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  1. Maybe he's sort of a grayshirt and will get a scholly later on? Also could have Bright Futures or Florida PrePaid to tide him over for a semester or two? There are a variety of ways to get things done sometimes.
  2. I was there the second half of the Rose era. Good times.
  3. No. The school overreached. They anticipated NCAA basketball tournament runs and associated revenue. Thought it was as easy as "We'll spend more money and more revenue will automatically come in." Those first years after 1985 affected all sports programs, basketball the most. And led to decision making even today that says we aren't going to just build a football stadium just because, without first having a financial base for it. Central just decides to do things, and hopes the money works out.
  4. Very snarky of you. But one might believe this will become an annual event, which means that the alumni will have a full year of notice before the next one. Rome wasn't built in a day, though I know you think every change should take effect instantly or it is a complete failure. Puc gonna Puc. Another excellent point.
  5. Lee Rose was decent. But he wasn't a good guy. And he helped drive up a huge athletics debt which Bobby had to clean up, IIRC.
  6. Um, did you take into account graduations, etc. I was a fan at the time. He took over a dumpster fire.
  7. Morphine won't touch this pain. Go Dilaudid or Go Home (and cry).
  8. What position on the OLine does he play? Seems a little light to make an immediate impact.
  9. Have we already forgotten the great Courtney Denson?
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