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  1. Good thing my dong is so big, I a can shoot them out like an AR-15
  2. There are a few big liquor stores here in N Atlanta that I frequent looking for “stuff”. Actually got the new Stagg Jr yesterday for $80. It’s 132 proof. The Birthday is the 2019 bottle that was behind glass at a register, it was $175. The George T Stagg is from the Antique collection and I paid $250 for it (I’ve seen it elsewhere for over $400). I’ve found a lot of other weird/cool stuff over the last 2 years like James T Kirk (Star Trek) bourbon, most of the Jack Daniels release including Sinatra, gold jack, Old no 5 (Black jack is Old no 7) and both bottles in the JD Legacy Series and the JD Rye.
  3. George T Stagg, Forrester Birthday, bunch of Woodford customs, Angels Envy Cask, etc. over 150 bottles now!
  4. I sure loved the Pat White hustle. Dude wanted to win every game, we need some of that fire on our team. Hope he still has it.
  5. So true.... yet a small catholic school with less than 7k students in a crappy conference located in Spokane can find guys to make the tourney every year. That’s the frustrating part. I get football haves and have nots, basketball should be way more level yet we are underwater every year.
  6. At least all our fans could fit in the boat
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