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  1. T-Man

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    BullDoug - Looking forward to seeing you again. I will be with my two kids and my son's girlfriend. Staying at Embassy suites on the 22nd.
  2. T-Man

    Birmingham bowl plans??

    My group of 3 will be there. Driving up on Friday, back after the game. Did it last year had a good time!
  3. USF 44-37 Flowers MVS 501 Lord help us... hope this is not our 64-12 payback game.................
  4. That works. I would love if teams agree to play 12 games and this becomes game 13. It gives us our own little playoff. Plus it gives us AAC game at end of year to impress the Playoff committee (Yes I am laughing as I typed that last line)
  5. Still think there should be an annual game between Mountain West Champ and AAC.
  6. 1) Stetson2) 113) Da Silva -164) Da Silva - 95) 65%