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  1. Looks like it. With a four yard pass reception. Great to see.
  2. Grateful Dad

    Calling it

    And we can have rings made for the achievement!
  3. Grateful Dad

    4 top 25 teams in the same State

    last year THE RANKINGS: Four Pac-12 teams are ranked in the AP poll, three in the Coaches poll. WASHINGTON (9/11), STANFORD (10/9), USC (17/12) and OREGON (23/nr) ... WASHINGTON has now appeared in the AP Top 25 for 34 consecutive ranking periods ... UTAH is the top team among others receiving votes in the AP poll, while Oregon is just outside the Top 25 in the Coaches poll. https://pac-12.com/article/2018/09/04/four-pac-12-football-teams-ranked-top-25-matchup-opens-conference-play oops, misread your post. Thought you meant in the same conference. My mistake.
  4. Only 3 pass rushers and our line can't handle it
  5. We're a second half team... We're a second half team...
  6. As soon as I saw that hit, it reminded me of the Boom at our first game against FSU. Was it Young that came up from safety to knock out the running back?
  7. Grateful Dad

    Do we crack it?

    We have to earn it. Yes, it is harder being G5, but we have not wowed the writers and voters. Heck, we haven't even wowed most of this board. Steady achievement of goals. Conference championship. Big name upsets. It's not going to happen because someone is willing to take a risk in their vote on us. It will happen when it is just too ridiculous to not rank us.
  8. Grateful Dad

    QB change?

    I think you had a premature ejection. It's OK, it happens sometimes with young folks.
  9. The clash of the quarterbacks when we play UCiF this year reminds me of the Grothe vs. Pat White contests of ten years ago.
  10. Grateful Dad

    Games to Watch Week 4

    Watched the Temple game. That RB, Wright, stops and starts, cuts, and waits for his blocks like I have never seen. They RB by committee and if we stop the run, we have this won. If not, it will be a game.
  11. Grateful Dad

    Trouble at Disney

    Certainly troubling, but he is not guilty until proven guilty. I'm going to hold off judgment until then. That's what I want other schools to do when one of our own gets charged with something. No university needs this, though.