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  1. NEVER let up. 60 minutes. If you don’t like it, stop it. My opinion.
  2. Kinda my point, except CJS cannot and should not be expected to lead marketing to USF and the community. Until USF buys in to football, and I mean ALL IN, we will not be anywhere near what those of us on the Pen expect. Having said that, USF cannot afford many more days like today. No amount of marketing can overcome laying eggs.
  3. My guess, they went all in on winning. The type coach they hired, the players recruited, the marketing to sell the idea, etc. Like it or not, they kick our butts in EVERY phase of creativity in their football program.
  4. This team, from CJS to the water boy was NOT prepared to play this game. NO EXCUSE for that.
  5. Their staff Has absolutely zero to do with the need for playing time. Personally, we just had your asses handed to us, how do we respond?
  6. North 30 Sports Pub and Grill. Inside and outside seating, a ton of tv's and the sound WILL be on the BULLS game.
  7. Anybody have a copy with Touchdown Jesus throwing up the horns? I know there were a couple posted last time. GO BULLS!
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