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  1. Yes exactly. That's your opinion and that's fine but my opinion is the TDS puts forth the most effort of any of the USF new sources. It is funny because i think TBP provides much much more opinion (as by nature, a message board should) but I have been coming around much less because quite frankly most of the opinions here lately have been toxic. I visit TDS and follow on twitter much more regularly which is a big shift for me over the last 2 years. After all the Joey hate, it is so funny to find even more for the TDS. Certain members of this forum just love to keep ******** all over the few news sources we have still covering us. I agree with you give these guys a break, or pony up and put better content out there otherwise they will quit and we will have nothing. TBP has really made me want to stay far far away from our "fan base" this year. Sickening. The culture of the program AND the fan base needs to change.
  2. Here you go: http://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/12/22/usf-expected-to-dismiss-11-suspended-players-4-assistants/
  3. He also has a past of going fire crazy and moving coaches around, lets hope he finds the right balance
  4. There is more wrong with this season than just the coaching staff. That said I think Strong is a good coach and can win. We knew this year was going to be a step back with losing some key players. We were hopeful some talent would mature faster. Injuries and a beat up team aren't helping. That said I think there is pressure to either replace the OC or change offensive Scheme. I think the fans, and NCAA football in general enjoys the shootout style games and we need a fast high scoring offense to do so. We need to aggressively pursue recruits and transfers to fix our linemen issues, which also can be fixed with the weight room and more time. I think this staff can succeed but is too stubborn to get creative, that may be our OC's downfall especially after we finish the season without winning any more games. Charlie will have to choose very carefully as if next year there isn't improvement it may be his turn.
  5. Today is the big test. We either find out this team can dig really deep and overcome some real adversity or that we have a good team that is going to grow well over the next few years but this isn't the chosen year.
  6. 1) South Florida2) 38-353) Cronkrite4) McCants5) 475 Pulled on the green and gold gogs, ed being out helps, let's see.
  7. Horrible time slot for me, might just have to skip that one
  8. can't get the embed right... but wow what a gift
  9. Huge Shout out and thank you to David Goldstein!
  10. 1) South Florida2) 56-133) Cronkrite4) St Felix5) 550 May we finally see 3 qbs in a blowout "fbs" win...
  11. I don't think I can buy into that. In this past game with Tulsa we barely crawled back, honestly a big thank you to the ref for the 1st down at a key time. I don't think we are "holding" anything for big games when we are behind or 1 score ahead in games we should be a lot further in. Something else is up. Either our players aren't as skilled as we think they are (yet) or the OC is Stubborn (or incompetent). Perhaps a little of both? I have no personal feelings to him one way or another. Honestly I wasn't that disappointed with our play last year. This year however is a different story (outside of the GT game). Maybe you onto something and it is the communication system and he should go up to see more scheme and let the sideline staff communicate the plays. Something is fishy and I hope it gets worked out soon. Perhaps there is something happening in practice that if we saw we would go "oh duh, well that makes sense" but with all the cloak and dagger... Also a big concern is why our team is constantly "unprepared" wtf is up with that? are our student athletes blowing off football practices or is our staff not getting our players in position to win?
  12. right but didn't we also come out of the game quite banged up? we also lost horne to that acl accident. I am just curious if there is a case for the reason we are not doing those things other than the professional being paid to call the shots is a moron. (After skip holtz, I completely understand that it is a possibility.) I just can't fathom why someone who could put together a solid game plan would suddenly stop and walk away from that. I too am very very frustrated watching our offense. If we cannot fix things I can easily see us dropping 4 games this season.
  13. So it seems like those that are knowledge and critical of USF's offense site the problem as Gilbert. I am not saying that is wrong, but if I recall (again I am hardly a football expert) that there was a lot of praise for Gilbert's play calling after GT. So it has me wondering, could there (also) be something else going on at offense? Is it 100% the play calling or the teams ability to run plays limiting the play calling? If I am not mistaken we do have a young/weak line, injuries, small rb that can't block well (not a slight on their skill just their size) and a QB that has 6 games under his belt. I have all the faith in the world that this team can and will get better, but I am highly concerned that this will not be the dream season the green and gold goggles wish for. I do think we will be able to address a lot of these issues going into next year and have a very very strong team then. I am just questioning is it really Gilbert's fault? It very well may be, I am simply not an expert to evaluate that, but could there be other factors that are limiting our offense? if so are they addressable this season?
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