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  1. I'm guessing anyone yelling at 18-22 year old kids aren't real Bulls fans. Probably better to say entitled game attendees. Some people think if they buy a ticket they are allowed to act like garbage. I didn't see it today, but I remember a few games last season seeing / hearing people near the tunnel yelling at players.
  2. I think they did in the post game questions. He replied that they had no time outs left and he didn't think they could stop BYU with the amount of time left and they had been practicing the on-sides kick in practice.
  3. I remember the "towel guys" who'd run around the stadium concourse hyping up the crowd. I assume they graduated and could no longer fit into their towels. I was hoping for "towel girls", but it never happened.... and another one was the pushup thing for points scored....not much of that happening lately...
  4. I'm happy with the win but disappointed that CJS still hasn't decided on a starting qb. Either qb would have looked good last night. Pick one or the other and go with it. Both will improve as the season progresses. McClain can run, but he still has a high school body and isn't going to hold up all season taking hits like last night. I think the best strategy is to start Fortin, bring in McClain for certain plays and in the red zone.
  5. I think the issues with Cade are overblown going against 2 very good defenses the last 2 weeks. I think we saw some good things from him when he had time to throw. If they mix in McClain for short yardage and red zone plays, I think they will both have great games against FAMU.
  6. Seems like just yesterday they were doing the first feasibility study. Sad thing is that they spent money for a "study" and hired someone for this design and renderings when the $$$ issue should have been solved first. I guess at the time, it made us all feel warm and fuzzy thinking an OCS was just around the corner. I won't believe anything until I see a shovel in the ground.
  7. Still gives me chills watching the bull smash those crates. Wish they'd bring it back. They could even re-vamp with upgraded animations.
  8. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but during warmups, the stadium music was at the regular loud volume and it drowned out the UF band. For some reason, someone turned the volume down on the stadium music so you could hear the UF band. At least that's what it sounded like to me. At the beginning, they sounded like a garbled mess and then all of a sudden, they were clear as day. If it did happen, we really shouldn't be accommodating opposing team's bands. They went on to play over the Bulls intro video.
  9. Hopefully, coach learned he needs a mobile qb for success and sticks with McClain. Give him all the 1st team reps in practice and tell him he's your guy. This going back and forth every time a qb makes a mistake is not a successful formula. I saw some improvement so I'm happy and we actually got into the endzone.
  10. There are some who don't even consider him an alum because he didn't stay all 4 years. Who cares. I've heard him say South Florida in the past. Don't really blame him for the way the team has played the last few years. Just because he isn't publicizing it, doesn't mean he hasn't donated $$ to USF.
  11. To make that kind of investment, it would have to be a guarantee of acceptance into a conference. With our current downswing in success, I don't see any conference making that kind of offer at this time. Until their hand was pushed, the BIG12 was reluctant to make any pro-active improvements. If it did happen, it would definitely give MK some ammunition to pull in donations for a new stadium.
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