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  1. Available teams: Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Rice, WKU, Coastal Carolina
  2. I like his attitude, seems genuine. As I watch this team grow, and ultimately be successful, it is my hope that when Scott ultimately moves on, he can leave the keys to one of the coaches already on staff.
  3. This is a great idea! 40,000 seat stadium would fit both of our crowds better, and we would not have to give RJS such a big cut of everything!
  4. I really think if Boise leaves the MW, the AAC needs to strike quickly, add a few teams go to a 16 conference that looks like this: AAC East USF, ucf, Cincy, Temp, ECU, NAVY, APP State, and Army AAC West Memphis, SMU, Tulane, Houston, Tulsa, BSU, Colorado St,and AF Play 7 games in your division, 2 cross over games, and then you have 3 OOC games.
  5. Hopefully KJ has a few BIG OL friends he can recruit!
  6. Keep King, seems to be cut from the same cloth as Scott. GET RID of the rest. I think the most important piece of the puzzle, as far as coaches, is a good OL coach. Go to the big 10, find a OL coach, and please find a few grad transfer students from big 10 that can freaking block and not draw penalties!
  7. United from Start to Finish shirts that I saw mentioned on twitter? I saw a site offering shirts for 20, with 20% the proceeds going to IPF. Thanks
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