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  1. Grateful Dad

    Kenyatta Jones dies

    Whoa! I was thinking it was Kawika Mitchell. The 1970"s coming back to visit me... Nevermind
  2. Grateful Dad

    Kenyatta Jones dies

    Got to meet him in Kansas at USF vs Kansas game. He came up to the USF section and walked around shaking hands and thanking people for coming to the game. Very personable and nice. It's a shame.
  3. Grateful Dad

    New chat room tryout

    Seems like it is working fine now.
  4. Grateful Dad

    ucf National Champs

    Our billboard was pretentious and slightly embarrassing. But a self proclaimed National Championship replete with the accompanying festivities could possibly one of the most egregious examples of mass hysteria ever documented. Even by UCF standards.
  5. 1) USF2) 38-243) D'Ernest Johnson4) Marques Valdes-Scantling5) 480
  6. Years ago I was invited to join a diocesan choir to sing for Pope JP2. It would have cost me $750 for travel, etc. Against my wife's advice I declined to take money away from my family so that I could experience this. Major regret to this day. I'm very glad that these kids got to experience this once in a lifetime trip.
  7. Grateful Dad

    Classic Football Game Videos

    Yes and years more. some still have commercials and/or halftime as I wasn't very good at it years ago. We can upload them without getting in trouble? I have them on DVD. Guess I copy to hard drive and then upload? I am AARP Here... Ok, scrolled through all 1m posts. I'll check to see what's been uploaded against what I have.
  8. Grateful Dad

    New Coach Poll

    I throw up a little whenever I see Schiano. #neveratusf
  9. Most of you know a lot more about college football than I do . If the Bcs system was so broken that it had to be replaced, how is this G5, P5 system more fair ? In practice it seems to be even more unfair. Thanks for the help, folks.
  10. Well, at any rate, I had a great email exchange with CJL last week congratulating him on the new job and reminiscing about a couple of games. When it comes to what happened, none of us conclusively knows the truth and people deserve to move on. It's just a part of history now. Of course, it would be easier to leave it in the past if Miller would stop talking about it.
  11. Don't know what he was thinking
  12. I was so vociferous about this after last year's UCF game (read: showed my butt here) that I self-banned until today. But there may be merit to the assertion that CWT is not the coach we need. Problem is - it is too early to be fair about it. So, we will see.
  13. Grateful Dad

    Just as I thought

    Golden, I have been to every game but this one. My disability (mobility) kept me from this one, although it killed me to miss it. I have a BA from USF and a MS from UCF, although I am a Bull through and through. At the first three games I was mortified at the behavior of UCF fans (once against a pregnant USF lady that I witnessed) but the last one - at UCF I was delighted at how we were treated at BHSN stadium. I rarely saw USF fans misbehave and when I did I corrected them. But what I witnessed from UCF fans first hand (at the first three games) caused me to have no doubts about which team I would root for. With my wife along with me I could not fathom the treatment that UCF fans would dish out. Your fans are your own worst enemies and I would council your AD to address that. You have seen it in the youtube.com video of how Texas elderly were treated and UCF fans were proud of it. It has since been taken down. I am glad I couldn't go to this one. I expected the same from your fans, unfortunately.