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  1. Younger folks really can't appreciate how quickly (relatively) society is becoming more comfortable around people with disabilities. When I was young in the 50's and 60's (the "old farts" mantra), if a male had a cognitive or developmental disability his head was shaved (so others would know) and he was mostly kept at home. All developmental disabilities were labeled "retarded" and those people were feared because you never know what they will do. Especially around the girls. We were ignorant of the value that people with disabilities bring. Now we are praising this young man for what he brings to the team. This makes me even more proud of our university.
  2. Grateful Dad

    Any news on Yetna?

    AJ Love? 2008 St. Pete Bowl? Now you have us going.
  3. Grateful Dad

    Somehow this doesn't seem right...

    Schiano is trying to get in our heads. Hey, Greg, I got something you can propel forward...!
  4. Grateful Dad

    Let’s this sink in for a moment....

    Working on my BA in Psych at USF. Raising two kids and commuting. I was 37 and a late bloomer due to the '70's.
  5. Grateful Dad

    Welcome QBulls

    Welcome to the offseason on the TBP, Q!
  6. Grateful Dad

    Good News for T Horne

    Why should I buy new sneakers? There's nothing wrong with these Keds.
  7. Grateful Dad

    Welcome stephen

    Welcome, stephen. Jump in!
  8. Barely watchable on my TV also. Spectrum here, too.
  9. Grateful Dad

    Good News for T Horne

    You hear people talk about the "intangibles". This kind of thing helps develop intangibles. I can't wait until he returns to the field but he will strengthen character, persistence, drive, and confidence from overcoming this. School teaches you lessons and then tests you. Life tests you and you learn lessons.
  10. Yes, I remember that, too. How much of that was on the oline? Hard to go through your progression with a ton of beef bearing down on you. It will be something to watch for if he gets more time.
  11. Free throws looking better
  12. Grateful Dad

    USF what a joke.....

    AAC wil DESTROY us! This is the first time that "_____ will DESTROY us" is seriously meant.