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  1. Is a 10 minute 4th quarter drive when down 27 points slow enough for you?
  2. Wonder if he was included in the announced attendance.
  3. We lost to a horribad Georgia tech team that lost to the Citadel the next week. The 2 teams we have played since with losing records are ECU and UConn. You were saying?
  4. I don’t care to argue with you just stating a fact.
  5. NCAA usually doesn’t grant a 6th year to a player who took a non injury redshirt year. 6 years are usually for players who had multiple injury years.
  6. People are seriously talking about the defense as being one of the best in the country because of a 47 rank. The top 2 offenses we have played are SMU (#6) and Navy (#34). Those games didn’t exactly go well defensively. Let’s see how we hold up against Memphis and UCF who are 2 of the top offenses in the country and go from there. My guess is it won’t be as pretty as Temple or Cincinnati.
  7. Strong has had 3 recruiting classes here. The lack of talent is squarely on his shoulders.
  8. The Orlando school has a true freshman QB this year and their step back was to 7-2. Cincy started a true freshman last year and went 11-2. There is only so much you can blame on “transition years” when a quarter or more of your players are leaving every season.
  9. Did anyone else half expect him to punt on 4th down from the 5 with under 2 to go?
  10. Worst looking kickoff return I have ever seen. Looked like he was running in quicksand.
  11. Houston has talent, but their defense is poor. They have played everybody pretty close. Only team to beat them by more than 15 was Oklahoma. They will be one of the favorites to win the conference next year if King doesn’t transfer.
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