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  1. SilverBull

    Head Coach Basketball

    Two words: Chris Capko [microphone drop]
  2. SilverBull

    Wrong Call made in move to fire Heath

    Arkansas made the mistake with Heath. We just followed tradition.
  3. SilverBull

    CFB Championship

    Still trying to decide whether to use my tickets or sell them and retire early............
  4. On the road listening to Full Ride program on SiriusXM College Sports Nation radio show. Rick Neuheisal was listing his top 6 candidates for the show's imaginary award, the "Greisman," honoring the best Group of 5 football players. The first name he mentioned was Quinton Flowers. He raved about our QB's multi-skill arsenal and stats to date, comparing Flowers favorably to Lamar Jackson. Nice bit of pub.
  5. Supporting the defenders of liberty is a noble cause. The Office of Veteran Success is doing yeoman duty in this regard and is a great asset to the University. Some at the Bulls Club have been devoting their time, treasure and efforts to develop greater connection ad synergy between support for our student athletes and our student veterans. The recent Salute to Service events at the Navy game are just a small example of how such efforts are truly a no brainer.
  6. Jeff is a good guy and all about USF. We should all express our thanks to him for all his efforts on behalf of our beloved alma mater. Thanks Jeff.
  7. SilverBull

    USF Football Fanfest 2016 - Aug 27

    On behalf of the Bulls Club Board of Directors, I hope everyone will come out to the event tomorrow and stop by and say "howdy". We want to thank all season ticket holders and Bulls Club members for all they do to support our university's student athletes. Thanks and Go Bulls!
  8. Oh the outrage.... http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/media/amy-schumer-had-a-great-one-night-stand-in-tampa-but-calls-the-city/2290441
  9. SilverBull

    Ticket sales for Temple?

    Haven't been able to give away tix so far this season. I usually have accounted for only 2 seats per game this year but will have 8-10 (including two veterans) in tow for this one.
  10. Just a reminder that the upcoming Temple home game is Salute to Service Day where we honor those in military service both past and current. If you have the opportunity, please consider bringing a vet or service man or woman to the game. If you are a veteran or member of the armed forces, let me personally thank you for service. I also want to personally thank the designated "Hero of the Game" for all he has sacrificed and done for me and my family so that we may have the opportunity to live in freedom and prosperity in the USA. I salute you all! http://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/veterans/events/football-game.aspx
  11. I take in a lot of Bulls road trips and I must say this past Saturday in Annapolis was one of the best. Our fan turnout was pretty strong and I can only hope you were among them. Those who did attend had a chance to attend some fun pre-game event offerings by the Bulls Club and alumni groups. Even if you didn't partake in those, proximity to both Baltimore and Washington made for lots of cool side-trip opportunities. The setting was spectacular and both the Academy campus and Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium were awesome to see. The pregame parade of Midshipmen and flyover both very impressive and, for a change, the game itself was entertaining. The late-October weather was as gorgeous as the scenery in Annapolis. Other than a win, I don't know how this could have been much better. This is why I love road trips and this was one of my top away-game experiences and memories. A great time all in all. Thank you Bulls!
  12. SilverBull

    Thanks Joe!

    Hundreds of his friends turned out for Joe Tomaino's retirement ceremony held last night at Embassy Suites USF. The event included MC Jack Harris and speakers from Judy to Richard Gonzmart, all who lauded Joe for his passion, caring and commitment. Besides the accolades and gifts, a special new $50,000 endowed scholarship has also been established in his name. Anyone can donate, by the way. For those of you who know Joe T (and who doesn't?), you know the tribute was well deserved. Joe has served USF for half a century and, for many of us, Joe has been the face of USF Athletics and the Bulls Club. He has also done so much to reach out to, get -- and keep -- many involved and active in supporting the university through good times and bad. I want to thank Joe for all he has done for the Bulls and for me personally. I would also say I will miss him, but we all know Joe isn't going to go away.
  13. SilverBull

    Football Tix Renewal?

    My finances and my fandom were both crushed in the past year but I will be back on the 50 yard line and half court for the coming seasons. I have already renewed football and men's basketball My addiction continues into its 44th year. Oh you Bulls, I can't quit you!
  14. SilverBull

    Bourbon Classic

    I thought the connection to sports was that you didn't start drinking heavily until you became a Bulls fan. At least glad you two could finally have a trip to the Ville without it being spoiled by something unpleasant.