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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

Brad Brad


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    Loud all game but that Ben Moffit td return was insane. Greatest game experience by far.
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    Programs are judged on the totality of their work. All those upsets and then crapping the bed in conference has us where we are now but somehow that is going to improve our lot now? Definition of insanity, blah blah blah What you want out of the program currently is what got us where we are now. But please continue to troll.
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    If you judge it, I'll provide a prize. How about a set of shot glasses, assuming they are still in stock (otherwise, similar prize). Shipped direct off Amazon. See on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2XEyeuI
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    Throw him right into the fire baby.....if he is ready to go, he is ready to go! We need all hands on deck to beat Whisky.
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    Sorry, that’s “occupied” by @JTrue already.
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    I was at game 7 when the Rays beat the Red Sox to win the pennant. Huge Rays fan but, to me, USF-WVU will forever go down as the greatest sporting event I've ever attended. Unless you were there it's hard to comprehend just how electric that atmosphere was. I lost my voice for over a week! Rushing the field is also something I'll never forget.
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    Yeah but they were talkies not the silent ones and, I was only at the Chaplin movie because I was on my dads mind while he was sittin in the movie house with my mom.
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    1)Do you ever go by B Rad vs. simply Brad? 2)Have you ever been out in dem Malibu streets? 3)is it tough down in the Bu? 4)ever had a threesome? Only answer if the other 2 were women, dog in the bed does not count. 5)why does Calibull want Triple B to die? Thanks B rad!
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    Which again we have won nothing. No body remembers WVU except us old farts on this board. It’s yesterday’s news. If we do win the AAC I guarantee that 99.9% (minus you) you will orgasmic with finally winning something that can be seen later in HD...
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    My specialty - Pulled Pork; Assuming we're playing at 3pm on Saturday we would be at RayJay at noon so I would have to leave my house around 10:30am. On Thursday buy a couple bone-in butts, about 8-10#'s each. Just make sure they're both the same size. Rub with olive oil and a healthy amount of dry rub. Wrap'em as air-tight as possible and stick'em in the fridge. I smoke butts for 14-16 hrs at 220° using hickory chips for smoke. It takes about two to three hours to rest/cool and pull by hand to remove as much fat as possible, so they need to come out of the smoker around 7am Saturday morning. That means they need to go in to the smoker around 3pm on Friday. The secret to making mine better than most, my wife makes a finishing sauce from hickory BBQ sauce, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. GO BULLS!
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    Strong's personal game management would also have to improve greatly... Which would be a big change from his past 6+ years... Hopeful but not drinkin the kool-aid yet
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    12-0 all of them cronkite st felix usf 64 ucf 12
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    I'm not a season ticket holder, USF employees can't afford such extravagancies, but I put in $23.
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    Our seers and prophets have foreseen the 2019 season to go like this: 10 wins With loses to Wisconsin and Cincinnati Leasing Rusher - Cronkite Leading Receiver - St. Felix USF 39 - UCF 28
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    I appreciate your breaking of this news tidbit some two weeks ago...with that inside info, you're like a regular Brett McMurphy except he's a scumbag.
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    Opposite. I expected @puc86 to be the Yoda-like elder statesman that dispenses wisdom and logic with the ease of a Pez dispenser. NEB I expected to be younger, student-like Bulls fan, learning the way of the NCAA CFB world, yet still blind to history. Just kidding. About Neb.
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    “This USF Offense is Going to be Outstanding” I know, Gilbert left for Louisiana!
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    Explains why we are doing well in recruiting. Charlie: “Hey kid, we will have a new IPF and will be playing the Gators/Bama...”
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    You guys are just older than my daughter. Would have guessed Puc for younger and NEB for older.
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    That would be very ballsy.
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    ANSWER: Normally, I prefer basic Herbal Essences Smooth Rose Hips Conditioner. On trips to Europe, however, I prefer something that detangles and therefore I pivot to the Avocado and Olive Oil conditioner. Works wonders on ankle hair.
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    But they ARE NOW a part of our lives and there is no going back...man you like living with your head in the sand... I would love to see Big Foot riding a Unicorn too...
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    I’d prefer they just keep their two game streak and we part ways never to see each other again.
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    Twitter is the UCF of social media and where all of the hopes and dreams of society go to die. I have no doubt they have a large presence on there just as I have no doubt that everyone’s lives would be better without either of them.
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    Does this go on with every team's blog? If we visit SMU's message board, are we gonna see "We had the Pony Express. What are we messin' around with the AAC for?" Sounds like Napoleon Dynamite's uncle clinging to his glory days in here. Seriously, I hope there's at least a smidgeon of joking going on...
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    They have more of a reason to say we are not at their level, we have recently been their *****. We need to get over ourselves and realize our shat does stink, it is putrid at times.
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    God how I hate ucf. I hate their uniforms, their city, their campus, their colors, and of course their fans (minus Footfan on our board). I would be fine beating them and no other team. I mean, how can any of you say otherwise. Do you people actually hear the crap their fans say? Don’t you want revenge for the last two loses? Don’t you want to shut them up? Don’t want to slap the smirk off their players faces? Where are your balls?
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    Yep. Matzah, the official saltine of the P6.
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    Exciting, loud, best atmosphere I have experienced at a football game. Tore my right MCL jumping up and down. The doctor asked me how I tore it. Football, I said. You're playing football at your age??! No, watching it! I thought he was going to have me committed. I guess he just doesn't get it.
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    That's some Grade A Prime stuff there Frisco.
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    It's the reason we're currently way too good for the AAC
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    Well aren't you a ray of sunshine
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    It is depressing to think USF has never won a regular season conference championship in basketball or football. I have been following these teams from the late 80’s (obviously FB 97) and have never had the joy of seeing them win one stinking regular season championship, one sunbelt tourney in 90 is all we got, god bless Hakim Shahid but this is effin ridiculous. I am tired of never ending up on the top of the sun belt, metro, conf USA, big east and AAC, I know Puc says it don’t matter but F that, i want to say we won something at least once, is that too much to Fuc?$ing ask?
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    What topped it off was Auburn beating a top 5 Florida the following day.
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    Like puc so unexpectedly astutely pointed out, it pretty much boils down to the hometown hero taking over his downtrodden program explaining the 0 ...
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    Fire Strong? Hogwash...it’s about the $. The real question you should be asking is can the athletic department “afford” to fire him. Maybe...maybe not....
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    Thank you! The campaign is beginning to revive, thanks to @smward and @George_Bullnard_Shaw and @Bcard Thanks for the donation, how about we tell some more friends about the effort and see if we can't get to $5k before end of this month - at a minimum. August will be a good month to cap things off. Thank you to all donors and especially those in last two days. Raise it for the Bulls!
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    He let Gilbert do his thing. I don't know why it would be any different.
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    Monday kickoff $ just trying to keep Brad happy and...slide over to the heavy hitter $ list. 😉 To all involved have a good week...go Bull's ! Let's go MK get that facility built...
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