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  1. I would actually go Cincy at 2, UH at 3, and USF at 4
  2. T-Man

    Charlie Strong

    I think he is here to stay for a couple more years. I am hoping that the fact we have played so many players the past few weeks lead us to survive the schedule after this UConn game. There just may be a method to his madness.. Congrats on being named to the list Coach Strong!
  3. Just Win Baby. I do think this will be a blowout. Cronkrite may go over 200. No injuries for this game please!
  4. Yes it is better for ucf to win other games, short sighted not to think so.
  5. Let's say somehow Charlie gets hired two years from now.... Now let's say, a certain former coach from ucf gets fired from Cornhuskers.... Would you as a Bull fan ever consider (3,5,7 years from now) hiring Frost? I think the man can coach (In Florida) but selling his style in Nebraska may be too much..
  6. T-Man


    The more I see the more I like. Ford seems to be running wide and not cutting up through the holes. I think Ford is a great safety valve for screens (Yes I know we don't run those anymore).
  7. T-Man

    Accept our identity

    Bottom line... If we would have lost.. what a sucky way to start the weekend! However, we pulled the horse shoe from our bottom, the weather is beautiful, and dealing with a first loss to Houston in two weeks is much easier to swallow!
  8. Bottom line for many of us "Lifers" we can remember having early leads only to lose in the 4th do to lack of talent and/or conditioning. This team knows how to win, whether they dominate (Still waiting for this one) or pull it out of their ass. JUST WIN BABY!
  9. I think I miss the quick pass.... BB has to ice that shoulder tonight... can't wait to see the post game interviews
  10. Thank goodness we have bye week (UCONN is that bad) this week
  11. I can't believe we were still running up the middle with time ticking away..... just wow.... feel like this team is 3-3 at this point.. CARDIAC BULLS
  12. wow, just wow, we have to get sooooooooo much better
  13. can we get turnover? we cant trust the kicker