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  1. We are at the same avg ranking we have been most years according to 247. Wonder if the coaches have something to do with turning kids into players or not.
  2. I'm all for Baylor being destroyed by what happened there and Art Briles never getting a relevant coaching gig again. However, what did Kendal Briles actually do other than having the same last name as the coach and being an assistant at Baylor? I'm honestly asking because I really haven't seen anything with Kendal's name on it. On the other hand, Francois has had other issues.
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    Transferring players

    Cracked pepper or Cajun all day.
  4. Agree with most that KB is talking about the right kinds of things. I think almost anything would sound great coming out of him compared to Gilbert. Side note, anyone watch the Gilbert press conference with McNeese on YT? He leads it off with a couple one word answers and is a pretty cringe worthy to start. He also leans over kinda weirdly for half of it and looks generally grumpy lol.
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    Sean Gleeson in play for OC

    White guy from ivy league isnt gonna make recruiting waves for us eh?
  6. Wilcox is the only guy I can see sniffing and NFL roster.
  7. IMO, Kelly, privately is the one who told Strong he needed to make massive changes or he was gone. Which is why Gilbert and co. left. Publicly, I dont think a first time AD can come out swinging on a well thought of coach like strong. To me the coaches and players leaving are a clear sign.
  8. I'm not sure how you can say this. He's basically coaching for his career at this point after his stint at Texas. If he implodes this program no one will care if he's crying about facilities. The mass exodus of assistants, players, and the 2019 schedule should make him pucker unless he really doesn't care.
  9. if we aren't top 4 every year in this conference then he should have a ton of pressure.
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    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Once he is done with the cupcakes and plays in conference he gets exposed.
  11. Ehh he looked pretty decent before he was suspended then he was encouraged to transfer I believe.
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    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    If we are not improving we are getting worse.
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    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    I don't remember seeing anything about his recruiting ability. Has that been mentioned?
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    Transferring players

    Nebraska, USC, Texas all in with undefeated seasons.
  15. What you got? Also, I think a bowl game is required for Kelly to justify keeping Strong around.
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    Transferring players

    Lol. A blue blood is always a coach away.
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    Transferring players

    No, not really. He had less time on the field than some commercials.
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    Transferring players

    Really really wanted him to be the guy after Flowers, but I don't blame him for leaving this dumpster fire. I would have been pissed after UCF and bowl games.
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    The elephant in the room

    So they were playing games high? Because you can have weed or alcohol in your system without being high\drunk. Regardless, if they all agreed to not smoke and they broke the agreement then they should get whatever punishment was agreed to.
  20. It's all starting to make sense now.
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    This team hasn't tackled well in like, what, 8-10 years? I see nothing, but regression in the team. Recruiting is getting worse according to the stats. When is this going to get better?