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  1. Are we sure this isn't really Ron Burgundy?
  2. hahaha...actually, I don't think it was 1956 as I think USF was just founded then but it was sometime shortly after that but you're probably right that Walt still has you in the age department. I still remember tossing the football around with him at tailgates in the the 2008-2010 range and was surprised at how fleet afoot he was. Would've been a great receiver for USF if only he had any eligibility left...hahaha
  3. It's about time! you joined Walter. This is the fella who I originally got my season tickets with way back in 2005 and still have them today. The few years prior to that I was going with my free student ticket. If memory serves me correctly, he was in the first graduating class at USF in 1956 or something close to that. Welcome Walter!
  4. So if we end up getting Jim Leavitt back as coach, will a new emoji have to be created to use for disappointment of a post? I think there would be too much confusion if we kept the CJL emoji as an option otherwise. If so, what would your suggestion be?
  5. ...and to actually show up for a press engagement
  6. Gotcha...that's what I thought but for some reason when reading I thought it could mean the other way.
  7. I voted up but want to make sure I voted the right way. You are saying you would trade USF going to a bowl game for a USF win of ucf, right?
  8. If anyone has one ticket for a reasonable price in the USF 131 section, I'll be able to meet at the stadium tomorrow. I should be there sometime around 11am-noon. PM me and I'll get back to you when I can as I have limited service here in the North GA mountains.
  9. If anyone has a spare ticket to sell for a reasonable price in the USF section 131 for tomorrow, I can meet tomorrow at the stadium to buy it. Just PM me and I'll get back to you when I can as I have intermittent service here in the North GA mountains. I headed up to Ellijay from Tampa yesterday for a pleasantly smooth drive all the way here. Even hit Atlanta around 6pm and although it moved slowly, it was still moving and only added about 20 min extra to the trip. I'll be riding the motorcycle down from the game tomorrow and like I said above, I can meet to pay and pick up the ticket. If not, no worries I'm sure there will be tickets available elsewhere in the stadium that I can pick up just to get in the stadium.
  10. Good call. I do the same for every game. Well, a different shirt for tailgating and for game. Have fun! Our tailgates are a blast and are basically controlled chaos in certain areas.
  11. I didn't see him out there but did see "D' Atrick Nichols", as stated by Booger McFarland, play a bit.
  12. My friend who moved up there a few years ago from Tampa area told me the same thing. He said after living there and on occasion coming back here to visit, he recognized why even more so.
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