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  1. We're starting to see more excitement out of the offense. Would hope your friends stick with your group. Tough road ahead this month, but we have some momentum leading into it.
  2. I hadn't even thought about who the wins would be against to be honest. I was just looking at overall record. If we were at 7-5 and win the game versus UCF, then I can see the more optimism from some of the naysayers.
  3. Yes, most, if not everyone, should be happy with a win on 11/29. There are a good number of haters from what I see/hear.
  4. The issues from last year are well known. This season saw an overhaul on offense, which is what most on here wanted. Installing a brand new system takes some time to show results. We have been starting to see better results over the last 4 games. Hoping to see that improve more the last 4 games. W's all day!!
  5. FSU was trending down and showing no signs of improvement. We have certainly been playing better and there are certainly signs showing our team is improving.
  6. We could win 3 of the last 4 and there will still be people who are unhappy
  7. Or maybe patience will actually prevail and let the season play out?
  8. Evelyne Viens is certainly in that conversation
  9. The exhibition game is free. The only seats we typically protect are the floor seats.
  10. It will be interesting to see what donations will look like when we do make, and win, a NY6 bowl. I'm confident that we will get to one of those bowls.
  11. I hate using the "young program" term at this point, but you do bring up a very good point about the next generation of our fan base and when they grew up.
  12. Thank you for the post and for all you said. I believe that 1% of USF Alumni are donors to the Bulls Club. 1%! I find that number to be way too low, especially for anyone who attended/graduated after 1997. I certainly understand that there are going to be many alumni who are not fans of athletics, but there is nor reason that our percentage shouldn't be closer to 10% at minimum. I understand the "mored out" comment and that is why we're trying to reach out to those who have not been involved with us in any capacity. I'd love to give more personally, but I, like many who post here, have a family and there things that are a priority for the family above monetary giving. I know Brad was busy this fall with some things, but we are going to work something out with the dollars that were raised for the IPF through the generosity of the members of this board. I thank all who participated and appreciate your love and passion for USF. We've certainly had some issues in the past and some holes we've to dig out of, but I am confident of where we are going having Michael at helm.
  13. I think that has a good deal to do with it. Now that my role has changed some within the department, I do not speak with as many people who no longer have season tickets, but I still talk to some who continue to give to the Bulls Club and the conference affiliation comes up at least 90% of the time.
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