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  1. This is the way the world is going now days. The last 5 or 6 years the Final 4 doesn't have tickets (at least for those who win the fan lottery). Your credit card is your ticket, they swipe it and a little tab of paper prints out with the seat location at the gate. I completely get why team like the new system and why fans might push back from it. I'm curious what happens if someone walks up on game day and realizes they left their phone at home or if their phone battery dies before they get in? (assuming that their ticket is a mobile ticket and not the card) I'm sure that there is a way to get them in, but I don't know what that will look like.
  2. Agree completely. The steals are hard to find now days. When I was a student I had Lightning season tickets for $99, which worked out to $2.32 a ticket. One thing I miss is the redeem your ticket stubs for free XXXX (movie tickets, food, haircuts) at Kanes. That used to really double up the value of the tickets.
  3. John, You are forgetting your history. Our student section used to be 12501, because Bill McGillis wanted it to be the largest in the Big East and someone else was at 12500 (WVU, I think).
  4. I don't have a study to point to, but just years of experience going to games. The cost of attending live sporting events over the last 30 years has increased at a rate that far exceeds the rate of inflation during that same time period. This is significant. The financial commitment needed to attend games in person has changed. I also want to point out that professional sports stadiums are getting smaller (less seats). Lets look at professional teams in Florida: NFL Dolphins moved from the Orange Bowl to Joe Robbie Stadium, then that stadium had a massive renovation - each step along the way the size of the stadium got smaller. Bucs move from Tampa Stadium to Raymond James Stadium, that was a move to a smaller stadium. Jaguars renovated the Gator Bowl, and the renovation took out seats. MLB Rays have closed the upper deck (and had done previous smaller renovations that removed seats). Marlins moved from Joe Robbie Stadium to their new smaller stadium. NHL Lightning renovated Amalie Arena and took out a couple thousand seats. MLS Tampa and Miami franchises folded in big stadiums and have been replaced by Orlando and Miami franchises in smaller stadiums. (Miami TBD) Exceptions: The old Orlando Arena and Miami arena were small and got replaced by larger venues.
  5. You are right. Which has good and bad sides for USF. Good - more walk up sales because there are less tickets in the parking lots for sale. Bad - Season ticket holders who have last moment cancellations will now have a harder time getting rid of extra tickets (giving away or selling) - which may lower season ticket retention. (one big reason I used to hear for non-renewals, was "I hardly used my tickets")
  6. Brad, Not sure. I get why they prefer the transfer option, then the recipient becomes a lead for USF to sell tickets to. But, the material that came with the tickets said they can be printed. (according to a picture in this thread)
  7. It has been grayed out until a couple weeks before the first game last year too. Someone just has to flip the switch. I think it will be coming.
  8. Yes, That is print/download. You can email, or print it off. and Transfer is where the person gets it from ticketmaster. The value of printing the ticket for me is when I am going with my nieces, (we take them to WBB often). I prefer to give them the paper ticket so that if they lose it or forget to give it back to me, it doesn't impact the next game.
  9. FYI - I am guessing the ability to print tickets on your account will still be there. I checked my account, and the print button is still there, just not turned on yet (same as past years). This is the way USF basketball did it at least the past year and I think the year before and it worked great. I know people collected their stubs, and unfortunately, that ability is going away. I will say this, if you want to keep your collection up, I bet you can find a paper ticket on the ground on the way out. It won't be your seat, but it will show the game info. But, in a few years, I bet those will be gone too. Quick story about the value of paper ticket stubs. Somewhere around 1994 I was at the Orange Bowl (the game, not the stadium) and they announced that in honor of the 60th Orange Bowl Game, each paper ticket stub could be redeemed for a free 1 day ticket to any of the 4 Orlando Disney theme parks (it might have been 3 parks back, then, too lazy to check). I found about 10 on the ground on my way out the door. Back then admission was around $85 a day. I paid under $20 for my Orange Bowl ticket, which I turned into almost $1000 of free Disney tickets.
  10. 1. You may want to reach out to the Pikes here and see if you can join them for tailgating, unless you already have a group coming and want to do your own thing. (Tailgating is on another level in Wisconsin, ours won't win a comparison, but you should have enough options to have a good time). 2. Tampa has some places on the water: Sparkman, Riverwalk and an area called SoHo (SOuth end of HOward street). I am not suggesting Ybor for nightlife. We have a big casino, Seminole Hard Rock, has drinking and food options, if you come on a weekday afternoon, you will feel very young, if you come on a Friday night you will find others your age. 3. Clearwater is the fun, college age, drink all day at the beach bar, beach. 4. The Columbia if you have coin to drop, La Terrisita for value. If you like Greek food, head to Tarpon Spring for a meal and walk around the sponge docks. Lots of other places to mention, I'll throw out Datz, Skippers Smokehouse if you want to try alligator. We have Culver's all over town now, if you get home sick. Enjoy your trip, and good luck for the rest of your season.
  11. Let me give this a try. The real experts can work the terms into conversations: I love to ice fish. I went last week with my buddy Gilbert Holtz, he won the Cuban Ice Fishing National Championship a couple years ago up at Thunder Bay. He usually goes fishing with Dr. Skip O'Leary, if he isn't attending a conference. They use fake worms and leftover sub sandwich meat as bait. Then in the summer, they fish from a ship, and their buddies Mack Leavitt and Sterling Selmon come along to free dive from the back of the ship to check out the ocean's rocky bottom. Mack's wife, Judy Grothe comes along, often, she is a doll, all she wants to do is lay on the deck like a pirate, we actually call her a sundoll. After 30 minutes, she will do a realignment and turn so her back half gets the sun. I can't tell you how many times we have to herd her off the boat. Except when we pull into a dock in Tampa, near the UT campus, then she runs off the boat to chase the college boys like its a stampede. This one guy, Raymond Taggart, tried to hide form her at the soccer stadium, he didn't come out from hiding until his buddy James Strong came by and said they should go to Publix for some powerball tickets, so they could win the big bucs! On the ride to Publix all they could talk about was how horrible UCF's ocs was. This post will now come up in every search of the Bullspen!
  12. Tip for the original poster. When you have an important question that you want people to see on here, copy and paste the line below into the bottom of your post. It will help the search engines lead people to your question: on campus stadium ocs ucf publix subs conference realignment skip holtz fake national championship leavitt taggart sterling gilbert grothe mack strong half back dive rocky judy o'leary tampa cuban sandwich selmon bucs raymond james sundolls herd thunder pirate ship times stampede
  13. I don't think there were ever big issues. Just minor, temporary frustrations. Alyssa Rader turned pro yesterday, as a side note. She was also in the transfer portal.
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