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  1. Are we still talking about Fortin? Fortin was almost never healthy. I mean, he didn't even get on the field until Game 4 after missing fall camp. Came back in during Game 7, when it looked like he was in shape and had a grasp of the offense, and then went out for the season with an injury. Not much real opportunity. Hopefully, he and others get a full spring practice.
  2. Fortin missed a lot of time early, presumably Covid. He got one chance early and didn't do much with it. But his second opportunity he looked great for most of one series before he blew up his shoulder. So I am not sure we can conclude anything at all from this season.
  3. You mean like Marsh (injured), Fortin (injured), or Johnson (injured)?
  4. It is done, but less often than it should. There needs to be independent evidence without the spouse giving testimony. Even pictures alone isn't necessarily enough without more context/support. Usually you need police or other witnesses that will testify.
  5. I am not sure whether this is worse than peeing in the one large trough that served as multiple urinals in the old baseball stadium. Like herding cattle. Puns intended.
  6. I entered a Signing Day thread and a Bash Old USF Coaches thread broke out. Would be weird if it wasn't TBP.
  7. He was always terribly undersized, even for a DE/OLB. That he was productive is what allowed him to get chances, which he took advantage of.
  8. Let's keep in mind that the NCAA essentially opened the football season to the entire school year. The Big 10 was going to play in the spring. There have been rumblings that a lot of schools will want to play a game or two in the spring to help make up for lost revenue. You have spring practice anyway, if we could get a game or two in the spring, that would be huge for this team.
  9. This is the NCAA, not the NFL. Besides, no one says you can't have more than one running back. But he is one of our best weapons, if not our best weapon.
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