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  1. Nice Truck! You say there's a trailer in that picture? J/k. Great job. Enjoy in health and victory!
  2. It's so hot and humid that the alligators are scrambling to find shade https://people.com/pets/florida-alligator-climbing-fence/
  3. Heck, yeah! That got the blood pumping like the jumbotron Bull intro busting through the crates! 2005 Bulls Intro
  4. I didn't realize how young this defense is. Only three seniors and a few juniors. Hmmm, I might have to consider that in my season prediction.
  5. 1) South Florida 2) 31-28 3) Jordan Cronkrite 4) Wilcox 5) 445 BB will have to get rid of it quickly, so Wilcox will be a quick and convenient target on slants with Ford on swing and screen plays. It's a lock. But I complained when Bledsoe was replaced with a no-name newcomer and I just knew that would be a disaster...
  6. Reminds me of a weekend I had back in 1975 camping in the mushroom-infested fields of the Florida Panhandle. I SAW these folks. You win, Ryan!
  7. Hell, anyone can "bring order to chaos". You wanna impress me? Make Chaos out of order.
  8. Hey, show a little respect. He is a: Visionary, inspirational, and decisive leader with exceptional project management, problem solving, analytical and “big picture” skills. Results oriented and able to successfully bring order to “chaos” in both technologically challenged and fast-paced environments. Extremely driven and highly regarded for broad range of knowledge, and delivering success through the development of high performance teams.
  9. I'm not ready to call Wisconsin a gimme. I don't know what we will field this year but I have seen the Bulls upset some big programs and I'm always ready for it to happen again. I think Charlie is putting together a staff that could make it happen. It ain't a loss yet.
  10. Stop it! We're trying to appear kulchurred. Besides, those are the Heinz 57 of topless bars. 57 varieties of infections! I put on a condom when I have to just drive by those places.
  11. Oh, and Ryan, use lots of sunscreen. I was born and raised in NY and this southern sun loves Yankee skin. SPF 10,000 should do it. Nothing like getting wasted on the beach and falling asleep in the sun for about two hours...
  12. Welcome, Ryan. I live too far from Tampa to be any more help than to encourage you to eat as much Cuban food as you like in the short time you are here. I remember the Columbian in Ybor was good but, as with any city, the really good ones are hole in the walls. I love picadilla. Keep checking us out as I am sure that some posters on here would like to get your take on your team this year and will have some good suggestions for you. I hope you enjoy your time in Tampa.
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