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  1. Rocky Style

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    That's where the wheels came off.
  2. Rocky Style

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    Wisconsin will be a challenge but I shall make it happen.
  3. Did we win recruiting?
  4. Rocky Style

    Brett Kean found a new home

    Good luck!
  5. Rocky Style

    OT: fCWT at it again

  6. There were also similar comments after a game. It was a little eyebrow raising to me. Hopefully this all gets corrected next year. There aren't anymore QFs to cover up this junk.
  7. I also imagined Bell coming back with his spaceships to overthrow the temples of Sterlinx.
  8. Rocky Style

    FB survey

    What was the latest survey for?
  9. That sounds like a win for all!
  10. Rocky Style

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    This thread split into a basketball thread, but if we go back to the future it will be the future of THIS reality.
  11. Not yards? We got a lot of yards.
  12. Rocky Style

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Twitter is also THE destination to pile on, kick someone while they are down, act morally superior and earn social media points. Pretty sad! Hoping this stuff jumps the shark soon.