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  1. Someone with talent, could do much better... Charge $25, profit $15, send to the stadium fund.. I know many on this board would purchase it... Maybe it could have thebullspen.com on the back? Sorry for poor graphics..
  2. I think 40,000 is perfect. I know the RJS argument is legit, however, getting 18-20 year old kids to walk across campus or get on a bus?
  3. Yes, I know... But hell... Even 100 bell rings would be nice... Think about the Rays games.
  4. I know we have zero traditions on game day. However, many of us back in the day, would bring cowbells. With such low crowd numbers.. It would be nice to bring a little added noise. There are many schools that ignore artificial noise... Its a start... Any chance TSA would allow this? Yes, I already know the answer, but let us have something..
  5. With the loss of Texas and Oklahoma, and addition of the 4 teams not USF, does that put them at 12? So the only hope we have is for 4 more teams to leave Big 12? Or for Big 12 to expand to 16? Yep... The end is near..
  6. Academics over Athletics, plain and simple.. While ucf mortgaged the farm and emphasized athletics, we emphasized academics.. We made our "Preeminent" bed, now we must sleep in it... Still hopeful Mike Kelly can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but my hope is fading, with each report of the team from the east....
  7. It's going to take quite a bit of alcohol for me to see progress next week.
  8. I took the game (USF) at 18.5 points. Parlayed it with App state (-10.5) and Ohio St (-12.5)..
  9. Progress. Feel like we have been going the wrong way for years. I want to see a team, I want to see the following week! Back in the day... We could hang with a team for a half, possibly into the third quarter... Then the depth would kick in, and we would lose by 14-21. BUT, you could see, that we were doing the right thing, and then adding depth we would become a monster.. The following year we reached #2. Progress!
  10. Hope the hire has solid background in Big 12...
  11. 1) The winning team: Wolfpack2) The final score: 28-133) Bulls leading rusher: Felix4) Bulls leading receiver: Miller5) Bulls total offensive yards: 383
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