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    Its been seven months, but Eddie McDoom is still wide open 40 yards downfield.
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    Please keep the political, social, comments OFF THIS BOARD! IF you cannot use the Mad Cow to manage your seemingly uncontrollable commentary, the MAD COW will be removed and there will be a zero tolerance on ANY other board. The MAD COW was not created to generate spillover to this or other boards. Please contain your comments. I don't care if you're serious or trying to be humorous. Do not use this board any longer. Sending note to Trip. From now on, political/social crap posted on this board gets the poster suspended. Just STOP! Have it out in the Mad Cow, Facebook, Twitter or any other cesspool of hate and deception. NOT HERE. Thank you. USF Athletics and related topics only!
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    Bry, I don’t need you to agree with me all the time. I haven’t spent nearly as much time in this forum as a lot of you have. I’m just looking for a place to intelligently discuss USF athletics with other passionate fans, but I’ve been in and out over the years because the topics seem to get hijacked so often by the negative souls among us who don’t feel we can do anything right. I’ll agree that we haven’t had a lot of success and there has been mismanagement and bad decisions made along the way, but it sure would be nice to find a home online where there was some optimism and an urge to help get this thing on the right path. Too many times, I just run into a handful of single-agenda posters who turn every thread into a pissing and moaning contest. It sure doesn’t help us - especially Brad - attract new fans. I’ll be completely honest, a lot of the Bulls fans I hang with have told me they won’t come near here because their impression is that the forum is filled with nothing but “fans” who are unhappy, hyper-critical, unwelcoming and can’t stay on topic without inserting something negative. We should take a lesson from all the Clemson fans who came here to congratulate us on hiring Jeff Scott. I was so impressed with the universal class they showed. All I’m saying is, think before you post. You know who you are. It’s OK to be critical when deserved. It’s not OK to be critical just for the sake or to maintain some sort of persona you’ve created for yourself online. 1) Jim Leavitt is NEVER coming back 2) Brian Gregory deserves a significant leash to see what he can do 3) Jose Fernandez deserves a statue for where he’s brought that program - out of complete ashes 4) We’re in the AAC. It’s important for our future for us to become THE power in the league. The Big East BCS bid isn’t coming back.
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    Do some pregame wind sprints, scowl at the cameras, draw-up some offensive plays in the dirt, throw some nasty blitzes their way and pull off the upset!!!!!
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    Dude.... ill take that bet... no way you find 10... lol
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    I know there’s a lot of doom and gloom in the preseason predictions, but I don’t think we’re in as rough shape as most people think. Yes, there are plenty of question marks, but let’s take a look at the offense. This group is much better stocked with athletes than what Taggart had when he took over from Skip. Holtz left Willie with a team void of any speed or depth. I don’t think that’s the case here: QB - ? But I like Noah Johnson and who’s to say McCloud won’t make a jump forward? Q was god awful in his one start as a freshman. Cade Fortin? Maybe. RB - Joiner and Ford are capable but small; Felix may be better than both with more size. And we haven’t seen RS-F Josh Berry yet, either. TE - Mathis and Brinkman are experienced and relatively proven. WR - No one has broken out, but this is Scott’s wheelhouse and there are athletes here who’ve played snaps: St. Felix, McDoom, Weaver, Miller; and some interesting others who could emerge: Latrell Williams, Jaquez Evans, Terrence Horne, RS-F Logan Berryhill OL - Three starters return - Jennings, Harris, Cecil - so you have to fill a couple holes and build depth. RS-F McDuffie, Blanchard and Hall were all decently regarded recruits and have the necessary size. Hopple and Wiggs are seniors who’ve seen snaps. I’m not saying this group is anywhere near Q, Marlon, MVS and Rodney Adams, et al, but it’s an interesting lot that a good coaching staff and scheme might turn into something salvageable. Add your thoughts.
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    I’m not sure of when but it definitely won’t be one, of that I am sure.
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    Yes I fear sports on all levels are on the verge of destroying themselves . If sports are going to become an avenue for political expression and to push agendas then it no longer is an escape. When the distraction becomes the irritant its time to move on.
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    Well that ain't gonna happen .................. unless he's mellowed a lot.
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    No rivalry. I’m just trying to eliminate negative people from my life and that dude surely is one.
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    http://www.espn.com/espnradio/newyork/podcast/archive/_/id/20906724 https://espnpressroom.com/us/bios/anita-marks/ "Marks earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Communications from the University of South Florida." Surprised there's not more fanfare from Athletics around Anita as an esteemed alum. She has a weekly midday Sat/Sun live show on the largest ESPN Radio network, with national syndication, and often gets cover duty during week, along with latenight slots. Heard her rep USF on air live just today. Am i shocked by the lack of coverage or regard by USF marketing? Not at all. Gold standard for success in a male dominated sports media industry, or otherwise really.
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    Again, despite the doom and gloom of the preseason predictions, I don’t think we are devoid of talent on the defense. Let’s take a look at the defense: DB - Obviously, this is the most experienced and highest-regarded unit on the team. Sails may be our best player overall and Hampton was our best corner heading into last season but struggled a bit. He needs to bounce back. If he does, we may have the two best CBs in the league. We have experienced safeties also in Roberts, Sanders and LaPointe - but I’d like to see us get bigger and more physical there. Interested to see RS-F Leonard Parker. He was a heck of a two-way player at Plant. LB - I think most of us like Boyles and Grier here. Mims probably isn’t a starter, but he provides good depth. Bellamy is also a solid depth guy and we add the Michigan grad transfer Gil here, too. Could probably use another guy to emerge here. DL - Although they’ve been up and down so far, Pinkney, Kegler and Green are experienced seniors inside at around 300 pounds. Barber and Yates have also seen plenty of snaps and we need to see what Waller will be. The ends are the biggest question marks on the defense, I think, but I’m eager to see Tennessee transfer Thaxton. What about Stacy Kirby? He was one of the top signees in the class two years ago. How about Jason Vaughn? He had some moments last year in limited time as a true freshman. Add your thoughts.
