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  1. American Media Day Session 2 - 3:35 p.m. | On ESPN+ South Florida (Head Coach Jeff Scott, Demetris Harris, Mekhi LaPointe)ON ESPN+
  2. Quick story. We're friends of his parents. Growing up they lived next door to Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Phillips told us that he would come home from school and almost everyday he and Savage would shoot hoops. Phillips never once beat the Macho Man in a game of horse.
  3. Didn't I read on here that that would never happen? There's is absolutely no way any P5 team would ever downgrade to the AAC? Of course at my age I could be imagining such comments.
  4. You forgot the online edition where people can share those unread articles on chat boards.
  5. I'm guessing you didn't read it then. It's rather obvious that one of the roughly 240,000 copies sold daily was read. Not sure how many online accounts they have.
  6. Absolutely! Look what the sticking together got us last time around. I'm talking in terms of the contract. IIRC we turned down ESPN's initial offer to see where we stood in the market. ESPN had the right to match any offer. ESPN saved a few mil doing that and the AAC lost.
  7. I asked 25-30 pages ago if this would end up being Bowlsby vs Aresco. I had no idea it was Bowlsby vs Aresco/ESPN/SEC
  8. Define "players," I mean, we do have the Mon's... I'm sure we could use a "likeness" to lure some athletes. 😎
  9. You gotta deal with the situation that you got yourself into.
  10. I agree, bribe is an ugly word. Probably should have used lobby, that seems to be legal.
  11. No doubt, but leaving it up to fate without a plan is what got us in this situation in the first place.
  12. Did you notice in the new strategic plan that, I THINK, was the first time athletics was mentioned? I don't believe that happens without VPMK.
  13. As my dear old Dad used to tell me, "You can just get glad in the same britches you got mad in 'cause ain't nothing gonna change it."
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