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  1. ...and I'm not a real estate guy, but put this house in South Tampa (where Charlie lived), and it's over $5M I'm guessing. Maybe more. Scott is 7 minutes from campus. His family will be in a gated community while he is on the road. He has ample space to host players, coaches, and events. I'm happy for the guy. He's earned it. Beautiful house. Go Bulls!
  2. This is the equivalent of someone making $100,000 a year, buying a house for $100,000, putting down $20,000, and having a mortgage for $80,000.
  3. His total mortgage is less than his annual salary. Not sure what stress that brings.
  4. KB

    USF Bulls Sculpture

    I did notice in the bookstore last week that they had smaller versions of these. Had a bunch in stock. $45 I think.
  5. KB

    USF Bulls Sculpture

    Reach out to the artist if you haven't already. His facebook page is Tim Wolfe Design and his web page is TimWolfeStudio.com. Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the candidness. Can you elaborate on how this meeting was set up? Was it a result of you starting this post? Just curious.
  7. How did Udunayo Seriki Jr not make the pronunciation chart? I'm shocked.
  8. https://www.usfalumni.org/s/861/02-alumni/index.aspx?sid=861&gid=1&pgid=2293 Bulls Happy Hour! Friday, September 6, 2019 - 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. - STATS Brewpub, 300 Marietta St. NW, Atlanta Calling all Bulls! Join your fellow fans for a happy hour with a cash bar and special guest appearances. This is the place for you to meet up with the Herd. We can't wait to see you there!
  9. Has anyone that requested tickets been contacted yet?
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