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  1. God, for a young program we've had some challenging years. I'd forgotten the details of those years. Sometimes a bad memory is a mercy!
  2. It just may be dry enough out there to have a pool table outside. Maybe too dry! The plans sound great. A custom made coffee table? Living large!
  3. since we're dreaming and you technically didn't limit the budget... https://customtablefelt.com/shop/university-of-south-florida-2/
  4. Bry, what do you mean by coaches jumping ship after a break? To where and why? Sorry, I'm not well versed on this stuff.
  5. Is that a reference to Circus folk? What? They don't matter? I am now offended, which obligates you to appease and accommodate me.
  6. Definitely not the outcome I was hoping for. Return soon.
  7. That, son, is a capital idea, as long as it isn't violating any ordinances. That being said, I will not be attending any large gatherings until the decline is well underway. I'm pretty much in CR's camp and share his anger, but I can't control others and their behavior. Frankly it doesn't disappoint me. I expect it.
  8. Yeah, Nick. The isolation is bringing out the debate ADD in us.
  9. Now, I sure hope that was a rogue synapse that prompted you to write this. We can't leave this all to the young'ns.
  10. I was a big believer until this one particular Grateful Dead concert...
  11. Ask him what time it is and he'll explain you how to build a watch!
  12. "Another woman named Whitney, who identified herself as an essential worker, bizarrely explained that she doesn’t wear a mask for the same reason she doesn’t wear underwear, the outlet reported. “Things gotta breathe,” she said."
  13. Fun Fact #3 Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the males can roar like lions.
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