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  1. No catches out of the backfield on Saturday. Need check downs to Battie and Joiner and Felix. Get the ball to the speed guys in space.
  2. Heard there is a recall on the 25th Anniversary books due to page 49.
  3. Vintage USF Brahman Bull Grey Shirt - South Florida Strong South Florida Strong is your official home for USF Bulls Apparel! Shirts, Hats, Decals and more all designed and run by USF Alumni! Ordered this before the season. Great logo and shirt.
  4. Can you pay to get into Lot 6 this year? I know you could in the past. I have a pass, but other people coming.
  5. Agree, but the current USF leadership was not here 4 or 5 years ago. Scott, Kelly, Weatherford, Law....all new. Conference expansion not done. Big 12 said they will expand again. USF got the memo. And with AAU on the horizon, we can think bigger than Big 12. Let's go!
  6. You should get lot 5, and front and center, just to show that bad boy off. Maybe we should start a tradition of Tailgate Trailer Row. Make it happen John.
  7. That's one of coolest things I've ever seen. What lot will you be in?
  8. Do we know what time the lots open for Saturday?
  9. Poor guy has been waiting 13 years and this moment in time to get that off his chest. Hope he feels better. Mental health and all.
  10. Come dunk, but don't pose as a USF fan bashing USF.
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