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  1. So the guy in Orlando had his guys on day one... Must be nice.
  2. I only know that you would have to add the 68¢ on the end of my donation level to reach six figures, but, I have seen and talked to him at the BULLLS Rally, football games when he walks around the tailgate lots, WBB games, USF Club socials, and the radio shows on Thursdays. Not once has he not stopped and talked with anyone at those events that wanted a word.
  3. BDYZR

    ABC commentators remark on Heupel

    Also said - that the atmosphere was way better than anything you'll get in a half empty pro stadium. and - This offense can play with anybody in the country. They won't make the top 4, but somebody will draw the short straw and have to play them on New Years Day.
  4. I think he hears and is a lot more engaged in the USF community than you might think.
  5. BDYZR

    Point spread vs Temple

    As I said “ZERO%”
  6. For lot 6. Bringing my brother and sister-in-law but don't have room in my car for them and our tailgate equipment.
  7. BDYZR

    Early FB Renewal?

    Money's not the issue. The entertainment value for my dollar is.
  8. BDYZR

    Early FB Renewal?

    After 22 years that ain't happening.
  9. Coming out with your starters in the 3rd is good coaching. The score doesn't matter. New season, new players, building chemistry... They need playing time together for the real challenges and they won't get that sitting on the bench.
  10. Jose has more depth on this team than ever before. Laksa will surely be missed, but I think we have the talent to play with anybody.
  11. Did you happen to see the play where the Houston QB went down? That knee could've just as easily gone out in the first minute. She wasn't hit, she landed wrong. It happens.
  12. BDYZR

    Early FB Renewal?

    They're getting real close to pricing me out of the stadium completely.
  13. BDYZR

    Early FB Renewal?

    My ticket went up $13 per game, per seat. That's one hell of a bump in price.