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  1. Can we all agree Nathan is an angry little Irishman?
  2. No, it’s not a scrimmage. You try and win every game. Last time I checked this wasn’t pop Warner football.
  3. “Did you get your free buttermilk chicken biscuit? Also, did I mention I came from Clemson? Hyuck!” - Jeff Scott
  4. “Don’t forget to get your free buttermilk chicken biscuit”
  5. “Boy howdy, in my days at Clemson”. “Dabo is the best in the biz”
  6. He’s not good. Had a good game against a mediocre c defense.
  7. You could also be like Colin Sherwin and the rest of the TDS guys and get pissed whenever they hear/see the name Leavitt
  8. Realistically, assuming McCloud is the starter and we can move the football, how many wins are possible? Gotta like what we've seen from the defense today to go along with McCloud.
  9. Apparently a lot of GT fans are thinking we have 0 chance. I checked both or their fan boards. I don't blame them from the outside looking in, but I hope we can make them look silly.
  10. Collin Sherwin said we'd win Saturday, therefore we will win.
  11. Leavitt is gone and he is not coming back. Like a lot in life, as a fan you have to move on.
  12. But, but, but Collin Sherwin said we'd win next week.😥
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