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  1. Sellular1

    Womens Volleyball

    I was at the match... It's a story as old as sports, we won the the first 2 sets easily then my wife says "at least we'll win in straight sets". You could have heard a pin drop as all 30 people there turned to stare... BOOM
  2. USF plays GA Tech in volleyball Thursday night at 7pm. We haven't been in the postseason since 2002. Tickets are only $4
  3. He needs to sit CCS down and have an annual performance review with him. Explain he's had 2 seasons of boring football and we need to go in a different direction. If CCS can agree to do this, and it's documented so it can be measured, then I'm fine with keeping him another season. The message seemed to work with CWT
  4. Coach Willie would still be here if he didn't have QF
  5. Strong needs the same talk from the AD that CWT got, change the offensive style or you're fired. Only downside is we don't have a QF to turn loose on the field.
  6. I hope the players on this team rise up against pathetic coaching.
  7. Not only is that NOT going to happen, it will not be happening in front of more UCF fans than USF fans.
  8. The wheelchair team from the Villages could "roll" up 300 yards on our defense
  9. Our running defense is ranked 122 out of 128 teams. That is pathetic
  10. Sellular1

    CCS sounds Pissed at Gilbert

    Whole staff needs to go. Special teams sux too
  11. We suck so bad. Can't believe CSS doesn't see how bad his coordinators are