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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/4HFwCxCY7ZTtyhYG8 Only a few weeks left until the Tournament. We will be sending an e-mail to all Bulls Club members this week. Even if you cannot play you are still able to donate to the Volleyball program. Let's support our former player and new head coach, Jolene Shepardson.
  2. The new date for the Volleyball Golf Tournament will be Saturday, August 1. Shotgun start begins at 8am. Here is the link to the updated information Volleyball Golf Tournament Registration There will be a online auction that will begin on Saturday, July 25 and conclude on Sunday, August 2. More details to follow on that.
  3. Good morning all. We will pushing the Volleyball Golf Classic back to August and likely on a Saturday. We should have a finalized date shortly.
  4. The online auction will be up in a couple of weeks
  5. Let me do a little digging on that.
  6. There are sponsorship opportunities available for those who are not golfers.
  7. Michael Kelly Press Conference Start at 13:30 and you'll get what you need.
  8. I wanted to post the link for the 2020 Volleyball Golf Tournament, held at Bardmoor Country Club on Friday, March 27 in case anyone is interested. All proceeds go to benefit the Volleyball program. Volleyball Golf Tournament information Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  9. Mike Kelly's bar is pretty high. He said as much in his introductory press conference and his vision for the programs are pretty clear cut. I'm pretty sure it would have been unprecedented, but I'm not sure how you fire a coach who had 18-8 record and a bad month and a half of one season. Finances literally played no factor as there was no way that Coach Strong was going to be fired after 2018.
  10. I think it's safe to say that under performing is not something that Michael Kelly has taken to as evidence by the changes made for Track, Volleyball, and Football.
  11. I characterize this MBB season (since that was the basis of this thread) as very frustrating one. The expectation level before the season began was high and it was warranted based on what we accomplished in '19-'20. Obviously losing your best all around player was a huge blow and it certainly took some time for the team to acclimate to the absence. Last night was a tough pill to swallow based on how we were playing, but to say that there might be a "tough time seeing Kelly firing Gregory" is very unfair. Coach Gregory inherited something that was beyond a mess and had it turned around in year 2. He cannot be faulted for the injury that was sustained. Obviously, we all hope Alexis Yetna is healthy next season and with Caleb Murphy coming in we have the chance to make that step to the upper tier of the AAC. We are on the right path with Coach Gregory. You bring up a great point about the limited resources. That shouldn't be something that has to be that way. I know I am preaching to choir here since most of you who post support us through buying tickets, being Bulls Club members, etc.(those who don't can contact me if they are interested). You'd be surprised with some of the conversations that I have during the day with lapsed donors/ticket members. As Coach Scott has said, we need to be United from Start to Finish. Once our supporters are, then we will really move forward in the direction that we all want.
  12. That's a pretty unfair thing to say
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