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  1. USF51-45CronkriteMcCants557
  2. EastCoastBull

    Bowl Game Email

    Anywhere but Orlando.
  3. Bulls wake up tomorrow 1) USF Bulls 2) 55-17 3) Cronkrite 4) RSF 5) 600
  4. EastCoastBull

    Five Question Friday

    1) Wide Receivers 2) potentially best QB ever at USF 3) will he prove to be consistent? 4) Growler of Root Beer Porter from the Hop Life Brewery in Port Saint Lucie 5) 11
  5. 1) USF2) 30-203) Elijah 4) Tyre 5) 427
  6. I go back further than most. We weren't the Bulls yet. Our team was the USF Golden Brahmans and basketball was the sport of interest. There were two fan/social clubs that were regular supporters at all the games. The Big Green Scream Machine for those that lived in the dorms and the Commuter Rooters for commuters, of course. Needless to say, there were many more on the latter squad. As for football, it was about the pros. We had the Dolphins, and eventually the Buccaneers too. I was and still am a Dolphin fan.
  7. EastCoastBull

    None Shall Pass!

    I saw it there too, but would have called it the Lang Lit Auditorium. I remember when the name of that building changed to Arts and Letters how it took some getting used to.
  8. FAU has grass and did not cut corners on theirs. And has sfternoon shade in some sections. If ours was a larger version of that, say 50K,, I would be more than happy. Be patient and enjoy RayJ, is what I say.