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  1. Good for him! Great attitude and this was a great look at the daily struggle an injury can cause. Can't wait until he can return and I can swear at him again from my easy chair!
  2. I have been trying to keep in mind that this is essentially correct. I remember thinking, "I love the guy but he really isn't an X's and O's coach". We had some doozy OC's also. But he was a builder. He built not only the program, but had an uncanny talent for taking low star players and developing them to stars. Your last sentence pretty well summed it up.
  3. It probably should mean more to me, but I'm looking at this conference. Granted, we haven't won the conference. But to me? Big whoop. I'm one of those that won't buy a lotto ticket until it is some ungodly amount. I'm looking to play in the big leagues. I want USF to win every game, but I probably will be more excited to beat Wisconsin and GT than if we win the conference. And, I always get excited to beat UCiF. So, I watch to see my team do well against anyone, but, no. Beating SMU or Tulsa or Gaither high school doesn't do it for me.
  4. We could win the championship of this crappy conference year in and year out and no one would notice. Beat the big boys and you get their attention. Getting stuck in this conference is like we've been told to sit with the others on the couch.
  5. I think you might have hit on something. You are asking for measurable metrics and others seem to be offering context. You reject or devalue the context. I think we are caught in a loop
  6. I realize that the Spring Game's rules precluded a look at our special teams (especially FG kicking, punting). Does anyone have any insight as to how our ST's are looking?
  7. Sure. Give us something that was as meaningful. Whatcha got?
  8. That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection. Overruled.
  9. 65 donors 163% of 40 Goal. $5,344.00 raised Project ends on April 04, 2019
  10. The IPF benefits all sports: The indoor practice field space will provide each field sport – baseball, softball, soccer and track programs – a safe place to practice in the event of inclement weather. The increase in sports medicine space will allow USF to enhance the care and rehabilitation of all student-athletes and return them to competition faster following injury. That hadn't occurred to me. Even if football isn't your #1 sport, donating will benefit your favorite.
  11. Donated to the IPF. We are currently at 33% of the goal
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