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  1. This is a great idea! 40,000 seat stadium would fit both of our crowds better, and we would not have to give RJS such a big cut of everything!
  2. I really think if Boise leaves the MW, the AAC needs to strike quickly, add a few teams go to a 16 conference that looks like this: AAC East USF, ucf, Cincy, Temp, ECU, NAVY, APP State, and Army AAC West Memphis, SMU, Tulane, Houston, Tulsa, BSU, Colorado St,and AF Play 7 games in your division, 2 cross over games, and then you have 3 OOC games.
  3. Hopefully KJ has a few BIG OL friends he can recruit!
  4. Keep King, seems to be cut from the same cloth as Scott. GET RID of the rest. I think the most important piece of the puzzle, as far as coaches, is a good OL coach. Go to the big 10, find a OL coach, and please find a few grad transfer students from big 10 that can freaking block and not draw penalties!
  5. United from Start to Finish shirts that I saw mentioned on twitter? I saw a site offering shirts for 20, with 20% the proceeds going to IPF. Thanks
  6. AGREE!!!!! Do not want this kid in our locker room, he is all attitude.
  7. I also believe that over the next few years there may be a pipeline of Clemson cast offs that we will receive via his relationships with the Tigers. Pretty sure there would be no relationship between Tigers and Noles.
  8. Today I set up a twitter account so I can follow CJS (Yes there are many of us who did not have an account). The excitement of the new hire, along with accessibility of the new coach, brings me hope. I can already see that he is a man who today's athlete can identify with and follow. Our football team needed a transfusion of new blood, energy, and character.. I think MK hit this one out of the park! GO BULLS!
  9. Wow I was hoping for CJL, but we got SMazza to return, NICE!
  10. Regardless of who the coach is.. there is talent... I would love to see what CJL could do with the transfer portal..
  11. If it were to happen I would make every effort to show for the press conference. Hell I bet if they passed the hat for the IPF at the presser they would beat the last 6 months of fundraising!
  12. Whether or not it happens, the excitement this has generated is better than anything football related in the last two years.
  13. click the link, begin video at :26, it was playing on the radio when I woke up this morning..... It must be a sign...;)
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