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  1. I'll give CJS credit for "doing something" to change culture.... improvements are always possible... hope it is a success and increases annually!
  2. Take care. Never experienced that malady but have had friends and family who survived.
  3. CJS had a nice interview on WFLA Sports yesterday!
  4. Happy New Year! Health, happiness, prosperity! Go Bulls!
  5. Called twice to renew... left message twice.... no response twice!
  6. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Go Bulls!
  7. CJS hit all the bases, cool, calm but slightly on edge, thanked all the right people, included the community, focused with a positive outlook,.... just did an outstanding presentation!
  8. Welcome Coach Jeff Scott and may we enjoy an unmatched series of "W"s!
  9. The new coach deserves and needs support to be successful. If he is not my first choice or maybe he is... as a fans i will respect MK's expertise in creating a winning program. Hopefully fans will join in with their backing. Go Bulls!
  10. A class response from a young man who accepts responsibility. He will continue to mature but is off to a good start. Hope he gets the support he deserves!
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