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  1. I also threw out this idea. Not the exact pod bit, but getting 20 teams and having semi finals. I think it would make for a cool conference.
  2. Playstation Vue died last year, so I need to find a new provider. YouTube the Great Dystopian Satan TV maybe?
  3. It's in their financial best interest to kill their own arrangement with the B12, so yes. They have to hit the right dollar amount and backroom deals to get everyone to kill it for them.
  4. Since they are bribing formerly great teams like Texas to join the SEC and get beat up on, they will need to wall off and boost up that conference more. You'll hear all the braindead talking heads boosting up this agenda on the talk shows. Maybe they will need to satiate the teams that get left behind to consolidate into a new structure where they get a little more money for now. Has anyone done analysis lately on how ESPN keeps its empire going? I haven't seen this analysis pop up yet, but I have to think that more cord cutting will happen and put cost cutting pressure on the bubble. Cable subscribers will die off and not be replaced. Perhaps alumni of the handful of programs deemed worthy enough to compete can prop it all up with a pay-per-view model? Even then, I'm not sure if that level of money can compete with the big pharma blue pill/ugly triangle SUV/grotesque hamburger ad revenue in the current cable model. Unless they expand the playoffs, I would imagine the eyeballs that care about the same 4 teams every year would continue to reduce over time. The current product sucks.
  5. Let's see if things improve this year before throwing dirt on the grave maybe...
  6. I remember watching the DL and everyone else bounce off of Notre Dame last year, and thus realizing we had no hope to compete. But maybe the QB scrambling for his life is a bigger priority.
  7. Buy the dip. Not really. I don't know what any of this means.
  8. ESPN might be able to calculate a certain money amount to shift more deck chairs on the titanic for a minute.
  9. Also, there was reasoning provided behind it as food for thought. That's the whole point of a fan forum. Then everyone gets to debate the finer points of why we are the best or worst ever.
  10. This is quite nice. I need this on my basement bar wall.
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