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  1. Be not afraid. Everything should be better soon. There are some that have indicated they have the answers and financial wherewithal. That would indicate the ability to fix USF's problems, so why wouldn't they?
  2. All nice, but I would prefer to have a coach that does not have to take responsibility for embarrassing losses.
  3. Yes, while spending clearly helps, it doesn't determine the outcome. As you point out Texas on one end is an example of that. Miami, on the other, for years was the poster child proving that. It is something WAY deeper and a weird chemistry of factors that leads to success and failure in programs. Whatever IT is, it has eluded USF from the beginning. I've tried heavy donation, active day-to-day involvement in the program, praying -- none of it has worked. So now I just enjoy it for what it is and wait for the next (short-lived) moment when the sun shines on this old dog's ass.
  4. Not sure where "here" is but after 48 years of USF fandom, I have become accustomed to our lot in life and don't let it bother me near as much as it once did.
  5. Well then, the Bulls' continuation of athletic tradition shouldn't disturb your dreams too much.
  6. The impact of a play depends on perspective. Last week I laughed at Citadel's punt follies. This week I cringed at ours. Luckily, I had the good sense not to watch the game and only saw this on lowlights.
  7. I don't know the biggest upset but Pitt will always be my most memorable upset. I enjoyed a great trip to Washington, D.C. and on to Pittsburgh where some friendly locals at Primanti Bros said we shouldn't feel bad about "our little team" and the coming slaughter. As soon as both teams came out of the tunnel I saw that the Bulls were amped and Pitt was flat and thought, "We're gonna win this thing!" After the game, the whole town seemed in stunned silence and Walt Harris cried during the post-game presser. All that coming only days prior to 9/11. Pitt turned out to be a legit decent tea
  8. ND 41-13 Ford St. Felix (a good omen when playing a Catholic school) 297
  9. I kind of like this idea and used to do this as bonus donation over and above my base Bulls Club donation but then I figured out it may make more sense to donate more per loss, since that is when the money is really needed the most. Anyhow, I finally just settled on making my donation regardless of wins/losses but just based on (i) supporting the program no matter what and (ii) what I could afford.
  10. With the number of teams playing, isn't everyone ranked? This year may be the ultimate survivor pool for college football.
  11. She also knows I am just plain weird. Yes, when the captain turns off the mask sign and we are free to roam around the country you all are more than welcome to seek respite here in the foothills. Labor Day weekend the mornings dawned sunny and in the high 50-degree territory. Not too shabby.
  12. I'll give you that IMO re South Cackalacky. But for those of us who were born and raised in Tampa Bay and now have escaped to the mountains of North Carolina, not so much.
  13. The meek may inherit the earth but they don't generally win football games. I don't expect even Touchdown Jesus to take any mercy upon us and, unless last Saturday's Bull performance was the biggest sandbagging effort in history, this weekend will not be pretty.
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