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  1. That's great, Dave! I worked in the public sector for twenty years and loved it. And, unfortunately, we need smart people watching our elections.
  2. I was lucky - I was married when I attended so scoring on tests was the only scoring I cared about.
  3. Seriously? First post, making it smack, and "Bring Hime"? Priceless.
  4. I have a BA from USF. I have an MS from UCF. I attended each school for years. I am a Bull because I can compare the two from experience.
  5. https://www.usf.edu/business-finance/purchasing/documents/rfi-development-of-usf-golf-course-and-undeveloped-campus-final-issue-4-1-21.pdf
  6. No problem. I'll catch it later sometime.
  7. Cool. Thanks. Now I can watch the first half.
  8. I didn't really want to weigh in since I only caught the second half, but I am quite optimistic with the scrambling and the passing that I saw. It's nice to be looking forward to the season again.
  9. Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been!
  10. What a great showing by the Bulls! This ladies' BB is pretty exciting. Oh, and stick it, knights!!!
  11. Never watched the ladies until this season and I have to admit, dinner waited until this game was over. Good stuff. That Alvarez!
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