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  1. Grateful Dad

    Thursday Weather

    I get this feeling that He might have the last word on that
  2. The team really shows up with fire and excitement. This will look like the team we all were waiting for! USF 35 to 17 Crunk McCans 537
  3. Grateful Dad

    Thursday Weather

    He might want us to build an Ark, though...
  4. The word "If" was copyrighted by UCiF years ago. You used it twice. You'll have to pay up.
  5. Grateful Dad

    McCants Thread for Marshall

    If that UCiF defender would have hung on to McCants' BVDs instead of his jersey...Atomic Wedgie!!
  6. Grateful Dad

    Baseball releases official schedule

    Wow! Great home games. Being retired, I think I will hit some of those. It's been a long time since I went to a USF Baseball game.
  7. Grateful Dad

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Ok. So, we get to see more of what he offers. Cool.
  8. Shhh...we have some Gloden Knats trolling on here and you may give them ideas. They do stuff like this, you know Oh, and then they get scared that they might find an unsafe zone and call it all off
  9. I'm a big CJL fan and actually would welcome him back. But USF didn't put a scarlet letter on him. He did that himself by interfering with an investigation. I am a former investigator for a city government and can tell you that I have seen people facing minor discipline screw up and pressure witnesses. That is just an immediate termination. Now, I don't know the specifics of how this occurred (if you weren't there, you don't either). But I have a hard time believing that Jim was totally a victim. We all screw up. You man up, make changes, and move on. But you don't cry victim when you have brought crap down on yourself. We have enough of those people in the world already.
  10. Yup. You need a coach who is demonstrably more excited than the fans. CJL got the fans up by going overboard to show his excitement. Fans adopted that excitement. CJL acted as if this were his baby and he never would want to leave it. He knew how to build a program and develop marginal players to good ones. Yes, I recognize his shortcomings in gameday playcalling, but the excitement was there. Loved those '05 pregame videos of the Bull busting the crates. Loved CJL body slamming the stands at our first game at the Citrus bowl. Loved the excitement. He put it there and I have rarely seen it since his departure.
  11. There is. Faza, you have been on here long enough to take the long view. Don't get caught up with all the negativity and bile that these "fans" are spewing. Over the years, I have admired your undying love for USF. I hate to see the Debbie Downers on here affect that great attitude. We are going to again have the excitement and fame that some on here need in order to lead a complete life. Maybe not now, maybe not soon. But true fans are in it for the duration. Those who need immediate satisfaction in order to feel complete will never be happy either in fandom or in life. I don't have a problem with people criticizing our play. Even to holding people to standards on coaching and playing. I occasionally do the same. But the ridicule, bile, and personal insults to our own people are not the hallmark of a mature fanbase. Maybe it is the hippy in me, but I don't have time for the negative personal insults, especially when the posters have not had the cajones to insult the person to their face. Keep the faith, man. The Ws are not all that counts. Having fun and treating people well while putting on a good buzz and enjoying our team is much more fun.
  12. Grateful Dad

    Barstool sports trolls UCF

    Looks like a lot of fun. Glad we don't do things that draw that big of a crowd...
  13. No to signing anything that restricts our long term possibilities.
  14. Grateful Dad

    USF Recruiting? Yeah, pretty good...

    How many Psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? None. The light bulb must be willing to change itself. It knows what it needs to do.