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  1. Mike Stuben

    Florida College Game

    Announced as free, open parking.
  2. Mike Stuben


    Thanks for asking. I do appreciate it. So, incredibly we are just days away from the 1 year anniversary of when Gabriel went missing. He hasn't been found, I don't know much, but here is what I do know: His family hired a private detective and they have shared the request to keep pushing the information out there, and for a while they have added the line urging the information to be shared in particular in Southern California. Now, I have no idea if that is based on a solid lead or something like knowing that Gabriel always wanted to visit San Diego (I just made that up as an example). His brother reached out to me a couple days ago and said his mother wanted to visit USF, and the office he used to work on the one year anniversary. Of course she is welcome to visit anytime she wants. I am still hoping for the best. I know he is a great person and also very family orientated, so while running off and starting a new life doesn't sound like the person I know, I am also aware he is on medicine and while off it, it may impact how he acts and thinks. So, please keep asking. Share the info (I am about to send a tweet and facebook post, please feel free to share). Prayers for him and his family.
  3. Mike Stuben

    Women vs Tulsa

    I could be wrong, but I think it was more a testament to how well Shea and Tamara played yesterday. They were both very effective and it made it hard to take them out. (side note, I think Shea had more than the 5 blocks she got credited in the box score, I was thinking at least 7)
  4. Mike Stuben

    Football event tonight

    I don't remember seeing it either. Shame for me, would have loved something to help fill the time between both games yesterday.
  5. Mike Stuben

    More Impressive Turnaround

    Here is the thing. While both squads were awesome and fun, and the 2012 team right now is the high point in our program history .... We can look back on it as an anomaly. (that means no disrespect to the players and coaches that year) but we now have enough historical perspective to know it was a shot in the dark, where all the planets aligned and for that one year we were awesome. We were bad the year before and we were bad the year after. It never built to anything. This year's team hasn't accomplished what 2012 did (yet, but they may not, and that is ok). But, the potential is there for this to be something we haven't had since the early 1990's, a program that can build on success and string together successful seasons. Our coach has never had a disappointing season with us. (Last year he improved on what we had the year before) Our team is winning and there is no reason to assume this is an anomaly, we are young and should be better next year.
  6. Never! My Men's seats are staying put until someone pulls them out of my hands. (Don't get any ideas!) I love my women's tickets on the club side too. But to be able to listen to the game on the bench side is very cool. Sadly, my voice is struggling today after all my yelling at the refs last night.
  7. Wow, you must break a lot of laws to be in court that often. (Be sure to tip your waiters and waitresses, I'm here all week, your a lovely audience, good night Tampa)
  8. Allow me to reword this for you: "I should consider getting season tickets in the Club Section, since I realize as this young team gets better the opportunity to buy them on places like Stubhub will be getting very expensive, plus I want to support my school."
  9. Word of warning, if your tickets don't say buffet included, it may not come with it. It all depends on the source of your tickets. (The Alumni deal does for this game I think, but regular ticket master tickets don't. Stub hub most likely does, but no guarantees.
  10. Right, but I picked the two the furthest back, because we are so much better of a team today than we were at the beginning of the season. Think about it, 5 of our 6 losses could all have changed on 1 shot. (of course, we have wins that are close too)
  11. Mike Stuben

    Let’s this sink in for a moment....

    79 - I get what you are saying, but .... When we say 10 games over .500, we are not going back and changing results of past games, to get to 11-11, because those results can't be changed, we are saying, if we lost the next 10 games in a row, we would then be at .500 at 16-16, meaning at the moment we are 10 games over .500
  12. How many of us wish we could replay the Citadel and Georgetown games? I would bet we would win both of them if we played them again right now. (in particular with Yetna healthy)
  13. Mike Stuben

    MBB Postseason Projection

    Here is the best part. All 5 starters return. Coach Gregory plays about 9-10 players in his rotation, and of that group there is 1 senior. We were picked last in a 12 team mid-major league. The fact that we are talking about postseason at this time is pretty much the most amazing thing. I know he won't win any of the national awards for coach of the year, but Brian Gregory should win AAC coach of the year, and in reality he deserves strong consideration for the national awards.
  14. You sure you can pass the background check?
  15. Any for anyone complaining about the Club menu for Saturday, the menu on the other side where I sit for the men's games is 1 butterscotch hard candy that my dad smuggles past security each game.