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  1. It's obviously no. People wearing UF gear never set foot on the campus while only UCF students would be caught dead in their gear.
  2. You have the wrong doctor, CR. I had a triple bypass last April. While I was in ICU, my heart surgeon told my wife to bring me 2 bottles of beer everyday and make sure I drink them. It supplemented the pain meds nicely.
  3. Thanks for stopping by and posting in such an informative and classy manner. Good luck to all and I hope for an injury free game.
  4. Well, I'm visiting my daughter and her family in Wichita, so I have a little time advantage. Sporting my Bulls gear in WSU territory. She is a USF grad also.
  5. I'll have to lose weight for it. Last time I put one on I couldn't find it for two weeks! 😆
  6. Jennifer Lawrence just called and said that she would like to see me in one, so I'm in for a polo, at least.
  7. They will if the Air Force makes it safe first! 😉 Just kidding, just kidding. A little interservice levity when levity is needed...
  8. Grateful Dead, Beatles, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Renaissance, Yes, Allman Brothers, Janis Joplin, Alan Parsons Project, Moody Blues, Third Day
  9. Congrats! You did it - that's all that matters. I was 39 when I got my BA from USF. Good job!
  10. That's great, Dave! I worked in the public sector for twenty years and loved it. And, unfortunately, we need smart people watching our elections.
  11. I was lucky - I was married when I attended so scoring on tests was the only scoring I cared about.
  12. Seriously? First post, making it smack, and "Bring Hime"? Priceless.
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