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  1. We have only started 6-0 three times and 7-0 twice (both under CCS).
  2. Wisconsin is definitely for real this year. Too bad Georgia Tech also happened.
  3. Georgia Tech currently trailing the Citadel. They are a garbage team that may not win another game. I am not at all confident in this SC State game.
  4. I wouldn’t have bled the play clock down inside of 10 seconds with the game clock running and then punt like they did.
  5. Too bad there was no skycam with overhead shot. He clearly scored if you know anything about geometry but unfortunately couldn’t see the goal line from the camera angle.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/TomFornelli/status/1169300714411216896
  7. I have no idea what those teams have to do with the fact that Wisconsin treated us like top teams generally treat the worst FCS teams. Not a good sign for a team that lost the final 6 a season ago and before that struggled to pull out wins against the 2 worst teams in FBS.
  8. I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. Alabama and Clemson couldn’t even beat their FCS bodybags as handily last year at home. Wisconsin treated us like a bad FCS team. Like I said, I hope they are legit NC contenders, but I think some people are just fooling themselves.
  9. Equally rolled? At home? It was the largest margin of victory for Wisconsin on the road since 1996. Unless Wisconsin turns out to be Clemson this year then there is major cause for concern going forward. This wasn’t a hostile environment in front of 80k at Camp Randall. It was a home game and we couldn’t even cross the 50 until late in the 4th down 49 playing against reserves. The GT game is a make or break for CCS. Lay another egg and we may not see 10k in the seats for SC State.
  10. Wasn’t it 10-2? With the 10 wins over San Jose State Stony Brook Illinois (2-10) Temple East Carolina Cincy (4-8) Tulane Uconn Tulsa Texas Tech (6-7) Were we actually rebuilt or did we play a bunch of awful teams?
  11. So you ignore the first 30 games of Taggart’s tenure but after one game of a Bell offense everybody needs to go?
  12. Selective memory? We scored 30 or more in just 3 out of the first 30 games against FBS teams with Taggart as a coach. Then Flowers bailed him out. Then he got the hell out of dodge and now is leading FSU to historically (for them) bad seasons.
  13. I watched both links. They did not disappoint.
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