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  1. Free market. Capitalism. We pay because someone else will. The other option is to regulate it. I don't think it is good, but I don't like the other option, either.
  2. TBP posters waiting for the announcement
  3. Gosh, I forgot about registering before computers. Index cards and shoe boxes. Can't get one class? Go back drop a few, substitute a few. A line of 75 people for a class of 30. All that and Nixon was president!
  4. That must be what we CJL folks must sound like! Priceless! "Hey, Jim! Are you my little Glycosol Buddy?"
  5. Giz, I'm still not there. So, because people were doing one thing badly (skipping class), he "rewards" (get to wear the pink backpack) a totally unrelated positive behavior (+turnovers)? I shouldn't have taken all those psychology classes!
  6. Naw. It's like a Sicilian dinner. From the outside you would swear that they were enemies but don't mess with one of them...
  7. I agree with the formation thing to a point. He had largely low talent players that he wasn't familiar with while trying to catch CS's style and expectations. He first needed to learn what each player was capable of, what they have been taught over the years that has to be remediated, who is coming in that can run either a pro or spread. Look to the future for recruits that fit his system and a host of other things that probably either one of us knows about. I am not a Bell fan. Hell, I had to look him up when we hired him. But my background has shown to me that if an organization does not allow enough time for success, then failure isn't necessarily the fault of the employee. If I were Bell and this happened to me, I would tell the whole organization to kiss my ora, Dora. It's real angora. (for the Frank Zappa fans out there).
  8. Brother, I won't try to reason with you on this but from what I have read on here, some of us can't be forced into either one of those categories. Some of us believe that we don't know what he could have accomplished because the injuries, the HC we had, the new system, etc. I neither thought he was a savior and I certainly am not a Gator fan (if I see you, you get an atomic wedgie for that one). Here's a thought. We both would like to see CJL back. Some want Elliot, Scott, etc. I say we take our favorite candidate and commit to giving him the same chance to prove themselves that we gave Bell. I think that's fair.
  9. Sorry, the quoting thing threw me off. I believe it is naptime!
  10. I guess I could have been clearer. The post was referring to bringing back a coach in response to Rutgers doing so. I guess I should have specified that I was not referring to a specific amount of money that we should or could offer. Better?
  11. I'll see your Schiano and raise you a Leavitt! Propel that forward, Greg!
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