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  1. Keep playing the way they have in the last 4-1/2 games it won’t matter.
  2. Since it's privately funded, what will the IPF be called? There should be some amount for naming rights, correct?
  3. Averaged 38,000+ in 2018. I’m not trying to pick which games people will attend.
  4. Again - We've never been consistent enough to find out. Two years out of 24 is NOT consistent. Yes, I know he started for three years.
  5. I don't know that. We've never been consistent enough to find out.
  6. Somewhere over 311,000 alumni and a pitiful 42,053 members in the Alumni Assoc. I don't know the number of the last 25 years, but this is certainly, I think, part of the problem. Combine that with the mindset of @HyperBullee's sister/students and it becomes a tough sell considering the product we're trying to sell. WINNING CONSISTENTLY will help solve the problem. Another problem, IMO, is winning in the spotlight. Way to many times we lay an egg when we have an opportunity to play on a National stage. We cannot lose to 50/60-10 to UF and expect to gain any respect in 2021.
  7. I think there's a difference between this ↑ and football strength and conditioning. I assume the S&C coach would also work on speed and agility, but I'm not sure.
  8. This ↑ But, as usual, I can't wait til next season...
  9. Please put 5 guys in front of who ever wins the battle that gives us a chance.
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