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  1. We could sell Bullspen.com slip overs - no limit on how many each fan can buy! Bring them in, slip them over the seats around you and take them home after the game.
  2. Not a big deal to me. Never understood the need, anyway. The desire? Yes. Need? No.
  3. Excellent! If this is indeed as important to players as people say, it should help with the recruiting. Great news!
  4. Did we just skip the mama references and go straight to daughter insults? This might be a good time to demonstrate some of that preeminence that I've heard we have.
  5. Yup. I guess we learned quicker back then. I went in in July and saw the Blue flag (>115 degrees) a couple of times. My son was a corpsman at Beaufort, SC. Heat rash? Hell, you get a purple medal for something like that in the USAF! No, Frisco, we were Air Force. Of course we had air conditioning!
  6. The lazy hiring authorities may care more about the name of the school, but anyone interested and knowledgeable about the field for which they are hiring will know the top programs (not school names) for that specific job and hire accordingly. USF has a few of those - accounting and I/O Psychology come to mind.
  7. Uncle Sam was nice enough to send me to San Antonio for six weeks back in the 70s. I didn't get to see much of the City, though.
  8. Oh, for sure. When it's not the Dead, it is prog rock. Just listened to Foxtrot yesterday. My wife turned me on to prog in '74.
  9. But, I was just cleaning it and it went off!!!
  10. Oh, I wouldn't even try the sixties - that goes without saying!
  11. Anyone who says that they remember the 70s wasn't there.
  12. LOL! At least you're not giving substance abuse a bad name!
  13. That's the one. You're very good to get that many.
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