was the highlight.