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  1. snarling Bull

    Big Saturday of Basketball in Tampa

    at the last game it listed the buffet as brunch for tomorrow.
  2. snarling Bull

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Still hanging in there
  3. snarling Bull

    WBB vs. UConn 1pm...

    Not so well with the UConn starters
  4. snarling Bull

    War on I-4! It's Gameday!

    Do you know Why?
  5. snarling Bull

    Why is OC hiring taking so long?

    Maybe CCS has decided to have the team coached as well as it was this year and isn't planning to hire anyone just take the money for himself to add to the unknown contract he has in addition to the public one lol
  6. I thought sweet uniforms were crucial
  7. snarling Bull

    UCF Admiration Society

    LSU wins!~! no more national championship talk please.!!!
  8. snarling Bull

    UCF Admiration Society

    agreed, this is ridiculous.
  9. snarling Bull

    Mark Richt

    can we please with Miami's AD to hire CCS- one can only hope for this, not likely though
  10. snarling Bull

    The elephant in the room

    this. the problem ls CCS.
  11. snarling Bull

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    I am feeling 3-9. nothing is a given.
  12. our teams in the late 2000's never lost 6 in a row. this is first.
  13. snarling Bull


    it absolutely does. my questions to someone was how many tickets were actually sold with all the free ones given away
  14. snarling Bull

    Final End of Season Record

    Where are you getting those 6 wins?