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  1. How is this even a question? I want every team we play to win as many games as possible but still lose to us. Beating a whole bunch of 11-1 teams looks way better than mopping up a bunch of 1-11 teams. IT MAKES US LOOK BETTER. Forget what letters the opponent is using. If it's our game we win, if it is a future opponent, root for them.
  2. Why? what does that get us other than a W to count for bowl eligibility, do you think we won't get 6 wins? Has a team from the "g5" beat 4 "p5" teams and won their conference championship and been left out? Schedule up if you think we deserve anything more than a conference championship, ever, especially 2019.
  3. Posted this on the fb story: "Grab a pay day game and put it to the ipf. Play up whenever possible. We will have a good team 2019 and we need strength of schedule." If we want any business being in a stronger "power" conference, or contending for any type of REAL national championship, then we have no business being afraid to schedule another "power" team. Load em up Kelly. Especially since 2019 could prove to be quite magical with the experience and quality of our roster this year. 2019 is THE year to shine, and I have that feeling this year won't be too shabby either.
  4. 1) South Florida2) 56-203) Cronkrite4) Felix5) 600
  5. SpeedyBull

    Charlie is 1,000% right!

    what the **** are you talking about?
  6. more money than play off games? or are you meaning for conferences that don't make the playoffs? I like the inter conference games but I don't look forward to the FCSvFBS games
  7. Can cut out 2-3 non conference games, take the top of each conference and make a playoff system with 6 wild cards
  8. SpeedyBull

    Blake Barnett

    No harm evaluating play and being a college football fan. It is when others from your university get nasty and serve up unfounded opinions it is a problem. Thanks for your contribution. I think part of it is the trust in pocket. I think he is feeling the pressure to do something rather than to sit back and trust that his speed guys are getting open. If we can build up and solidify our O line, I think we see BB use his weapon with more finesse, and that is a lot on him to work on and correct. From how he has presented himself to the media he seems like the kind of kid who will and become much much better as the season progresses.
  9. SpeedyBull

    YouTube tv

    Seems you have to be in a specific home area to sign up, even using a VPN it is getting stuck and my "home area" would be California or Denver since that is where the vpn servers for the US are. Unfortunately seems very restrictive, especially when already abroad. Looks like I will have to try firstrowsports again..
  10. 1) South Florida2) 41-273) Bell4) St Felix5) 420