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  1. An adequate backup to Kean who will get into games during junk time.
  2. OrlandoBull

    Skippie beating Navy

    3 straight bowls, played for conference championship a couple of times, he's been fairly successful yet you don't hear his name ever come up for P5 openings. I believe it was the USF fail that causes this which is a good indication that perhaps Strong may be with us a little while even if successful.
  3. OrlandoBull

    Next coach?

    If it's going to happen then let's get it over with, this is the best time while Strong's still available. If not Strong then I agree Larry Scott should be given the job, we must maintain the recruiting pipeline.
  4. Short answer is Yes, you're out of your mind.
  5. Petrino left after one season. The only way this is for the east title is breaking a potential tie with Temple, UCF won't be the in the running.
  6. OrlandoBull

    CWT TV Show starts when?

    Can't wait to see where Willie takes the bus this year!
  7. OrlandoBull

    COA being sought by Pitt??

    I'm dubious of this, do you really believe their athletic department, donors, and fans would get excited about an alum in his first head coaching position posts records of 9-23, 8-25 at a lesser conference is the guy they want? Sounds like a friend of COA floating this one.
  8. OrlandoBull

    Houston Gets Approval For New IPF

    I'm well aware of our history I was there from the KW game to the present including AU and El Paso, I was just trying to educate those who think that Houston is a new be. I too believe the administration is working behind the scenes to get us back into a meaningful conference.
  9. OrlandoBull

    Houston Gets Approval For New IPF

    Houston used to be a member with the big boys as in the old SWC before it blew up so they're tired of life at the kiddy table and are putting a full court press on to get back there.
  10. OrlandoBull

    Next season predictions

    10-2, as was stated we'll win 1 we shouldn't (FSU) and lose one we shouldn't.
  11. I'd give it an 8. I wished it had been a higher profile opponent but it's been a long time and I could not have predicted how we've finished, we're a dangerous team right now.
  12. OrlandoBull

    Tom Allen's D vs. Wally Burnham's D

    Wally had more talent to work with, Allen has an aggressive scheme that works with the talent we got. I think we're safe with all the coaching staff staying this year. We're all a tune with the turnaround however, for the rest of the country we're under the radar. Let's face it we were all happy with firing everyone after week 4 of the season and potential suitors for the coaches will look at the body of work for 3 years and not get excited. Enjoy this bowl and off season and the coaching continuity, this time next year is when we have to worry.