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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. I want to mention one thing too. When I worked for Athletics, there were so many nights and weekend work requirements. Yes I loved what I did, and my wife is amazing, but it really makes it tough to have a normal life from middle of August to March (and later if you have responsibilities with baseball and softball). There are events during the summer too. At that merchandise sale, there must have been at least 25 athletics staff members working. Giving up nights and weekends is part of their life very often. I can't speak to current policies, but it wasn't like games and events replaced time during the normal M-F 8AM-5PM work week, they were always in addition. (and this is not a complaint, I enjoyed working there with great people, but there were certainly times that we all would cringe when a night or weekend work requirement would be expected that I thought was unnecessary) If the total quantity of gear we had to sell was such that it could all sell out on a weekday, daytime sale, then I applaud the person with the wisdom to schedule that event during that time. Having the sale at night or on the weekend may have doubled the turnout, but it wouldn't have resulted in more sales. It also may have left more people leaving disappointed that the selection was so poor when they got to see the items. I understand that many events have to be nights and weekends, and it is part of the life of working there, but if an event sold out everything on a weekday, then weekday was the right call.
  2. If you could pull it off (and they may say no). Add Army for football only then Colorado State, Air Force and New Mexico for all sports. Yes, I'm pushing our league West, even though San Diego State and UNLV are appealing, I'm not ready to go coast to coast. If you look at a map, New Mexico and Colorado are both states that touch the states in our current footprint.
  3. Hello Bullspen members. I wanted to propose something. USF Federal Credit Union is having a member drive, offering me (members) a $25 referral bonus for each new member, up to 24 new members. If anyone wants to join, and is eligible, I will refer them and donate all of the referral money to the IPF. Here is the text from them about the drive: (important to note, you have to qualify to join, for most on here, Alumni Association membership will be the way to qualify) Sometimes it’s Better to Give AND Receive! Refer an eligible family member, co-worker or USF student to open an account with us, and you and the person you refer will each receive $25!1 Who’s eligible? Family members: Grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren of current USF FCU members. Students and employees of USF; employees of other affiliate companies. USF Alumni Association members Complete the referral form below to send an email inviting them to join in the benefits of being a USF FCU member. Not a USF FCU member? You must be a USF FCU member to participate. Once your eligible account is open, you can start referring others (up to 24 referrals allowed)! 2
  4. I am pretty sure that was his last game. Sadly too, I am pretty sure he was from Miami and that happened in front of a lot of family and friends.
  5. Brouce Mompremier. Let us also remember, they canceled a contract with us last moment that was pretty low the class scale too.
  6. There traditionally is a gear sale at Fan Fest in August. Last year was a special event because our Under Armour contract ended 6/30/18.
  7. (John already knows what I am about to mention, this is more for TBP readers interested in the pass that is being discussed) This isn't a complaint, USF has every right to change the policy I am about to describe. For years I had 1 season ticket to to each of the following sports: baseball, softball, men's soccer, women's soccer and volleyball. Last year I dropped them all. I still love all those sports, it was a financial decision to a policy change by USF. Those sports season tickets used to be able to be exchanged. Meaning that I didn't make all the baseball games, but when I came, if I brought my wife or friends, I could exchange unused season tickets to get extra tickets for that particular game. The policy always excluded a few games (mostly UF and FSU). This past year USF decided to take away the exchange policy. That is their choice, what the change would do is take people like me and either force me to add a second season ticket or drop to 0. For financial reasons, I decided to drop to 0. I am not angry with any of those sports, I am not protesting. I just decided, when I make games, I'll buy walk up tickets. I would love to see either: a. The Olympic sports pass/family pass. that is being described in this thread. b. An Olympic sports coupon book. Something like Pay $50, get 20 vouchers each good for 1 Olympic sports game ticket, but valid across all the sports mentioned above. If USF introduces either of those, mark me down now as a buyer.
  8. My 2 cents. Jim Leavitt is a big part of our history and he did some incredible things here. He belongs in our Hall of Fame. He deserves to be a part of our program (invited to events, honored for his accomplishments, etc.). But, we also can't turn back time. Whatever happened in the past is still there too. Our path forward is to find a way to honor the accomplishments but also understand that we can't erase history, and we have to own the bad parts too.
