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  1. SilverBull

    The moment I knew

    When I renewed my season tickets.
  2. SilverBull

    USF MBB Undefeated

    Aren't we pushing 300 ourselves? We'll take what wed can get at this point.
  3. SilverBull

    Girls of Cincinnati

    I was a Jan Smithers fan as well, ever since her 1966 cover of Newsweek as the symbolic face of circa-1960s teenagers. Seems like just yesterday but time has a way of catching up to all of us.
  4. SilverBull

    Girls of Cincinnati

    This is great. Only missing Schottzie...
  5. SilverBull

    Unrealistic Expectations

    This is a painful reminder for those of us who have been waiting for going on a half century for the Big Breakthrough USF season. Maybe we want to consider going back to riflery and swimming (perhaps at the same time).
  6. ...A&M at men's basketball opener tonight.
  7. I attended this morning's Next Greatest Generation Veteran Fund 2018 Honor Roll Induction Ceremony event at Marshall Center and put on by the USF Office of Veteran Success. Whenever I am wallowing in despair (like the bleakness of Saturday's football game and my pessimism over election day prospects) all I have to do is look back or forward to the service offered by our veteran leaders and students and I am raised up again on a cloud of admiration and gratitude. My heartfelt thanks to them all.
  8. SilverBull

    What would you give to USF if you won the Mega Millions?

    I would donate organs --- of certain other board members (except no donation of brains or hearts because, well, you know....).
  9. Add in the Salute to Service, Bulls Club tailgate and a badly needed Bulls bounce-back performance, and it is a no-brainer. Why if you don't get your football from USF this weekend then we will both lose money!
  10. Tulane 35 - 34 Cronkrite Saloman 505 We get ahead by four touchdowns, miss a couple of critical field goals and then fight to hang on. Oh, wait, maybe that is some voodoo deja vu from last year.
  11. Always interesting to get other's perspectives of Bulls' athletics outings. For me: I thought turnout was pretty good for exhibition game. We have had trouble dragging anyone out (except maybe opponent's fans) for conference games. The big men show some potential but they really need to work on aggressiveness on the boards and in first move toward the basket. Of course referees in first half made that near impossible. Their whistles got the biggest workout of the night. Outside shooting, as always, will be at a premium. Justin Brown (the player, not the Mass Com professor) perhaps offers some hope. I am saying it now: This team will go dancing!* (*maybe some Thursday or Friday night in Ybor)
  12. No matter what anyone else thinks, I will be there in my half-court seats, catching my the start of my 47th year of Bulls basketball fandom. I will enjoy and, as always, endure. Go Bulls!
  13. Coach Gregory should have been Coach of the Year in The American just for fielding a team, much less the improvement they showed and winning some conference games.