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  1. There was a tweet I saw earlier that basically stated DePaul would have to hope that either WVU or USF lose in the next round in order to host. Apparently, they did not have a very good attendance number last night.
  2. Very true. Sparked a 7-0 run to end the half. It's hard not to love this team and where they are heading in the future.
  3. I certainly understand where you are coming from on this and it's quite all right if we disagree about it. This is an opportunity for the team to get better and prepare towards next season, which is an opportunity that we should take.
  4. Thanks to Jonesy Bull for the gift to the IPF!! We appreciate your support to the project.
  5. I certainly understand the desire for the OCS, but the IPF is the #1 NEED for the program at this time.
  6. You can send me a private message and I can take care of that for you if you'd like.
  7. Thankfully, Coach Gregory doesn't have the same opinion. This team is ahead of schedule and having the opportunity to play more games in order to improve should be seen as a good thing.
  8. The IPF will get done. Sooner rather than later, but we need the support of our fans to get this completed. Every dollar helps!!
  9. While you may not see anything yet, I can tell you there has been plenty of discernible change and that has been all for the better.
  10. Certainly well deserved. Couple this with Yetna being the Freshman of the Year in the AAC and the future is real bright for this program.
  11. It has more to do than just the top 4 teams. Wichita State, Tulsa and Memphis all finished ahead of us and we played them one time. I would think that we see a couple of those programs, and Cincinnati, twice on next season's schedule.
  12. We will likely be playing a tougher conference schedule in 2019-2020 if we are projecting to be an upper tier team in the league.
  13. That is pretty much the standard these days. I'm not sure you see a new coach in Basketball receive their first contract at their new job that is less than 5 years.
  14. Thankfully, Coach Paschal was given the time to build the program and things turned out very well because of the patience that was afforded. I'm not sure that same thing would have been allowed to happen in this day and age.
  15. They were expected to before the season started, especially with such an upperclassmen laden team. I also believe they were predicted to win the AAC in MBB. Let's see where they are next season when they have to replace so many good players.
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