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  1. They are just rubbing salt in the wound every time they show Flowers, Mack and McCants on the jumbotron. Lucky for us, average sports fan flipping channels probably saw who was playing and turned the channel long before we started embarassing ourselves.
  2. It only gets better as they get older. Mine sings the fight song, dances to the music and waves a USF towel he got at the Birmingham Bowl. I have to admit, he's a better fan than I am.
  3. I'm going to go with Yes. A former successful head coach isn't going to take a job with stipulations that he can't run the offense the way he wants. Why would he?
  4. I'm in the same boat, only shelling out $ for parking at this point. After last night, I'd be done for the season, but my son really likes going to the games, win or lose.
  5. I kind of liked the pee-wee football game at half time. More competitive than the real game. SOCOM parachuting in was cool too.
  6. At one point, we had a guy walk up the aisle with a poster saying Get Back on the Bus with a Willy picture.
  7. I still haven't figured out why a new coach wouldn't evaluate talent, watch game film of the previous year and craft his offense to the strengths of the current players. If you have a successful system, recruit players that fit the system and gradually work into it.
  8. I know he sounds like a broken record, but at some point it comes down to the players taking responsibility and not making the mistakes on the field. They can practice catching the ball all week, but the coach can't keep the receiver from dropping the ball during the game. I think we're seeing that this team isn't as talented as it was hyped in the off-season. The only positive is that the defense went from terrible to mediocre which is an improvement.
  9. Agree completely. I'm pretty sure Strong mentioned an OCS in his first press conference after being hired. Not saying we need an OCS, just that even he was concerned with our facilities and knew they needed to be improved. Hiring a new coach will only take us so far without improving everything else.
  10. They'll have to burn those black uniforms to get the stink out.
  11. I'm done after this season if Charlie is still here. Only reason I'll go to the rest of the home games is because tickets are all ready paid for and my son enjoys the pre game and band at half time.
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