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  1. Rocky Style

    State of The Bulls...

    Bravo, good person.
  2. Agreed. See you at all of those!
  3. Rocky Style

    Gator game is now

    Wow I am really digging that slate and it's been a long time since I could say that.
  4. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    That's all I ask!
  5. I imagine that will also help season ticket sales and those games against UMASS, TULSA or whatever other atrocities we have on the schedule.
  6. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Me too! Don't care as long as it gets better. If we bring back the Slowcoast Offense in 2019, then the boo birds will return.
  7. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Yep we don't know all the inner workings and how and why decisions are made. Don't judge until there are some results.
  8. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Well if he doesn't change things next year the admin will get rid of him.
  9. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    The beautiful thing is that we'll find out one way or the other. Maybe this guy calls epic plays.
  10. Rocky Style

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    There's a commemorative 3rd and 8 statue next to the athletic center now where it is buried.
  11. Rocky Style

    UGH! Bowl Ticket Disappointment

    That's true it was better
  12. Rocky Style

    Justin Burke to call plays

    It's not a book as much as it is a sequence. 1. Run it up the middle 2. Run it up the middle 3. GO VERTICAL, BABY!! 4. Punt / Drain soul IF 1-3 succeeds somehow and you find yourself in the red zone, vertical is no longer an option. Therefore, run up the middle. If that doesn't work, kick a field goal. Drain soul.
  13. Rocky Style

    Renewed season tickets

    Keep the dream alive!