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  1. John Lewis

    Practice Facility updates??

    The indoor field portion of the USF Football Center is closer to $11-12 million and the operations building comprising the remaining amount.
  2. He is an alumnus of Central Michigan
  3. I'm pretty sure they still owe us a home game
  4. John Lewis

    Practice Facility updates??

    That hasn't come up and would likely be something that would be decided upon at the end of the process.
  5. Wisconsin should be ranked pretty high in 2019 and BYU could also be ranked. Adding another highly rated program would enhance our Strength of Schedule, which is the biggest factor a G5 school will face in regard to the playoff.
  6. John Lewis

    Practice Facility updates??

    We are continuing to make good progress. Obviously, we have more fund raising to do for this project. There should be some news on some major gifts coming up here soon. As BulledOver mentioned earlier in the thread, ever donation, regardless of size, helps us reach our goal. Gifts can be paid in installments and are fully tax deductible. I have seen numerous respondents in this thread who have already make a gift to the USF Football Center and we thank you so much for that support.
  7. The overwhelming majority of those penalties are easily correctable, especially the false starts. The games you mentioned are far enough out on the schedule to where we should have corrected them by then.
  8. Illinois had some nice breaks as well. The 3rd down pass play they had to set up the FG to go up 19-7 saw a beyond obvious holding call get missed. Vincent Jackson was mugged as the QB scrambled and right in plain sight of the referee. We were our own worst enemy in that game with the penalties. The score was only close because of those penalties.
  9. John Lewis

    Illinois game TV

    I apologize if the link has already been posted, but if you click on the following link you can submit your area code and service provider to see what channel the game is on. http://btn.com/btn-gamefinder/
  10. John Lewis

    When will we know ECU game time?

    I believe just about everyone will like the start time of this game
  11. John Lewis

    When will we know ECU game time?

    He had "intel"
  12. John Lewis

    When will we know ECU game time?

    We should hopefully know the ECU kickoff time on Monday.
  13. John Lewis

    Club seating question

    Section 214 is not a section that automatically provides Club Access. If the seats you are looking at are in Row U or higher you would be protected from any poor weather conditions.
  14. John Lewis

    Season Tickets?

    When you select your game and the quantity of tickets you will then be able to select seats. They may pull some from existing seats, but they also can pull from seats we hold specifically for Boundless Bulls redemption.