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  1. With the amount of chlorine they'll have to add to counteract the massive flow of urine, you'll have a student body full of bleached blondes or genetically mutated albinos.
  2. That's actually what you said. Look at Brad Johnson, he was a backup and made it in the NFL as if one example makes the whole argument. I just said he wanted playing time, saw the better talent that was going to be starting and saw the writing on the wall. Didn't mean it as a challenge to your intellect.
  3. I realize I'm going against the hate, but have you looked at his stats? He played mop-up duty at Alabama in 3 games with 19 pass attempts with 2 tds and no ints. At Arizona, 2 games with 5 pass attempts. Kind of a small sample size to say awful at 3 schools. He hasn't been the game-changer that Flowers was, but I think we would have had a few more wins if the defense had played better or the offensive line hadn't been a sieve.
  4. So your saying Blake is as good as Brad Johnson? I'm sure there are more backups that graduate without ever starting than the "Brad Johnsons". He was behind Hurts. He was never going to play except in mop-up duty.
  5. Obviously we're using the portal.....we're playing here and there and counting the game that we win....
  6. Not sure I would say cut and run. His career would have been over if he stayed at Alabama as a backup. He went where he thought he had the best chance to start. He didn't play in a few of those losses and was banged up in a few others. Defense didn't help at all last season. Plenty of blame to go around besides the qb.
  7. He'll probably be one of those head-scratchers that get drafted because he fits the prototypical mold as opposed to his actual results in college. All power to him. I hope he gets paid.
  8. It was ESPN 3 online. I tried looking up the replay schedule, but I don't see it on there.
  9. I still remember those deep throws down the sideline to Rubin. That guy could fly.
  10. If you check his twitter feed, he has a link to an article earlier in the week about Strong being on the hot seat and a know-your-foe article about South Carolina St. Not sure what else can be said about us until we win. He could pile on the negatives, but then more people would complain. He could have done another attendance article.
  11. It looks like just dark green to me. Wish they did a black one with the black out uniforms.
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