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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. Mike Stuben

    Cincinnati 2018

    I often stay in Kentucky, rooms tend to be cheaper off the interstate between the airport and Cincy. Skyline is good, they have a competitor called Gold Star, I think they are interchangeable, so you can try the competitor also. Stadium is decent, with a few notes: lacks close parking because it is tucked into the middle of a cramped campus. Also, you come in at around row 50, visiting seats are often rows 1-4, the steps are very steep, so if anyone has bad knees, you may want to ask for seats up top. For food, the Boathouse at Montgomery Inn is good BBQ. Cincy is also a very German town, lots of good German places - including Hof Brau Haus (likely misspelled, across the river in Newport, I think).
  2. Mike Stuben

    CFN Preview vs. Elon

    OK, random fact coming at the board. This is Keiser's first year of football, and they have Mike Hogan's son on their team as a long snapper. Mike was a long time Sports Information Department employee for USF Athletics, whose claim to fame was that he caught the home run that was Wade Bogg's 3000 career hit. For the old timers on here, I sometimes wonder if I sound too much like Cliff Claven.
  3. Mike Stuben

    Emphasis on South Florida over USF

    I am also seeing, "USF Tampa" a few places, so I'm not sure where the next step is. I know there is come changing branding coming up that we should all know in the next month or so.
  4. Mike Stuben

    Emphasis on South Florida over USF

    But that isn't an option. TV announcers aren't going to say that every time, they are going to shorten it up. So the university has to decide which it prefers (not to say people can't just say whatever they want.) So "South Florida" or "USF" Back when I started, we went by "South Florida" then the university decided it like "USF" better, and kept it that way for a long time (10+ years). Now we are wondering if the tides are shifting again, and "South Florida" is coming back as the preferred name.
  5. I wanted to share this link. Hope many on here will take a chance at some of the great prizes while supporting one of our own. https://www.tampabaysports.org/News/081318
  6. Mike Stuben

    Emphasis on South Florida over USF

    I know Jim Leavitt thought the same, he always preferred South Florida over USF.
  7. Mike Stuben

    USF Athletics Annual Report

    I know USF produced at least 1 of those in prior years, maybe more. Just not sure who they shared it with before.
  8. Mike Stuben

    Florida Poly - what is going one?

    Never happen. You know how USF calls Sam Gibbons the founder of our University. Well, JD gets that for Fla. Poly, nothing like wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars to buy yourself a legacy.
  9. Mike Stuben

    Florida Poly - what is going one?

    JD Alexander is related to late Ben Hill Griffin Jr.
  10. Mike Stuben

    Florida Poly - what is going one?

    They were formed by one man who wanted to use hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to buy a legacy for himself. The crookedness of this politician knows no limits. For those who do not know, he was prepared to destroy USF if we tried to stand up for the students in Lakeland and give them what was best for them. They were bound to have tons of growing pains, since they were founded 10 years or so before they were actually ready to become their own school.
  11. I don't think you are fully grasping what my job was at that moment. And I have failed to properly describe how intoxicated and creepy and massive he and his group of friends were. I chaperoned a ton of student trips for Athletics, loved them all. This was one of only two times I thought, oh crud, so this is how my career ends.
  12. No, not even close. Actually after the first 50 failed tries, he started trying to throw the planes at attractive female USF students. because he was sitting behind us. I was glad he never achieved that goal either because I was the chaperone of the USF students and I know I would have lost any fight that might have occurred.
  13. I got a quick Sun Bowl story, but I have to tell a quick XFL story to get to my Sun Bowl story. Tom Veit was the GM of the Orlando Rage. Tom is a USF guy, grad, worked for Athletics and for companies that partnered with Athletics over the years. Tom invited a group of us to come to a Rage game and we were in a press box turned luxury suite. The windows couldn't open, so we saw the game and we heard the sound system, but we couldn't really hear the crowd. (it was a good crowd, lower bowl packed, by the way). Somewhere in the third quarter, I stood up to look at the crowd below me and just then realized that they weren't watching the game, they seemed to be entertaining themselves by throwing into the air anything they could. It was a sea of flying trash below us. Basically, those fans were there to have a good time, drink and entertain themselves. (I watched a guy punch out a car window to pull a guy out of a car to beat him up in the parking lot after the game and I saw another guy run onto OBT and stop a random car and jump in to escape the people chasing him .... good times) Now the Sun Bowl. Lets say there was 50K people there, just guessing. That would be 2,000 or so USF fans. 2,000 or so Oregon fans and about 46,000 of those XFL fans who didn't care about the game as they were just there to entertain themselves. Those two games (plus some arena football games) were the only times I don't think most of the crowd leaving the stadium even know who was playing or who won. I saw an El Paso native spend the $5 or so on a game program so he could make 120 paper airplanes and try to get one on the field of play.
  14. I don't think so, Michael Kelly's first day on the job is today. I didn't know Scott well, but I think this is his decision based on the opportunity. He was probably comfortable working with Mark Harlan, saw the job as a step up, and I'm guessing more money. I wish him well. It is the reality in college athletics, many people move around for the next opportunity. When you are middle management with a bank in Tampa you can move to 10 other banks in Tampa. When you work DI college athletics, and want to move up, if the job isn't there for you at USF, then you have to move, as UCF, UF and FGCU are the closest options.
  15. Mike Stuben

    The thrill is gone....

    Sorry guys, watching football is fun. Yes I want the best for the Bulls, yes I want top notch opponents, yes I want to win big. But still, even at the worst of it, going to a football game is still fun. I guess I am saying that we all could find something else to do with our 6-7 home game Saturday's, but honestly, going to watch USF is my best option because it's fun, it makes me happy. None of my other options enrich my life more than the Bulls game. Football is not for everyone. I have no problem with someone who tells me that playing a game of chess is their best Saturday, go enjoy. For me, no matter the score, no matter the competition, no matter the relevance, that is my best way to spend the day.