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  1. Mike Stuben

    WBB vs GWU

    The question we don't know, if Laksa was healthy at the 2, who would start at the 1, and my guess is Harvey, but that isn't important, both Harvey and Pinzan have played well and earned minutes.
  2. Mike Stuben

    UGH! Bowl Ticket Disappointment

    My hunch is the bowl will only have ticketmaster style tickets. USF may "create" a commemorative "ticket" to share with our fans.
  3. Mike Stuben

    WBB vs GWU

    My hunch, is when Pinzan comes back she starts at the 1, but not taking away Harvey's minutes, Harvey would then start at the 2, where she can focus more on being a scorer. Our best lineup right now includes both of them on the court, plus Laura and 2 of our 4 good bigs.
  4. I'll go even further, here is who would want to sign this: Tulsa & Tulane. I would think everyone else, would want to roll the dice that there might be something better out there.
  5. Mike Stuben

    USF player in Jail

    I just wanted to say I wasn't implying our player did something else wrong (like unpaid child support). I don't have any idea why his license was suspended.
  6. Mike Stuben

    USF player in Jail

    I just want to point out too, traffic tickets isn't the only reason why someone would have their license suspended. I have no knowledge about this case.
  7. It didn't last long. I remember trying Pumpkin Ice Cream there for the first time. I don't think it was a chain, just 1 location, but I could be wrong.
  8. Oh, wow, that would be a lot easier to get to. Place looks new. I have a great Showbiz Pizza story from my youth. They had a contest, I must have been in second grade. Something like 10 weeks, every Tuesday night, they encouraged kids to come to the restaurant with a colander (spaghetti strainer) decorated and worn as a hat. Each week at 7PM, the manager would declare a winner. The winner would get their photo on the wall (Polaroid) a large pizza, pitcher of soda, $10 in tokens and a chance to win the grand prize, which was a full size video arcade game. Well, my mom got into it, so I had all these crazy designs, but I really didn't need to. You see, the contest didn't go as Showbiz had planned, I won 9 of the 10 weeks. Most of them unopposed. The only week I lost, my colander was far and away better than the other kid, but they were so happy someone else showed up, they called him the winner that week. Needless to say, I was the only kid in the neighborhood to have a full sized arcade game in my house.
  9. Hey hey hey, we all don't have Dave and Busters money. And, renting some children for the day may also get one arrested.
  10. Pizza and video games, I'll apologize to no one. I take my wife to Chuck E Cheese at least once a year to play the games, win tickets and redeem for Air Heads candy. It is $20 well spent.
  11. One more off the wall story about Marshall. Years ago, USF played at WVU and UCF played at Marshall one night apart. My dad and I went to both games, but we left the UCF - Marshall game because it was raining pretty heavy. Anyway, right after that trip, I learned what I missed in a little town near Huntington WV. I am kicking myself that I didn't go to Billy Bob's Wonderland, which is like a family fun center (pizza and video games). Billy Bob's has something from my childhood that I want to revisit. Everyone knows about Chuck E Cheese, well, when I was growing up, they had a competitor called Showbiz Pizza, and Showbiz had the best animatronics show out there, it was a band of animals playing rock songs, called the Rock A Fire Explosion. Well, Billy Bob's has the last one of these in working order. If anyone remembers what I am talking about, here is the link: http://billybobswv.com/about-us.html
  12. I had mentioned on twitter that I would have to tell this story leading up to the bowl game. Its not anything big, just little pieces of our USF history that seem to get lost over time. It was June 1996 and Jim Leavitt wasn't yet a household name in the Tampa Bay region. He was hired as the first football head coach at USF about 6 months prior, but without a team or games, most of our community were still relatively unaware of the program he was going to build. Tom Bunevich was a Marshall Grad who was the king of the Tampa Bay area baseball card show circuit. At least once a month there would be a baseball card show in a mall with autograph signing guests that Tom was behind. In June of 1996, Tom's show was at the Tampa Bay Center Mall, the current location of the Bucs practice facility. This mall was at its peak, full and lively. History would remember this mall for two unfortunate reasons: tennis phenom Jennifer Capriatti was arrested in this mall shoplifting and this mall upset the African American community based on how its stores treated fans during the annual FAMU vs. Bethune Cookman game that used to be played in Tampa every year. Most of Tom's shows would have baseball Hall of Famers or current top stars signing autographs for a nominal fee. This show was different, the autographs were free, but the guests weren't exactly household names. First was 78 year old Karl Slover who back at the age of 21, standing 4 foot, 4 inches, played the role of 4 different Munchkins in the legendary film, The Wizard of Oz. (Slover would pass in 2011 at the age of 93). The second guest at the show was USF's own Jim Leavitt, signing autographs and talking football with anyone interested. Notes: Tom Bunevich became a long time USF season ticket holder, while he is a Bull in my book, I hope to run into him at the bowl game, and I have no issue if he is decked out in Marshall gear. I worked that card show that weekend, I had just started selling season tickets and this was the first time I got to meet and say hello to Jim Leavitt. I still have the photo coach signed and the index card I got Karl Slover to sign that weekend.
  13. This is my personal opinion, but anyone whose donations/ticket buys are contingent on certain people being fired/hired are in it for the wrong reason. Sadly, we need their money too, but I hope for a day when some jackass can say, "I'm not buying seats, unless Coach Johnny is fired." And we can respond, "we are going to miss you, luckily, we have someone lined up to take your seats. Good bye."
  14. That article is what Jim Leavitt needed to clear the path to become a head coach again. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer isn't a friend and Jim asked for the article. For those who didn't know, head coach at Kansas State has always been his dream job (yes he did love USF, but this was "the job" he would have left us for.) It is open, and I know he will do everything he can to get it. By the way, nothing I mentioned in the last two paragraphs is bad, I wish him well and hope he gets it. He is a good guy, good coach, who made some mistakes at USF, but he has served his time.
  15. Mike Stuben

    AAC Not Even a Mention

    Has anyone asked our own Shaun King about his National Championship at Tulane? He went undefeated, he gets a National Championship too, right?