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  1. Alvarado was a punter who had to do the FG attempts. thinking of him kicking gives me nightmares- Auburn and the misses. He did make the last one though
  2. i thought he should have pooch punted it the times he went for a 50+ yard field goal. pin them deep in their own end zone instead of on the 32.
  3. well Rodemaker is going on an official visit to Pitt. Seems to me if he was coming as an early enrollee, he should be pretty set by now.
  4. A loss is still a loss. I don't understand anyone who accepts mediocrity. Many here wanted CCS fired when we didn't go undefeated now its ok to go 4-8 or 6-6. why don't we just give him a raise now!!
  5. well CCS is 9-3;7-6, now so far 4-6. seems if he stays the bar is set low, reminds me of the Holtz new Era
  6. agreed. 4-8 with 3 of those wins coming against bad teams SCarolina State is AA, UConn and ECU are at the bottom of the barrel. Cincy may have a winning record but they had to come from behind to beat ECU who we blew out, We will be at the last 2 games because we have tickets but won't renew our $1000 tickets next year. I do not accept mediocrity form a coach making millions for the product he puts on the field.
  7. there were several plays that he could have got the first down to extend drives but he went out of bound and didn't fight for it. on one drive where the defense got us in great position for a score, he ran backwards and was sacked for a huge loss making the field goal attempt way too long. He is a red shirt freshman, you want to compare him to QF, why not compare him to Matt Grothe in his RS Freshman year!!
  8. people were ticked. They said CJL couldn't get us to the next level. Well we are not in a P5 conference and we can't even compete where are. Keep CCS and we can go back to Division 2 and play in the soccer stadium. You will all have your on campus stadium and can have sell out crowds
  9. he can give us our season tickets at a 100% discount lol
  10. this. CCS is a loser and needs to be gone. all those who want him to stay may make up up for the loss of our 2 season tickets we could only hope!
  11. we are planning on bags if we can smuggle them in
  12. excellent question- it seems gets paid very well to lose games
  13. i was thinking how many timeouts we could stockpile for next year.
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