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  1. That's true. I recently went back for the nostalgia and it's quite a bummer going down that way.
  2. Colorado State's color scheme is pleasing to my eye.
  3. Sadly, many of those are way more credible than the usual suspects now.
  4. It definitely works for the Bucs. It looks like a ship pulled up next to a village and is firing cannons at you.
  5. Most importantly we need to beat them on the last year out.
  6. This is either the part right before the phoenix rises, or well, you know...
  7. I'll get us back on track. These unis stink!
  8. Who wouldn't want to send their tennis teams to east Carolina? Lies!
  9. If we get Boise State and App State, that would be pretty spectacular.
  10. We need to focus on the red zone more because when we get there we don't know what to do.
  11. This may be too dangerous. We could get memory holed by the elites.
  12. If I buy a brick and we build the stadium and call it tamplona, I am taking my brick back.
  13. How is that a bright jersey though? The old ones were cool.
  14. That's the problem. They should be more discerning with meeting so flos.
  15. The bathrooms are definitely nicer. The concessions are a little different. Generally it is a chill vibe in there with all the big screens but you lose out on the kinetic feel of being out there. That being said you can go in before the game and halftime and such and it is nicer than hanging out in the concourses for sure.
  16. It will make it an interesting viewing experience because one can watch closely all the things.
  17. Oh man. This is terrible. The original so flos were neat though.
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