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    I certainly understand where you are coming from on this and it's quite all right if we disagree about it. This is an opportunity for the team to get better and prepare towards next season, which is an opportunity that we should take.
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    UCF fan here. Don't be ashamed of playing in this so-called "garbage" tournament. The players and coaches worked their tails off, you guys won 19 games and at the end of the day, screw the detractors if they don't like it. If you are able to win the tournament, hang a banner - you earned it. Outside of when you guys play us, I'll cheer for American teams to do well. Now WVU being in this despite losing 20 games ? That's a different story.
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    Thanks to Jonesy Bull for the gift to the IPF!! We appreciate your support to the project.
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    The IPF will get done. Sooner rather than later, but we need the support of our fans to get this completed. Every dollar helps!!
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    Really? Embarrassed by the NIT banners hanging in the Sun Dome...errr... YC? Couldn't disagree with you more. The way you get those taken down is to earn NCAA and conference banners to push them to the side. That is our history. I can only imagine what I would feel like being in Charlie Bradley's shoes seeing them remove those early banners-- or any of the guys who played on the other teams. Why stuff like this bothers anyone is mind boggling to me. Empty space is better?
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    I'd imagine it's about getting him the ball in space
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    Listening to the radio Coach Brian Gregory breaking down and crying talking about the heart of this team. What an emotional moment. He really does love his players and this university.
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    He's short, he's not small inter terms of his build.... at all. 5'5 170 is pretty stocky and he's actually gained weight, so he could be playing around 175... If he were 5'11 his weight would equate to 205 or somewhere in that area. He's a stocky guy and made it through his true freshman year just fine. I don't think durability issues come in with him.
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    Academics always has to come first. That doesn't mean that athletics should just flounder.
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    This was a coaching masterpiece. I defy you to find any basketball team at any level and take their top four players off the roster and have them compete and win. Short term pain, long term gain for this team. This will pay huge dividends down the road. Great job CJF and staff.
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    Some teams have done well getting that extra action - Loyola, Nevada come to mind. If you could agree the con-conference schedule was the type of schedule this fledgling team needed, you might agree this postseason experience can be equally fitting for this stage of the program. I think had we just come off the NCAA tournaments, maybe I'd feel differently. Right now, I am just happy to get more work for this team.
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    While you may not see anything yet, I can tell you there has been plenty of discernible change and that has been all for the better.
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    I'll be there. Students get in free.
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    Proud to have a Foundation Grant Fund in my name for Internal Medicine... USFs Medical School is a HUGE part of my success. I recent had to have a large section of my colon removed and was in the James A Haley VA for 7 days.. my care was overseen by USF residents and truly, they did a great job... made me very proud to be a Bull!
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    Says my echo from oh so many seasons. Still, I like what I saw this year. Already renewed for next season (my 48th as a fan, BTW).
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    Very big season ahead, put up or shut up time for Charlie.
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    Yeah Noel Devin survived the big east just fine and he was about Ford's weight but like 3 inches taller. At his height Ford is decently thick at 170-175lbs and not many guys are getting clean shots on him either. Darren Sproles was a bell cow back for 3 years at KSU and was a returner and he survived just fine. Ford will be fine too.
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    The problem with streaming is that it is a youth targeted, youth dominated market and the youth has not shown the same level of interest and commitment in following real sports as previous generations. None of the streaming services want to be the first to lose their ass on a media rights deal for sports content. Some have dipped their toe in the pool (Amazon with the NFL) but we have yet to see a real commitment from anyone.
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    Let's not rush to be angry... Pros -More money: From 1.9 to 6.9 million per school per year. That's a chunk of new revenue. Maybe it means the last deal was just *that* bad, but you can't deny a 5 million dollar raise is a 5 million dollar raise. -No Grant of Rights required- aka schools can ditch the conference at any point during the length of contract. Realignment threads are safe for the next 12 years... -Still in ESPN family which, let's face it, is a requirement if you want national exposure; which you need if you want national rankings; which you need if you want more interest in the program; which you need if you want more butts in seats Cons -(Obviously) Not as much as other P5 conferences. -Indication that ESPN+ could be the landing spot for many conference games; thus negating some of the aforementioned national exposure 'pro' -Long contract means long time before being able to renegotiate money. (For perspective though, the Pac-12 signed a 12 year deal when they last negotiated...so the length isn't necessarily something we got fleeced on. Of course when you get 20 million per school per year like they did, it's easier to sign that long)
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    The real question is how much of that $7M will we spend on that brand new CBI banner we’ll be hanging in the Sun Dome.
