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  1. let the families in to watch their sons play football
  2. How about socially distanced tailgating and watch party in the south lot for the Citadel game? Use the screens the Lightning set up for watch parties. Listen over the radio at our cars and watch on a big screen? Fans can pay $ to participate and $ goes to athletics. Go Bulls!
  3. Is that a black outline round the U? Black face mask? usf helmet.jfif
  4. Did this just come out? Wondering why that article is dated Sept 2019.
  5. She will be replaced by Niele Ivey, a former Notre Dame player and assistant coach under McGraw.
  6. ...and I'm not a real estate guy, but put this house in South Tampa (where Charlie lived), and it's over $5M I'm guessing. Maybe more. Scott is 7 minutes from campus. His family will be in a gated community while he is on the road. He has ample space to host players, coaches, and events. I'm happy for the guy. He's earned it. Beautiful house. Go Bulls!
  7. This is the equivalent of someone making $100,000 a year, buying a house for $100,000, putting down $20,000, and having a mortgage for $80,000.
  8. His total mortgage is less than his annual salary. Not sure what stress that brings.
  9. UNC Wide Receiver Roscoe Johnson Plans to Transfer https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/Article/UNC-Wide-Receiver-Roscoe-Johnson-Plans-to-Transfer-140247410/
  10. @Kingdos_ FollowFollow @Kingdos_ More $COERRARI Retweeted KJ Sails Jr 9⃣ Tell em get at me . Already ready $COERRARI added, KJ Sails Jr 9⃣ @KJ2LiVE We looking for ya down here in the South Florida @Kingdos_ 5:33 PM - 13 Dec 2019
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