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  1. Our fanbase needs more Tony Robbinsing and less Tulsa as a conference member.
  2. Sure you can! Victim mentality doesn't accomplish anything and wastes precious time. Preach! This is the key to life.
  3. Colo. State would be dope (no pun intended) and they often do our school colors better than we do.
  4. Why? Let's do that! Get on it. Replace Tulsa with anything. I vote Richmond Spiders.
  5. The public facing stuff is FREE and only costs some time. Priceless when it comes to building up a community.
  6. This takes me back. That era was the best time. I didn't have two nickels to my name but USF was so much fun.
  7. True but the rise in academic status is amazing. I am quite proud. All it takes is for some leaders like Scott to come in here and start firing up the fans and actually care.
  8. I really like the one that says it is pretty ok.
  9. What happened with the actual attendance? That would be a win.
  10. Ah yes. Wyoming and Montana have also recently appeared on my list.
  11. Yes, but also they have capitalized on every big opportunity in recent history and we totally blow it. They have also invested in football, even though we mock them for it. Momentum is fickle though!
  12. People are excited because it's a possibility of a change and it's new. People were excited about CCS too. Basically he is going to have the good will of the fan base until he starts doing cringe CCS things.
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