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  1. maybe some students could actually show up as well
  2. Enna finally in and went 1 for 2. he must really be ticked at her. check the box score for the others no one played well.
  3. one player on the team hasn't played at all. why? she couldn't do any worse than the rest of the team!!! wow she is in there now!
  4. she has been in his dog house since the Vegas tournament. he screamed so loudly at her per one of our friends who was at the tournament.
  5. Great shooting percentages, tell me again about Enna's shooting E. TsinekeG -- 2-12 1-5 S. HarveyG -- 1-10 0-6
  6. and still no Enna but look at the shooting percentages of some of the others n the team
  7. several of the players were gassed and he made no changes. He can't play Enna because she "can't score enough", maybe he should look at the scoring of his other players, 2 for 7 with 7 turnovers and no rebounds for example.
  8. Also supposedly Enna isn't playing because she hasn't had a high percentage scoring and not doing well defensively. Well others aren't scoring machines either and several have been turnover machines!
  9. She is hurt. it happened at the last game. She hurt her ankle and was on crutches.
  10. any insight as to why Enna isn't playing? this is the 3rd game i believe
  11. i listened to the game couldn't watch but I didn't see her on the bench in the few clips i saw. wow I wonder what is going on . only 9 players without her and Beremejo doesn't get many minutes.
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