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  1. Made it to the 4th quarter for the first time this season. Just waiting to see if Milton gets in. GO BULLS!
  2. When a business loses more than 65% of their clients I'm not sure how anybody could expect them to stay in business.
  3. @BullyPulpit there's no guarantee that at any point this year we won't have the same, or more/fewer, covid cases than now. @Friscobull What's overly conservative? Apparently what we're doing now isn't working. Unless of course you're saying "Screw it! If a few of you get sick, so what?" Well, except for the ones that might die. I mean, they should've known better.
  4. Once again my daughter was just alerted to work for the Bucs on Friday.
  5. If covid got us this weekend, and quarantine lasts 10 days...
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