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  1. I was told you have to have season tix, which I no longer do. I just think it could be coordinated to provide access for donors at whatever is the minimum level established. That said, I'm pretty much ready to move on.
  2. To put them off their game I think our team should go ring the doorbells of all their players and coaches really, really early Saturday morning.
  3. While entry into the Club Lounge is a nice perk, it is more how it is being handled that bugs me. I'm a donor and was, until recently moving out of state, a multi-sport season ticket holder. I have also worked actively in the Bulls Club and USF general fundraising. Yet somehow I could not arrange club access at the UF game on tickets in the Club section purchased through the school for well over $100. With all the high-tech digital tix they couldn't coordinate that little perk? Oh well.
  4. What I was trying to say was that with a team as bad as USF was I thought he felt he had to do too much and was not up to the task. Also, his life was at risk on just about every play.
  5. Precisely. This is sort of what classifies as "the Good Old Days" that so many are pining for. Just magnifies how bleak the current situation is.
  6. Yep. Though I thought he was woefully overmatched at USF, I hope he has great success and wish him all the best.
  7. 1.) BYU 2.) 10-43 3.) Battie 4.) Weaver (or whomever can catch the ball) 5.) 287
  8. As a Bull and a Nole, I may be in for the worst college football season in my lifetime.😭 FSU football 0-3 for first time since 1976 after Wake Forest loss - Sports Illustrated
  9. Watching the last few plays of that game reminded me of watching a classic USF finish.
  10. Finally saw what I was expecting from Battie. I thought he had a breakout game. Hope it is a sign for things to come.
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