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    They own the AAC, literally own us, for more than a decade and the time value of money favors them so much in this contract. Only way this contract is any good is if every school gets the entire contract amount now to earn on it rather than watching each year's payment have less and less purchasing power.
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    I've been to almost every home game. (Even the Florida College one) and I always try to bring as many as I can, I am hoping that we have a nice showing. Post-season basketball is a privilege that, especially for USF, we historically have not gotten that often.
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    This time of the year their fans look for any excuse to burn an old couch to celebrate.
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    Don’t look at it as a tournament but instead it’s an intensive practice session...that costs $50,000.
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    Some would say a lot of things without any facts to back it up...
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    That's what special fundraiser Tony Soprano said anyway. Seriously though, being an effective major university president in modern times takes an almost impossibly diverse set of experience and skills just to appeal to the various constituencies. For my part, I would like a little Betty Castor, a little Judy Genshart, a little Barack Obama and a whole lot of Teddy Roosevelt. https://www.higheredtoday.org/2017/12/04/evolving-nature-college-presidency/
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    "More basketball is better than less basketball." - GatRat Bull
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    I will be there per usual, in my midcourt seats.
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    I'm there. Section 103 also
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    Four finalists announced. I like the guy from SMU. https://wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu/post/usf-committee-selects-4-presidential-finalists
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    Relax...yes it’s like winning a free car...but it’s a Yugo...
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    True that. We need the Bulls team that played before 02/10/2019. The Bulls team that has be playing this last month is likely to lose at home to Stony Brook on Wednesday. Really don't want that to happen so let's hope the trill of the postseason the mission ahead is enough to have the Bulls playing up to their potential.
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    Only if they serve lemonade...got keep those kidney stones in check..
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    USF to hold open public practice at Clearwater Central Catholic High School on April 6Spring Game set for Saturday, April 13 at Corbett Stadium https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/3/14/football-bulls-set-to-open-spring-practice-tuesday.aspx Sofa King Ready !
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    Jokes aside, they will take a very long time to pass our med school. Even as they've done well on athletic fronts, their academic growth has lagged far behind ours, and unlike in sports, they can't construct an erector set imaging lab and try and compare it to CAMLS.
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    **** adidas, **** UCF, **** ESPN, **** P6, **** the AAC as a staff, as a conference and as a ************ crew and if you want to be down with the AAC, then **** you too
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    No matter what happens from here on out this year, I'm very happy with our teams. The men exceeded all expectations, and while there are still some holes in their game, the future certainly looks the brightest it has in a long, long, time. With the injuries to the women's team, I never expected them to be so competitive. They've shown a lot of heart and grit. Congratulations to both of our teams for great seasons.
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    If they faded because of injuries, I agree to let them heal. If it was mainly because of fatigue because most weren't accustomed to this type season, you accept whatever is offered, making them play thru it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ......... but whatever CBG decides, I'm good with it.
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    don't pay an entry fee for any tournament, we are too gassed and will get bounced in the first round anyway.
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    Kerwin Bell favors speed size at the WR position, just like Spurrier did.... I bet we see Bell in the backfield as well as the slot this fall and he's used as a utility player Ala Percy Harvin. Also good luck to a LB or Safety trying to man him up in the slot, Ford's change of direction and agility is ridiculous. I see bell using guys like Horne, Ford, and Joiner in very similar ways to how UCF uses Killins, Anderson, and McCrae.
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    I thought he was our best RB last year. He is rather short for a WR I think.
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    Remember a while ago? @7overlord nailed this 3 weeks ago. Nice rumbling!!!!
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    He was arguably our best RB last year. Strange move. Can't see him being a better fit at WR. Hopefully they know what they're doing here...
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    I said as a coach. What he did in the past has nothing to do with how I feel about 2019.
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    These people are all losers...not one solitary comment about defense or offense football philosophies....
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    Feel free to follow me as well, username is mcgies
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    I have added you GaUSFbull. I am Icemann78x. Anyone else feel free to add me as well.
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