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  1. I dont like him just cuz of his name. Reminds me of QB from Whorelando
  2. Sellular1

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    Just announce we are going to build it pending fundraising and location. Just like the govt announced man missions to Mars. Who cares if it takes 10 years, just make the announcement. Shiit worked for the IPF apparently.
  3. Sellular1

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    I'm not a fan of the nuclear lawsuit approach either, but it has to be on the table as an option if all else fails.
  4. Sellular1

    Why is the USF beat writer . . .

    This is the problem. We play in a conference that has ZERO shot at a national championship. Every team in the P5 begins the season with the "chance" that this could be their season. Win the games in front of you and you go to the playoffs. We're not part of that group. We dont play the teams in that group. We've proven that when we are in that group we can draw the fans and be competitive. If we cant get into the P5 somehow we will never fix the attendance problems or grow the fan base. The money difference is going to continue to expand. We have to do everything imaginable to get that golden ticket, including committing to build a 60k seat OCS. We need to file antitrust, collusion, and what ever other lawsuits we can against the P5 and NCAA. This is do... or slowly die time. I know there are people on here who will say we are doing things behind the scenes, or doing all that we can. I don't know if that's good enough or even accurate. If the B12 doesn't want to share the pie with those that dont add value, then offer a proposal where they don't share the pie. Just get in. Offer something like 10 years before we become a full member. Make it contingent on us winning the B12 Championship game. Make it where we have to average 50k per game. ANYTHING to prove our value.
  5. I ordered 4 club seats with moon shaped tables and 4 field club seats
  6. Sellular1

    Last Basketball Projection

    And BOOM. 6th seed in same bracket with UConn... No respect
  7. Sellular1


    Im not counting eccrappany Plus. Also the fact I live in Atlanta and everyone has to fly delta
  8. Sellular1


    Ha! Like silver medallion gets you anything. I'm platinum, fly every week and still rarely get upgraded. Every flight I'm on has 50 Diamond medallions in front of me.
  9. Sellular1

    Incredible: Jose Fernandez

    Total class. Also love the permanently endowed scholorship he created.
  10. Sellular1

    What would you prefer?

    Like Trip said, I'd take a B1G invite everyday
  11. Sellular1

    Illinois Attendance

    When you play and BEAT other teams that contend for titles like we did in back then like Auburn and WV we get big support. We had a path to the championship. Now we're stuck playing crap teams that nobody cares about with a best case scenario of getting a pity bowl NY6 game against the biggest loser G5 team.
  12. Sellular1

    Illinois Attendance

    Just wow. Difference in playing BCS conf with national champion path vs kiddie table.