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  1. I love all the old logos. Here is a favorite from when I was part of the USF Commuter Rooters.
  2. Ever since we went to the metallic gold numbers on the green home unis: Road Whites > Home Greens Road unis are so much easier to read the names and numbers. Reading a player's name from the club seats at Ray Jay is almost impossible.
  3. Wondering if the number of seats available to season ticket holders is impacted by the number of students who want tickets. Do student tickets get first shot at however many total seats RJS allocates for football? Interesting to see that FIU is giving students first shot at their available seats.
  4. I print everything too, ever since i was refused admittance at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for a show for not having a printed ticket. They had no way to scan a QR code from my phone. I think there must be thousands like us that print, not dozens. Also, Google Maps amazes me. I lost signal trying to cross the state on Alligator Alley one time when I-75 was completely shut down in the middle. Fortunately, Google already cached the maps I needed before loosing signal. I used it to find all the little back roads across the everglades to get back on I-75 at Snake Road in far western Broward County. I was the only one on the highway heading east all the way to the toll plaza.
  5. Thank you. Praying it swings out to sea and we can head across SR60 to the game.
  6. Major storm bearing down on the coast on game day. Ugh! Makes it tough to choose between storm preparations at home and going to a football game. As long as USF says the game is still on, I'm coming up on my decision point. I hate when this happens and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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