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  1. I was so bad after a football loss to UCF one year I gave myself a few months suspension rather than wait for the authorities...
  2. Contrast bias. But, I do think that his personality and extroversion are just what is needed here.
  3. I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I keep telling myself, and yet, I stopped cutting off man-buns when I see them, I started driving around gopher tortoises, and returned the eight sports balls that were on my lawn from the scared neighborhood kids. I don't know, but I sense a change in me somehow.
  4. I think I see where I could have communicated better. A conference championship is desirable as a milestone on a path to national relevancy. It has no big appeal to me personally in and of itself. But, as I stated, To Each His Own. I don't need everyone to agree with me. I'm at peace with my position. It's a beautiful thing.
  5. After saying that the goal makes sense but doesn't appeal to me and allowing "to each his own" it may be a while before I find the passion to argue against what I just stated.
  6. Cool. I lived there (forgot to attend classes) in '74. Got eight Fs! Crazy times. Just went back for the first time with my wife (whom I met there) a couple of months ago. I lived in 4SW Onieda. All we had was JRECK subs. But they would deliver Genny Cream when we were too wasted or snowed in to walk out to the highway.
  7. That's easy, NEB. I love USF. I love watching our team. I love football. My angst arises from our assigned lot in life (conference). If I were more mature, I would accept it and move on. But don't hang by the neck until that happens.
  8. I wouldn't argue with anyone whose immediate goal is to win the conference. It makes sense. It just doesn't appeal to me personally. I don't value the conference and actually hate that we are in it. But to each his own.
  9. Sorry for the Cuse. I always liked them. My uncle graduated from there and I went to school in Oswego. They deserve better.
  10. Frankly, puc, we agree on this but I'm not sure that we are in the majority on this one. I'm quite sure we are alone on a few others
  11. OK, bowman, that was impressive. I had to look that amendment up. That means the last few seasons have been unconstitutional. I'm going to get on the docket as soon as they're done with this impeachment thing.
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