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  1. T-Man

    Bowls Ranked

    Missed Sun Bowl and Canada Bowl
  2. T-Man

    Roll call

    3 (Son, Daughter, and Me) My daughter who gets student tickets for 10, was able to purchase 2 guest tickets for 25 each. My crew that usually goes with me will be 3 more. Do not think much gets done at work the next day... One last tailgate before the long months of no football begin..
  3. Here are my hopes: Replace Gilbert with King. Yes I know King may not have experience, however something tells me that he is hungry to prove himself, and will try something new when something does not work, give me a pragmatist over GILBERT. Fire Special teams coach. I can't suffer through another blocked PAT, confusion on coverage, and etc.. Fire Strength and Conditioning coach. CCS complains of undersized, low weight players, this is the best way to fix it. Loyalty and Support program. Thank the fans base for their support by offering 25% on next years season ticket renewal. Break Ground on New Facility. There has to be enough $$$ somewhere. Add $5 fee to student fees. This thing needs to be built, and it is a true first step.
  4. I will be doing my best Lou Holtz pre game with all my ucf friends. "Wow your team is awesome, we don't have a chance, it is amazing we are allowed on the same field, etc..." Hoping the "after" tailgate is just me laughing at the same people.... Reality check... Most likely will be leaving mid way thru 3rd quarter after we fall behind by 4 TDs... Hope reality eludes me today!
  5. Bulls (I can't go to the dark side) 47-43 Cronk McCants 666
  6. "What ifs" will destroy us!
  7. T-Man

    UCF Game Time?

    Well played. This year college football has had crazy upsets... hopefully one more on Black Friday.
  8. Let's go BULLS! Thank goodness we are a soccer and basketball school.
  9. I have been to both. FAU is much better, however it is newer, and you do not fear for your life when people are standing and jumping. With this weeks' game at ucf, I hope the dam thing can withstand the amount of people headed there. I have heard numerous reports that they are doing standing room only tickets, that POS is meant to hold 40,000, there is no way they should let anymore than that in there.
  10. USF 34-26 Cronk Mccants 501 We win... then UCF losses.. then we beat them on Black Friday... The gap is not as wide as it appeared! Hopeful...
  11. This thread will destroy us!
  12. Cinci 45-23 BB Wilcox 405 This contest will destroy us!
  13. T-Man


    Wow, who are these young guys?