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  1. snarling Bull

    Lovie Smith's beard

    that is what one of our friends said at the watch party as Capognas!!
  2. Rutgers 2007 - haunts me Illegal forward propulsion- never heard of that before and have not heard of it since, then the bogus offensive PI on Amari Jackson.
  3. snarling Bull


    We arrived during pregame warm ups and left after the alma mater!!
  4. snarling Bull

    Pregame announcer

    He is horrible. As Mike pointed out all schools have an announcer for their band but this dude makes me want ro vomit. he sure doesn't get the crowd involved, in fact seems to do the opposite
  5. Could be BLACK! LIME!
  6. snarling Bull

    Opponent alert 🚨

    Duquesne is a private catholic university in Pittsburgh. I spent my freshmen year there in 1972.
  7. snarling Bull

    2018 FanFest

    We made a trip to the book store a week ago and our son went later tin the week. as far as Adidas, they had jerseys, a bit of cold weather gear and minimal T shirt styles. I don't know if they got any more this week They did have champion gear as well as Columbia.
  8. snarling Bull


    I was on the low rent side, where the apparel was hanging. were there.too, also on that side there were7 of us. I won a car magnet and one of our gang won a game worn jersey.
  9. snarling Bull

    The thrill is gone....

    Great post!
  10. snarling Bull

    Kenyatta Jones dies

    so sad. 39- way to young.
  11. i am not ridiculous. I am not talking about Brad or any other alum who does not live in the area. I am talking about season ticket holders on this board who live in Tampa Bay area.