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    Accept our identity

    We havent had a decent defense since the big East. Dont care what Allen did.
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    This team is not good

    Something about poor execution blah blah blah
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    We'll figure out what this team is by the end of the Houston game.
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    We'll see. They are looking like a bottom tier ACC team and their coach is somewhat on the hotseat.
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    I don't even need program defining wins. Beating quality teams would be a start.
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    How many wins against ranked or decent teams? Not many.
  7. If we had big donors we would have a stadium.
  8. really seems like its coaching. might see the same result as Willie's guys filter out.
  9. horrific offensive line. horrific play calling.
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    @ UMass TV Discussion

    using it right now. might have better luck on a computer if youre using a phone.
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    @ UMass TV Discussion

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    Week 5 Polls

    Texas too.
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    Offensive Playcalling

    Bell looked better than Cronk from what little we saw of him.
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    QB change?

    QB change won't help the run game. Take away the big run and we had 19 carries for 62 yards...
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    Offensive Playcalling

    I had the same thought. Frustrating to watch them grind these games out when you know they have more plays than this.
  16. Not feeling great they have had almost 2 weeks to prepare for us...
  17. In no way will low tier P5 or high tier G5 teams help us. Playing the best of the best is how you get noticed and if we lose, so what, we still have the conference championship to play for. It is a win win to play a blue blood type program(unless injuries).
  18. Play the best team you can find and play wherever. We should already be doing this.
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    How do you assess this?

    When things shake out we might make top 25, but we arent there. Our big East teams would have destroyed the flowers\Barnett eras.
  20. I've been checking in all week and maybe its because we beat them pretty good last year, but they have been really reasonable fans. They have had a rough go of it since, I don't know, the zook years? Haven't seen much hate out of them and I just wanted to appreciate that they have some respect. I haven't seen many communter school remarks and the like, mostly just that they aren't there yet and hope to keep it close. So, Illini fans, thanks and good luck tomorrow!
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    USF Run Defense

    I suspect its not just the run defense.
  22. Blaming GTs offense for the amount of yards they got. Illinois with three straight runs for 80 yards and a TD.....
  23. Ugh I'm getting tired of this excuse.
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    Do not miss this side of Willie

    Blackmon is the same type of QB except he is 100lbs soaking wet. They need a guy back there that can run with how bad their O line is.