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  1. SpeedyBull

    AAC Week 1

    So which holds more prestige? Winning a game because they lost it or because we beat them Out recruiting them because they suck or we are better at it? Winning the conference because there are no teams that have any business winning... or because we are the best team in the conference. Sure they talk ****, it only matters if you let it. I am not a fan of hold everyone else down around me so I can be special point of view. I want you to be the best you can be and then beat you at it. Think of it like this, would you be proud winning a baseball game playing a little league team? Wouldn't it feel a whole lot better to take down the defending world series winner? If you want to hang your hat on victories over big programs like West Virginia and Notre Dame, then hope to get games vs the likes of Alabama... we can't be hoping anyone in our conference sucks.
  2. SpeedyBull

    AAC Week 1

    I guess I am just more logical... spite never got me anywhere. Having them ranked and beating them gets our team somewhere, having a conference that is worth a **** (unless you really believe that our golden ticket is around the corner...) gets us some where... having a conference full of turds only makes us the turd with sparkles.. I want better.
  3. SpeedyBull

    AAC Week 1

    Why? Because the more strong teams we play and beat the better we look, and the better our chances of actually making the fairy tail come true.. The more teams that get ranked in the american the more respect we will have from the voters from beating them. Let's stop being dumb about this please, We want every team in the American to win as many games as possible and then beat them all. Enough of this cupcake crap.
  4. SpeedyBull

    San Jose State Game Video

    Thank you so much!
  5. same ran on my laptop vpn, and buffering a lot. Never had great experiences with hulu
  6. Hulu sucks overseas. I have to try it again on my new internet, but I need to get a full VPN router if I want to watch it on my fire stick. It is region blocked.
  7. Thanks, worth a shot, if not I have friends that could possibly record it state side and then I can access that recording from here. Open to other options if there are any though.
  8. Pretty sure I used them to stream last year, which may be the problem. I have a vpn set up so I should be able to stream usa sites (i trick netflix) but if the buffering/quality is an issue I am really looking to get an actual recording in hd.
  9. Thanks Charsibb, but that is for live streams correct or do they also offer download content after the game has played? I have a feeling due to speeds I will have to download a complete file and watch it if I want to watch in HD. Is there even a paid service that will offer content download?
  10. The better UCiF looks the better we look beating them.
  11. My experience with streaming last year wasn't so great, planning to try again this year but if the buffering and freezing is the same I would love to have another option to watch the game (even if it is a bit behind the result), and even if I have to pay a small fee to see it. Any high tech bulls have suggestions? Fyi my local speeds are 20 down 40 up, pretty sure it is just the distance of going half way around the world. Thanks.
  12. Some magical things could happen to give the conference and us some real cred. Dream scenario is Houston goes 10-2 (losses to us and navy) Navy runs the table in the west, we run it in the east, to make for one hell of a conf championship game. That would also be some credible in conference teams to give us the best shot at the.. well let's just see what happens.
  13. He has to. He has to differentiate us from the rest, that's his job. He also has to proclaim us at the power 6 even if the P5 don't see it, it doesn't matter that it won't happen is building our brand. Until we are out this is our best shot at improving. Ignoring the P5 and parading around we are the next best thing until sadly the like article said we build up some marquee names and some big take downs. It will take time, I actually like what Aresco is doing a lot, given the situation. The rest is on us. Let's go undefeated (actually close on our expectations), let's get into and win some big bowl games. USF needs to be the school in the East Division, let's make sure that box gets checked off the next few years.
  14. SpeedyBull

    UCF Kicker Rule ineligible

    Side note what kind of world can we have a emoji but not say ********. That's also ********.
  15. SpeedyBull

    UCF Kicker Rule ineligible

    Such ******** and killing of entrepreneurial spirit. This day and age you are your brand and you should have 100% control of your image. To be clear I am not saying that he wasn't breaking NCAA rules, I just think that the rules are going too far and are Un-American. This is ********, even if it is happening to the IF..