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  1. The Bolts winning the cup was a great memory of youth. I am feeling optimistic. This team has grit.
  2. Also keep in mind if we are laughing at them for sitting at the kids table and they outclass us as the leader of our conference... That would basically be us if we were lucky.
  3. CCS was flatline and wanted to slow down the offense. I have to think this will be better.
  4. This is a Tampa renaissance. The Bulls will be back. Probably not this year though, yikes!
  5. I have a feeling he is being eased back in. Also he gets injured a lot. Probably best to save him as much as possible.
  6. Go Bolts! Still recovering from that OT
  7. I guess, but then that's a gray area. If someone is worried, they should have protection to work remote etc. But do you tell people to stop playing football indefinitely? The virus is never going away. We seem to arbitrarily restrict some people and not others, so I say let everyone make their own decisions based on their own risk category. Certainly no one cared about me when I was laid off due to the lockdown (not the virus) lol.
  8. Ah yes - Going to that one. Unless we have to give blood samples to our overlords to get on a plane by then.
  9. It is what it is. The virus is going to spread.
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