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  1. The tweet is false. WBB beat UCF in the AAC tourney in 2018. Since then WBB and MBB have lost 3 apiece and football has lost 2. By my count that’s only 8. It may just be polishing a turd, but it makes me feel better.
  2. Yeah I didn’t include it since it wasn’t a CFP game even though it was a national championship game.
  3. Kiffin - No Smart - Yes Fickell - Yes Pruitt - Yes Locksley - Yes Scott - Yes Hafley - Yes
  4. The NCAA rarely grants a 6th year to a player that already sat out a year for non injury reasons.
  5. Cincy is bringing in a great class this year and a 4 star QB. I think they are the team to beat next year now that Norvell has moved on. But I don’t anticipate Fickel sticking around for too much longer with the success they have had the past 2 years. He will get the call up soon enough. Realistically USF is at least 2 years out from seriously competing for the conference. The cupboard is so bare right now.
  6. Seen a while back https://mobile.twitter.com/DruuuVannn/status/1185352588079841280
  7. Is a 10 minute 4th quarter drive when down 27 points slow enough for you?
  8. Wonder if he was included in the announced attendance.
  9. We lost to a horribad Georgia tech team that lost to the Citadel the next week. The 2 teams we have played since with losing records are ECU and UConn. You were saying?
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