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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

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    We are building a wall between us and Orlando and UCF is going to pay for it!!
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    They’re ****** UCiF. They’re always mad. That’s what they do in Mickey Mouse town.
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    With all of the talk and excitement (and, if you are a petty, salty little b*tch to the east, controversy) surrounding USF's future football scheduling, I think it is important to put the new scheduling philosophy into context given the realities of our lease/stadium situation. Our lease with the Tampa Sports Authority, which went into effect for the 2017 season and runs through the 2027 season (6 years with a 5 year option), states that USF will play at least 6 home games per season at Raymond James. USF only has to pay the direct cost of game day expenses. For games where just the lower bowl is open, that runs about $200,000 per game, and I would imagine that games with the upper deck open adds another $50,000 per deck in direct expenses ($300,000 max in direct expenses). For the first 6 games, USF gets to keep all of the money generated from ticket sales (minus the lesser of 8% of the ticket price or $2.50 per ticket). For a seventh game, USF would only get 20% of net revenues after all direct expenses and licensing fees are paid by TSA. So it would appear that there is even less of a financial incentive for USF to host 7 home games in a season. USF doesn't generate any revenue from concession sales or parking, other than the parking spaces they are allocated for donors. Average attendance in 2017 was 31,400, and 2018 climbed to 38,500. Included in these numbers are non-revenue seats (students and comps), so USF probably averaged around 28,000 in actual ticket sales over the last two seasons. Assuming an average ticket cost of around $32.50, USF would generate $910,000 per game in total revenue from ticket sales. From that, they pay TSA about $200,000 for use of the stadium, and another $70,000 or so for the ticket surcharge, leaving an average net revenue of $640,000. Then you have to factor in the cost of the guarantee for the FCS opponents. That runs around $400,000 to $500,000. If USF is paying that out, then they are clearing about $200,000 from those FCS home games. Typically, against a G5 or P5 program they pay out $250,000 to cover travel costs, so for those games the net is around $400,000. In an average 6 home game season, USF likely generates around $2.2 million TOTAL for the season in net revenues from ticket sales. Given the terms of the lease, it makes more sense for USF to take a road "pay-day-game" over a 6th or 7th home game against an FCS foe or a lower-tier P5 program. For instance, the Alabama game in 2026 will pay USF $1 million. After deducting the $250,000 in travel expenses, the program will still net around $750,000. USF couldn't clear that much money even if it sold out the entire lower bowl, which we aren't able to do right now against lesser competition. The $1.9 million we are getting paid by Texas for the 2020 game is even more significant. Without a hefty ticket price increase, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to net $1,650,000 from any home game. Subtracting 12,500 student seats from Raymond James' capacity of roughly 66,000, leaves only 53,500 revenue generating tickets. The most we could net in that situation would be $1,350,000 or so. Assuming a sell-out against Florida and Alabama, those games will net us almost $1,000,000 more per game than we have been averaging over the past two seasons. That is without consideration to the increased revenues received by requiring the purchase of mini-game plans or season tickets in order to secure tickets for those marquee games.
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    Here's my plan...we build an OCS, go all in, 50k seats, luxury boxes, scoreboards, the whole nine...then, strategic default. Let the bank take that **** over. They're going to have to rent it out to make back their money and we pit RJS and the new OCS against each other. We can rent our own OCS for the same price we're paying at RJS. Boom! You're welcome, Kelly.
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    First, no one under the age of 70 and living outside the Bay confuses USF for the University of San Francisco. Second, 99% of our own still don't know why we're South Florida. Third, stop kidding yourself, no one gives a **** about UCF. And fourth, what is the correct number of fans "demanding excellence" before athletics makes it a reality?
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    Screw Casual Dan. Hate that guy. Always wearing jeans and birkenstocks to everything.
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    I would LOVE to see WVU on the schedule again.
