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  1. John Lewis

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    Also forgot to add that we did send a hype video for the presentation. I am assuming based on the initial post that the video might not have been played.
  2. John Lewis

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    Quick FYI, marketing and ticket sales have been at every orientation. Per the request of those running the orientations, we were asked to provide something more engaging than a presentation, so we have been having trivia and prizes throughout the summer. Marketing is there to discuss the Herd Perks app and the sales grouup is there to speak with parents. We have been attending the orientations for years.
  3. John Lewis

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    The new online account manager is going to be much easier to use in regards to transfer/resale, etc.
  4. John Lewis

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    We are not going to the season ticket cards for Football for the upcoming season. That is certainly a goal though.
  5. John Lewis

    Above and Beyond Iniatitive

    We have had the 110% campaign for a few years. The level up is something new.
  6. John Lewis

    USF vs UF Continues

    FIU is who bailed on us last minute in 2009.
  7. John Lewis

    WBB Renewal Email

    I think the attendance for MBB in the Club was noticeably better because of the buffet. Only heard a few issues with the food, but it was a great success. Will also be that way for WBB and their very passionate fans.
  8. John Lewis

    WBB Renewal Email

    That's roughly $8 per person per game. Also includes soft drinks and water, so it's a great value.
  9. John Lewis

    WBB Renewal Email

    I have attached the menu options from last season. I can certainly see where some offerings aren't as good as others. We can also work with Aramark to provide more vegetarian options. Arena Club 2017 menu flyers 8.5x11.pdf
  10. John Lewis

    WBB Renewal Email

    It's the only increase.
  11. John Lewis

    WBB Renewal Email

    I haven't seen if anyone responded to your post yet, so I apologize if you already have the answer. Since you already have the Meyer Family Hardwood Club access you will not be charged for the buffet. You will also have access to the buffet. There were vegetarian options at all MBB home games last season with the buffet. There will be the same consideration made for all WBB games.
  12. John Lewis

    Ticket Relocation

    Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad to hear that you and your group are happy with the new seating location. Thank you for your support!!
  13. John Lewis

    Ticket Relocation

    Any idea about the specific issue?
  14. John Lewis

    Ticket Relocation

    Rex, please feel free to send me a message with your contact information and I will look into it.
  15. John Lewis

    Even UAB is getting a stadium...

    UAB's Stadium will not be on campus