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  1. I saw that USF offered him a scholarship, I must have missed his commitment.....What rule was broken?
  2. Not saying don't complain, just don't lose your **** over a game. What do I know, have at it....
  3. In the grand scheme of things, sun still rises tomorrow, family is still healthy and I have a job that pays the bills. I'm sure the loss effects the players much worse than it does any of us, unless you bet big on a USF win...
  4. they look good compared to the rest of the team....which isn't saying much at this point.
  5. This isn't going to be an instant turnaround. You can't magically upgrade this teams talent by replacing the coaches. Expect a bad season next year and be pleasantly surprised if we get 6 wins. Accept the process.
  6. Blasphemer!!! Don't bring common sense and reason into this thread.
  7. Did I mention all those 4-5 star recruits we're missing out on because he's still coaching at Clemson??
  8. I have as much school pride as the next guy, but we're USF, we're not missing out on any 4-5 star recruits because he is coaching another week at Clemson.
  9. After some of these ridiculous arguments on here lately, I won't miss visiting this place daily during the off-season. I'm sure there was a line of 4 and 5 star recruits waiting to sign here but went elsewhere because he is coaching Clemson through the playoffs.
  10. Yeah, they said 6 players sat out to prepare for the draft.......on a 6-6 team. I realize it takes a team to win games, but how bad are you when you have 6 nfl talented players and only win 6 games.
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