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  1. If this is allowed, I'm gonna need a bigger time machine.
  2. Dear God nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Even though what Michael Kelly inherited with football is what it is for now, I think most major donors I have conferred with (and it has been many) are much more happy with the overall direction of the Athletics Department under his tutelage. I think football will sort itself out in time but likely not soon enough for anyone's true satisfaction.
  3. I read the thread caption and didn't know what the term referred to. Wasn't that something that died with the Victorian era?
  4. On the way to airport in ATL my Uber driver explained in great detail to me that South Florida's problem is that they opt for small, mobile QBs instead of big, strong-armed pocket passers. I guess everyone has an opinion. Me, I'm for whoever gets us winning. I think it's more a matter of individual and team chemistry than any hypothetical formula. I still like Blake and don't lay the blame for our performances mostly on his shoulders, however, I also think we need to continue the experiment with McCloud or we will not know.
  5. I made the right choice for me, too, sort of. I once again purchased season tickets (every year since the beginning) and donated to the University. I traveled to Saturday's road game and enjoyed the trip, the game (if not the outcome) and fellowship with other Bulls fans. I will do the same again. I also took that cruise. I guess if you really care you don't really have to choose. Go Bulls!
  6. If the the season thus far is any indication, perhaps we can match up against Tennessee in the American Standard Bowl.
  7. Interesting to read all the finger pointing. Personally, I blame President Currall. Blame starts at the top and we haven't won a single game under his reign.
  8. We will be ATL this morning to represent the mighty USF Bulls! We will be there tomorrow to cheer on the invincible Green and Gold To a glorius gridiron victory on a crisp fall day On the march to a triumphant winning season and the ultimate P6 championship..... Oh, never mind. Well anyway, we'll be there. Go Bulls!
  9. I used to have tons of this (literally) old-school Rocky gear. I remember one day in the early 1990s being out of town wearing a sweat shirt with this logo and someone pointed to me and said loudly with a big smile: "CHUCKY ATKINS!"
  10. And I get what you are saying, however, I am not certain that a QB change fixes anything in short order just because one is arguably more mobile than the other. Even with Flowers it took some time (I wasn't sold on him until I was)
  11. Ricky, I think it may be because the whole group is suffering from functional neurologic symptom disorder (a/k/a Conversion Disorder; f/k/a hysterical blindness) induced by the psychological trauma of witnessing that murder last Friday.
  12. Now that is the definition of optimism or maybe, more apropos, faith. Belief in things unseen (in that first game).
  13. Do I wish we had a QB that didn't get rattled no matter how many dropped passes, no yards runs or missed blocks leading to pressure and sacks? Yes. Have I ever seen one? No. Until we get better at every position I am not ready to lay the blame at the feet of one position. I just hope BB puts that game in his mental disposal and doesn't let one bad game beat us twice.
  14. I have yet to see a Florida high school team win the Super Bowl so, yeah, I get the OP's point.
  15. It's right there on the USF Traditions website. We have doomed since our we embraced our first mascot. As we all know from Exodus 32 and that epic Charlton Heston flick The Ten Commmandments, the Lord has a real issue with golden bovine. From the way I remember the story, he planned to kill all the fans of the Golden Cow but some of the true zealots (I think they were called the Levitts, or something to that effect) ended up offing a whole bunch of the others -- I would estimate about half of the season ticket holders. I think that explains USF's athletic issues about as well as anything I have seen suggested. And with that, I prophesy that we may be wandering around lost in the desert for a while longer. "And the Lord plagued the people, because they made the calf...." -- Exodus 32:35 How the Bulls Were Born With many different early name suggestions, the “Golden Brahman” was selected as the official mascot of USF in November 1962.
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