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  1. I'm guessing that there's a multi-BILLION $$$$$$ industry that does not agree with you.
  2. I wonder why there are so many 30, 60, 90 second commercials on tv?
  3. To continue doing the same thing over and over again... Hopefully the new guy will think of something different.
  4. BULLS hats at Flying J on I-75 and Hwy 52.
  5. BDYZR

    Auggie officially on FSU Staff

    How long before he's back at USF? I think he'll work and learn his way in 5 or 6 years. Not as head coach but in some capacity.
  6. BDYZR

    Auggie officially on FSU Staff

    They get lots of practice.
  7. BDYZR

    The Ultimate 2018 Off Season Question....

    I'm going with Chris O. Maybe now he/they have a little more competition and it makes them both step up their game a notch. Then mobility wins out.
  8. I don't know these people, they're traveling vendors. I will tell you EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will tell you the same story. "The USF licensing red tape and costs are not worth the pennies I'm going to make off of these." I had one tell me that USF requires them to pay up front to produce X number of what ever the item is. I will also tell you that the same vendors will have UF, FSU, UCF, FIU, FAU, even FL A&M along with a booth full of other schools. The question is, "How do we change this archaic rule?" How do I get in front of him/her and ask point blank questions?
  9. BDYZR

    I wonder who this is directed at?

    Ditto ↑ 10 win seasons, I thin is something to write home about. ↑ Serious question. Is that, and other legitimate ideas, ever discussed in athletics meetings? Is there a meeting where a fan could just show up and at least initiate some ideas? That would only work on a season ticket type deal. Otherwise you'll have a bunch of people just waiting to buy a $5 ticket just to get in the gate.
  10. For me it's the ridiculous rules that ONLY USF has for the small mom-n-pop vendor to create and sell USF merchandise. Want advertising? It's FREE! Just allow people to do it for us.
  11. Pretty much agree with everything in your post except this. ↑
  12. BDYZR

    Illinois game 2018

    http://thehopreview.com/blog/chicago-brewery-list Brewery map of Chicago.
  13. We ARE a part of marketing for USF. Just think what a casual fan would think if they dropped by to find out what theBullsPen and USF athletics is all about and they run into some of the negative posts. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of good information on here... most of the time. Yes, I have bashed the marketing effort, so I don't get to throw stones.
  14. BDYZR

    So, what about Charlie?

    This ↑ because, hopefully, it's because of the success they were having.