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  1. Pretty much... if the US Senate can do it, so can I.
  2. Are you also "Quo Vadis" on the CSN sports board? I see very similar crybaby attitudes
  3. "IF" we don't get our crap together we won't win another game all year. I have to think CCS is happy with our 4th quarter play but we have to be able to put teams away sooner
  4. Sellular1

    2018 USF = Ugly Stressful Football

    Usually Shiitty Football
  5. Just like CaliBull hyping QF was going to be the best QB we ever had... Can we be that lucky again???
  6. Sellular1

    New logo

    I guess you can see his B-Hole pretty good from the other side...
  7. Sellular1

    Home Stands on TV

    we just like reminiscing about chasing tail
  8. Sellular1

    The thrill is gone.... (Off Topic)

    Thanks for taking time to sign up here. I know you're pretty bored on the Whorelando website
  9. Sellular1

    The thrill is gone....

    actually was over 2 days. Each time i thought i was getting to the end, it was a lie
  10. Sellular1

    The thrill is gone....

    Whew, finally made it to the end of this beotch-fest... 28 pages.
  11. Knock, Knock Who's There? Not you anymore...
  12. What i said was any P5 team that wins all their games makes it into the playoffs. The clock restarts every year. This is clearly not the case for the G5. If Kansas goes 12-0 from the B12, they are making the playoff.