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  1. Just had that DVD in my hands. Yeah, good times. The Jim had it going.
  2. "The university alone has a $582 million economic impact on the region, and is the No. 1 producer of patents in the state and seventh in the nation." Nice!
  3. When we are allowed to meet cool new people as well, I'll pm you.
  4. It's a great idea, Jim. But I think that there is a recipe board already (or used to be, anyway) and that is probably why people are giving you push back. Also, after having been shut in the house all this time people are getting a little nucking futs. I know I am.
  5. Jonesy, this has been my savior for the past year. My wife and I bought a couple of Cannondales last year (we are just starting out) and hit the trails up here in Hernando and Pasco Counties. Lost a bunch of weight and get a great view of my favorite girl. I let her lead! Good lord, NEB. I cover one of your rides in a week, not a day! If any of the posters here have physical challenges but can ride a bike, do it. We're thinking of starting a bike group of nice people and we're going to call it Heck's Angels! We don't like to curse.
  6. Excellent! The kids didn't cause this and this is some of the best years of their lives. I'm interested in when the Fall sports will receive the same. I believe that they will be negatively affected, also.
  7. Well written. I'm sure that there were plenty of teams that they could have showcased.
  8. I've been stuck in my house since January 29th, confined to bed for the first month. Brad's vent is quite reasonable compared to my behavior at home. I think my wife is just waiting for me to fall asleep...
  9. Brad, you are a very altruistic person. Very few are. I understand your frustration.
  10. A conservative is a liberal who hasn't been through our legal system yet. A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been a victim of crime yet.
  11. I'm trying to find a whole lot wrong with your post, puc. All I can come up with are two things: First, these corporations you refer to would not exist without the previous, government (you and me) funded research that enabled them to build upon. Comparing one entity that started out cold and one that let the other sector do alot of the R&D and then run with it is not totally fair and sure makes the private sector look efficient. Second, as East Lake Bull stated, part of the function of government is to care for those who can't. Yes, family. We agree. But that doesn't really work for those citizens who need more than a family could offer. My family could not train me to get back into the workforce after my disability. But Voc Rehab did and I paid back many times over what the taxpayer invested in me. There are many instances that charity organizations cannot help enough. Having served in a few, I believe that we need to take care of each other. Government is one way that you look out for people like me. Thanks, by the way!
  12. There's no one more deadly with a sling shot and a Geritol pill.
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