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  1. I'm surprised Joey didn't through in a 2112 reference for the assumed control comment.
  2. John Lewis

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Depends on the relationships that are built. Coach Strong and Coach Bell likely have many relationships from their days at UF where the people they know are comfortable in helping them.
  3. John Lewis

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Joey asked a question and it's a good one. Take it from someone who talks to people every day about tickets/donations, etc., there is absolutely merit to his article. Whether or not that happens is what remains to be seen.
  4. John Lewis


    Who cares about 1 guy missing a block? The guy who tackled the runner shed 2 blockers.
  5. Great news. Thank you so much for all of your support!!
  6. Very loud crowd on Wednesday. I'm glad you were in attendance. Hoping the the crowds continue to build and support this team as they are showing their improvement right in front of our eyes.
  7. He has so much potential. When he adds so more muscles to his frame he will be a monster.
  8. Thankfully this team will virtually be in tact for the next couple of seasons. There is so much promise out there right now and this team is getting major contributions from Sophomores and Freshmen. One thing this team does have in relation to the 2012 team is the toughness needed to win games within the conference. It should be no surprise since Coach Heath and Coach Gregory are from the Tom Izzo coaching tree.
  9. I certainly understand where you're coming from. There is a long time between now and then and things can be corrected.
  10. I think you will be. That game is a long way away.
  11. John Lewis

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    We should have been more clear in the e-mail that was sent out earlier in the week. Certainly was a mistake to not have that information in the e-mail. I think placing the "tickets" in the account was not a proper decision since the print/forward option was not available on them. I will let the ticket operations office know that this was pretty confusing for the most part.
  12. John Lewis

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    When did you renew and who did you speak with?
  13. John Lewis

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    You should be dry around kickoff time