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  1. any insight as to why Enna isn't playing? this is the 3rd game i believe
  2. i listened to the game couldn't watch but I didn't see her on the bench in the few clips i saw. wow I wonder what is going on . only 9 players without her and Beremejo doesn't get many minutes.
  3. agree , she is taking open shots when she is in there! She is clearly in his dog house.
  4. supposedly coach is not happy with her defense- in Vegas someone heard him tell her he wouldn't play her
  5. who was on the court during those 10 minutes?
  6. i would be aa better coach than we currently have. i could motivate the team and hire coordinators to actually run the offense and defense.
  7. any idea why Enna didn't start or play much,? not much Be a either.
  8. But but but he was torn- it was his alma mater. i will never forget that or that game
  9. but in the Miami Beach bowl against his alma mater her was torn!!
  10. if we beat UCF i think it would be because someone paid the refs to make it happen
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