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  1. Unbolted them and taking seats back to Springfield to commemorate greatest win in the history of basketball ever! --- Ghost of James Naismith
  2. SilverBull


    Not sure how to measure it since there was a program paradigm shift to include donations as an imbedded cost in season tickets. I guess the ultimate answer is: Not enough.
  3. Kill two birds. Hire Josh Heupel and Randy Shannon.
  4. SilverBull

    AAC Bowl Results

    Other than UCF, Cinci and Tulane the American made a pretty pathetic showing. Even Memphis could not overtake that juggernaut Wake.
  5. SilverBull


    Ultimately it does, but for a myriad of reasons we will always be fighting the attendance/fan base/donor battle at USF. I think the only things we can do is to take small steps to gain traction, e.g.: Schedule better teams (home or away) Win those games Get a law passed to ban noon home games in September.
  6. SilverBull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    The only thing I really believe in this thread is that Kerwin is here so he can get a Publix sub while on campus. There is a reason he is nicknamed "The Throwin' Mayoan".
  7. NO EXCUSES! I have been dead for going on 80 years and I intend to be there to witness this pivotal moment in the history of the sport. ----- The Ghost of James Naismith
  8. In conversations I have had with Stan since his departure, he seemed upbeat and at peace. I will say it was always happily amazing to me that Brian Gregory and Stan were friends and still Coach Gregory accepted the job.
  9. SilverBull

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    Ever the optimist, I would say 3-9.
  10. I always figured you married a woman of good humor and infinite patience when not only does she stick by you but also is willing to accompany you to all of those Bulls events.
  11. I was listening to the First Team on Sirius this morning discussing Bowl betting with ESPN's Chris "Bear" Fallica when they began discussing USF v. Marshall. Fallica chose USF while Greg McElroy took Marshall and called USF "very frustrating" with poor play in spite of talent. Fallica also said USF has the dubious opportunity to become the first team in history to start 7-0 and finish 7-6. So we have that going for us...
  12. SilverBull

    Roll call

    Tix are in and maybe I got yours. Six in Section 210.
  13. It will be interesting who will be "buying" and who will be "selling" the P6 American stock. SportsBusiness Journal headliners Michael Smith & John Ourand are on their game early this morning, report the AAC "is asking schools to sign a grant-of-rights agreement that theoretically would lock them into the conference for the duration of the next media rights deal." More: "By committing to stay in the AAC, those schools sacrifice the opportunity to jump to a more lucrative arrangement if a power five league like the Big 12 decides to expand. In return, those schools will get a bigger share of the conference’s revenue from its next media deal. The schools also get the stability that comes with a long-term commitment." https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2018/12/10/Colleges/AAC.aspx
  14. SilverBull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I've had lots of insults hurled at me on this board or elsewhere but this, sir, is blasphemy! For the record, I can go to just about any town in the south, throw a stone and hit any number of BBQ joints equal to or better than the fare I have sampled in Birmingham.
  15. SilverBull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    A USF bowl game = more USF football. Playing in a great facility. Don't have to pay to travel. Can get friends to go bowling for a change. Don't have to go to Birmingham again. Win, win, win, win, win. I have bought my tickets, will be in the seats I am given and gladly join any Bulls fans there in once again rooting for our beloved Bulls.