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  1. pistonpete

    McCants Thread for Marshall

    Eminem is changing his birth name to McCants Mathers
  2. Each week, ESPN has a segment highlighting incredible football plays called "You Got Moss'ed!", named after Marshall Alum Randy Moss. Well, upon reviewing the plays in his illustrious career at USF, ESPN has decided to rename the segment "You Got McCants'ed!" in honor of Tyre.
  3. You sure that wasn't someone from our coaching staff up there for an interview at Eastern Illinois?........won't mention any names but could it possibly be someone whose name rhymes with Merlin Hilbert?.....although it looks like it would be a drop in salary https://www.simplyhired.com/search?q=football+coach&l=eastern+illinois&job=VmDwKuMKGj0Etnq-p_p5nzDJqBzo5Ahu-8m0owljVPuf_lxiek60gw
  4. pistonpete

    4th and short.

    This was the coolest guy ever to wear this hat in my opinion......It was his signature hat in almost every picture of him.... The great Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies
  5. pistonpete

    UCF excuse

    I feel the same way as others. While, I always want to win when the other team fields their best players so there is NO excuse as to justifying a win, that is the trouble with mobile QBs. Part of the reason they accomplish what they do is because of the mobility but that's also part of the gamble with scrambling. You have less of that risk/reward with a pocket passer. That all being said, I wish Milton a speedy and full recovery.
  6. pistonpete


  7. pistonpete

    It IS this bad...

    Exactly. This is where we've parked for the last 10+ years. While I've seen the very limited sprinkling in of opponents tailgates in this lot in the past, this will be VERY disheartening if somehow there are more ucf tailgates in this lot then South Florida tailgates.
  8. Tyre McCants will be serving two turkeys at Thanksgiving as he ALWAYS kills two birds with one stone.
  9. pistonpete

    McCants thread??

    After this game, they plan on tearing down the Rocky Balboa statue and replacing it with a statue of Tyre McCants
  10. Listen what Roger of Agnostic Front is saying!
  11. Immediately after reading this I thought..... "Is it Autumnal?".....from the Bud Light commercials and then being sent to the pillory for that excuse!
  12. pistonpete

    Tyre McCants Has Got To Go

    "A winner is someone who gets up one more time than he is knocked down." - Anonymous quote McCants doesn't understand this logic as he has never been knocked down.
  13. pistonpete

    Big top 25 upsets

    In all fairness, I get an upset stomach when I eat that chicken as well.
  14. That is both hilarious and sadly a quite accurate description.