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  1. That’s a big spread. They didn’t look that good yesterday
  2. Cuse looks like total crap but NC was supposed to be good this year and they look just as bad.
  3. Per Notre Dame... Stadium capacity will be 20% or less, the university announced Monday, and the only people allowed to attend will be family members of Notre Dame players, Notre Dame students, Notre Dame faculty and staff, and parents of players for the opposing team.
  4. I’m back. Had breffest tacos and home fries. Took a nap and just woke up. Getting ready to start the day. 50/50 on having a beer in an attempt to try and feel better.
  5. I am very hungover and leaving now in an attempt to find some breffest. Good Day.
  6. I’m pretty lit, I’ll take the torch
  7. Gunna have to pull out the realignment thread and do some measurin...
  8. Amen bro, can’t let the innerwebs twist your panties.
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