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  1. They ain't never funny when you gotta 'splain'em But the irony is awesome!
  2. BDYZR

    Football: better year?

    If we don't lose a game because of dumb plays or dumb play calling it will be an improvement.
  3. https://weather.com/weather/radar/interactive/l/USFL0163:1:US
  4. Have you seen us play west of the Mississippi?
  5. Barnett does have roughly the same in-game collegiate experience as Kean and Oladokun.
  6. You're not alone. But, maybe move the U into the word BULLS?
  7. BDYZR

    HB QF

    QF has caught the eye of his coaches in a positive way. Good job.
  8. BDYZR

    USF dropped from D1 baseball poll

    Are those guys together in the line up? If not you could a 2 or 3 hitting .500 and not score.
  9. Close as I could get to a BULLBear...
  10. BDYZR

    Why does USF Fail in Track & Field

    Kinda reminds me of our swim team.