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  1. The week by week is certainly the tough part. I really do hope we play them, but it wouldn't shock me if we can't.
  2. I would hope sooner rather than later. If the game has to be cancelled, then maybe there would be a replacement available somehow.
  3. What results are they looking for now? Had about a dozen guys test positive last Tuesday and more by the end of the week, including an entire position group. Do they quarantine better there than everywhere else?
  4. He had to replace a good deal of players to help fit his system (sounds familiar), which he didn't have to at Oregon. Those things take time (sounds familiar again) and Coach Taggart wasn't given that.
  5. He took over 2 programs on the decline. Had Oregon eligible in his only season there. FSU may have been in even worse shape when he arrived. Remember that in Jimbo's last there they added a game late in the season just to become bowl eligible. Personally, I don't believe he was given a fair look at FSU for them to have pulled the plug before season 2 was over.
  6. Q was downfield a bit blocking for Marlon on more than 1 occasion.
  7. There was noticeable change in the offense, which is good on all fronts. We ran a few different passing plays that worked well for Jordan. I would expect to see much more this weekend, as I would expect to see our speed used more in space, however we can get our play makers there.
  8. Just my opinion here, but could it be that we didn't want to show much from our passing game just yet? One thing that I would say is an improvement was getting our speed out into space, which wasn't the case last season.
  9. Hey John, I went ahead and made a donation via Bull's Club for the Citadel win. At my age if I pledge $$ until the end of the season you might have to sue my estate to secure the money so, I'm just paying as I go that way USF gets the $$. I did donation in the name of CJS(his 1st win) and in memory of the Citadel. Thanks for all you do..Go Bull's. 

    1. John Lewis

      John Lewis

      Thank you so much for your support!!!

  10. Yes, those ticket will come with Club Access
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