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  1. Overview | Presidential Search Committee | USF Board of Trustees Now you can give your opinion
  2. But especially UCF. Every sport, every game, match, round or anything else they do every day.
  3. They have one at the Amp at the fairgrounds. To my knowledge there has never been a problem with it.
  4. My point is all the comments about how we gain nothing by playing them. BS, we did. That’s not the same as wanting to play them. Basing comments on fans, ECU, UConn, etc. have crap fans.
  5. That sounds a whole lot like "Just wait til next year... again."
  6. Agree with what everybody is saying. The problem is still a tremendous lack of size and depth, especially on defense. The offense cannot miss multiple plays every game and have the defense on the field for 35-40 minutes per game. Also the defense cannot miss 3rd down plays for the same lack of depth and ToP reasons.
  7. Creative financing, bonds, donations, seat deposits, bake sales, car washes...
  8. We’ve been using one for a couple years. No problems.
  9. This is hilarious! No reason? There was no reason when they were below USF. No reason when in the same conference. And now no reason since they are above us. You guys crack me up with your egotistical BS. It sucks, but they are EXACTLY where everyone on this board would’ve given their left nut to be one month ago.
  10. Speak for yourself. They got my share until 4 years ago.
  11. Does anyone know where disabled parking would be for a visitor at RayJay?
  12. Since USF would not be under contract with the Bucs it would come down to scheduling and a one and done contract. I would guess that such a contract would be a bit higher than what we have now.
  13. Agree. Although it would be nice to have all of the Athletic facilities in one area. I think the pedestrian bridge idea is also a good idea, but you're adding approximately $10mil to the costs. If the Bucs can shut down Dale Mabry for fans to cross, the BULLS can get fans across Fowler and BBD the same way.
  14. Just watched the presser and I think it's going to be TMC. When asked if they felt someone was beginning to look like "the guy" CJS hesitated and said, "Yes." Then he proceeded to say all the things he liked about TMC, and not a word about Fortin. Just my opinion.
  15. That was my first thought. But, didn't they know that pretty early on in the process?
  16. Remember it's only the lower bowl and FAMU alumni love this game.
  17. Not surreal, but humorous/irritating, going into a 2.5-3 minute timeout and our cheerleaders try to start a defense/get loud cheer.
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