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  1. Sangria: 2 cups Carlo Rossi Sangria, 1/3 cup Captain Morgan, 1/3 cup Apricot brandy, 1/3 cup triple sec, 1 cup orange juice( I use pulp free), 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup grenadine. GO BULLS!
  2. Yea, well, the defense hasn't given up even one yard! Hell, they haven't even let the offense touch the ball! GO BULLS!
  3. Do we RENT RayJay on a game-by-game basis or lease by the year?
  4. The Pirate ship had nothing to do with the BULLS embarrassing play.
  5. The little blurb in the morning paper that McCloud and KJ are working out with RayRay, Auden Tate(a Bengals receiver), and some guy named Antonio Brown?
  6. With no cure and no vaccine there’s really no way to control it. Except isolation. As tests become available there will be many more cases showing up.
  7. A - They don't have to leave school. Couldn't they work in groups, just spread out. Have someone wipe down each machine after each workout. I know that's a lot, but doable... Unless the guy wiping down the machines gets sick.
  8. My wife called the other day and said that I needed to go to the store and prepare like it was a hurricane. So I bought boston butts for smoking, a honey cured ham, some other food staples... And enough beer for a month. DONE!
  9. Just curious, in the second picture, why did the girl move her mask to stick a thermometer to her forehead?
  10. betcha smazza loses a bunch of sleep over this...
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