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  1. If you're not able to utilize season tickets, then increasing your gift to the Bulls Club would be extremely helpful.
  2. Definitely going to be the pressure to vote yes after the $$$ are calculated, but there is no way that aTm is voting yes. I can see them having Arkansas and Missouri in their corner as well. Shouldn't be difficult to find a 4th no there.
  3. Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Both programs need 11 of 14 votes to be invited. I can already see 3 no votes from Texas A&M, Arkansas and Missouri. There would have to be another one in there somewhere (LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State).
  4. Good list. Would certainly shuffle some around from where Joey has them, as we all would. 2001 Pitt game not being on the list is a travesty. More significant than a couple that he has on the list.
  5. 2 great fans and Bulls Club members. Looks like a fun time.
  6. Fair enough. I agree 100% with the reasoning.
  7. We could also add Coach Taggart in 2016. I can't believe I forgot that one.
  8. Much more relevant to say the least. Timing is perfect for this with the IPF coming soon. Recruiting should take a huge step forward and we should be a contender by 2023.
  9. I know what your point was. Time will tell if that situation would occur.
  10. A great debate topic for sure. They are both equally difficult. The only thing I can see being different is that Baseball's road will be tougher than Softball's was.
  11. Easier to win a National Championship at Oregon in FB. The circumstances for Baseball are a little different, as this program can be in the National Championship hunt every season.
  12. Yes, it's an accurate statement. We only have 6 or so opportunities a year to watch our team play in person. I'll take advantage of that regardless of the record.
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