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  1. Just curious. Has this kid mentioned transferring, or anybody anywhere mentioned this kid transferring except here on theBullsPen?
  2. He also said that when we score 21 our focus is on scoring 28. I took that to mean he's not a fan of slowing down with a lead.
  3. Has nothing to do with this thread, but it's pretty cool. https://www.si.com/college-basketball/2019/01/15/police-officer-interrupts-owen-aschieris-tcu-team-meeting-walk-scholarship-video
  4. As much as I hate to agree with this guy, this is my first thought every time I look at this thread. Martin Fennelly, columnist @mjfennelly: The real reason for USF’s six-game death drop to end the season was an awful defense.
  5. I believe there are faculty tickets also. It's gonna be a long day! I live in San Antonio in Pasco County. Meeting my daughter at the St. Pete farmers market around 9am, then back for the WBB game, home to feed and walk the pups, and then back to USF for the MBB game.
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  7. "... win the line of scrimmage" GO BULLS!
  8. BDYZR


  9. I'm not assuming anything because, and please try to understand my comment - "We'll never know because they're playing D1 ball." Hell, one of these kids COULD be the next Baker Mayfield, or your guy could. At this point we do not know. What we DO know is that he's a D2 qb on a D2 team, nothing more. WAIT! I forgot, they could also totally suck. I felt I needed to throw that in there for you.
  10. And we have 2 more taking their places. Either one maybe could have won that D2 heisman at that level. We'll never know because they're playing D1 ball.
  11. There are plenty of exceptions to every rule. Yes, there are D2 players that didn't get a sniff from D1 schools. ALL of those mentioned were the elite of D2 football, not the special teams guy or second string player. The whole back end of this thread is about the VSU QB coming to USF. IF he can come in and make a difference, I'm all for it. I just think the odds are against that happening. Interesting read; https://www.ncsasports.org/football/recruiting-guidelines