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  1. HUGGGGE Game, we could quite possibly turn this MF around. USF 37-31 McCloud Wilcox 444
  2. Blake is the reason we won a few games that we should not have last year. Unfortunately for Blake, Gilbert left (THANK GOD), the staff, I believe gave Blake a chance based on last year and loyalty. I think he deserved the Wisky game and half the GT game. I think this was the plan all along... Get to the bye week, put in new wrinkles, and begin conference play. Yes, a splash win would have been great, however the competing for conference championships is all that matters. As unimpressed as I have been with Bell's system thus far, I believe that the best is yet to come..
  3. It is my hope that rather than a late season dive, we get better as the season goes.. As a season ticket holder from DAY 1, I can't remember more than 2-3 seasons where we did not slump at the end of the season.
  4. Thought I would look where they had us.... It would be fantastic if we could do what they predicted at this point. 2019 USF Football Schedule 2019 Preseason Prediction: 7-5 2019 Preseason AAC Prediction: 5-3 2018 Record: 7-6 – 2019 USF Preview Aug. 30 Wisconsin L Sept. 7 at Georgia Tech L Sept. 14 South Carolina State W Sept. 21 OPEN DATE Sept. 28 SMU W Oct. 5 at UConn W Oct. 12 BYU W Oct. 19 at Navy L Oct. 26 at East Carolina W Nov. 2 OPEN DATE Nov. 9 Temple W Nov. 16 Cincinnati L Nov. 23 Memphis W Nov. 29 at UCF L
  5. THANK GOD IT IS NOT NOON.... That is all!
  6. The bottom line, the offensive coordinator improvement should continue to get better, the Defense is much better- they are not missing as many tackles and seem to have more passion, still not big special teams fan.. Would like to see SK get more roles in this rebuild.. Patience at this time is key, hopefully 7-5 can happen..
  7. If we go to a bowl game, and go 5-3 down the stretch, CCS keeps his job. Plain and simple, if we fire him then we lose many of the recruits, then we set ourselves up for more rebuilding and losses. Sub .500 record? That is another story..
  8. I consider it a WIN that Houston is not on the schedule!
  9. I concur about Strong wanting to be here.
  10. Firing the coach is not the answer, yet. I am quite pleased with the Defensive transformation. If the offense gets turned around and in a few weeks we are 3-2 playing BYU, then I believe we will be where most thought we would be going into BYU game. Perhaps this is the year we get on a roll and put a streak together, as we continue to get stronger each week. GO BULLS!
  11. Yes I saw in one publication how he goes by KJ or K-9. The way he plays to the crowd while doing his job is exciting to watch. It was like he knew the fans who traveled to GT needed a boost. I mean as soon as he intercepted the ball he came right to our section to pump us up.
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