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  1. bullstampede9922

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    I'm guessing no P5 team wants to play us. The fact that we have 3 on the schedule seems like a win. The way FSU and UF have been down, there is no way they agree to play us and take the chance of being embarrassed. Just add School for Wayward Orphans and be done with it. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when our AD is trying to schedule a P5 team. Do they laugh outright at him or keep it civil? It just seems like all negatives and no positives for them to play us. They give us legitimacy by playing us.
  2. bullstampede9922

    Practice Facility updates??

    From an interview with Michael Kelly posted August 8th. I think total complex was around $40 million and they were going to build it in phases. Not looking good for ground-breaking this year.
  3. bullstampede9922

    FREE (2) Tickets for ECU Game Sec. 218 w/ club access

    Gone to usfjames2002
  4. These are the normal seats I sit in. Pretty good view of the field. Section 218, Row D, Seats 13 and 14. Tickets have access to the Club level, but you have to enter through Gate D. My wife won some better seats so I'm giving these away hoping to get more Bulls fans to the game. I have them in PDF format that you can just print out. Just pm me your email address and I'll send them to you. If you get them, please go to the game.
  5. bullstampede9922


    Wish he had stuck around for his last year. Valdez-Scantling, Adams and McCants was a good combo....
  6. bullstampede9922

    Behind Enemy Lines: USF Pre-Game

    When did this happen? Great read. Thanks for posting.
  7. There is a Wing House right across the street from the Fairgrounds on 301. I'm guessing you could have them turn on the game.
  8. bullstampede9922

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    sorry, thought you were talking about Saturdays game....I've been reading too many threads...
  9. bullstampede9922

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    When did you see it? We sat in the sun until a littler before halftime and my son couldn't take it anymore. We headed to the Club area for some a/c and it was pretty full then. At halftime, anyone with club access streamed in and packed the place. When halftime ended, I didn't see many leaving the a/c to go back to their seats. I'm not sure how many have club access, but it was standing room only in there.
  10. This isn't from twitter, but this a link to the top plays of the week that make you say Holy Cow from The College Football Show on ESPN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnemqU6QgeE
  11. oh, ok...no problem. I'm trying to find it too.
  12. I think you posted the vid for Utah State.....
  13. bullstampede9922

    Injury Updates

    Last week, he caught the ball on one play where he jumped and got tackled awkwardly around his legs. They had to help him off the field. I hope it's not his knees. He's had really bad luck the last few seasons.
  14. bullstampede9922

    Martin Fennelly?

    Only way he can get people to read his rag is to crap on the home team.