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  1. With the imminent collapse of society at hand, I have decided to create a USF-themed basement bar and go out on top. What are some ideas you have seen? I am thinking to go with official USF green walls with some gold fixtures since it is a dark basement. The only other idea I have is to hang some merch up (Big East jersey or something). I got my OG iconic U mini helmet and little Notre Dame football. Then I am a bit out of ideas. I think I have already destroyed all my Skip Holtz cups as per the great purge. I have nothing else to do.. What kind of setups do you have? Note:NOT SO FLO or green helmets, you heathens! I am open to some legacy USF 90s colors since those were still in play when I started at USF.
  2. No. It's a virus. So we either put civilization on hold indefinitely and hope for a vaccine or go back to living. Flattening the curve never meant stop the virus, so here we are.
  3. Too be fair, the article you linked to is stating that there are also studies estimating that the true death rate is nowhere near 6.7. I don't think many people are comparing it to the flu at this point, but we need to start assuming some risk since that's part of life. Of course not. Fortunately for us, the data is out there to analyze ourselves and I sense people get it at this point. The answer was never a one size fits all approach. Though it wasn't popular to say a couple months ago it was true then as well. Luckily states can compete with each other and learn from the different approaches. People will put (or pull) their money where their mouth is.
  4. Well, I have joined the 20+ million unemployed thanks to this overreaction. I'm in a low risk category, but somehow my quality of life or future doesn't matter to my fellow citizens. Who cares, right? For my CNN Corporation tells me so. Sounds like a great plan to lock everyone in their houses equally when most of the highest risk people aren't working to begin with. And no my old job wont be back because the company is flailing to survive now. No government handout is going to compete with what I can do on my own. It's possible that salary hits could set me back years, but I still have marketability. We'll see! I think this whole situation proves how ineffective large bureaucracies are (Democrat, Republican, or Corporate). I hope young people can wake up.
  5. I am not even saying it wasn't the right move at the time given what they knew, but I am just saying they have to gather data and turn this around FAST. Leaders have to improvise in these situations. It's tough for me to assign blame as a "layman" because I don't know who knew what they knew and when. The "shutdown" probably had to happen from a public perception standpoint. On the surface, it definitely seems like we didn't ramp up fast enough, but the virus was already in the country in January apparently. I was getting worried at the end of January when I was about to travel to Europe. The government had to have way more information at that time. When we shut down the travel from China, the virus was already here and we were still allowing flights from Italy. When we shut down travel from Europe, some of my European friends were super offended by this like it was a slap in the face. I imagine all of these decisions were highly controversial, unprecedented, and potentially pointless which is why they took so long. I don't know what the medical health and economic projections were before they made these calls and I am not privy to top secret information, so who knows. I am sure the Italy situation was terrifying and still is. I have some friends over there that haven't been able to leave their houses in weeks. If I had to guess, the real narrative behind the scenes that they aren't telling us is that they knew what was going to happen but had to buy some time to ramp up as much as possible (while trying to flatten the mass panic curve as well because it was too late even in Feb). However, I feel extremely bad for all these people that lost their jobs. I might be next honestly. The amount of job losses is unbelievable and devastating if we can't get them back. Before, I was at least able to take a shared risk with a local business and throw them a big tip to try to help. So now those people get to live(???), not support themselves, and be locked in their houses while the media tells them all day that there is no hope for clicks and ad revenue? Sounds awesome! So a bloated organization can tell a person that their livelihood is "non-essential" and completely wreck their business, lock them in their house while clumsily trying to print money and distribute it using last year's numbers. If we learn something from this exercise and can create a process to flex some pop up medical capabilities and supplies then I guess it is worth it. It's definitely one of those big paradigm shifting events, so I hope we can innovate like crazy. Anyway, I don't expect anyone to see it my way. Do whatever you wanna do! Enjoy.
  6. Ding ding ding! The government caused 3 million people to lose their jobs in one week.
  7. Technically that's what they are ramping up, which I believe is why we are inside right now. That and collecting actual data. I think from a strategic perspective, they had to at least try this for a short amount of time to let people see what it is like and gather information. Personally, I would rather die than be on indefinite lockdowns. Of course, the bummer is that by me not caring I might make other people die. As for the concern that people are dying, yes. Unfortunately you can't lock all of society in their house for a year waiting for the vaccine while society plunges into anarchy, so probably the best move is to ramp medical capabilities as much as possible and then mitigate. It doesn't sound pretty, but what else can we do? I've been thinking this since day one that the strategy of locking people in their houses indefinitely doesn't check out logically at all. It caused me a lot of stress and anxiety because it makes no sense. We can't wait for a vaccine, therefore people will die. All we can do is try to reduce death, but every new case that doesn't die is a victory in building immunity.
  8. This is going to go down as one strange year in sports...
  9. Don't feel too bad! Just remember how these folks act at Rays and Lightning games.
  10. I think we need an RB too. I like Jones, but gimme something.
  11. I think the goal is get that hot sizzle back again and then hopefully replace him with another weapon. If they can somehow squeak out a great playoff run, that would get everyone jazzed. I think the Dungy/Gruden glory days took years to finally erode fan support after the Glazers stopped spending money. When the salary floor was initiated and they went out and got all those MRSA free agents, it was a decade of suck and bad uniforms. I specifically remember a turning point being where Kiffins D got run all over by Carolina or something in a primetime game. Again, my memory is a haze of pain and disappointment, so who knows.
  12. Apparently there is a huge spike in season ticket sales. They are also ditching the alarm clock unis and going back to the super bowl look so they should sell a lot of merch. I must say I am struggling with it a lot personally, but I will have to stay tuned.
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