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Rocky Style


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  1. Rocky Style

    Lightning up 2-0 after 1st

    Callahan is the best. Still loving that trade!
  2. Rocky Style

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Rut-roh, Raggie!
  3. Counterpoint - A joke becomes funny in a different way after the dead horse is beaten to new levels of dead.
  4. Rocky Style

    Former Bull Mike White got drafted

  5. I completed the survey. That was really exciting to even be talking about this.
  6. Rocky Style


    hopefully this thing finds it's way on PSVUE. I only get enough months to watch CFB.
  7. I'll answer that none of those are needed to balance you out.
  8. Rocky Style

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    Mark it zero, dude.
  9. Rocky Style

    Our 2018 Bowl Destiny is Set

    Bad Boy Mowers, baby!
  10. Rocky Style

    Your take on this past football season

    Here's how I will remember last year: - Came down to see the Houston loss. I can't recall exactly but I felt like we were going to lose when we turtled up for a FG at the end. But that didn't hurt the season at all. - I was the most excited since Notre Dame on Black Friday. Hunkered down in a Hotel room in Va. with a ton of junk food. Then the season was over. - UCF went undefeated with a fake national championship in the city where I live with UCF banners everywhere. - We play bowl game on a day where my extended family is having Christmas, so I don't even get to watch the bowl game. 2018 here we come!
  11. Rocky Style

    Your take on this past football season

    Holy crap. I forgot the Belk bowl.
  12. When someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES.
  13. Rocky Style

    JPP To Bucs

    Wow this is great news. The Bucs have been depressing and JPP is the best.