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  1. UF doesn’t play 1-1 against any team not named FSU. Even P5 teams. Have to go back to the early 90s to find the last time they did. Basically if you want them on the schedule 2-1 or 1 away is the only way to do it.
  2. bullsfan1983

    Bad Hires?

    Every fan base wants 10 win seasons and conference titles. 10% of teams achieve that. So 90% of hires are “bad”.
  3. Was watching on the video board during the coin toss and what he described is exactly what happened. UCF players extended to shake hands and our players clasp their hands behind their backs and refused.
  4. Was an embarrassment actually. And to follow it up with that pitiful performance made it even worse.
  5. We have sucked all year and was just a matter of time before we got exposed. Barely beating Illinois, ECU, UConn, and Tulsa didn’t inspire confidence. We thought we were just playing down to the opponent when in reality we were at that level.
  6. UConn is FCS level. Line seems right.
  7. bullsfan1983

    Calling it

    Or we could have none and they have 2. They still have Temple and Cincy as challenges.
  8. bullsfan1983

    Week 7 AAC Games and CFB in General

    I say we move to 20. Lots of top 25 lost and many of those that won were not impressive.
  9. bullsfan1983

    Calling it

    Can’t see Memphis coming out of the west. Even if they beat Houston Houston would need 2 more losses.
  10. Isn’t BYU considered P5 for scheduling purposes. Sort of like Notre Dame. Could they really steal the G5 conference spot as independent?
  11. Amazing thing about this is the guy rocking the backpack while losing to an FCS team.
  12. bullsfan1983

    NCAA changes redshirt rule

    It’s basically an extension of the current medical redshirt rule which allowed a player to play in 4 games, have an injury and then have 4 more years of eligibility.
  13. Worth a flyer. Transfers rarely amount to their high school projections. I’d imagine two time transfers even less so. Can’t hurt to have another QB on the roster. It will be an uphill climb for him to start this year after missing all spring.
  14. bullsfan1983

    So You’re Saying There is a Chance...

    Assume this is for the CFP national champion and not a mythical proclaimed championship. In that case it is a suckers bet to bet on any team outside of the P5.