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  1. Kansas beat Texas in 2016. Over the last 10 years Kansas has only won 12 games but lost over 100
  2. I was in Iota in the mid 80s and we would go to CDBs to watch football….
  3. So you’d rather be here with whatever SBC teams we can convince to join our rag tag Battlestar Galactica fleet?
  4. Yeah, stuck with all those crappy programs like Ok State and CBB champs Baylor. They must hate it already.
  5. Of course I’m not “afraid”, I’m Pissed. We got outflanked.
  6. Yeah, but one thread is Yay Stadium! The other thread is Boo Stadium!
  7. Trip, why do you think it’s not a pain for students to get to RJS? It ALWAYS has been a problem. When you’re ranked in the top10 it’s not “as big” of a problem, but when you’re 5-7 students aren’t going through the hassle. If you could just walk down the street it would be a totally different deal.
  8. Revenue gap will make it impossible to stay relevant. There has never been a wider gap between the haves and have nots
  9. Because the trolls to the west of us weren’t in front of us. It’s crystal clear why they are forced to act now
  10. You can still Uber to the OCS from your house! Assuming you don’t live on campus still at this point in your life
  11. Sure miss that dude. He has a 500HP motor in a 225lb frame.
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