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  1. The only easy win will be against South Carolina State. I won't be fooled twice, Charlie. I'll take the under. I'll happily eat a crow when we go undefeated.
  2. He'd be an upgrade over Ronald Jones for the Bucs.....I'm sure he'll get some looks.
  3. DJ currently leading the league in average yards per carry at 5.8.
  4. You would think the Lightning would throw them some money. Increasing the amount of hockey fans / players in the Tampa Bay Area can only benefit the Lightning.
  5. Probably eeny meeny miny moe and then they just remove what the doctor is pointing at.
  6. Some might not hang around here enough to know who's fishing. For me, I just assume any statement that I don't agree with to be a troll post. I start to type a response and then about half way through I realize I'm not going to change the other person's mind so why bother and I delete it.
  7. Thought you were exaggerating but then I did a search for USF Bulls and got a bunch of New York Red Bull Shirt results.
  8. Even coming off the bench, I think he'd contribute more than Lang or Brown have. Defensive liability is a little harsh. I'm not saying I want him back, just saying if he had never left, he would have been a nice additional scoring option. He seems to be doing fine starting for SMU.
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