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  1. Wonder if he'll have time for next years BullsRally?
  2. Pretty much every successful company took a chance on a new idea. Some succeed, some fail. One thing for sure, it ain't gonna happen without trying.
  3. Hence the reason for MY OPINION. I don't think, in the AAC, that a coach needs to have an extravagant guaranteed contract. They're all going to leave for that big money contract as soon as they prove that they can do the job, so why not make their contract more incentive laden? I know all the reasons it's not going to happen, same as the G5 and a National Championship.
  4. How do coaches move up the coaching ladder now? Is it not performance based? Unfortunately it is based on past performance, aka xCCS, who obviously had no incentive to "earn" the contract he was given.
  5. Price, for me, is to continually raise the price on a sub-par product.
  6. Sounds like a prior charity/Gasparilla even kept us away from an exciting game. We'll be there Wednesday. GO BULLS!
  7. 17 years ago today the Bucs won their last playoff game
  8. I've been saying this for a long time. All coaches contracts should be performance based.
  9. Has anyone seen any mention of this years jr class?
  10. Then CJS's reputation goes straight to hell. I would hope that never happens.
  11. With CJS and his recruiting philosophy of not taking a commitment until they're sure. Will it work for him at USF? I think that as long as he tells the recruits straight up front, he should be fine.
  12. Future travel plans - Texas, NC State, Louisville, Alabama, Boise State. PLUS bowl games, PLUS playoffs!
  13. Harlan arrived at USF in March 2014 from UCLA. It's interesting that UCF has had two huge years revenue increases and only one minor decline while we're basically back to 2015 numbers.
  14. THIS ↑ And Mark Harlan. I think he alone set us back at least 10 years.
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