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    This works on so many levels. First, it is good for our program. We don't make a lot of revenue from a typical home game, even against a bottom to middling P5 team such as Illinois or Syracuse. We will likely make almost as much money in one home game versus Bama or Florida than we would playing two against Syracuse and Illinois. You want to guarantee yourself a ticket to the game, you are going to have to pony up for season tickets or at least a 3 game plan. This will increase ticket sales across all the other games as well. Second, it undercuts UCF's argument that big name programs won't play them. When the team in the same conference as you are in 80 miles down the road is taking these deals, you can't say squat. Why would any major program consider a 1 for 1 with UCF if USF is willing to give them a 2 for 1. It really hurts UCF's scheduling philosophy. They NEED the home games to fund their program. We don't. It's as simple as that. Circumstances and context matter. If and when we do build an OCS, these types of deals will be much harder to come by and much harder to justify. So for all of those clamoring for an OCS realize that you don't necessarily get to have your cake and eat it too. Third, it generates local and national interest. If they aren't talking about you on ESPN, you are irrelevant. These types of games put us in the national spotlight and we will likely win a few of them. Fourth, it helps recruiting. Want to land a local player that's holding out for an SEC offer? Let him know he will get 4 or 5 games against SEC opponents while he is at USF. Have a player torn between UCF and USF? Ask him if he is amped for the road game at UNC or the ones in Miami, Tuscaloosa, and Gainesville. Finally, it creates excitement for the student body at the time of the games. The big game atmosphere at Ray Jay is electric. If you want the students to become lifelong Bulls football supporters you have to win them over in the 3 to 5 years that they are on campus or you've likely lost them for good. Great work VPoA Kelly!
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    You're a Bulls fan so #2 will always hold a special place for you.
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    Not at all. I’ll take a win over Florida. We beat UCF five times, right? Means nothing. AAC trophy? Nothing. You get to play a meaningless game against a disinterested P5. Nothing.
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    Clemson doesn't want a piece of us ...... we own them.
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    this scheduling philosophy does nothing for us, I mean who wants this caliber of a team on their schedule??? (sarcasm)
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    Luckily we have always done a great job of jamming the line and stopping power football...
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    As a Dad whose daughter just finished her freshman year in the USF Honors College, I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm not sure she'll ever take classes in the new building since she will graduate in just two more years, but it's still an amazingly generous and important gift for the future of our university. As much as we like to complain about how our athletic programs seem a bit stuck in the mud, the academic side of our U has put together the equivalent of multiple conference championships and New Year's Day bowl wins over the past few years. The momentum there is amazing and it's up to new Prez Currall to keep that moving.
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    It amazes me that so many people on here are happy that she's leaving.
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    and this is what we do when we see a UCF fan.....
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    Everybody's entitled to their own opinion but I don't think putting an emphasis on graduation rates among athletes should ever lead to embarrassment ...... no matter what's happening on the field and on the court.
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    I posted an article about this the other day. USF has 14 games scheduled against P5 teams in the next 10 years. 10 of those games are against teams that finished in the top 35 in the S&P ratings last year. UCF only has 1 game against an S&P top 35 finisher in the next 10 years. To UCF, you can b**** and moan all you want about not wanting to do 2 for 1s and we will enjoy our tougher schedule. If we can pull out some wins, see you never . We play in the AAC, and as much as you want to argue that we are just as good as a P5 conference, it makes no sense for a good P5 team to schedule a game against a G5 team that may beat them unless the pot is a little sweeter for them (hence the 2 for 1 deals). So enjoy your s****y strength of schedule, and enjoy throwing a hissy fit that USF has a better schedule and we will enjoy building a brand that America respects doesn't hate.
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    They have played in one glorified scrimmage. You can't compare them.
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    If UCF hates it then it’s probably good for us and bad for them, building up the P6, unititing with UCF and trying to be the dearest Dalit is a fools errand I’m glad we are hopefully distancing ourselves from. The only things wrong with our current scheduling is that it’s too AAC heavy and we play UCF too much. If we could actually load up on UF, Miami and P5 2 for ones I would gladly trade away half our home games against the dreck we have surrounded ourselves with. I’m willing to bet even with half the games our overall attendance would be higher, along with greater excitement and community involvement to be topped off with reduction in opex cherry on top.
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    Aren't we still mad at them for slapping together that dangerous, rust bucket of a stadium? It doesn't resonate P5 at all!
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    Do keep in mind that one of those championships was the season we rolled 64 points on them. One championship was a three way tie. So the two they have are legit in my book. As far as suffering through winless seasons to get a NYD win? I would have to think about that. I mean last year was a killer and it was only half way.
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    I think we can have the best of both worlds can’t we? Let’s beat UF and win the conference. Bam! Problem solved.
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    Yes! Many still talk about that #2 ranking like it was yesterday...it’s been 12 friggin years people. We got three weeks of pub then poof it was gone. Give me hardware and a NYD bowl game.
