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  1. Maybe we can land a spot in the Southland or the Atlantic Sun? Still, that McNeese game worries me...
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/cleveland-indians-announce-franchises-new-name-the-guardians-140148762.html A dancin' Baby Groot would've been a cool mascot.
  3. In a discussion with my wife, a former NCAA staffer and former Division I Senior Woman Administrator, I compared changes in college athletics and college football in particular to climate change; it has been happening since the beginning of time but has recently been picking up in pace and awareness. Change is inevitable. How we deal with it and good and or bad remains to be seen.
  4. Big 12 powers Texas, Oklahoma inquire about joining SEC in potentially massive shakeup, per report - CBSSports.com The SEC would become a 16-team superconference if it added two of college sports' top programs
  5. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/seminoles/2021/07/21/fsu-legend-bobby-bowden-diagnosed-with-terminal-condition-tallahassee-democrat-reports/ One of the great characters and a legend in college football no matter your stripes. He will be missed when he is gone. Godspeed Bobby.
  6. Including the win over crappy Miami team and not Pitt. Complete heifer dust.
  7. Don't fret. Us old timers remember the days of 21% mortgages and the slogan from the Carter days: "Inflation is our friend." “Wouldn’t you like to own a $4,000 suit, and smoke a $75 cigar, drive a $600,000 car? I know I would!” -- Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter
  8. I suspected he wasn't long for the position when one of the longtime Bulls supporters observed to me early in Currall's tenure that he was not "a snappy dresser." Oh, the horror.
  9. What if you give them the unicorn "horns up" hand gesture?
  10. Yep, I think it time for this old guy (who remembers when the bloom was still on the rose for college sports and this album was new) to move on to new interests. I think this season will likely be a farewell tour for me.
  11. I am glad that college sports, like everything else these days, is being managed by visionaries.
  12. Some things the faithful are waiting for (and likely will be for a loooong time): A coach with the pro-USF passion of CJL but the actual coaching chops to lead us to the college football Promised Land. Something similar for men's basketball. A politician who does the right thing for the right reason. The second coming of Christ. The world to change.
  13. Get Hooters to sponsor nickel beers in the final two minutes?
  14. Just a short jaunt to downtown Tampa and Honolulu and you can catch a few decent games and maybe a tropical adult beverage with a tiny umbrella. You might even get lei'd For me, I would have preferred a trip down Tobacco Road but we can't have everything.
  15. I think it is some kind of fetish thing. But, **** it, no means no!
  16. I will probably come in Friday before the game and leave Sunday after the game. I'll let you know when I have more precise plans. Attending with one of my Gator cohorts.
  17. Well, I vowed not too after almost dying when we played them in the Swamp, but the lure of wrasslin' them Gators has pulled me back in. Just got my tickets -- hopefully high enough in the Club seats to get at least some late game shade. Hopefully them Gators won't treat this old man so badly this time.
  18. No three-point line when I played. And no dunking. We had to climb a ladder to get the ball out of the peach baskets nailed to the wall.
  19. The great thing about my illustrious basketball career is that you can't be a has been if you were a never was.
  20. If they had such a poll when I was in school it would have looked more like this: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA GOLDUEN BRAHMAN GRIDIRON FOOTBALL ENTHUSIAST INQUIRY Y N Does thou desire football?: Will thou tithe in support thereof?:
  21. At that game I was on the sidelines with my ex-wife, a professional photographer. When they announced the kick I told her it would be one of the longest in NCAA history. After Billy made it she got a great pic of him leaping in the air to celebrate. I lost that picture in the divorce, however.
  22. Just got back from Boston so I will chime in late. I was at that first USF football game and took my father, who attended many a Bulls' game with me (football, basketball and baseball) right up until he passed away four years ago. He also had the distinction of attending the first-ever USF football game, the first-ever FSU football game and being named Hero of the Game at USF Military Appreciation night. Furthermore, he had three children and three grandchildren who attended USF. I miss him every day and especially on game days. Thanks Pop.
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