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  1. A class response from a young man who accepts responsibility. He will continue to mature but is off to a good start. Hope he gets the support he deserves!
  2. May you continue to grow in strength and faith. A class act.
  3. What was the actual cost for this project?
  4. Merry Christmas and to all a good night!
  5. I had an USF armchair qb who critiqued each play complete with expletives!
  6. I too addressed the logo....for the academic logo, I prefer the classic block letters....do not care for the neon bull.....using a single logo for academics and athletics seems more unified, especially if the current athletic USF is utilized
  7. Careful for what you wish.'...I have seen days that we would all have been excited for 7-1.....are we sure there is a proven coach who is seeing USF is their dream job?
  8. If it misses certain parts.....it is no longer a bull but a steer!
  9. Not a fan! Home run is the horned U, very recognizable, looks clean, sharp unique!
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