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    My wife happened to go by the USF Publix and decided to stop and get a few things. During her visit, there was announcement on the PA about complying with social distancing, etc. and it ended with "Thank you for shopping at Publix, and Go Bulls!". Most everyone in the store, employees and customers, responded with, "Go Bulls!".
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    Yep. You’re a hater. All the good things he’s done on the court and that’s your focus? He’s a Bull and you are a hater.
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    Whatever you were doing the last couple of years, stop .....
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    I agree with you. The sad thing is we will never know the actual number. Now the world is seeing China can't be trusted and government leaders are calling them out. The time is to start increasing our production and manufacturing jobs in the US. We need to stop depending on China.
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    Rum and Coke 1 gallon of rum 20 ounces of coke *disclaimer do not drink it all by yourself
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    Stop, don't knock the guy. Have you never aspired to something? Ever sought feedback? Stop.
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    Positive - I've lost 18 pounds since Feb 24th. Along with that, by bourbon and wine inventories aren't dropping as quickly. I have picked up 4 bottles of Scotch the last 2 days though.
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    Hey dumbass, Did you forget the password to mad cow? This is the happy thread.
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    Congrats! My wife and I also just celebrated a new arrival!
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    Are positive test results a positive or a negative?
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    I have an idea. (Please forgive me if this is already in another thread, and I missed it.) Could we start a thread for only POSITIVE NEWS facts? Seems like most of the news we get lately really sucks. I thought we could start a thread for things that resemble a "light at the end of a miserable tunnel." Maybe pin it at the top. We could all use some positives since it seems like every day for the whole month of March, we kept getting gut-punching news on a daily basis. Today, I saw 2 candidates for this kind of thread: The thread about USF health and the 3D printed swabs. Awesome! The NCAA extending eligibility for spring athletes It would be nice to start a running list of positive news (no speculation allowed, just facts)... Thoughts?
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    Jeff sure finds his way into these stories as a source. Great visibility for our program having a guy the media calls regularly for comment.
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    Maybe we need to open more circuses so we can return the “writers” of the TDS to their natural habitat
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    The same McCloud who threw for less than 100 yards in 1/3 of his starts last year? There are only about 5 QBs in the entire country we should never consider for our depth chart and 3 of them are already on our roster.
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    We should just show up to all of the games still and declare ourselves undefeated National champions.
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    But if anyone clicks on it we are all at risk, stop the spread
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    Your first mistake was reading thedailystampede, I assume it’s supposed to be a funny April fools joke but since the difference between jokes and their typical writing is too nuanced it fell flat.
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    How much would you like to bet on the average person’s stupidity?
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    "The university alone has a $582 million economic impact on the region, and is the No. 1 producer of patents in the state and seventh in the nation." Nice!
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    Jonesy, this has been my savior for the past year. My wife and I bought a couple of Cannondales last year (we are just starting out) and hit the trails up here in Hernando and Pasco Counties. Lost a bunch of weight and get a great view of my favorite girl. I let her lead! Good lord, NEB. I cover one of your rides in a week, not a day! If any of the posters here have physical challenges but can ride a bike, do it. We're thinking of starting a bike group of nice people and we're going to call it Heck's Angels! We don't like to curse.
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    Get yourself a bike. Its a great way to get some excercise, fresh air, and sun every day. I WFH and just do it on my lunch hour. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago. Great buy for these times.
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    Why are we surprised? Dude's been doing this for over 2 years. He's just not very good at it. @puc86 and @lotsofbull99 are entertaining even in their worst moments
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    While I'm happy he hit the game winner in his final collegiate game, it doesn't change the fact that he was one of the worst offensive guards in the NCAA last season. 3.3 turnover per game (T63rd most in the country) 56% free throw shooter 29% three point shooter So when I ask the original questions its because its something fans of whatever overseas team he plays for is going to hear, unless he winds up playing for a coach who can actually develop his skills.
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    So it feels like someone else is doing it?
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    Coaching is a tough way to make a living. You really need the passion for the job and lifestyle. For most of the guys that make a long term profession of coaching they really don't start out looking at the money. As one example, take a look at Leavitt's entire coaching career. Early on he spent time at places like powerhouse football programs like Dubuque college and Morningside college. Before getting into upper level schools, he spent almost 9 years in little towns of Iowa. Ed Orgeron has had 14 coaching jobs before rising to the top of the profession. Perseverance and passion is what it takes to survive in the coaching ranks. Good thing Augie is finding out it is not for him early in his life. Maybe a better road for him would be coaching t the high school level, but even that is a tenuous position nowadays.
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    Am I one of the few being an optimist here? If we win home games against BCC and Nevada then we are a lock for the over Then there are 4 other AAC schools with projected win totals within 1 game of our own that we play this season, meaning that these are virtual toss-up games Last year's 4 win team lost 3 games by 10 points or less. Yes the team may be impacted by not having enough practice time to install new schemes. And if we see a shortened season then all of these bets would be NO ACTION and refunded.
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    This " hole" series of responses is the reason I come here for quality humor
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    I mean, whatever's being reported is definitely going to be an inch or two bigger than actual.
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    I think he's probably doing it for the same reason Q did ..... getting assessed for what he needs to work on the for the next level. Q was obviously told you need more late game heroics.
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    I will be there. Keep in mind the vaccine only helps to prevent catching it in the first place. It will not be available for 12-18 months. If it is as effective as the flu vaccine then it is only 50% effective. That said they are working on the right concoction of antibiotics to help fight it should you catch it. That should come around a lot faster than the vaccine. That being said. I will be there.... Lets go bulls.
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    Meh, considering 2 of those years his teams won post season tourneys, regular season finishes aren't really that big of a deal in college hoops anyway. Bry's just trolling by throwing that out there ....
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    I'm positively sure you'll be telling us this every chance you get even long after my kids have only faint memories of being on a Stay at Home order.
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    How many people did they test that didn’t go to the hospital because they didn’t believe they were dying? When you only test people that have identified that they have had it because their symptoms are on the high end of the scale your numbers will be drastically higher. In places where people are proactively tested the mortality rate isn’t anywhere near that high and we have learned plenty of people get it and have mild or even no symptoms.
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    I’m not old enough to get this, I just seem older because I complain a lot and reminisce about the good old days.
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    You'll be proud to know that I have fully embraced the age of GPS ..... even though they're full of **** sometimes.
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    They should take this opportunity to cancel the AAC
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    1. USF was once #2 in the BCS poll
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    Wow NEB you must be in great shape. Thats a whole lot of miles. I know the area you live is beautiful especially in the warmer months. We in FL have to sweat through the heat and humidity. I live in S Tampa so lots of good neighborhoods to ride around here.
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    Sangria: 2 cups Carlo Rossi Sangria, 1/3 cup Captain Morgan, 1/3 cup Apricot brandy, 1/3 cup triple sec, 1 cup orange juice( I use pulp free), 1/2 cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup grenadine. GO BULLS!
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    I have a pretty mean bat soup recipe.
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    We will never have a true campus culture without an on-campus stadium. Half the school isn't even aware of the fact we have football or basketball games going on, and a good chunk of those people have never even be introduced to American football in their lifetime. Even a smaller subset of those people wear FSU/UF t-shirts around campus because they have been accustomed to seeing USF's lack of interest in athletics (Michael Kelly is starting to change that). Raymond James is a great stadium and I'm grateful we are partnered with them for the time being, but it's time to make a long term plan for an OCS and quit making excuses. We have spent billions on academics and research but struggle to come up with $40 million for an IPF every other school in the nation has already built. An OCS gets people involved which means more donations and more fan support. It's time to get it done.
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