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  1. I'm gonna Price is Right this one.... 1
  2. Not sure if this was a slight on the guy who built the program and can't remember his contributions to the community so that line may make your statement true. As far as love for the team and USF, I don't think anyone will top Leavitt.....maybe equal him at best some day. I guess the test will be once Coach Scott raises the team to great levels *and I root for and hope he does) if he decides to stay when the big programs start calling such as Alabama did when we had Leavitt. He turned them down due to his unwavering love for USF and would have retired a Bull similar to what Bowden did once he established himself at FSU. Seems FSU's coaching woes are quite similar to ours lately in that they had an established coach who was never going to leave except when he had to and then followed by moderate success with the next guy in Jimbo (ours with Taggart instead of Holtz) and then floundered with the next couple coachs at FSU (ironically one being Taggart).
  3. I used to think it was cool when the students would run around the ring between the first level and second level after a win. I think that kinda died down as we weren't (and still haven't) been winning as consistently. I also think the Wizard thing is kinda neat but could take it or leave it. As for War Flamingo, copying another school's tradition and doing it at a lower level with a silly bird that doesn't have anything to do with strength and courage makes it even more of a travesty. I think it is terrible.
  4. Very cool view. Reminds me of when I went to the first BCS game in 1999 out in Tempe. Saw people way up on the mountain watching the game. Hardest part was flying back to Tampa listening to the whole airplane singing Rocky Top multiple times.
  5. No need for cup holders with no beer sales. What? Do they expect us to drink sodas out there? Also just read online that they don't allow coffee or tea along with alcohol on campus which I thought was interesting.
  6. Really wish we still had him. Loved his play-making abilities and excitement he brought to the games.
  7. Those are cool! My mom got me these at an arts and crafts fair a few years back. I thought they were really cool as they are the old diner style dispensers. She always finds cool random stuff.
  8. Very sad to hear. Always seemed like a positive person and generally good guy from what I could tell from interviews of him. I always use his name in reference when speaking about Jim Leavitt and say he would've been our Bobby Bowden with our football program if he was allowed to stay. He would've NEVER left. RIP to a good soul. You've left a great legacy!
  9. Very sad news. I feel sorry for his family and the community as a whole. I read he did a lot for the military and from all counts seemed to be one of the really good guys.
  10. Ugh...I had a whole thing typed up about this and for some reason my words didn't post, only the pictures. Anyway, long story short. They had a game you could use a QR barcode scanner on your phone to scan the jumbotron at Friday's game. I have the USF app on my phone but not sure if that is a requirement or not but it may have been. When you scanned the barcode on the jumbotron, it sent you to a link to open. The game is basically a virtual version of hit Hootie as you swipe your phone to throw footballs at Coca Cola bottles on the screen. There is a similar game on the app but you throw the football through rings instead of hitting Coke bottles. Anyway, I played the game and ended up in 2nd after being in first til like 10 seconds left of the 30 second game. My dad said my name was on the screen while I was playing but I figured it could be any Pete and didn't want to look up and lose time in case it was really me which it was. Before they announced the game they said you would win a gift card of some sort but I really didn't pay attention. To my surprise, the $100 Amazon gift card in the picture above was in my email today and I've already had the credit applied to my Amazon account. Thank you to USF for putting this program on and I hope they continue to do this next year so more people have the opportunity to play. Beware though that I am super competitive and we'll probably be playing against each other. Good luck.
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