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  1. I have had Booker's, nothing wrong with that. I think Blanton's has even more kick. I do believe you have confirmed my recollection. BH is the weaker of the two. I like AE, but not when I am looking for something with a kick. Knob Creek is my sentimental favorite for a bourbon with bite. But some of the others have surpassed Knob if I am honest with myself.
  2. Oh. Still, Cronk hasn't looked anything like last year. Granted, the OLine looked horrible the first two games...
  3. Took him two and a half seasons here to luck into QF. And even then he nearly blew it. If he didn't replace HIS offense with a high school offense run by a high school coach, he would not have survived. It hasn't occured to anyone that a high school coach ran the offense at USF better than he could, after CWT was hired because of his offense?
  4. He was awfully impressive last year though. I have to wonder if he has been nursing an injury all season. Doesn't look like the same back.
  5. Evidently I failed this miserably. July would have been a much better month for me for this challenge. Mixed in a couple of vacations with lots of opportunities for extra bourbon. I am working too much this month to make it work. Hats off to those still in the hunt. Looks like Cousin Ricky is killing it and others are making worthy attempts. I'm not worthy. @CousinRicky, are you more of a fan of Basil Hayden or Angel's Envy? From my recollection, Angel's Envy is far and away the better boubon of the two, but a friend keeps telling me the opposite. He says that Angel's Envy is too "light" for lack of a better term, and Basil Hayden has more kick. I haven't had BH in a long time and really can't recall.
  6. You can walk or even run with an ACL tear, but only in a straight line.
  7. Seriously. We aren't Alabama. Sure, it sucks that UCF is better than us right now. But we were better for many, many years. Fans in general seem more interested in torching their own team these days than realizing there will be ups and downs. Or maybe I'm just getting old.
  8. I will give you credit for your effort and this sample. But these are all P5 schools, and USF isn't a P5 school. But I will give you kudos for the research.
  9. I am not believing or not believing. You are the one that made the assertions here. I am asking for you to share your assertion.
  10. Among my newer hobbies, I picked up a pellet smoker grill last year. Twenty times better than a gas grill. Get a remote thermometer to put in your meat and slow smoke up to the proper temperature. Great meat, every time. Anyhow, I ran across this recipe for Bourbon BBQ. This recipe will produce about 20 ounces of BBQ sauce and roughly the same amount of sauced onions and garlic. Definitely BBQ sauce with a zing. Disclaimer: A full bottle of Knob Creek seemed pricy to make BBQ sauce, so I used my wife' "cheap" Blackened Whiskey. Little did I know at the time it costs more than Knob Creek. Knob Creek would add a great smoky flavor profile, but I am on the lookout for less expensive bourbons or whiskey to use as a cooking bourbon. The person I got this recipe from uses a rye bourbon for chicken because the rye adds some kick. 1 red onion, diced 8 cloves garlic, minced 1 750mL bottle Knob Creek bourbon or rye 1 teaspoon ground white pepper 1 tablespoon salt 4 cups (1 32oz bottle) ketchup 6 oz tomato paste 1 cup cider vinegar 1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon liquid smoke 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons yellow mustard Start by simmering the onions and garlic in the whiskey for about 10-15 minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for like an hour once they’re all mixed in. Strain out the onions and garlic once you’re done, they make a great hot dog topping (or chicken topping, or hamburger, and really great as a breakfast topping) I used a tall skillet, if that makes sense, and the sauce barely fit and I had to be careful not to splatter all over the place. I went uncovered for the initial simmer. Because of the aforementioned issues, I had to mostly cover for the second portion though I tried to leave it partially uncovered to allow more alcohol to burn off so it would thicken a bit. Enjoy!
  11. You did not give supporting data. You "randomly" sampled 20 P5 programs, allegedly, and you claim there weren't any in your "random" sample. How many years back did you go? Which schools? Why were they in the "random" sample? When you "give supporting data", generally it is acceptable to actually give the data. If you gave the data in a different post, please share again. Thanks
  12. So you admit you don't know, and you make an assumption that backs up your own argument which states no facts. Let me know when you know.
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