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    i know the reaction options are getting full with the recent addition of the dookie, crying face & CJL scowl reactions, but would it be possible to add one more? with the number of know-it-alls on this board displaying intense levels of pettiness, semantics & the sheer joy some members seem to get from correcting the most minor of imprecise comments, I think a COOKIE reaction would be a fantastic addition to the next round of Reaction Expansion. corrected someone's grammar? pointed out a relatively insignificant error? can't comprehend hyperbole? take that take that take that *P.Diddy voice*
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    Lamar Robbins was the player that was with Knox when he fired the gun on campus not Antoine.... Yall need to source some **** before you start slandering kid's names. This took me like 30 seconds to find because I knew it wasn't Antoine and couldn't remember Robbins name http://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/usf-football-reinstates-arrested-player-after-charges-dropped
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    Don’t worry, it’s a survey to do a feasibility study, before voting on it, and then deciding more surveys will be needed and a newer, shitier, logo is created
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    I've been watching USF basketball since 1984 and a season ticket holder for many of those years including this one. This is the best defensive team I've seen as well as the happiest team. By that I mean they genuinely enjoying playing together and for this coach. They are young and inexperienced. Their one senior sat out a year, gets less than 20 minutes floor time a game, and didn't play all that much at Auburn. They have a team-first philosophy. Though picked to finish last in the conference, they are 2-2 and could well be 4-0. Coach Gregory has brought the program back to respectability. Nobody can take this team lightly. Still, there seems to be a level of disappointment because they've lost four games (by 3 points or less). One theme seems to be that Gregory is not so hot because he can't teach them to shoot foul shots at a higher percentage. But this team has, if I'm not mistaken, outrebounded their opponent in every game. That's Gregory. We lead the conference in steals. That's Gregory too. True enough--they have underperformed at the foul line and we should expect better. I think they will get there, because the nine guys who are playing most of the minutes have a lot of pride and determination. Now, what about USF students and our USF community. Where are the fans? These guys deserve support. Where is the campaign to fill the Sun Dome? No excuse to draw 3,000 or fewer every game. Coach Gregory is a class act and he's just beginning.
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    Figure I’d start a new thread since this is the first time I’ve heard Bell discuss the process of getting the USF OC job. There’s also some great quotes on what he has coming back on offense at USF and how he developed his offensive philosophy. Kind of hard to not get excited about this guy leading the offense next year! http://www.wruf.com/headlines/2019/01/15/former-gator-kerwin-bell-talks-new-job-as-offensive-coordinator-at-usf/
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    I bet CBG threatened to sit him and he realized FTs were important.
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    “The game where you’re trying to get your best athletes the ball in space.” That’s the only thing I need to hear. Music to my ears.
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    Most important hire in the brief history of this university.
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    i hope he picks up where he left off in 2018.
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    Funniest thing I ever saw on TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piPz1prPrzs
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    Pretty sure I've got the job locked up.
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    by the time this thread dies Chapel & Bry will be married with 3 children. Lol
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    It was kind of like this for brybul:
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    Left leg went a bit numb... but gas flow was acceptable for non-fan usage
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    Don't worry, if the first play isn't a double reverse for a TD the chants of "Fire Ker-Win" will be heard throughout the 11K fans in attendance.
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    The first year of the USF men's basketball team, !970-1971, Tommie Davis, one of our guards, shot a jump shot to attempt his free throws like Hal Greer. Tommie was a very good free throw shooter. I know this first hand because I was a student manager for that first Golden Brahman basketbull team.
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    They are the embodiment of snow flake culture. A constant demanding that their voices must be heard and accepted while seeking confrontation by actively engaging the groups least interested in their message. They display a hubris that is laughable while at the same time constant enough to elicit a reaction and then they cry about being victims of the backlash they created. They detest Judy and us, while at the same time begging for our acceptance, for having done nothing to them but provide them the hand up that has given them the closest thing to legitimacy they have had. I’m not sure that preeminence makes up for the blunder that was embracing them. This is what happens when you don’t have a most powerful man in the building.
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    No, is a thought required there?
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    Very excited ! . . . for Bell's debut, not the "meat up"
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    John Steel‏ @USFBull09 Nov 17 More BREAKING USF NEWS: Sources are telling me QB Fuinton Qlowers is transferring to USF and will be eligible to play immediately @SoFloBulls @RyanSmithWrites
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