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  1. He lists us as 1-2 against WVU. I think we were 3-4. Do they fact check these things??
  2. I would assume this is related more to corona virus and the economy taking a dump than the league actually "failing". I wouldn't mind watching it in the NFL off-season if it comes back.
  3. This has a higher death rate than the flu. It has not hit it's peak in the US yet. It's just starting to spread. It's going to hit the elderly and anyone with immune issues very hard. Look at how many died at the one nursing home in Washington. No reason to panic, but should be diligent about washing hands and avoiding large groups of people. I still don't understand people buying massive amounts of toilet paper.
  4. Isn't that the one school we can't recruit because we hired one of their coaches?
  5. I meant after Corny's performance last game, wouldn't be surprised if Murray sees the field as QB. I'm sure they'll still have Flowers hand the ball off on extra points and once in a blue moon get a punt return.
  6. Vipers are having a terrible season. If they trade or release Flowers and he does better somewhere else, Trestman looks even more incompetent for not playing him. Murray will see more playing time than Flowers at this point.
  7. Kind of baffling. I think he was in for 2 - 1 point conversions and then they tried him on a punt return that he got nailed right when he caught the ball. Cornelius had some decent throws last night, but he always turns the ball over at the worst times.
  8. Looks like the holder and not the actual long-snapper in that video. You'd think a wide-receiver sized long snapper would get crushed up the middle.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out what word the asterisks in the title are for....
  10. I don't have insider information like some on here so I'll just refrain from judging him. I wish him future success in whatever he decides to do and leave it at that.
  11. He had two receivers drops passes on that series too. Passes weren't crisp, but I think he deserved another try.
  12. As disturbing sounding as it was, I think they players are mic'd up and that was a real noise. I think after the kickoff, they turned it down because it was never that loud after that.
  13. I'm interested to see what the drop-off will be next week when the USF / Flowers fans don't go. I don't know. Anyone else who went today not going to the next one?
  14. We had a "We want Flowers" chant leaving the game and finished it off with a USF chant. Calling 3 passing plays at the 1 yard line baffles me. It was competitive and my son had fun, but we were only there to see former USF players. Won't be going back.
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