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  1. Well I guess not everyone can be Brett the mustache McMuffin
  2. I guess I’ll have to troll Twitter for a muppet, Jedi, or similar reputable source of info
  3. Big Ten needs to go BIG with expansion -- and target the Pac-12 | Politi If the Big Ten wants to keep pace with the SEC, the days of surgical... Poaching 6-8 teams to add to the conference would be interesting
  4. Because the B10 is going to take Oregon, Washington, UCLA, Stanford and UC Berkeley. They may take KU too
  5. Big 12 expansion: Bob Bowlsby hoping to add Pac-12 schools? | The Wichita Eagle The Big 12 recently added BYU, Cincinnat, Houston and UCF to its... The big12 looking to help kill the Pac12 🤔 could make things interesting
  6. So which big boy league are we angling for? Fun belt, cUSA, MWC, Ohio River valley, big sky conference? So many options to choose from!
  7. Why would we want a berm? Unless it’s a space for a running of the bulls style space where bulls can chase opposing fans. A berm looks like you ran out money while building the stadium.
  8. Not move the track. We’ll just put the track at the stadium. Like the high schools
  9. Tulsa better beat Ohio St. the rest of our conference can lose. We better roll FAMU.
  10. The P5 have done their job then. I think their blind greed will lead more folks to apathy for the game. If you can hang on a bit we may turn this around. Coach will either wise up or we will replace him. Either way I think he is bringing in better athletes
  11. We need to string together the bright spots and minimize the mistakes. I think McClain gives the entire team an energy boost. We need the defense to bring the energy and to stay fresh. The 3 and outs were getting out of hand, primarily with Cade on the field
  12. First off, that’s what she said. second, he’s just not putting the offense in position to win games. We have seen that we may have the pieces to make things closer. Why not let them build? Going back to Cade to watch him crash is like watching groundhogs day.I pray that he isn’t so stubborn and proves me wrong. I fear that FAMU will make Cade look like Steve young and we will get stuck with him for several games
  13. If Cade starts he needs to be run out of the stadium on a rail
  14. I guess. We are about to be rival less, which will make us less relevant than we are ready are. No WV, no Pitt, no Cincy, no UCONN. We are running out of options
  15. I hope he doesn’t keep this **** up. I’d hate for McClain to get upset and transfer. I’d also hate for us to continue to look incompetent because this ******* is trying to fix something we don’t have time for. This program needs a shot in the arm. Not wait until next season approach. You want to build an ocs, engage donors, hype up the community? Win some games. If Cade comes out and looks like a rockstar he will be vindicated in his mind regardless of how bad he struggles the rest of the season. I hope he switches the order and starts McClain or else
  16. It’s up to the coaches. They have to put these guys in position to make things happen. They also need to break out of the gate with good game planning.
  17. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  18. When I worked at UF we would also hold meetings and stuff in the swamp. It’s interesting how multipurpose that stadium is
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