  9. While I bet soon. I might guess it simply has to do with when all the schedule is done (including signed contracts). They probably have all the games in place, but might not have all the contracts back.
  10. I too started going in the Trudi Lacey era, if you have been coming ever since, I think we must know each other. I sat through so many games where the crowd was under 50, I had to get a good look at everyone in the Corral. (or pre-Corral in the Dome). Trudi's career highlight at USF is when she punched the Louisville mascot at a conference tournament (I think the Metro Conference). I just can't understand how anyone could have sat through all those tough times and not appreciate how good we have it now. I remember sitting behind our bench one game with a previous coach and we were getting killed and our opponent was using a full court press and we turned the ball over 4 straight possessions. We call time a 30 second time out and our coach draws up a play that involved getting the ball to our 6'2, 300++ pound center and asking her to dribble the ball 15 feet to cross the time line then immediately pick up her dribble. Mind you, there are bigs who are incredible athletes who could pull this off. This woman was not one of them. I wanted to yell into the huddle, that can't possibly work. Next three possessions we run that play and turn it over 3 more straight times for a total of 7 straight possessions where we didn't attempt a shot. This is what life was like before. Before you say this is similar to when we play UConn now, the opponent that day was someone like Southern Miss or UAB, a top 200 program, not UConn a top 4 program (I wanted to say top 1 program, but that is another discussion).
  11. Scholar Bull ($2000) donors back in the day used to get a pass that got them into all sports except football and basketball. Then tax implications forced the Athletic Association to stop the practice. (note: Athletic Association = Bulls Club & Scholar Bull = whatever we call the $2000 a year giving level now)
  12. One thing to note, if I understood John correctly, USF lowered the price and Bulls Club portion of the seats in 134 and 137 in 2019 compared to 2018, so I think High Tech Bull will find that the total going towards Bulls Club is lowered. My suggestion, consider picking up some men's and women's basketball tickets. Then you can combine the Bulls Club portion on all 3 sports to get towards the $1000, and pay the last bit if needed to finish it off.
  13. I moved my seats this off season. I went from 215 to 207, moving up one level. I made the decision that most of my Bulls Club money is based on keeping my basketball seats because I can afford awesome basketball seats, while for football, I can't afford the best seats, so I worry less about them. Last year they fought overcrowding in the West Club. For Ga Tech, you couldn't move in there. It really was very uncomfortable. I will share with everyone here the worst kept secret that dates back to 1998. TSA ushers do a very poor job correctly identifying who should and shouldn't be in the club. One game last year, the usher at the top of my section would let anyone into the lounge, but you could only exit the lounge if you have the club access markings on your tickets. Think about that logic for a minute. I used to personally go to usher meetings before each game (for a year or two to try to solve this problem) where I discussed who should and shouldn't have access. We made cheat sheets. It never mattered. They always got it wrong. The problem is if you have 10 doors to the club, and 9 good ushers, it just takes one bad usher to ruin it. And it makes fans angry, "what do you mean I can't go to the bathroom, I went up there last game?" It is a tough battle that has no good answer, short of a scanning for access program where the bar code on your ticket determines if you belong or not. $1000 (Green Bull) and up, have always gotten in, and that is still the case (that is how I get in, thanks to donations I make that have nothing to do with my football seats). My biggest complaint is that fans need to know what doors will be open and who has access when making their purchase/renewal. It's not fair to change without notice and mid season. I made that argument to Athletics last season, and they were responsive and fair. They are people working hard to do what is best, just sometimes you have to share with them how a policy impacts you. Sadly, the whole problem would have been fixed if the stadium was designed with a walkway between the top row of the club seats and the club lounge, but you can't go back in time now.
  14. I don't know all of the rule. For example, could a men's game fulfill the requirement for a WBB Final 4? I bet there was at least one college basketball game at the arena last year, but I can't name a date and opponents. (not involving USF, which I would have remembered)
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