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    With the imminent collapse of society at hand, I have decided to create a USF-themed basement bar and go out on top. What are some ideas you have seen? I am thinking to go with official USF green walls with some gold fixtures since it is a dark basement. The only other idea I have is to hang some merch up (Big East jersey or something). I got my OG iconic U mini helmet and little Notre Dame football. Then I am a bit out of ideas. I think I have already destroyed all my Skip Holtz cups as per the great purge. I have nothing else to do.. What kind of setups do you have? Note:NOT SO FLO or green helmets, you heathens! I am open to some legacy USF 90s colors since those were still in play when I started at USF.
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    Howard University can pull in a 5 star, nationally ranked #18 player, and the best CBG can do is a measly 4 star, 62nd ranked player? .................. WTF, coach??
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    Repeat after me: "We do not need UCF. We ARE NOT a package deal." Those days of playing the loser's hand need to be over.
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    Grilling, swimming, drinking and blowing up ****, I feel very fortunate as well to live in the greatest country in the world, and also ironically the best state in the union! I am raising a cup to all the fine gentlemen that make up the Pen! (and to the rest of the miscreants as well), Happy 4th!
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    I think if there is anything we all should have learned over the past few months it’s that politics and sports do not mix very well... we probably should have had a rule or something.
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    Ok, so basically you are staying in your normal game day mode.
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    Two seats already in the front row of the end zone. If fans are allowed in the stadium, I'm there.
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    It has always been the goal to use this site to help drive interest in the USF programs. I hope all of our members will adopt that goal as well.
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    Gonna be great watching him upset UF in Tampa.
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    It was a terrible tragedy for the guys that didn't make it, but at the same time it shows the human spirit and the will to survive that kid had to hang on and fight until the miracle of his rescue. It involves USF players/students and happened right in our back yard. Yes, I am going to watch. Frisco - Your first statement is classic!
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    With good DBs we should have an opportunity to throw in some blitz packages. The right call/scheme can make all of the difference. The most important thing the D has to improve upon is getting off the field on 3rd down...we were atrocious in that category last year.
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    It's hard to rank positions because there are so many unknowns. The most solid position should be RB with 3 capable RBs. TE should be another good group again. Oline and WR are shakey, but St Felix is awesome. He had a disappointing year last year, but who didnt? He has the talent to be all conference. Maybe Horne returns to form. QB is a prayer and not getting much practice with the team together is going to give CJS a tough time evaluating 3 guys. I suspect the QB competition will carry over into midseason at least
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    They aren’t? I just assume when I don’t know much about a team that they are probably in the AAC.
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    I am not going to lie, it does not sound good. I have a sneaky suspicion we will be ok this year and not near as bad as projected. We were so bad last year and many that did not follow us would simply assume we were devoid of talent, little did people know that we were simply poorly prepared and coached, we still have some athletes and just need someone to lead.
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    Just popped in here to let you guys know my wife's test was Negative. Be well.
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    My favorite part about this realignment is that UCF isn’t with us, all of the best years of being a Bull were when we were completely untethered.
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    If only there was a football god to pray to...This could be the only good out of COVID.
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    Have an Electric Fourth of July!!!
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    Happy 4th the real Independence Day
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    you really want to open a can of worms don't you trip
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    Probably so sadly ... But there will be some positives with the demise of sports, maybe colleges will return to having student athletes and people will have more family time . Time to reset the perspective as to what is really important in life
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    Never happened so who knows but if I had to guess I would say they retain it if they did not play, seems only fair.
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    I think this just further proves that this is not CWT in his first year, starting Matt Floyd and our top back was Marcus Shaw. You pretty much nailed it, the only thing I would add is Thomas Nance deserves a mention (TE) as well (not as experienced as the other two but a talented freak) if not for any other reason except that Gatorbull thinks he is the next coming. We have plenty of weapons and hopefully we get 6 wins, not entirely likely but possible.
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    How do I get the black marks off of my screen now?
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    No it doesn't. Your position was he should have been fired after year 2 .... that was wrong
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    Why do you hate hopes and dreams?
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    Excellent interview. A few takeaways for me around the 34-35 minute mark: Openly acknowledges that when rebuilding the program free throw shooting was not a priority - getting players who were tough and could work through adversity was the priority Also says to get to the next level needs to "be much better in those offensive efficiency areas" Its hard not to like the guy ALOT after hearing him in this type of setting (and not press conferences where we coach-speak) and really hope he can bust through with the group of players he has assembled.
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    What I learned Caleb has quickness Caleb is not tall Caleb is going to develop with hard work at another Florida university
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    The program looked lifeless under strong during the 6 game losing streak. That carried over to a lifeless team. Strong is gone and was a putrid coach for us. He maybe worse than Skip, the case can be made for either as terrible coaches.
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    Come on man, this is the stuff right here. Puc seemed to be sincere...CR leaving is a really big deal. I feel like we need to try to sway him back. Lots of wisdom there, I have personally refined my views based on some of his points. Challenging me might be exhausting for him but it was effective and if the goal in the challenge was to sway, then mission accomplished. I am sad.
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