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  1. I 100% agree with you in that we do well in attendance comparably to others in our conference. The problem is, I don't want to be compared to others in our conference because then that's all we'll ever achieve. Grow the fan base, as it seems we are doing, and hopefully we'll get invited back to where the prominent programs are.
  2. For as many students that USF has, that is a small amount; better than in years past but still a relatively small amount. That being said, I am still grateful for those that do show up and as I said, it does seem to be improving. However, if you compare it to other major schools with comparable or even less of a student base, those schools have way more attendance from their students. Our student section would probably only represent about 10% or less of students that show up at those schools.
  3. pistonpete

    McCants Thread For Tulsa

    I don't think so. It's not like you had any malice toward people in your comments or wished ill-will. You just took advantage of a picture that fit the narrative. Funny is funny and 99% of jokes people make are at someone some where's expense.
  4. pistonpete

    McCants Thread For Tulsa

    FACT: Oklahoma's state motto is "Labor omnia vincit" which is Latin for Labor Conquers All Things RUMOR: There will be an amendment on Oklahoma's ballot in November to change the state motto to "McCants omnia vincit"
  5. pistonpete

    Cronkrite on Jim Rome

    I miss listening to the Rome show. At my previous job I would listen to the whole show and looked forward to it everyday. Sure Rome came across as a "Know-It-All" occasionally but it was still a very entertaining show. I think some of the long-time callers were hilarious and RayRay from Tampa always brought the heat. "I don't talk smack, I smack talkers!"
  6. pistonpete

    McCants Thread

    Captain Morgan Rum has announced a new rum along with a new pirate mascot. Captain McCants Rum. This new rum is twice as strong as the original, much smoother, and knocks you on your butt twice as fast!
  7. pistonpete

    McCants Thread

    Reports coming in from North Carolina are that there is fear that the damage that will be caused in Tampa by Tyre McCants this Saturday far outweighs anything that they had to deal with up there from Hurricane Florence.
  8. pistonpete

    Tailgate ready.

    If you're parked in the official lots by the the stadium, I'd wait until the parking attendants move to the next row before setting it up. The parking lot rules say 10x10 which I used to have but now, we too have a 12x12. We always have two cars in our group next to each other at our tailgate but the older, disgruntled attendant in Lot 6 said no go even though we explained that we're taking up less space then if both of us had 10x10s up. Now, as stated above, we just wait to set ours up until the parking attendants move to the next row and haven't had a problem since.
  9. pistonpete


    Looking forward to it. Oh, and please, please make some of the Bulls mugs again if it all possible. I can pay you in advance if necessary. I missed out on them a few years back when you had them but will make sure I'm there in time to get one this year.
  10. Glad to see Rodney Adams get another shot. I'm sure Marlon Mack hyped him up to his pro team. Hopefully he will get a shot during the regular season and bring some of the magic he had at USF! http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/Roster-Move-Colts-Sign-WR-Rodney-Adams-To-ReserveFuture-Contract/3843bbea-909e-4f36-b32b-3833d36045be
  11. pistonpete

    DJ thread for Texas Tech

    Rumor has it that due to inclement weather and getting up there in years, Santa wasn't going to be able to deliver presents this year to all the kids so he asked DJ to do it for him. Experts in Vegas predict that DJ will do it in less than 1/3 of the time of Santa's best record set in 1947 of 6 hours, 21 minutes.
  12. I predicted much higher on yards/points before earlier and I for sure would've even picked the over but feel much different after seeing the weather forecast USF 27-24 Tice McCants 403
  13. I'll never forget throughout the game them showing the USF fan base on the video board going crazy and then they would pan over to the South Carolina fans and they just sat there quiet and looking glum and then back to the USF side and everyone still going crazy. It was hilarious!
  14. Very true. I also thought it was funny that the sound from the crowd around the whole stadium when it happened was similar to when a massive hit (tackle) just happened!
  15. That while our crowd is not is large as we hope for each game, the fans that do show up are all in! (Ex: the female on the video board in the 2nd quarter)