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  1. I did not pay much attention to the punting in the spring game, but it is my understanding the new Aussie was booming them ridiculously long and high in spring practice. No idea, obviously, of his consistency. Regardless, thank you Schneider, you did good.
  2. I guess you didn't see the rest of the players he had to work with, eh?
  3. Is you memory that bad? He went entire halves completing 1 or 2 passes. Come on, Trip.
  4. This is what I don't understand. Last year he was a true freshman with one spring practice sharing time with three other QBs who were all ahead of him on the depth chart. How could anyone doubt him based on that? You have to give a player a reasonable chance to succeed before you get down on said player. I thought he did well last year given the huge hurdles he was up against.
  5. LOL. The guy went entire halves of football games bouncing every throw. This is a ridiculously biased view of QF, especially his sophomore and junior years. You are still funny!
  6. I don't think McClain is near ready. But this I agree with. For all Taggart may or may not have done right, playing QF in year one was a terrible decision.
  7. How many coaches had one spring practice in their first year installing a new offense and defense in the year 2020? Not many at all. How many coaches had as few players available last year throughout the season, including the presumed starting QB (Fortin)? **** near zero had all of these challenges. So except for pretty much everything you said, I guess you are correct.
  8. Thanks. So that is a Net -5. That doesn't sound quite as bad. Did the NCAA ever pass the permanent rule to allow transfers to be eligible immediately (for their first transfer)?
  9. At the risk of veering from the current topic of paywall sites, are we still at seven in the portal or has that number increased?
  10. How much growth and benefit was there to getting QF on the field as a true freshman and having him get eaten alive? Think about how much growth he had the next three years, and how much better he could have been as a senior if his freshman year had not been completed wasted by Taggart. Having him play 60 or so snaps as a freshman was a disservice to QF and to the team. Edit: If he can play 10 or so specific plays in 8 or 10 games, that may be a benefit. But to play him a couple of games and have him overwhelmed just for the sake of him playing is a waste.
  11. He isn't the best player. Unless he gets dramatically better between now and August, which seems unlikely. Why rush a QB out there to fail? He has loads of potential, develop him correctly. Having him struggle for no reason is a terrible strategy. QF could have done wonders with one more year to develop properly.
  12. I think the entire group is far ahead of last year's group. Which I suppose is to be expected given how little chance the team had last year to learn the offense and get in proper practices. But this looks like a far better group. That said, Fortin is the clear starter. McClain is interesting, but he was running the second half, presumably not against anything resembling a starting defense. Fans seem to get excited about running QBs, but very few running QBs can be effective unless they can run the offense and also throw. McClain needs more seasoning, and won't need to play much if
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