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  1. Bring in one of those make-over teams on tv. 80k + could be some real renovations.
  2. Just wait til next year... Again. So if we score a bunch the defense sucks and if we don't, the offense sucks? I think this spring game is simply to show us that Bell has his system in and the players, for the most part, understand it. On defense to see if they have truly gone back to the basics of tackling.
  3. Almost useless information... Why the Roman CBI you may ask? https://perc360.com/roman/
  4. We were right behind the scorers table. Could see him wincing a couple of times coming off the court.
  5. I wonder if Judy's announcement has had any effect on what, or how, he has approached his first year on the job? I know he's been very visible and seemingly connected to the fans.
  6. I would gladly be first in line. Again, I said as a coach. As a person, what little I know of him, I think he's top notch.
  7. I said as a coach. What he did in the past has nothing to do with how I feel about 2019.
  8. God knows everybody hopes that you are right. This will be the first year in a long time that I will go into the season with almost no expectations. At this point I have no respect for Charlie Strong as a coach at all.
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