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  1. Sellular1


    He said poop!
  2. Looks like 75 people at the game
  3. He reminds me of chubby Carlton from Fresh Prince
  4. Refs jobbin us, need to drive the ball more to the hoop
  5. The all greens look great Up 12-10
  6. Cincy lost to ECU, maybe it’s underdog day!
  7. Shut down the USF govt until the complex is fully funded.
  8. I caught some of the Temple @ UCF game... ghost town.
  9. We’re a MBB school now!
  10. Go Eagz! And Vikequeens lose
  11. Sellular1

    Womens Volleyball

    I was at the match... It's a story as old as sports, we won the the first 2 sets easily then my wife says "at least we'll win in straight sets". You could have heard a pin drop as all 30 people there turned to stare... BOOM