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  1. It was a well written story. I had the privilege of working with Milton on almost a daily basis during his time in Student Government. He was a leader and a servant. In that SG is a place where leaders go, and he was a leader of leaders and his heart was in the right place, he was here to serve the student body of USF, not himself.
  2. Mike Stuben

    Future Schedules

    Central Michigan led to a couple of those openings.
  3. Mike Stuben

    WBB Tickets Arrived

    Oh, I knew. I was just playing along. Plus, look at me, including a buffet isn't going to scare me away from anything.
  4. Mike Stuben

    WBB Tickets Arrived

    Wait I renewed.... you were talking about me being the most awesome WBB fan, right?
  5. One thing we have seen over the last 5 or so years. Athletic departments are covering themselves bigger and better. There is a ton of content being produced for gousfbulls.com and its good content. Of course, you will never get the full picture, in that gousfbulls.com isn't there to report on coaches on the hot seat or NCAA violations. They are giving us positive content (and that isn't a knock, it just falls outside of their mission).
  6. Money is tight. Tulsa is an expensive place to go to. I am guessing it would have cost about $1000. If they are not only not sending someone to UF at Vandy, and not paying a stringer up there to cover the game, then i can't really complain about this.
  7. One thing that should be clarified. This was a budget decision. The stringer getting paid to cover the USF game represents the most resources the Times is spending on a college football game this weekend. This isn't an issue of respect, but simply one of fiscal responsibility. If the Times gives USF more resources than the other schools, I can not fault their decision.
  8. Two weeks in a row the Times are not covering our game with one of their reporters.
  9. Mike Stuben

    Frontier Airlines Sucks

    I can only think of two examples where an airline did something so bad, that it decided to change its name to run from its past, (but also survive, which is an accomplishment). Value Jet had the plane go down in the Everglades that was their fault, they rebranded themselves as Air Tran through bankruptcy. Gulfstream Airlines had student co-pilots who were paying to be in the plane while the planes were flying commercially, then one of their trained pilots was at the controls on a deadly Colgan Air crash. Next thing you know, Gulfstream goes through bankruptcy and comes out the other side as Silver Airways.
  10. Mike Stuben

    Oops They Did It Again....

    And I'm still on record. I have no issues with the coverage Joey provides. I also have no personal issues with Matt Baker. I just disagree with the resources the paper puts toward covering the Bulls, their attendance reporting policies, the opinions of the columnists and I get the Matt can fill out his top 25 ballot anyway he wants, but it is a shame that all 3 ranked AAC teams were undervalued by his poll.
  11. Mike Stuben

    Oops They Did It Again....

    I got my dig in, which the paper handled with grace. I don't have a problem with any one reporter at the Times (I'll leave the columnists out), but cumulatively, lots of little things to complain about these days.
  12. Mike Stuben

    Cincinnati 2018

    Hey, sorry, I was looking at the schedule cross eyed, the match on Sunday is in Tampa, so please ignore my previous post.
  13. FYI - TSA / the stadium would not be involved in this decision. This is a 100% USF Athletics decision. In the past, USF has worked to limit visiting fans vs. FSU (in particular the first time they came to Tampa). We did it in basketball vs. UF back in the Seth Greenberg/BB Waldon days. For the most part, we aren't in a position to do this. We want the revenue from visiting fans. I hope every UCF fan comes to Tampa on Thursday, books 3 hotel nights, eats out every meal, visits Busch Gardens and maybe even the USF bookstore for a memento of their family vacation to Tampa. (yes, I know none of that will happen) Now, USF will often take steps to put Bulls fans into the best seats and limit which seats visiting fans have access to.
  14. Mike Stuben

    It's time for a hoops thread!

    What are you guys talking about, we are picked second, we've been to the NCAA tournament 4 straight years and 5 out of 6. Oh wait, that isn't the team you are all talking about. In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to the men this year, I want to see another step forward, then next year I want to see a tougher schedule (even if our record doesn't improve). Coach Gregory impressed me last year, we just got to keep taking steps forward.