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  1. He gave us some good times when he was here and played for 4 years. I think he's entitled to try something different. Good luck to him. Please, anywhere but another AAC team.
  2. Probably no contact on the QB at this point and reporting two-hand touch sack just isn't the same.
  3. Wow, tell me something we don't all ready assume unless a) a billionaire donor gives us the money or b) we are invited to a power 5 conference with the stipulation we add an on-campus stadium.
  4. Hopefully one steps forward as opposed to all the others stepping back.
  5. Until someone plays better than him in games or during practice, of course he'll be the starter next season. This season, no one stood out from the rest, so we got what we got....
  6. Just so you know, I was able to watch this on espn.com. I had issues with ESPN3 working on the tv, but was able to click watch now on espn.com. Just for anyone having issues with Espn3.
  7. Isn't that what I said? "If" we had any talented players capable of playing at the next level, they'd be transferring out. Not sure what statement you are disagreeing with. Sounds like we're both on the same page.
  8. Agree completely. If someone reads that and thinks we will get an influx of great players, they are delusional. If we had any players talented enough to play at the next level, they'd be transferring out.
  9. I agree. We have a few bright spots, but this team needs a re-build.
  10. That makes sense. I only had cable hooked to one television, but I guess it would make a big difference in price for someone who had several.
  11. How are you all saving money by ditching cable? All these streaming services have to have an internet connection to run. I cancelled my cable two years ago, so they just jacked up the price of my internet. I'm paying $80 a month for just internet with Frontier. If I add Youtube tv or Hulu Live that will bump me up to what I was paying for cable. They screw you either way I guess.
  12. He lists us as 1-2 against WVU. I think we were 3-4. Do they fact check these things??
  13. I would assume this is related more to corona virus and the economy taking a dump than the league actually "failing". I wouldn't mind watching it in the NFL off-season if it comes back.
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