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  1. bullstampede9922

    ****** **** ****** ***** (My drunken rant)

    But still better than anyone else we have at QB so deal with it.
  2. He had some bad throws, but I saw no receiver separation at all.
  3. Perfect ending, receiver stops on his route...
  4. Receivers can't get open and no protection from the swiss cheese line.
  5. This team is so frustrating to watch right now.
  6. bullstampede9922

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    I'm sure the quality losses will make up for the cupcake.
  7. bullstampede9922

    USF MBB Undefeated

    Well Austin Peay is 198 and Ohio is 181 so I guess we'll gradually increase the throttle to Georgetown (81). Sounds about right.
  8. Lapointe, Sanders, Broyles, Roberts and Davis are all young guys who have looked good for getting thrown into the fire. They do need some form of leadership either from older players or coaches to keep things going in the right direction. I think the talent is there.
  9. bullstampede9922

    How about those Corgis??

    I vote for nothing but Corgis at the next home game. I think we can beat Corgis.
  10. bullstampede9922

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I forgot the sarcasm thing. That was the excuse they threw out last year when you beat Auburn. I just meant at the end of the day, they will screw you no matter if you win or lose because of the conference. P5 teams get props for quality losses, what a joke, but the other way around and they were unmotivated. This guy gets it. But you have to admit winning filled it. Mediocre season and it was half full.
  11. bullstampede9922

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I don't know the inner workings, but I would hope the focus has been on other areas of education and improving the University. With Judy leaving, maybe that direction will change.
  12. bullstampede9922

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    No more OCS threads???
  13. bullstampede9922

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    And where does that get you? At the best, a #9 ranking and another unmotivated team to play on New Years? Face it, no one cares about the conference or that you are better than an average team, except your fans. But hey, our trophy case is empty so what do I know.
  14. Even if he does fire them, I doubt we see any earth shattering changes on offense or defense. Defensive line isn't going to magically gain size, strength and experience and start stuffing the run and pressuring the qb. Either way, there is no quick fix and any change is going to be painful.
  15. bullstampede9922

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    Probably more laughter about being in an inferior conference no one cares about and only way to win a national championship is to be penciled in, instead of actually getting the chance to beat the top ranked team.