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  1. Very sad news. I feel sorry for his family and the community as a whole. I read he did a lot for the military and from all counts seemed to be one of the really good guys.
  2. Ugh...I had a whole thing typed up about this and for some reason my words didn't post, only the pictures. Anyway, long story short. They had a game you could use a QR barcode scanner on your phone to scan the jumbotron at Friday's game. I have the USF app on my phone but not sure if that is a requirement or not but it may have been. When you scanned the barcode on the jumbotron, it sent you to a link to open. The game is basically a virtual version of hit Hootie as you swipe your phone to throw footballs at Coca Cola bottles on the screen. There is a similar game on the app but you throw the football through rings instead of hitting Coke bottles. Anyway, I played the game and ended up in 2nd after being in first til like 10 seconds left of the 30 second game. My dad said my name was on the screen while I was playing but I figured it could be any Pete and didn't want to look up and lose time in case it was really me which it was. Before they announced the game they said you would win a gift card of some sort but I really didn't pay attention. To my surprise, the $100 Amazon gift card in the picture above was in my email today and I've already had the credit applied to my Amazon account. Thank you to USF for putting this program on and I hope they continue to do this next year so more people have the opportunity to play. Beware though that I am super competitive and we'll probably be playing against each other. Good luck.
  3. The link to the Kohls website shows a very ugly chair that doesn't look like the USF one shown on Belks website. A Kohls fail for sure. Other than that, nice deal. Thank you for the heads up.
  4. .....and I'm sure the color of the stuff in said diaper was quite similar to what the uniforms looked like on Friday.
  5. I know I shouldn't laugh at this sad reality but can find the humor in this similar to when you see someone get hurt in a funny way.
  6. I remember back in the day Kevin Duckworth when he played for the Portland Trail Blazers wore 00. I forget who they were playing the in NBA Finals...probably the Bulls but one of the opposing teams fans made a sign that said, "How much is a Duck worth?...00" I thought that was great! That all being said, I like Noah Johnson's logic with zer0 excuses!
  7. So, I find it interesting that Flowers is rated as the #7 best QB in the XFL even ahead of the Vipers starter Aaron Murray at #9 according to Yahoo Sports. I also find it quite interesting that Flowers weakness is listed as "Opportunity" considering that is the coaches fault and not anything to do with Flowers. In any case, good to see Q getting some positive attention. Hopefully that will only increase as he deserves it. Full article can be seen here: https://sports.yahoo.com/ranking-every-xfl-qb-two-214056439.html 7. Quinton Flowers Biggest strength: Mobility Biggest weakness: Opportunity Most-telling stat: Averaging a robust 3.57 yards after contact per rush attempt Somehow Marc Trestman still hasn't figured out that his No. 3 QB is usually the best player on the field for the Tampa Bay Vipers. Sure, Flowers hasn't exactly demonstrated a consistent ability to work from the pocket and thrive as a pure passer, but his unique talent at creating plays out of thin air with his legs far surpasses whatever it is that Aaron Murray or Taylor Cornelius bring to the table. It's fair to cut Flowers some slack considering he hasn't had many (if any) practice reps as the offense's true No. 1 QB. Even so, this Vipers offense has only looked good when Flowers has been under center through two weeks. It seems unlikely that Murray (foot) will be on the bench if healthy enough to suit up, but perhaps a continued failure to win football games will force Trestman's hand sooner rather than later.
  8. Are we sure this isn't really Ron Burgundy?
  9. hahaha...actually, I don't think it was 1956 as I think USF was just founded then but it was sometime shortly after that but you're probably right that Walt still has you in the age department. I still remember tossing the football around with him at tailgates in the the 2008-2010 range and was surprised at how fleet afoot he was. Would've been a great receiver for USF if only he had any eligibility left...hahaha
  10. It's about time! you joined Walter. This is the fella who I originally got my season tickets with way back in 2005 and still have them today. The few years prior to that I was going with my free student ticket. If memory serves me correctly, he was in the first graduating class at USF in 1956 or something close to that. Welcome Walter!
  11. So if we end up getting Jim Leavitt back as coach, will a new emoji have to be created to use for disappointment of a post? I think there would be too much confusion if we kept the CJL emoji as an option otherwise. If so, what would your suggestion be?
  12. ...and to actually show up for a press engagement
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