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  1. **** me! **** me! **** me! **** me! **** me! **** me! **** me! **** me! Can entire team take a redshirt this season and pick up next year?
  2. I think there is an interesting dichotomy in the views of Taggart's tenure at USF. I take no particular delight in his firing by my other alma mater but I wonder if those singing his praises had any actual dealings with him. From my experience I saw nothing that makes me nostalgic for that time. And on the field his he had one good year, based on the overall record, an even that one was not outstanding and did not yield a championship. There is no way to know where we would have been had he stayed here but I did not see the promise that some here projected. Of course, having the AD from hades to chart the course didn't help.
  3. You could be right and that is kind of the point. I don't going to or even winning a bowl will necessarily mean things are looking up for the overall direction of the program. I think at FSU the loss to Miami actually let them strike while the rage is hot to start over since they weren't going to be satisfied at the end of the year in any event.
  4. Have a buddy in Vegas acting as my bag man on this so that I can at least have plausible deniability.
  5. History alone doesn't get it done in this day and age. Even the Citrus Bowl eventually got some lipstick on that pig. Some very expensive lipstick. Made it at least a tolerable place to visit.
  6. The OP's scenario, I think, raises the same interesting debate that surfaced at FSU. If USF rallies and wins two of the last four, becomes bowl eligible and, say, wins a far-from-New Years Day bowl game, is that enough to make fans/alumni/donors/trustees/administration feel good about the season, the coaching and the direction of the team or is it still deemed unsatisfactory? Depending on the answer what do you do now? Or do you wait until then to sort it out when there may be even more ambiguity in the air? Not advocating any particular position and I think the situation above is highly unlikely (I don't expect us to win two) but it does put in some perspective what the AD has to consider when the entire program is going into the late rounds, wobbly on its feet but is still in there punching.
  7. I just want to say, as a USF and FSU graduate and active USF booster, I have seen enough of Willie's act. I'll support our current coach until he is no longer in that role and then be prepared to move forward, not look back.
  8. We want to wait until he is inducted in the FSU Hall of Fame first.
  9. Doesn't really matter where but isn't it nice to dream of being in big games once again.
  10. It looks like Appalachian State's dreams of New Year's Day Bowl might have been blown away last night by the frigid winds of Boone and Georgia Southern's running attack. Now that SMU - Memphis tilt looms even bigger.
  11. Thanks for the wisdom Oh Magic 8 Ball!
  12. More like a Heckle and Jeckle and Hide team. Let's just hope those predicting a wins don't have to eat crow.
  13. If I were a USF AD, I would be contemplating a multi-million retention bonus because he is undefeated.
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