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  1. Now, If I were a lawyer, here is my argument. That statement is 100% true. USF has been to 10 bowl games, correct? USF has won 6 of them, correct? USF has lost 3 bowl games, correct? See all true. My fee is $250.
  2. For any old timers out there, remember the ticket sales guy Angelo. He did something to me, I think he might have Rick Rolled me (google it, if unsure). I was in Toy R Us, and I signed his cell phone up for happy birthday calls from Jeffrey the Giraffe. I think I picked about 4 dates, all spread out. Sadly, Jeffrey no longer calls anyone.
  3. Here is an interesting thing to think about. When you are a school like USF, and you have a head coach opening. You can either go one of 4 routes: 1. Hire a head coach of a smaller program. (USF Examples: Mark Kingston, Skip Holtz, Bobby Paschal, Seth Greenberg, Willie Taggart, Robert McCollum) 2. Hire a head coach from a bigger program who was fired from the bigger program and currently out of work. (USF Examples: Brian Gregory, Charlie Strong) 3. Promote a current assistant coach to the head coaching position. (USF Examples: Jose Fernandez, Ken Eriksen, Billy Mohl) 4. Hire an assistant coach from a bigger program. (USF Examples: Orlando Antigua, Jim Leavitt) For the top 4 sports (baseball, M basketball, W basketball, football), one would assume we would be hiring lots of up and coming assistant coaches, but the reality is that Orlando was our last one, and before him, you have to go all the way back to 1995 or 96 when Jim Leavitt was hired. Part of this factor is influenced by Coach Fernandez being here 19 seasons, so no turnover there. But for football and men's basketball, USF has seemed to stay away from those up and coming assistant coaches. There is only one hire I can think of that doesn't fit one of those four categories, that was Lelo Prado, who was a head coach of a program that was a step above us, and took the USF job to come home to Tampa. (not saying that the coming home wasn't a factor for Leavitt or Taggart, but they clearly fit one of the categories above.)
  4. In the interest of fairness, I am pretty sure USF never made any announcement. It got leaked out that USF was going to hire Masiello, which side leaked it, I have no idea. Forgive me if I am wrong, but that is my memory of what happened. USF did make a contingent offer, and Masiello failed to meet the contingent. (side note, whenever we hire a coach, they never sign a contract right away, first they sign an offer sheet, which has contingencies, that lays out the framework for the contract. Often the contract isn't signed for a while, I remember one instance where it was months)
  5. Just to share a little perspective. DePaul plays in a better basketball conference and has a better basketball history than USF. So far they have hosted 3 CBI games, but only reported attendance for 2 of them. (I checked box scores on their site and ESPN) They are averaging 1056 per game. USF has hosted 4 CBI games and have averaged 1854 per game, almost double of DePaul. Obviously, the goal isn't to be DePaul, but to say "the ability to not fill a 10K OCA" seems a bit extreme and unrealistic. I wasn't around when the Sun Dome was built, but I doubt they built it with 10k seats expecting to fill it consistently for basketball games, remember, it was Tampa's arena for a long time.
  6. I got a question for someone watching on tv. The play where the ball rolled out of bounds and the refs went to the monitor to check for a shot clock violation. From my seats, I can see the replays on the monitor, and it sure looked like the ball was out of bounds with 1 on the shot clock, but the refs rules it a shot clock violation. How did that play look on tv? Did they have a definitive replay?
  7. To me the game last night was a night step up from the previous CBI games in both crowd size and atmosphere. We aren't going to go from 1500 to 10,000 in one game. Anyone who was at the game last night and a previous CBI game wouldn't be upset with the crowd last night. Hopefully interest in the program can grow. This really is a fun team to watch, just got to get people in/back to the Dome. While not perfect, the inside of the YC is still very nice. If I was not a USF person, but a sports fan in Tampa, my biggest complaint if we were to start drawing bigger crowds would be parking and traffic flow, in particular on week night games. At our current crowd levels those issues are manageable, but I don't know how we could handle a sold out game on a Monday through Thursday, with half the lot gone for students in class.
  8. I think DePaul's size prevented us from putting Castaneda, Collins and Q on the floor at the same time. The way Collins and Q played the second half its hard to take them out of the game. With that being said, its great to have 3 good guards who you can trust in any game situation.
  9. Just sending my regrets. My wife and I didn't arrive into the building until right before tip. Sorry I missed saying hello.
  10. Sounds good. I'll be at the game, and if we can get there in time, I'll head over to that corner to say hello to anyone there. Mike
  11. I'll be there. I hate to admit this, but which one is gate D ..... (give either compass direction, or thing that it is closes too). Coming with my wife, so I'm not sure we will be in the building by 6:30. Side note, otherwise, anyone can find me 114 A 1, I'll be the one yelling at the refs.
  12. Paul Hewitt (who is a nice guy and did some broadcasts of USF games a year or two ago in the Sun Dome). Had a contract after his Final 4 year that would add an extra year on the end every time he would win something like 15 games. So, his contract kept getting extended automatically. I think GT wanted to let him go for a few years, but couldn't afford it, because he always had 5+ years left on his contract. He had 5 losing seasons out of 11. Now, of course I would take 10 straight losing seasons for a Final 4 run, so I am not trying to diminish the success of that year.
  13. CBI doesn't work on a favorite basis. The team who is willing to pay the extra fee to host to games (and has an available building gets to host). Now, favorite may be a factor if both teams offer to pay the hosting fee for 2 games. (around $40,000 per game you host)
  14. What is funny is that GT fired him after a 21 win season, then the next year they won 21 again, so clearly he didn't leave the cupboard empty. Their mistake is our gain. I had a chance to talk to him for like 15 seconds at a Final 4 event in Atlanta, back when he was at GT, and he impressed me in that moment. Even in my best case scenario, I didn't think he could turn things around as quickly as he did. What I love is that since I came to USF in 1993 (I just missed the great teams of the early 90's), every year we have a successful team (95, 2012), they are senior heavy and tend to drop off the next year. This is the first time since the early 1990's when we are both good and young.
  15. I got an email "Herd Alert" that covered the games (and baseball). I think it goes out to everyone in the athletics database. They have been coming out year round. If you don't get them, you may want to ask, good information and reminders in those emails. I also got emails about buying tickets, but those are probably tied to my MBB tickets.
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