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  1. Yeah there are certain advantages to a focused unified approach to a problem. All government styles have their strengths and weaknesses. The weakness of the USA is this was a National threat not a state by state threat but it was treated like a political hot potato instead of a national emergency. I haven't kept up with Singapore but being a city state they had a big scare but i think they also got it quickly under wraps. That i would by into as a scale issue, but while the national of Thailand is definitely smaller than the USA, the city of Bangkok is the same if not bigger in population (dep
  2. Thailand may be a little more diverse than you might think, and I know for sure Indonesia is each Island has it's own language, culture, and religion. I think you are correct about America as a generalization, that they do not have the same drive towards self physical health and that individualism is taken to such an extreme that there is little thought about community anymore. Most folks I know, at least when I was living stateside, barely even talk to their neighbors. It is what it is, I'm glad I'm out, I doubt I'll be back. But still wish the best for the Bulls and Bolts when I can catch ga
  3. No doubt there are economic issues. Jut took Holiday in Koh Tao and Koh Samui and they are ghost towns. Friends that run businesses in Phuket have closed, some temporarily some permanently. It stinks. But I do not think if the gates were wide open, and the virus was flourishing like it is in the US and Europe that people would be traveling here anyways. And yes after living in SEA (South East Asia) for 4+ years now I think i would be in complete culture shock to go back to the states. Before the outbreak I was only planning to return to sell off everything as ive already felt the disconne
  4. Yup. It's not just testing either, you aren't seeing the sick or the deaths. Had to take my gf to the hospital for an eye injury and hospital is business as usual. Friend who works at another hospital isn't seeing it either. Most of the complaints ive heard about masks, social restrictions, impact on children etc just don't seem to be issues here. People somehow breath just fine, adapt to restrictions on gathering or education changes, fine. What is hurting is the tourism sector but as a community, culturally there is a lot more lets take care of us mentality rather than let's take care of my
  5. From outside the US looking in it is completely ridiculous how y'all act to wearing masks. But what do we know, even with next to 0 covid cases outside of the state quarantine people still wear their masks, people still scan in to places, and people still get temp checked. You know what we do have? Open bars, open businesses, open sporting events, pretty much everything but the tourists because they couldn't bit the bullet for a couple of months the same as we did here...
  6. There is a super secret forum for that isn't there?
  7. You guys know it's based off your browsing history cookies right? Brad sells space through marketing partners and re targeting platforms bid for space. Ie if you visit my website you will see ads relating to that, or ads that relate to who i sell my list/pixel to.
  8. Comprehension? "If we can break ground AND fire strong, so be it. I'm not attached to him but I think if he sticks around we may just be pleasantly surprised next season. " Or do you just not read? Strong is gone, If they delay the IPF I am just as pissed as if he stayed. The whole point was I did not think both could be afforded by the current finances. If choosing one I choose the IPF. If we can indeed have our cake and eat it to I hope it is a **** delicious cake.
  9. Very important point, I don't think I have heard anywhere near the negativity from the locker room as we did last year. The players that are here have seem to have bought in.
  10. Taggart was a recruiter, and quite frankly overachieved and hit some home runs but not sustained. I'm not saying that you can't get to winning with the right coach. I am saying that an IPF is a known improvement vs an unknown coach who may or may not be another holtz, could be a taggart, who knows. If we weren't in such a ****** contract with strong it wouldn't be an issue. My point is given our financial situation that investing an IPF would have better return than trying a new coach. Keep in mind our defense did seem to be much improved this year, and I am willing to give KB a 2nd year to se
  11. after seeing it year 1, with injuries, without recruits. This offense was doomed before bell got here. But yeah rah rah instance results... more change, more money lets go...
  12. Die hards jumping over that, aren't really die hards and they probably already left. I consider myself a die hard. If they fire strong and don't break ground, I'm done. I've stroke too much money to the program already to keep sending good money after bad.
  13. Nope. I think our players deserve a place to practice without fearing lightning. It is highly disruptive. This is something we should have done long ago. This Coach, A new Coach, doesn't matter the players deserve this for their safety. Winning is great, but who can you bring in right now that we can afford to play that guarantees that? I'm not sure anyone and without a Guarantee, and without money to play with, we need to get the thing done that definitely moves the needle forward, not maybe does. 1) IPF 2) Adjust Coaching Staff If you can do both, great. I don't think we can. I
  14. All funds right now should be focused on the IPF. If that means short term sticking it out with a coach we can't afford to replace so be it. Long term it will have more impact on sustained success. If we can break ground AND fire strong, so be it. I'm not attached to him but I think if he sticks around we may just be pleasantly surprised next season. Break. The. Ground. That's all I care about right now.
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