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  1. NinjaPenguin777

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    This is a damning reply to that tweet from JK... Since taking over at #USF, Charlie Strong is 17-6. He has played against 5 teams ranked in the top 55 of S&P+ rankings, he is 0-5 in those games. 0 wins against D1 teams that finished reg szn with a winning record. Context is everything Joey
  2. NinjaPenguin777

    What should AD MK do?

    Sorry. Forgot to end the quote. It ended at the "but they continue to get out schemed". The last two sentences were mine
  3. NinjaPenguin777

    What should AD MK do?

    Honestly, I'd rather be in UCF's shoes of hiring a successful young coordinator. It's worked out for them two coaches in a row. While we're once again regressing with an old mediocre coach with a "name".
  4. NinjaPenguin777

    What should AD MK do?

    What makes you think anything is going to change? He was handed an amazing offense last year and his hand picked OC hampered the offense. His special teams have been awful this year and last year. He had the same issues at Texas. Need I remind you how bad he was at Texas? He won at Lou because of a NFL caliber QB. Strong had a ton of talent on defense last year (three are in the NFL?) and the defense wasn't much better than Taggarts. This year it's even worse. He's supposed to be a defensive coach and yet the defense still plays like crap. I get it if we don't fire him after this year, but if we don't want to keep trending down, we need to fire Strong. I'm getting a 6 to 8 win vibe next year. I guess if we're satisfied being mediocre in the AAC then we should keep Strong otherwise we need to find a young coach who can have success and leave. This year we've been lucky to pull 7 wins out of our ***. Sam Barrington had a great quote on the radio last week during the game. He said something to the effect of "I looked up and down our schedule and I haven't seen any teams that are more talented than USF, but they continue to get out schemed. All Strong has is his reputation. He's been the same mediocre coach for five plus years.
  5. What's going to be th excuse this week? Is he going to blame the helmets?
  6. Three freshman on the o-line and two other mediocre starters
  7. Houston got back to their gameplan. Get to third and long and convert.
  8. Most of his passes are floaters. If he tries to put power behind them he's usually off target
  9. I believe the radio show is on Wednesday nights
  10. Except Houston is one of the best 4th Qt teams as well. Also they're one of the worst teams at 3rd down conversions. We're letting them convert like we're not even out there
  11. Doesn't matter if Drops Wilcox is getting the ball
  12. NinjaPenguin777

    Kicking Question

    Did former coach WT break his foot too?
  13. NinjaPenguin777

    St. Felix

    He came out immediately after making that long catch and run. He went into the tent for a while
  14. NinjaPenguin777

    Black Unis

    I thought the numbers were hard to read but they looked awesome ... Charlie hates them