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  1. I am positive that with the product on the field and season ticket prices increasing, there will be a drop in season ticket sales. I am positive that the amount of Bulls gear will diminish everywhere but in the Bookstore.
  2. snarling Bull

    23 passes for 82 yards

    HB up the middle???
  3. snarling Bull

    Offense numbers you can’t ignore

    i believe you are correct and that is why he needs to go. 2.5 million salary next year? my 25 year old son could do a heck of a better job and would be content 1/10 of that sum!
  4. snarling Bull

    Offense numbers you can’t ignore

    up the middle, up the middle, up the middle punt and repeat. Our oc is a joke and a can't understand why an employer would pay him for that crap. definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  5. snarling Bull

    Postgame Comments??

    same here
  6. Gilbert’s offense lol. That Old familiar song
  7. I meant that he lost at Texas too. Blake didn’t help the team but he didn’t callplays get hit with the ball on a squib kick negate good defensive plays with penalties or call an offense that any coach with half a brain could defend and he didn’t play last week
  8. snarling Bull

    WIll the C. Game next week

    Is that to put on the coaches head? No need for you to wear them
  9. snarling Bull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    yep overall record isn't that bad but to go from 7-0 to perhaps 0-7. who will we beat in a bowl game? ourselves?
  10. i'm on the fire Strong train and my group will be the conductors. i see folks saying we can't afford his buyout, but can we pay him 2.5 million next year ?
  11. snarling Bull

    WIll the C. Game next week

    we bring our cups back each week, free refills, just wrap them in a bandana lol
  12. snarling Bull

    WIll the C. Game next week

    the traffic will all be heading east on I-4 since we are in panels, should be no problem for us