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  1. Strange it would cone out on the "FAMU" podcast. But hey, where do I send my seat deposit?
  2. Game #1. I was there with my 3 young sons. I am now a grandfather of 7. Wow time flys
  3. I agree. Team is very young. Future looks bright
  4. Hey USF Volleyball is on ESPN+ at 11:00 am vs Tulane.
  5. How about everyone just bring paint and design your own seat. Sounds Bullish to me
  6. 10 pages about McCloud leaving. How about start a new thread about next year's starter if we actually get to see USF FOOTBALL and we are all not in lockdown. Thank you. Rant is over. Now back to our regularly scheduled blathering
  7. As a season ticket holder from day 1 I have never seen it this bad. I understand COVID 19 and 13 players not in Houston. I hope that this your is just "2020". It has to get better next year. And why not? Go USF
  8. He is my QB because he is starting at USF. When and if he is not the QB then the next guy up is my QB. I root for the name on the front of the jersey. Q was my QB. Now he has graduated and moved on. Next guy up. Go Bulls P.S. I am a simple man
  9. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Maybe he is the most serviceable and mistake free. But I am sure game action will show who should actually be the guy. Go Bulls. FootBull is here
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