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    I will never give up on USF Athletics no matter how bad it gets, but my level of financial commitment will mirror my faith in the current administration. But if there is a game on I'm watching it and my family knows there is no work-life balance - its a work-life-USF balance.
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    With that said, I have personally lifted my Bulls pen ban. I proud of the players for their continued fight through this tough season. I’m telling you, they keep doing this and good things will result on the score board. I’m done with all that hype BS that I normally do. I just felt like the board needed some balance with all the negativity. So I think USF will beat Memphis & UCF? Nope! But I’m **** sure they are gonna play their tails off and give them hell! So I’m gonna enjoy watching and supporting this team as they deserve that much. Go Bulls! Horns always up!!
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    I agree, once you drink from the golden cup there is no going back, I used to despise first class but now welcome it, I am still tough enough to brawl but spoiled enough to avoid it. We really do mellow as we age .
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    Last home game and senior day. I’ll be there to support the seniors but in reality this one is all about the tailgate for me. Ribs ribs ribs....
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    Get used to the losses because we are trending in the downward spiral for three straights years under CCS. Moral victories mean nothing. The only thing that matters is wins on the field.
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    Yup. I believe you are right. He hasn't had the time or circumstances to show what he has. I hope the attention whores with the paper bags over their heads got what they needed. Apparently not, because they have to let us know here that they embarrassed our school and our players. Needy people...
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    Are they available tomorrow night around 7pm?
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    We’ve been to every game and NEVER had a problem with any UCF fan. Parking does suck. If you get stuck in a parking garage bring plenty of post game beer. It takes forever to get out of one.
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    It’s not too late to change your mind, just sell your ticket and have a nice Thanksgiving weekend with people you like instead of 40k **** heads giving you a hard time all while in fear that the stadium will finally fall apart. If you want to do something death defying try something safer like BASE jumping but if you must go to that hell hole hopefully that website is still selling the insurance policies so that your family can at least be taken care of when their house bounces for the last time. You have been warned.
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    I quit drinking long ago, but waiting for the first USF TD to drink sounds like an idea that could put AA out of business.
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    CTE is no joke!!! They should absolutely be overly cautious about it.
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    Yeah it's Taggart's fault we aren't winning in year 3.... He should have left this program stacked for the next 4 years plus. couldn't have to do with 2 of our worst recruiting classes ever signed under strong.
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    This is trash. You are attacking a kid that may not even be old enough to drink.
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    If CCS is even in Tampa come January, there won't be enough Tito's on Earth.
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    nice thread. can you link me the source of this data?
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    My family and I will be going out of town for Thanksgiving so I won't be able to use my tickets. I have 4 available. Bummed that I'm missing senior night but would love to have Bulls fans in these seats supporting the team.
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    We've looked like trash at times this year, but this wasn't one of those games. Really had a win within reach here against a ranked team. Offense looked competent, and the defense played well for long stretches. Still a loss, and that sucks, but by our standards this wasn't a bad performance.
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    What options do they have? Stop...this is no way the coaching staffs fault in any conceivable way...
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    Do they really have a FG line graphic on the TV? Jokesters ..... This is 4 down territory boys AAC's last great hope for the season
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    That's literally an exaggeration. Our QB play has hurt this offense though and that isn't an exaggeration
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    Our QB has struggled most of the season. I just got home so I haven't seen much tonight so far. Who told you that? Cory Lea?
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    There are so many things in life so more important that USF sports. Being alive comes in at number 1 - the only ranking I care about.
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    But most of these guys were around last year and it doesn't appear they improved over the off season. Losing Yetna was a smack in the mouth and maybe they're still getting their feet under them. But Mother of God, make an open layup - ANYONE.
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    I don’t even know what to say about major USF sports anymore. This was a horrible performance by USF basketball, football is worse, and I have very little confidence in baseball after some of what I saw last season. This past couple weeks I’ve gotten more and more depressed about this university and it’s hard for me to even sport my USF gear right now. I’ve been as positive as can be for as long as can be this is mentally exhausting and I’m not in the mood to be a USF “cheerleader” with this going on.
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    There is a happy medium in life and I tend push back harder when people are pushing hard on a subject I disagree with. When we are down and everyone mostly agrees with it to some degree there isn’t a reason to go hard and being a little light hearted probably serves the greater good of the board more than ******** on everything in every post.
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    Me too. Magical time. Some day I'll sit in my rocking chair on the porch telling the grand-kids about that game. They probably won't care, but I'll be too senile to notice.
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    Ya. I'll criticize their play on the field, but I sympathize with them having to face the press like that with a coach who obviously isn't working and likely doesn't care. Really it should just be the coaches facing the music of the press.
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    My financial support will continue the same way no matter the leadership. (Granted it doesn't move the needle.) The best thing any of us can do is Donate and Cheer. Go BULLS !!!
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    Once again, Im not anti KB. Im just saying that he has not EARNED chit at USF to be even considered as a coaching candidate
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    Im kind of one too..So touche!
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    a fan quitting is far different than a coach quitting. the message the coach sends to his players is that it's ok to quit.
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    Or just maybe, hear me out here; "The players suck!" I swear, I could grab kids off the street who could both catch and pass better then the players on this team have done. That's sad but true. The problem is none of them are in college yet.
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    He's back and making as much sense as ever. Welcome back. Full recovery wishes going out to you.
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    You are a good man for visiting him. Well done.
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    It's unpopular, but, I agree Sheriff. I actually like some of the things that I have seen out of KB's offense. The team isn't executing very well, but, the scheme isn't bad. We lost 2 starters on the OL last night, not very many teams can overcome that. McCloud was sacked 9 times... maybe 2-3 were his fault for holding onto the ball too long, but, I don't care who was back there, successful under that type of pressure doesn't exist. That doesn't even count the several times he alone eluded the pressure to save a play. In any event, from watching KB on the sidelines, he seems to have a ton of passion, and, as a TBP favorite, he demands excellence! I see him coaching up players and getting angry about things that are missed. It's not just "aww shucks, we'll get them next time"... he gets in people's faces and tells them what they screwed up. AND... we could probably hire him relatively cheap, making the CCS buyout a little more tolerable.
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