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    I actually think that UCF stuck it in and broke it off. Alabama hasn't played an away game in thirty years (neutral site excepted). They are so pissed at UCF that they break a thirty year tradition just to sign with UCF's rival? Now, who in the SEC is going to go against Saban and now schedule one and ones? They may have just lost the SEC for a while. UCF seriously overestimated their position. If they don't sign some SoS games quickly, they may well be in trouble. I don't understand pissing off the same people who you are going to approach hat in hand and ask for a seat at the table. A lot like our Big 4 bill board, a little success can go to your head. But I think their AD has done some substantial damage relationship-wise along with their fans and media. The whole P6 embarrassment, self proclaimed Natty, alienating the other coaches in your conference, only considering one and ones, and pissing off the great Saban. I am beginning to understand why they are not Preeminent over there.
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    Sunday mornings, grab the paper, a good Dominican cigar, Costa Rican peaberry coffee, medicate, and see what the people who still believe in reality are doing.
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    The morning paper is as big a part of my daily routine as morning dumps are for JT ..... and I'm fighting like hell to not give in to the 4 PM early bird specials for seniors.
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    Statue? I was picturing the Charlie Strong Reflecting Pond filled with UCF tears....
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    Let's be honest. USF is not getting into the playoff as a member of The American. No G5 team is getting into the playoff, ever. That's not what these games are for. These are program builders, paydays and recruiting tools. Build the program up to these games, succeed and maybe next time conference realignment comes around, we are in a good spot. If we get into a money conference and then we can talk playoffs.
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    We're dropping UCF for our actual rival WVU.
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    He is trying to regenerate interest in USF football. In a way the Big East invite was a blessing and a curse. The casual Dan became spoiled with big name opponents and big time games. The teams in the AAC don't move the needle. The fan base needs these type of matchups to rekindle the fire. A big upset or two and things will return to the passion and fun of the Big East days.
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    The larger point of my post is to provide perspective. UCF needs to schedule 7 home games a season to cover the debt service on their rusty, crap-hole, at least for the next 19 years. They would actually lose money if they took a payday game, as they generate more than $750,000 in net revenues from their average home game. The cost of the debt service on their initial 30 year bonds is $4 million annually (Those bonds will be paid off in about 18 years). The total cost for us to "rent" Ray Jay per year averages out to around $1,600,000 (assuming we don't open the upper deck). That is our "all-in" cost. UCF still has to pay for staff, security, EMS, upkeep, utilities, insurance, etc. They are able to cover that, but that requires the revenue generated by parking and concessions. In 2037, things will change dramatically. They will be in a much better position than we currently are, as they will essentially own their crappy stadium and will be generating an extra $4 million in revenue by the simple fact that they won't have any more debt to service (assuming they don't incur any more stadium construction related debt). The issue for USF is that the debt service on the type of stadium they were proposing a year and a half ago would be about 4 times what UCF's currently is. I don't know how the program will be able to service a $16 million debt, but I brought that up in another post not too long ago and won't bore anyone else with those thoughts/details here.
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    Hold on. The oldtimers here would probably love the occasional Southern Miss beatdown for paybacks in voting to keep us out of the CUSA. That p.o.'d alot of people. Probably the same people who are pissed that we didn't keep UCiF out of the AAC
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    $23 per ticket towards our IPF, it would be a huge boost! $23 for our 23rd Season of Football. Let's do it in August! STAMPEDE !!!
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    It’s absolutely her right, but one of the most decorated players in school history who has a chance to move up the school record books doesn’t transfer for one year. She stays, scores big, takes the team to the NCAA Tournament and has her jersey put in the rafters in about 10 years.
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    Mildly cool. Partially expected and anti-climactic.
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    Why do I feel like i just ate a turd sandwich?
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    How is this news? Congratulations, you get to keep your job....
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    But is it "news" though? "Eriksen has been at the helm of USA Softball since 2011." https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/sports/2019/05/21/usf-softball-coach-eriksen-to-lead-usa-at-2020-olympic-games I think it was "really cool news" 8 years ago.
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    You got at least 1 for Monday. I just donated $23
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    Agree. We once held ourselves up to UF, FSU and Miami, but those of weak heart and mind spinelessly retreated and wanted USF to retreat to a lower tier. We had bold aspirations replaced by effortless mediocrity. Actually comparing anything to UCF’s brief, recent AAC success is a fool’s game.
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    Or we can just go back to never playing them again and completely ignoring them, either way.
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    Also UCF can choke on a bag of dicks and they are living proof that no good deed goes unpunished, you try to give people a hand up and then they just cry about the steak not being to temperature. Go back to the box we found your dumb asses in.
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