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  1. I will ask. I believe that the game has been included in the past when we have played at Amalie.
  2. They just want to do a run through before their tournament. Both the Women's and Men's teams have played at Amalie in years where a conference, or NCAA, tournament is scheduled to be played. Our most successful season was predominantly played at Amalie.
  3. We have moved games around to accommodate bigger games before, so I would think this would certainly be one of those time it is done again.
  4. Great memories of Death Row and The Grim Reaper.
  5. Current expectation is to be back to what we're accustomed to.
  6. Concession should be open (that info should be in the forthcoming e-mail). Merchandise store in stadium only from what I was told.
  7. Very interesting read. Sadly, it's not too surprising.
  8. More bare bones this year. There will be a "Know Before You Go" e-mail sent out later this week with more specific information.
  9. Higher the better for viewing the game.
  10. I have watched that clip many a time and loved it. One of the big reasons why I love being a Rangers fan.
  11. I wish I was old to enough to have seen Eddie play. I know how beloved he was was by the fans and how much they were pissed when they let waived him.
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