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  1. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    I'll have to check on Monday. Out of the office today.
  2. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    As i had said, the average price has gone down in most areas, not all. We went through a pretty thorough analysis of every section and we took the low end price points from the findings of that analysis. Still, we are in the bottom half of pricing in the AAC on average.
  3. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    Yes. There will be another e-mail going out today when season ticket members can begin their renewals.
  4. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    219 will have a portion that will be going to scholarship seating this season. The scholarship seating is not part of the 10% discount. The breakdown is $175 towards the tickets and $25 to scholarship seating. 10% of $175 is $157.50. We rounded to $158 + $25 to get to the $183 per seat.
  5. John Lewis

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    Some "Big Boys" were contacted. They weren't receptive to playing us.
  6. John Lewis

    WBB and MBB in good hands

    Appreciate all of your support and for attending the event. I would certainly agree about Coach Gregory's speech. Hard to not be fired up after hearing him
  7. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    Only 2 sections have what I would call a "significant" price jump The average cost in most sections has gone down from the 2018 season. It's probably not a game they would prefer over other options, but we asked some of the programs who had open dates in 2019 and they did not want to play us, even at their place.
  8. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    Overall cost has risen in some sections, but when you factor in the 7th game the average cost has gone down in most of those areas. Later today I believe.
  9. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    No interest is charged Yes, the 4 OOC game will be a home game. I believe we are announcing that game this afternoon.
  10. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    We had met before the season started and had planned on starting the renewal period on November 5. When the Central Michigan series was dropped we had to wait to see how many home games we would be playing before we went forward with the renewal period.
  11. John Lewis

    Early FB Renewal?

    There are technically two renewal deadlines; December 15 and February 6 (National Signing Day). We have started renewals 1 time in this time period in all of my years here. The biggest thing that we are asked by our renewing account members is for us to have a longer payment plan. Going out in November provides the season ticket members an 8 month payment plan if they renew in November (7 months if they renew in December, etc.), and would cut the payments in half since the majority of renewing accounts were on the 4 month plan for the current season. We do plan on sending out renewals at this time of the year going forward.
  12. John Lewis

    UCF Game Time?

    It should be announced no later than Sunday. Would presume it will be on the ESPN family of networks. Times should be in the Noon or 3:30 time block.
  13. You're welcome. Being an alumnus and a donor, I am very passionate about the program as the rest of those who post on this board.
  14. I certainly understand where you are coming from. We have 3 games left to improve and I do believe we can win.