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  1. Renewing season ticket members have until Friday, February 7 to renew their current seat locations. The seat relocation/addition period for renewing account members is likely to begin around February 17 (not set in stone on that date) and should last throughout the week. Once that process is complete those who have placed a seat deposit will have their opportunity to select seats. Thank you to @TheAccountant and @Ohio Bull for your support. The University has technically been closed since 12/23, so that may be why there was a lapse in someone getting back in contact.
  2. Would have to think that there is a Bulls Club Annual Fund gift and 110% (optional) on the invoice.
  3. They won't have to buy season tickets to guarantee their seats. Now if they want better seat, then that is a different story.
  4. You're still getting a discount. Regular cost in your section is $685. I haven't seen any other program who has 2 separate prices for season tickets.
  5. Pay plan for new buyers will be a max of 4 or 5 months on payment plan. It will depend on if we are seating in February, or March for new buyers.
  6. Club pricing for new season tickets will start at $570 per seat. Deposits are being taken at this time and seating will commence after renewed accounts have their opportunity to add/relocate in mid to late February.
  7. We've had the 110% (and the level up in prior years) on the invoice for the last few renewal cycles.
  8. Unless my math is wrong here, your seats went from $606 to $645, which is like a 6% increase. When we changed the pricing model in 2015 you took advantage of the new set up to move to your current section. You're still saving about $700 over what the old model would have cost in that section for the 4 seats you have.
  9. They are up over last season's cost. You will also receive the same renewal rate in 2021, when we play UF at home, so there will be a 0% increase for you then.
  10. The invoice price is going to be discounted from what new season ticket members are going to pay for seats in the same section.
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